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Martial World - Chapter 597


Chapter 597 - No Backing Down




Skysplit Tower's enforcement team represented the 12 High Lords! Who would have the courage to so brazenly attack them?!

To attack the enforcement team meant opposing the 12 High Lords. In Skysplit Tower, the 12 High Lords were the emperors, they controlled life and death in their hands!

Now, Lin Ming had just blatantly slapped the High Lords' faces.

Moreover, although the enforcement team members' talents weren't too high, their ages were. They were not weak. Otherwise, why would they have the ability to enforce the law on the third floor?

But just now, five or six of them had been casually struck by Lin Ming and sent flying back!

’’To use fingers as his spear and sweep away the entire enforcement team!’’

’’What a terrifying spear light. Although it wasn't even aimed at me, I still felt my heart shake!’’

The surrounding martial artists were not weaklings. But they faintly imagined what would happen if they were to take that one strike a moment ago, and every conclusion they came to made them depressed. The majority of them had to admit that they simply didn't have the strength to resist in the face of that attack. Even if some of them thought they could resist it, they feared that they would probably suffer minor injuries.

This was just Lin Ming's casual attack;he hadn't even used his spear!

’’Lin Ming! You... you... do you have a death wish?!’’ The enforcement team captain burned with anger, but he was actually quaking in his heart, crying about why this was happening. He had taken his team here but they had been instantly swept away with a single strike. Now he could only watch, he didn't dare to do anything to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming hadn't been ruthless in that strike just now. Otherwise, these people wouldn't have been severely wounded and vomited blood, but rather directly perished where they stood!

If Lin Ming dared to kill people in a prohibited area, then he would dare to kill the enforcement team!

The enforcement team captain had ridden the tiger and now there was no more backing down. He simply didn't know what to do. With so many pairs of eyes looking at him, under their gaze he had been smacking around. If he walked away then he would be shamed so much that even his grandmother wouldn't recognize him. How could he still continue to enforce the law on the third floor?

He couldn't run but he couldn't stay either. As the enforcement team captain was agonizing over what to do, the sound of noisy footsteps suddenly stirred.

Turning around, he saw a troop of over a dozen warriors rush over. They all wore the same battle armor, and their individual strength and cultivation were far beyond the enforcement team of the third floor!

’’The fourth floor guards.’’

The martial artists were stunned. The guards for the fourth floor were the same as the personal guard for the High Lords! Their status was also much higher than the enforcement team's.

A High Lord had come?

In Skysplit Tower, it had been too many years since a High Lord had been aroused!

’’Make way! Everyone make way!’’

The captain of the fourth floor guards snapped at everyone before him. Although his attitude was crude and barbaric, nobody dared to say half a word back to him. All of they gave way, lest they were slow and blocked his path.

In the center of these fourth floor guards, a black-robed Imp slowly stepped out. He had a cruel smile on his face as he coldly looked at Lin Ming.

This was High Lord Heian!

High Lord!!!

All of the martial artists present felt their pupils shrink. In fact, there weren't too many martial artists that had seen High Lords up close, but they could feel a faint imposing aura emitting from him, and could correctly guess that this Imp man in front of them was one of the 12 High Lords.

One of the 12 High Lords, the highest existences within Skysplit Tower!

’’Lin Ming, this is the first time that we've met!’’ As High Lord Heian spoke, his eyes filled with a sparkling killing intent.

At this time, Lin Ming had sat back down in the restaurant, slowly eating his meal again. He looked up at High Lord Heian and laid down his chopsticks, standing up once more.

Facing High Lord Heian, his actions were sincere.

’’You are Heian?’’

All of the martial artists felt their hearts tighten. Lin Ming had directly called a High Lord by his name!

What arrogance! What pride!

High Lord Heian's eyes narrowed as he looking at Lin Ming, his vision as sharp as his knife. It seemed as if he were trying to completely understand him, penetrating through his entire being.

This boy was truly formidable!

’’Addressing me by my name, disrespecting me, killing in the prohibited zone, even attacking the enforcement team. You... your unbridled actions are far too audacious!’’

’’Me? Audacious?’’ Lin Ming smiled. ’’Heian, wasn't it you who hired that old Imp to lay down a great space locking array around the King's Cage? You wanted to lock me in the King's Cage and kill me in there? Hehe... if I hadn't made a miraculous breakthrough inside, then I fear I would already be dead in the King's Cage!’’

His words were relentless. Combined with the Asura force field that seemed to burst out from his body, this caused his words to loudly ring in everyone's ears, causing them to tremble.


Lin Ming's words shocked everyone present!

It wasn't a secret that Suo Ge had been busily working inside the King's Cage these past days.

Skysplit Tower's practice areas could be considered relics from the ancient times;it was impossible for Suo Ge to repair any of the array formations because he simply lacked this ability. If so, then what was he doing for so many days inside of the special practice area?

Also, after Lin Ming emerged from the King's Cage after 108 days, although it was truly shocking, everyone was filled with their own suspicions. Just what had Lin Ming experience inside the King's Cage? Why had he stayed inside for so long?

Thirdly, if Skysplit Tower recognized Lin Ming as dead, then why wasn't the King's Cage opened again?

All of these doubts were actually laid bare by Lin Ming and all of the martial artists present realized what had happened. None of them were fools. They connected all the possibilities and were able to instantly judge that what Lin Ming said was most likely true!

The 12 High Lords wanted Lin Ming to die in peril within the King's Cage. But, by whatever means, Lin Ming had emerged from the King's Cage!

With the great space locking array laid down by Suo Ge, in addition to the inhumane environment inside the King's Cage that only grew worse every day, Lin Ming actually stayed within for 108 days and broke out himself!

Was he even human?

Now that this plot was revealed by Lin Ming, High Lord Heian's complexion turned ugly. His plan to kill Lin Ming had been perfect. But he never imagined that even in this situation, Lin Ming would still be able to come out alive!

’’Lin Ming, the reason that I asked Suo Ge to come is because I wanted him to set down a new transmission array for an improved escape talisman. This is so that martial artists that enter the King's Cage can have greater chances of escaping alive! Who do you think you are, that you think you are so worthy that I would personally concoct schemes to deal with you?’’ High Lord Heian spoke with contempt.

However, no matter how disdainful High Lord Heian's expression was, there was basically no martial artist present that believed his excuse. They weren't silly children that would be fooled so easily. But although everyone understood how things were, no one dared to reveal anything otherwise.

’’Hahaha! Is that so?’’ Lin Ming sneered, the derision in his eyes and voice obvious.

High Lord Heian subconsciously clenched his fists. This matter was becoming increasingly troublesome.

If he personally dealt with Lin Ming today, then he would undoubtedly be able to capture or kill Lin Ming.

But he himself would be seen as in the wrong, and would have been shown to be vagrantly breaking all decorum and rules. When that happened, he would be known as the High Lord of Polar Skysplit Tower that schemed and used every means possible to strangle rising talents!

Polar Skysplit Tower's reputation could not withstand such damage!

'This damn boy!' Heian cursed in his mind. But, he couldn't back down at this moment. Killing Lin Ming now was no good, but letting Lin Ming leave like this was even worse.

He had no idea what to do!

At this moment, there were more noisy footsteps approaching. High Lord Heian turned and saw that not too far away, Yan Chi, Maha, and Kai Yang were all soaring over here.

As Heian saw these three people he was instantly overjoyed. With these three, he thought of a safe solution to all his problems!


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