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Martial World - Chapter 589


Chapter 589 - Crisis

In the dimensional fragment cage, Lin Ming closed his eyes, moving with Golden Roc Shattering the Void. Under the tremendous pressure, his steps didn't have any of the usual fleeting vibrancy, instead, it was like they were made of lead.

In this cage of space, his eyes were useless. The space cracks simply couldn't be seen by the naked eye.

Even his perception was limited.

What Lin Ming could depend on was his understanding towards the Law of Space, and his mastery over the power of space only.

Whenever a space crack quietly approached, Lin Ming could feel the fluctuations emitting from space. The fluctuations were like ripples in the water, appearing out of nowhere.

Every time, Lin Ming would move in advance in order to dodge the space cracks that could cut him open.

With Lin Ming's strength, even if he had completed Tempering Marrow and his body was comparable to a treasure, or no matter how thick his protective true essence was, in front of these space cracks, it was nothing more than brittle paper.


A purple gold spear light flashed through like a meteor, smashing into the barriers of the space cage!


Spear light erupted. The space barrier trembled just a bit before returning to normal, as if nothing had happened.

These past days, Lin Ming had been constantly attacking the space barrier. Although he hadn't been able to shake it, Lin Ming, through this nonstop barrage of attacks, was unconsciously deepening his comprehension into the power of space.

But at this moment, Lin Ming's body trembled. On his shoulder, blood erupted into a crimson rain. The blood was quickly twisted into a red mist by an invisible power before vanishing into an invisible whirlpool.

Lin Ming was shocked;he immediately drew back.

His right shoulder had been completely torn open!

’’That was too close!’’

Lin Ming's forehead dripped with a cold sweat. A moment ago, as he was distracted with his attacks, a small space crack the size of a slip of paper had quietly crept towards him. Such a small space crack created extremely small ripples in the void. With Lin Ming's attention being diverted, his perception wasn't as sensitive, so he hadn't been able to sense it.

Such a small space crack, yet such a terrifying destructive power!

’’Luckily, it was just my shoulder!’’

A chill crept up Lin Ming's back. When he had entered the ancient ruins of the Demon God Imperial Palace, the space cracks there hadn't been so horrifying.

At that time, when a second stage Life Destruction Supreme Elder or those stronger flew into the broken world, they didn't fear those space cracks at all.

Lin Ming felt that although his current strength wasn't comparable to those old Life Destruction fellows, it shouldn't have been that far away. But yet, a small space crack the size of a tiny slip of paper had completely torn his shoulder apart!

This showed that in this different world, the power of space cracks was completely different.

In the Demon God Imperial Palace, the broken world that held it was already approaching collapse. The power of space there was too weak.

On the other hand, the world of the King's Cage was very stable. The more stable a space was, the stronger the power of space was. After space disintegrated and formed space cracks, the dimensional fragments were correspondingly more terrifying!

Who else dared to say that the Concept of Space's striking power was weak?

If one could truly and completely grasp the Concept of Space, touching upon the source of all space, then with a casual strike, they could tear apart space itself. Who could defend against an attack like this?

If he could soar into the Realm of the Gods, twist the space there and use that incomparably stable space as his weapon, then how powerful would such an ability be?

Although this possibility was fascinating, Lin Ming didn't have any more time for distractions. He noticed that in the space around him, he found that there were more and more tiny space fragments and space cracks appearing!

The space cracks that had once been 10 feet long had become 3-4 feet long and now, they were only the size of a slip of paper.

If such a space crack pierced his arm or leg, then with Lin Ming's exceedingly abnormal regenerative ability, he would still be able to live on. But, if it pierced his heart, then Lin Ming suspected that even the Heretical God Seed or the Magic Cube wouldn't be able to save him.

’’There are more and more fragments;these should be because my attacks shattered them.’’

The stable space had been torn apart by that strange force field. Now, with Lin Ming's attacks added on, more and more tiny space fragments started to appear.

’’The Heavenly Demon force field's pressure has increased again!’’

This time, the Heavenly Demon force field strengthened yet again. This was undoubtedly one stroke of bad luck after another!

Not only did his body slow down, but his perception was dulled. Lin Ming found it difficult to detect those tiny space fluctuations.

This was like a martial artist being under a rain of arrows and having their vision suddenly blur.

’’This is bad!’’

Cold sweat rolled down Lin Ming's back;he had completely lost control of the situation!

Once his time in the King's Cage surpassed 100 days, Lin Ming was beginning to finally find it hard to persist!

The dimension fragment cage couldn't be broken and the tiny space fragments were nearly impossible to detect or defend against.

Under this massive pressure, he was even finding it hard to maintain his speed for a long time.

Lin Ming gripped the escape talisman in his hand, hesitating.

In his life, he would only be able to enter the King's Cage once. During his three months here, he had harvested a great deal. If he left like this, then it would be a bit dismaying.

But in this situation, if he wasn't careful then he might possibly die inside here. A Titled Asura, perishing in the King's Cage. Wouldn't that be just too big of a joke?

However, when four or five space fragments continuously disappeared from Lin Ming's perception, his complexion finally changed.

He crumpled the escape talisman.

Lin Ming was resolutely determined to leave the King's Cage.


A transmission array suddenly appeared underneath Lin Ming's feet. With a flash of light, Lin Ming was covered in the golden light of the escape talisman, his figure blurring.


Lin Ming's expression changed. He could clearly feel that he had passed through the space channel and arrived in Skysplit Tower, but the surrounding space had been blocked off!

The transmission channel had been sealed. He had no way to leave!

’’What's going on?’’


In Lin Ming's hand, the escape talisman suddenly exploded into dust. The light vanished, and Lin Ming found himself in the space cage once more.

If the space in Skysplit Tower was blocked, then that was the same as eliminating the exit.

Could it be...?

Lin Ming's mind raced. He wasn't an idiot. If someone could do this, then there was only one possibility;it was a high level figure of Skysplit Tower!

’’A space blocking array formation. Skysplit Tower also seems to have some capable individuals. This sort of array formation is considered complex, even among ancient array formations!’’ Lin Ming had inherited the memories of a Realm of the Gods' array master, so he had a great deal of understanding into this sort of array formation. But, to lay it out so that it would forcibly block a transmission array wasn't an easy task.

’’You want me to die in here?’’ Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a cold light, killing intent blazing in them.

Fuu! Fuu! Fuuu!

Within the space cage, the space fragments flew around. Lin Ming could even hear some of the space fragments colliding with each other, and the sound of space breaking filled the air.

These sounds were clear, but they were actually the sounds of death!

’’What should I do!?’’

The normally calm Lin Ming was now panicking.

Although he had a good deal of understanding into this sort of space blocking array formation, wanting to break it open was another matter altogether. It would not be easy.

Not mention that Lin Ming couldn't break it, but even if he believed he could, there was one condition required. This was that he needed a transmission array leading to the center of that blocked space!

To Lin Ming, this was obviously impossible!


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