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Martial World - Chapter 591


Chapter 591 - Break Through the Eight Inner Hidden Gates




The Nameless divine Pill used a Nirvana Dragon Root as a main ingredient, and by combining all sorts of other rare and precious materials, it became a medicine even more brutally tyrannical than the Demon God Bone!

When Lin Min absorbed the Nameless divine Pill, he had done so by melting its medicinal efficacy into a barrel of solar origin water, and even then he had only dared to absorb less than half of it.

Even so, Lin Ming's hands had been frozen old, the pain piercing as his skin and muscles cracked open.

But now, Lin Ming had chosen to directly swallow the pill. His current strength was much greater than in the past, but the problem was that his condition was much worse!

Swallowing the Nameless divine Pill at this time was an act of suicide!

But Lin Ming didn't have any other method. His true essence would sooner or later deplete, and when that happened, all of his meridians and muscles would inevitably be burnt to cinders by the Demon God Bone's crazy energy!

To use the extreme yin cold of the Nameless divine Pill to counter the scorching hot energy of the Demon God Bone, at this critical moment, Lin Ming had chosen this crazy strategy!

He was betting his life on this last desperate gamble!

Lin Ming revolved his true essence to the limit. With a fierce clench of his teeth, he swallowed the Nameless divine Pill!

In that instant, Lin Ming didn't feel as if he had swallowed a pill, but a 10,000 year old chunk of absolute zero ice!

From his mouth to his stomach, a cold energy spread out!

His throat instantly lost all feeling, and the cells in his body begin to freeze and crack apart. His blood started to ice over as cold energy invaded his meridians and blood vessels, recklessly spreading throughout!

Soon, this cold energy ran into the boiling hot energy of the Demon God Bone!

The spreading cold energy met the blazing hot flames;a fierce collision began!

Originally, just the Demon God Bone's sole strength was not a match for the Nameless divine Pill.

However, the Demon God Bone and the Heavenly Demon force field stemmed from the same source. Both of these fused together, creating a force equal to that of the Nameless divine Pill.

On the other hand, the Nameless divine Pill's energy and the Heavenly Demon force field were incompatible with each other. As both of these forces met, they recklessly struck at each other, each wanting to annihilate the other!

Lin Ming's body had become a battlefield!

Although because the interweaving hot and cold energy made it so that Lin Ming's meridians weren't charred or frozen anymore, the collision of the two intense types of energies released an immense amount of force that directly tore apart Lin Ming's meridians and blood vessels instead!

Lin Ming fell to his knees. His insides felt like they were twisted together inside of him. This sort of feeling was a pain worse than death.

Unconsciously, Lin Ming's nose, eyes, and ears all began to ooze blood.

As blood streamed down his nose, it froze into crimson ice. But as blood bled from his ears, it had scorch marks upon it.

If this sort of violent destructive damage occurred to a normal martial artist, they would have died long ago.

But in these past years, Lin Ming's body had condensed many types of incomparably powerful blood vitalities and life energies. Reverse scale blood, blood of the Ancient Phoenix, numerous kinds of heavenly materials, and in addition to this there was also the azure true essence that endlessly grew, continuously invigorating him. All of these factors had made it so that Lin Ming's resilience and recovery ability far surpassed even an Emperor level powerhouse!

It was impossible for him to control any of these two different energies. He could only bite his teeth and revolve the last dregs of his true essence with the 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians', forcing this battlefield towards the Gate of Healing!

As the red and blue energies mixed together, it was like a hysterical flood dragon, madly crashing into the Gate of Healing!


Between Lin Ming's clavicles, a burst of blood sprayed out. The muscles and skin were completely torn open;even the bones underneath were broken!

Lin Ming felt his vision turn black for a moment and his body weaken. He didn't even have the strength to kneel and instead toppled onto the floor.

Fresh blood flowed out from the wound along Lin Ming's clavicles. Along the fractured bones, one could even see a faint golden marrow.

Energy surged. Along the Gate of Healing, an earth-shattering change was occurring. However, Lin Ming no longer had any true essence to control these two violent energies. Now, he could only let them freely rampage through his body.

Quickly, a pool of blood formed around him, and Lin Ming felt his head become leaden and his vision blur as he gradually lost consciousness.


After an unknown length of time, Lin Ming finally woke up. His eyes popped open, a gentle shimmer reflected in them.

There was not a part in his body that didn't hurt. Especially the area between his two clavicles;it both hurt and itched. His true essence had been finally depleted. He didn't even have the strength to crawl on his belly or move his fingers.

Lin Ming strained to gather a bit of his perception. As he examined his body, he was surprised to find that the energies of the Demon God Bone and Nameless divine Pill had already disappeared from within his body. Between his clavicles, where the Gate of Healing was located, the broken bones were already mending.

The Gate of Healing...


As Lin Ming realized this, he paused for a while, an unreal feeling passing over him.

Opening the Gate of Healing had been far more difficult than completing 100% of Tempering Marrow.

Lin Ming had used the Nirvana Dragon Root to complete Tempering Marrow. But, when trying to open the Gate of Healing, he had only touched upon the threshold of it even though he had absorbed part of the Nameless divine Pill that was refined from the Nirvana Dragon Root.

Lin Ming using the Demon God Bone to temper his body and open the Gate of Healing had only been an attempt.

He never imagined that once the power of the Demon God Bone and Heavenly Demon force field combined together, it would clash with the Nameless divine Pill.

The struggle of ice and fire;this tyrannical energy had finally gathered towards Lin Ming's Gate of Healing, and in an intense confrontation, the outbreak of energies had managed to break through the shackles of the Gate of Healing in a single go!

This also meant that Lin Ming had finally entered the Eight Inner Hidden Gates body transformation realm!

Although his injuries hadn't fully healed yet, Lin Ming could already see heaven and earth origin energy flooding towards his clavicles. It was like a leak had opened within the Gate of Healing, causing a massive whirlpool of true essence!

Not just that, but the Gate of Healing could also independently filter heaven and earth origin energy, making it even purer.

Once the Gate of Healing was opened, a martial artist's body would gain the ability to constantly and autonomously absorb heaven and earth origin energy. The advantages towards cultivation were obvious!

During a battle, it was possible to restore true essence at an extremely quick pace. This was equivalent to Lin Ming constantly eating medicines. Not just that, but the energy that the Gate of Healing provided was incomparably pure;it wouldn't have toxins like pills would.

Lin Ming could clearly feel the heaven and earth origin energy converging onto his body, revitalizing his dried up meridians. His bodily strength was also being restored at an astonishing pace.

From the point of not being able to move a finger, only a mere incense stick of time passed before Lin Ming could feel his strength returning.

The smaller wounds on his body regenerated at a visible speed. Even the torn muscles and broken bones began to itch, signs that they were growing back.

After a quarter hour, his true essence had already been restored to a reasonable degree. The small injuries on his body had completely vanished, and the severe wound next to the Gate of Healing had recovered by half.

One hour later, the severe wound next to the Gate of Healing was almost fully repaired and as good as new. Lin Ming's true essence was also regenerated to its peak condition!

In the past when Lin Ming had such heavy injuries, even when he sat in meditation and also took recovery pills he wouldn't have healed so fast.

A vast and pure true essence poured into his dantian. Lin Ming felt his dantian suddenly shake as if something inside were fiercely contracting. When he examined his body, he was surprised to find that he had reached the extreme Xiantian realm!

Extreme Xiantian was only a step away from Revolving Core.

Many martial artists were stuck at this step for their entire lives, but to Lin Ming, this was no problem at all.

His foundation was already as solid and stable as it could be. Crossing this last step would be smooth without a gruelingly fatal bottleneck.

In this way, Lin Ming became even closer to the Revolving Core realm. His rising cultivation speed had ever exceeded his own expectations.

Going from the late Xiantian realm to the extreme Xiantian realm didn't have too much of an effect on Lin Ming's strength. But, it was different from extreme Xiantian to Revolving Core! The true essence in Lin Ming's dantian was already incomparably thick. Once he formed his own revolving core, his strength would shoot into the sky!

It had to be known that as of now, Lin Ming was only 19 years old. He had great hopes of reaching the Revolving Core realm before he was 21!

When Mu Qianyu was 22 years old, her great talent had let her enter the Xiantian realm. Up until the point that Lin Ming had been forced to leave, she still hadn't managed to step into the Revolving Core realm.

Lin Ming's cultivation speed could simply be called terrifyingly monstrous!

The sooner one broke through to the Revolving Core realm, the more potential they would have in their future. 21 years old, 22 years old - even for mortals that only lived for dozens of years, this was still the best time of their lives!

Lin Ming took a deep breath and gripped his fists in excitement. This disaster had actually been a blessing in disguise. As for how far his strength had increased, even he didn't know.

If he didn't fight then he wouldn't know!

’’Right now, I should be able to break through this dimensional fragment cage!’’

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a bright light and he suddenly jumped out from the Cosmic Melting Furnace. He felt his entire body brimming with strength.

All those people that had tried to kill him... there would be no mercy for them!

Outside of the Cosmic Melting Furnace, the Heavenly Demon force field pressure naturally increased - there was even more than before. But as it enveloped Lin Ming, it actually felt much lighter than before!

The Heavenly Demon force field was no longer an obstacle he couldn't withstand. Now that the force field's suppression on his soul force was reduced, Lin Ming's perception was sharper. He could clearly feel and capture the locations of all the tiny space fragments.

In his field of perception, it was like he was surrounded by a field of shimmering stars.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and stepped forwards. His steps, after integrating the Concept of Space that he was increasingly skilled at, seemed as if he were drifting erratically about, like ghosts and demons.

Even though it was obviously impossible to pass through the narrow gap between two space cracks, Lin Ming still stepped forwards. At this time, there seemed to be a strange distortion in space before he suddenly slipped through.

A spear thrust forth!

The Heretical God Force completely opened, the blood of the Ancient Phoenix burned, and a vast true essence erupted like an unforgiving volcano!


The space barrier violently shook. Because the Heavenly Demon force field's suppression effect on Lin Ming had reduced, his striking power had naturally risen by a great degree!

’’After making a breakthrough in my strength, my strike without fused Concepts is already no worse than my past strikes with fused Concepts. If I add in Concepts now, just what would that be like?’’

Lin Ming's eyes burned with a fighting spirit. The power of thunder and fire merged into the Purple Comet Spear. Thick arcs of electricity violently sparkled, waves of brilliant flames combusting!

Lin Ming poured his complete will and potential into the Purple Comet Spear. True essence erupted from his body!

Penetrating Rainbow!

A spear shot forth. It tore through the void, even ripping apart any space fragments that approached it!

This spear strike smashed into the dimensional fragment barrier.


With a loud explosion, the space cage rattled, countless fragments flying out. Atop the space barrier, visible cracks appeared. These fissures appeared for a moment before instantly disappearing, as if they were never there to begin with.

However, even though these fissures only appeared for a brief period of time, it heralded the fact that it was only a matter of time until Lin Ming broke through this dimensional fragment barrier!


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