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Martial World - Chapter 594


Chapter 594 - Return With A Blood Sacrifice To This Spear




The light barrier array formation within the special practice area was only there to deceive the eyes and ears of others. These days, an old Imp man was actually within the light barrier.

He was array master that High Lord Heian had personally invited over - Suo Ge.

Suo Ge was familiar with ancient array formations. This great space locking array was naturally of his own making.

The great space locking array formation could only last for four months. But just in case, in order to prepare for all possibilities, High Lord Heian had invited Suo Ge to come and reinforce the array formation before it expired.

For the first arrangement and then the following reinforcement, High Lord Heian had given Suo Ge 6000 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals!

This was six large chests brimming with crystals;it was absolutely a great wealth!

Thinking of this, Suo Ge grew excited. An array master was a profitable career, but at the same time it was also a career where one feverishly burnt through money. All of those precious array discs, array flags, materials, ancient array formations jade slips, which one of them wasn't sold only at astronomical prices?

Because Suo Ge was wounded during his youth, his cultivation wasn't too high. This was also the reason that it wasn't easy for him to earn Blood Demon Crystals.

With this wealth, he had enough to keep himself well supplied and happy for a long period of time. As Suo Ge thought of this, he chuckled, his wrinkled face scrunching together like a scrunched up pile of black pigskins.

His actions became more and more lively. Array symbols flew from Suo Ge's hands like golden leaves, floating into the air.

’’High Lord Heian is really taking this Lin Ming boy seriously. He isn't relaxed that my array formation already lasts four months, but even wants it to last for eight months.’’

Although High Lord Heian hadn't clearly stated the reason why he wanted this great space blocking array here, Suo Ge was not an idiot nor was he deaf. He naturally heard the martial artists of the third floor talking about Lin Ming, and he was able to instantly understand the situation. The reason that High Lord Heian had asked him to come and set up this array was in order to seal Lin Ming within the King's Cage.

This was a truly incredible and serious act. A High Lord had personally handed down this order and had also used such a roundabout method to accomplish it. Obviously, this Lin Ming was not ordinary at all!

As soon as this caught Suo Ge's attention, he learned that Lin Ming was actually a Titled Asura!

This was only the fourth Titled Asura in 10,000 years! This was truly an existence from legends!

’’Boy, don't blame me. My array formations are based upon the ancient principles. For you to die under them and also have High Lord Heian care so much about you that he is willing to part with 6000 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals, this should be enough to have you die in peace. All I can do is make the coffin you're in a bit more refined.’’

Suo Ge licked his lips. In his life, he had been able to use his array formations to kill a Titled Asura, a person who in the future would become a top human Emperor, a proud son of heaven amongst his generation. Just thinking of this filled Suo Ge with a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps, he might be recorded down in the history of the Imps and array masters.

Because of injuries he hadn't been able to break through to higher martial arts realms. But, if he could still leave behind such an infamous reputation to go along with his Dao of array formations, then that was enough for him to be proud of.

Filled with satisfaction, he began to draw up the next golden array symbol. As he was about to complete this array symbol, the array formation suddenly trembled. This was followed by the sudden inexplicable collapse of an array symbol!



Suo Ge was surprised. If this array symbol shattered here then there would be problems. This meant that there would be a giant hole in this part of the array formation.

’’What happened?’’

Suo Ge twisted his eyebrows together. Was it possible that there was some problem with the King's Cage?

If some violent space turbulence broke out from the King's Cage, then it wouldn't be surprising if it affected this space blocking array.

Suo Ge shook his head. He raised his head, about to draw up another array symbol to replace the broken one, but just as he was about to finish, sudden ringing sounds filled the air.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Three array symbols continuously disintegrated.

Suo Ge stood there, dumbfounded. It seemed that this violent space turbulence was not minor!

He was about to redraw the broken array symbols, when suddenly...

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

The sound was like raindrops hitting a bucket. The array symbols in the formation began to burst one after another. Soon, this entire section of array symbols would completely collapse.


Suo Ge cursed.

He had spent most of the day drawing up this group of array symbols.

Should he redraw it?

This required more materials as well as a massive amount of energy.

As he was growing angry about this matter, he heard a loud series of explosions. Nearby, a second section of array symbols was also breaking apart!

Then, as the sound of explosions still lingered in the air, in just a few breaths of time, Suo Ge's entire great array completely broke apart. The power of space here that was sealed soon returned to normal. The entire space blocking array had failed!

Suo Ge paused.

The large array had failed?

What the hell...

Was this really caused by chaotic space flows?

Suo Ge didn't know why, but an ice cold feeling filled him. From the soles of his feet to his thighs to his waist and straight into his spirit, he felt a terrifying and unexplainable chill!

It had been just shy of four months. Even if the large array failed, that Lin Ming... should still have died!

Suo Ge was frightened. He hesitated for a moment about whether he should immediately report this matter to High Lord Heian, when a sudden portal of blazing blue light shimmered into being within the empty void!

Transmission gate!

In that moment, beads of sweat dripped down Suo Ge's forehead!

Could it be...

’’Calm down, calm down, he might not be able to deal with me!’’

As Suo Ge thought this, he turned around to run away. He wanted to run out of the special practice area and inform High Lord Heian of this crazy change of events.

But at this moment, he felt like his own speed had slowed down by an infinite amount. He was obviously running forwards with full-throttled desperation, but he couldn't even manage to move a tiny step forwards!

This strange feeling horrified Suo Ge!

’’This is...!’’

Suo Ge felt his knees weaken. He felt like a mortal standing in front of a tiger cage, and now, that cage had been opened!


Suo Ge's eyes turned red. He turned around and suddenly waved his arms. An array disc came shooting out from him, heading straight towards the shining door of light!

However, before the array disc could even close in, there was an echoing 'kacha!' as the array disc was shattered apart, turning into powder!

Right after, a radiant spear light shot out from the door of light, thrusting straight towards Suo Ge.


Suo Ge roared and extracted a keen sword from his spatial ring, wanting to cut that spear light in half.

But... he was too slow.

He had fallen into a whirlpool of time. It was impossible for him to break free.

In that instant, Suo Ge fell into despair. He had just lifted the sword in his hand when the spear light reached him, shooting straight between his eyebrows.


In front of Suo Ge's horrified eyes, the spear light easily pierced through his bodily true essence. It shot through between his eyebrows, smashing apart his spiritual sea and crushing his brain before exiting right through the other side, carrying with it a rain of blood and brain fluids as it directly impacted the light barrier array formation!


The light barrier was almost torn in half!

Suo Ge's eyes had glazed over, becoming completely empty. In the last moments of his life he had seen a young man, wearing ripped up blue robes with long hair hanging down to his waist, stepping out of the transmission gate.

His eyes were as sharp as the thunder of the highest heavens!

His aura was as chilling as the nine silent layers of the endless abyss!

Seeing this youth, Suo Ge's soul froze, like he was a mortal lying naked in a snowstorm, feeling nothing but a bone-freezing cold!

This was also Suo Ge's last thought...



’’Haha, the King's Cage has finally opened! It should be time for this father to go. Heh, just look and see how awesome this invincible father's might is! I will stay inside for 20 to 30 days in a single breath!’’ Outside of the light barrier array formation, the four Giant Demon and Imp martial artists were happily talking about past events of Lin Ming and the King's Cage, making fun of the humans of Skysplit Tower as if they were nothing but worthless clowns.

They didn't know what was happening in this array formation. This light barrier array formation was purposely arranged to isolate the senses of others so that they couldn't see or hear what was happening inside. Naturally, a High Lord of Skysplit Tower wouldn't want it known that he was deliberately killing the outstanding heroic youths.

Now, as these four Giant Demon and Imp martial artists saw a large chunk of the light barrier ripped apart, they thought that the King's Cage was finally being opened for use again.

’’It's finally over! F*ck, we've waited such a long time!’’

’’What bad luck. The King's Cage can only be entered once in a lifetime. The average person can only go in for several days, and even that abnormal freak Feng Shen only lasted 28 days before he was forced out. But that idiot Lin Ming actually died as soon as he went it. I don't care if he died, but it actually delayed us for so long, f*ck, I've never seen someone so dumb before! It's truly a work of art how stupid he was.’’

An Imp martial artist cursed out loud.

Another martial artist smiled and laughed, ’’Haha, he was really stupid to the extreme. But hey, at least he also gave us a lot of fun...’’

As he spoke here, his next words caught in his throat.

He looked, numb, at the torn light barrier in front of him.

First, his face twisted like he had seen a ghost.

Then, surprise, disbelief, confusion, fear, all of these emotions flashed plain on his face. He stared blankly on as a young man with shredded blue robes and waist-long hair stepped out from the torn light barrier array formation, taking one calm step at a time.

The ruined light barrier was pushed aside by him as easily as if it were a spider's web.

The Imp martial artist's expression instantly twisted!

’’Lin Ming!!’’

In an instant, all four martial artists stood dumbfounded, scared stiff on the spot as if they were all statues!

’’This... how is this possible!?!?’’

Almost four months. 108 days.

And Lin Ming... was still alive!!!!

Heavens! The Eightfall War Emperor had stayed in the King's Cage for 60 days, and that was already the record for the last several thousand years! How could anyone actually stay inside for more than 100 days!?

As Lin Ming glanced at these four martial artists, he casually put out a hand. Atop his palm, Blood Drinking Seals wildly danced in the air!

Tides of killing intent recklessly gushed out!

’’You... what do you want to do!?’’ The Imp martial artist who spoke was unnerved.

’’Don't be afraid! This is a fighting restricted area! He wouldn't dare to do anything to us here!’’ The Giant Demon who seemed to be the leader of the group said. According to the rules of Skysplit Tower, fighting was prohibited within the special practice area. Violation of this rule would lead to the enforcement team coming to kill you!

Lin Ming didn't speak. As he neared one step at a time, his Asura martial intent unconsciously spread out!

Heavenly Demon martial intent, Asura form. Its most powerful aspect lay in the pressure of its force field.

The four martial artists felt as if a mountain range had come crashing down on them. All of the true essence in their bodies was suddenly stifled!

’’You... what are you doing!? If you do anything to us then the High Lords will sentence you to death!’’ The Giant Demon martial artist's words were brave, but he was actually close to fainting in his heart.

’’High Lord?’’ Lin Ming's lips curved up. In this smile, there was a somewhat fierce and wicked flavor to it.

’’Are you... are you defying the High Lords, you...’’ The martial artist spoke to here when a sudden zooming sound filled the air. A bloody light flashed, Blood Drinking Seals shooting out!


The Giant Demon's stunned cry stopped in his throat. He felt dizzy, and then saw the ground getting nearer and nearer even as his body went further away. His head was like a rubber ball as it rolled onto the ground!


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