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Martial World - Chapter 600


Chapter 600 - Instant Death




Lin Ming stood motionless on the arena stage, the Purple Comet Spear still grasped in his hand as if he were some stone sculpture.

But in front of Lin Ming, with his entire face covered with blood, Kai Yang was laughing, ’’Haha! How is it? Does my Emperor Will taste good!?’’

This scene caused the audience to be stunned. Kai Yang had spent a great deal of time gathering potential for his attack, but after his strike collided with Lin Ming's, he was the one that had been sent flying back. They thought that Kai Yang was done for, but never expected such a strange turn of events. It looked as if someone had cast a dark spell over Lin Ming. Without a doubt, this was the mystery that had been added to Kai Yang's strike just now.

’’Emperor Will... what is that? It sounds dangerous!’’

’’Lin Ming... he... it looks like he can't move!’’

’’That Emperor Will is definitely some sort of soul attack. Kai Yang is truly worthy of being called one of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. As a genius of the Imp race who is skilled in soul attacks, even though Lin Ming's soul defense abilities are strong, they actually couldn't fend off this move from Kai Yang! It's too terrifying!’’

Lin Ming was like a statue, and his bodily protective true essence was also disappearing. As long as Kai Yang cut him with his Soul Extinguisher Saber, then Lin Ming's head would fall!

Did the fight end just like this?

Kai Yang's eyes flashed with a fierce excitement. The time to prove himself had arrived! The number one talent of the last 10,000 years had actually died under his hand. From this point on, he had taken Lin Ming's destiny as his own!

He had borne so much pain and suffering with the Road of Emperor all in order to obtain this Emperor Will. This Emperor Will came from a true Emperor level powerhouse. It wasn't something that an ordinary martial artist could withstand. Even just a single wisp would have a massive impact on one's spiritual sea!

’’It's a pity that you can't hear what I'm saying. Who cares how strong you are? You will still die by my hands!’’ Kai Yang roared. He took a step forwards and then began rushing towards Lin Ming!

As the surrounding martial artists saw this, none of them blinked. Muk Gu's hands were sweaty, Feng Shen was silent, and High Lord Heian's lips had curved up in a devilish grin. As a High Lord, he certainly knew how terrifying the Emperor Will was. He didn't think that Kai Yang would have been able to capture a wisp of Emperor Will to use for himself. For this fellow, there was no better cultivation method!

’’Die! With the blood of the number one talent for the last 10,000 years, I will lay down my road to becoming a Demon Emperor!’’

Kai Yang flashed a manic smile. He flourished his saber, cutting straight towards Lin Ming's throat!

But at this time, an indifferent voice sounded out in Kai Yang's ear...

’’What a pity... I almost realized what this will was. If you could have waited just a moment more...’’

This was just a gentle and light voice, but Kai Yang's soul instantly froze over, a biting cold penetrating into his farthest depths.

’’What?’’ Kai Yang asked, dazed.

The next second!

Blinding purple thunder filled everyone's vision. An incomparably keen spear light spread through the entire martial arena, so sharp that people couldn't open their eyes, as if their own souls were pierced by this spear light!


A thick ray of spear light thrust straight through Kai Yang's chest. Blood and flesh flew out in all directions. Kai Yang's eyes widened as he spat out a mouthful of blood, his body thrown backwards like a rag doll.


Kai Yang smashed into the floor like a dead dog, breaking all the tiles beneath him as he landed. The area on his chest where the heart was had a shockingly large hole pierced through it. His heart was smashed apart, and blood erupted from it like a crimson fountain!


This change had occurred so suddenly that none of the martial artists present could react in time!

Just the moment before, they had all thought that Lin Ming would die under Kai Yang's hand. But in a split-second, the tides had turned!

The frozen Lin Ming had suddenly thrust out his spear, piercing Kai Yang's heart!

A simple spear strike had killed him! Although there was a factor of surprise, this was enough to prove just how great the difference was between Lin Ming and Kai Yang's strength!

’’He ignored Kai Yang's attack and killed him instead...’’

Muk Gu mumbled to himself. Lin Ming's strength had far exceeded his wildest imaginations.

Even Feng Shen had somewhat lost his former calm. He let out a long breath and slowly shook his head. It was unknown just what thoughts were racing through his heart.

Dozens of feet away, even though Kai Yang's heart had been crushed, he still hadn't died yet. He grabbed at the floor underneath his body, his black nails digging into the floor, covered with blood.

’’Why... why, could... why like this...’’

Kai Yang's face was twisted. His two beady eyes were filled with disbelief.

He was unwilling! He had patiently endured soul-shattering pain within the Road of Emperor for an entire month. It had simply been inhumane torture. But finally, he had obtained a wisp of Emperor Will that he could use for himself.

He thought that this had laid the path for him to become a Demon Emperor in the future. He thought that, with this, he would be able to soar into the skies and enter into everlasting glory! But in just this first battle, he would die like this!

The Emperor Will had clearly stabbed into Lin Ming's body, so how did this happen?


Kai Yang propped himself up to glare at Lin Ming. As he spoke, more blood dribbled out of his mouth. The blood left pumping from his heart slowly stopped, the rest draining off. He had wanted to say something, but before he could say his last words, his eyes had glazed over.


Kai Yang fell to the ground, dead and alone with his regrets.

For a time, silence fell over all the martial artists in the arena. Lin Ming's victory was within expectations, but with the battle having reached this degree and so many twists and turns and reversals, they didn't have time to respond.

However, what no one doubted was that Lin Ming's strength far surpassed Kai Yang's.

At the special guest area, High Lord Heian's face had darkened. The Emperor Will was actually useless against Lin Ming?

Maha was also looking solemn. It was his turn to face Lin Ming. Although he didn't place Kai Yang in his eyes, for him to defeat Kai Yang without revealing the majority of his hidden strength was not necessarily possible!

’’This boy!’’ Maha traced the hilt of his treasure saber, his eyes filling with a brilliant killing intent!


On the arena stage, the infernal energy leaking from Kai Yang's body formed into a Heavenly Demon avatar that plunged at Lin Ming. Kai Yang's Heavenly Demon Tattoo had been at the late eight-winged Heavenly Demon stage!

Lin Ming pointed out his fingers, and with his fingers as a spear, a bright spear light flashed out. The infernal avatar was crushed by this spear light, turning into pure infernal energy that poured into Lin Ming's body. On his arm, the fourth pair of wings was slowly forming...

Peak of a middle eight-winged Heavenly Demon!

After Lin Ming absorbed half of Kai Yang's infernal energy, he was getting close and closer to becoming a ten-winged Heavenly Demon!

Lin Ming took a deep breath, slowly pushing down restlessness in his heart. A moment ago, when he was struck by the Emperor Will, he had truly come under a great impact!

Even though he had the Samsara martial intent, his mind had nearly fallen into illusions.

Thus, Lin Ming had let the Heavenly Demon martial intent erupted within his body. The Heavenly Demon martial intent could not only suppress the body, but it could also suppress soul force. With the Heavenly Demon martial intent combined with the Samsara martial intent, the two martial intents ganged up on the Emperor Will, forcibly suppressing it!

Lin Ming had originally wanted to take this opportunity to gain some insights on this Emperor Will, but just as he had a small look, Kai Yang was already attacking. So, Lin Ming had no choice but to interrupt himself and open 50% of the Heretical God Force, instantly killing Kai Yang!

Lin Ming took Kai Yang's spatial ring and then shot the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder at him, sucking up his blood essence.

Now, the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art's' techniques weren't Lin Ming's strongest killing moves anymore. But that didn't mean that Lin Ming had given up on cultivating the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'. This was because this cultivation method primarily used the path of slaughter in its attacks, so it gave him a great deal of inspirations.

Chasing Thunder, Chasing Sun, Penetrating Rainbow, these three moves were all born from the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'.

Unconsciously, Lin Ming had stepped onto the path of fusing martial arts together, reaching the boundary of a martial arts grandmaster that created their own martial arts legacy.

Using his right hand to hold the Purple Comet Spear, he pointed it towards the floor and drew a crescent moon.

Then, he looked towards where Yan Chi and Maha were sitting, and calmly asked, ’’So, who's next?’’


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