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Martial World - Chapter 587


Chapter 587 - Perhaps, Him Alone In 10,000 Years




Two months, and Lin Ming still hadn't come out!

As the time passed 61 days, the news rapidly spread throughout Skysplit Tower. The time that Lin Ming had been in the King's Cage for had already surpassed the Eightfall War Emperor's record!

This was the creation of a new legend! The only one to do so in 10,000 years!

Soon, not only did the martial artists of the third level know, but even those of the second floor and first floor. Although these people didn't know what it meant to stay in the King's Cage for two months, what they did know was that Lin Ming was the first to do so in the last recorded 10,000 years. Even the mortals in Skysplit Tower were awed by this.

’’The first in 10,000 years. I never thought this could happen, ever!’’

In a simple teahouse, Muk Gu was sampling tea, listening to the surrounding martial artists speak. He had been on the second floor for the last several days visiting his sister, and now that he learned this, he felt it a bit incredible himself.

’’Maybe after a few dozen more years, the Holy Demon Continent will have another Eightfall War Emperor!’’

In front of Muk Gu, Muk Qing was eating cake. She thought for a moment and said, ’’It's been a year and a half since I first saw him. I never thought that he'd turn out so fierce... Senior-apprentice Brother, do you think that we can win him over?’’

’’Win him over? With what? We are just an ordinary fifth-grade sect. We don't even know what sort of background Lin Ming has. It's impossible for a talent of this degree to just come out of nowhere. He might have some top powerhouse as his master.’’

Muk Gu shook his head and continued to stir his tea. He took another sip and said, ’’A character like this, it's impossible for us to draw him in;it's already fortunate enough if we can remain on good terms with him. Although the first time we met was relatively bad, afterwards I think I eliminated any problems. I could consider us as having a bit of friendship.’’

Within the Holy Demon Continent, humans had been in a miserable position or a long time. Muk Gu was glad to see a top human powerhouse be born in front of his eyes.

Of course, if he could remain on good terms with Lin Ming then that would also be a great benefit to his sect.


Time passed slowly. Soon, it had been 70 days!

On the third floor, the news had already passed on. Rumors were spreading crazily. Every day, there would be a massive amount of martial artists rushing towards the special practice area, wanting to see if Lin Ming would come out.

He had actually stayed in the King's Cage for 10 days longer than the Eightfall War Emperor. Just what sort of monstrous talent was this?

’’70 days...’’

Feng Shen quietly watched the door of light leading to the King's Cage, his eyes flashing with a cold light. Before now, he never thought that Lin Ming would be able to reach this degree.

Feng Shen had once been immeasurably proud of his talent. But now, he had been far surpassed by Lin Ming.

’’Hehe, Feng Shen, this is the first time seeing such an expression on your face.’’ A voice suddenly sounded out.

Feng Shen turned to see Kai Yang.

Kai Yang rubbed his chin, smiling as he looked towards the door of light leading to the King's Cage, a look of indifference on his face. ’’Feng Shen, this isn't like you at all. Aren't you usually so high and mighty? Since when did you have such a startled appearance?’’

Feng Shen frowned. With his prideful attitude, he usually never interacted with anyone - he simply disdained speaking to these people.

In Feng Shen's eyes, Kai Yang was nothing but a dog that worked for resources. Such a person could make a bit of progress, but their will and mind were not strong. It was impossible for someone like this to soar into the sky!

Without a word, Feng Shen turned and left.

Seeing Feng Shen's response, Kai Yang was a bit displeased. He coldly snorted and said, ’’Do you think Lin Ming is still practicing inside? Do you really believe he has the talent to surpass the Eightfall War Emperor? Hehe, maybe he's already died inside.’’

In the King's Cage, there was always the risk of death.

Before the creation of the escape talismans, there was an extremely high chance that a martial artist would perish within the King's cage. A great number of martial artists believed that they could withstand the pressure from the Heavenly Demon force field. In order to squeeze out all their potential and improve even more, they would break through a cage, getting more and more until finally, the pressure from the Heavenly Demon force field grew too much. At that time, as attacking became more and more difficult, they would finally be unable to break through the cage, resulting in their death within.

After the escape talismans were created, the death rate greatly decreased. But, there were still those who died inside.

It was like a mortal that didn't sleep for several days while doing high intensity work, this too could cause sudden death. For a martial artist, if they stayed under the massive pressure of the Heavenly Demon force field, their heart, dantian, and soul all came under an enormous burden. If this accumulated for a long enough time, then it was possible they could suddenly die!

The heart could stop beating, the spiritual sea could collapse, or even the dantian might explode... in this case, one would die before they had the chance use the escape talisman.

’’Die inside?’’ Feng Shen chuckled, ’’How could a True Dragon level talent die inside the King's Cage!?’’

’’F*ck! What is so great about this Feng Shen! Just because his background is good and his talent is high, he doesn't keep us in his eyes. If he came from the same background as I did then I wouldn't need to be so humble in front of him! Shit, I'll wait and see whether or not you can still say Lin Ming will create a miracle once he's been inside for 100 days, 120 days! True Dragon level talent, f*ck that!’’

Kai Yang muttered to himself, blatantly envious of Lin Ming.

'Hehe, I wonder what sort of expression you'll have once you know that Lin Ming died inside the King's Cage. A pinnacle Emperor level talent actually died in a practice area, hahahaha! Too ironic, too funny, too interesting!'

Thinking of this, Kai Yang viciously smiled, his heart feeling much better. He wanted time to pass faster so that when 100 days passed, he could see whether or not these martial artists were still clamoring for Lin Ming.

75 days...

80 days...

85 days...


Time passed a day at a time. When the 80th day arrived, some people already suspected that Lin Ming might have died within the King's Cage. But, this suspicious was not held by the vast majority. After all, he was a peak Emperor level talent. If he died in the King's Cage, then wouldn't that be the greatest joke of the world?

However, this rumor began to slowly spread. On the 85th day, more and more people believe that Lin Ming had died!

’’What a joke, a Titled Asura whose name is carved into the King Tablet has actually died inside the King's Cage. Who would believe this if it got out!’’

In a restaurant on the third floor, some people were discussing Lin Ming. These days, Lin Ming was the topic of every conversation. He was being talked about in every restaurant and teahouse nearby.

’’Even if I don't want to believe, this is the reality. Maybe Lin Ming was too confident in himself and overestimated his bodily limits, finally doing something stupid.’’

’’Lin Ming's most likely dead. Otherwise, 85 days is almost three months. That will almost be a month over the Eightfall War Emperor. Isn't that just too exaggerated? How could that be possible?’’

’’Haha! I'm dying from laughter here, it's too funny, too funny!’’ A Giant Demon martial artist said as he struck the table. ’’These past days those human clowns on the third floor have been far too arrogant. They are so proud and happy about someone from their own race having such a great accomplishment, and look, the result is that Lin Ming actually died in the King's Cage. I've never seen something so ridiculously stupid before!’’

’’His head is damaged. To think that he would die even with an escape talisman. You can't even make this up, but he's even a Titled Asura. I can't stop laughing, this is the funniest joke of the last 1000 years!’’

The Giant Demons were mortal enemies with humanity. When Lin Ming was at the height of his power, these Giant Demon martial artists naturally didn't utter a word. But now that Lin Ming had died, all of the envy and hate they had piled up suddenly exploded out at once.

A human genius was also their competition. If he died, then they were all indescribably happy.

Muk Gu was also in this restaurant. As he heard this conversation, his complexion turned very, very ugly.

He mindlessly took another drink of his wine and then stood to leave.

’’Hey, isn't that the guy? What's his name?’’ The Giant Demon martial artist who was speaking saw Muk Gu. On the third floor, Muk Gu's strength was at the very bottom, so many people didn't know what his name was.

’’I think he's called Muk Gu.’’ A nearby Imp reminded.

’’Oh. Muk Gu. I remember now, haha. Muk Gu, come and drink some wine with us. Regale us with the glorious stories of Lin Ming, your human race's top talent!’’

The Giant Demon wantonly smiled. After being pressed down by these humans for the last several weeks, he was finally able to release all the stress.

Muk Gu suppressed the simmering anger in his heart and coldly said, ’’It's only been 85 days, and you're already so sure that Lin Ming can't withstand it anymore? Just because you cannot understand his limits does not mean they exist!’’

’’I can't understand his limits? Hahaha! Your words remind me of when I was a child. There was always this other kid that would be beaten up by me. Every time that I knocked his teeth out, he would always say that he would go home and get his father to come out and punch me! How hilarious!’’

The Giant Demon martial artist slammed the table as he spoke, ruthlessly taunting Muk Gu.

Muk Gu's complexion became increasingly ugly but there wasn't any reason in retorting. In fact, even his own heart was wavering;did Lin Ming really die?

'Lin Ming, Lin Ming, I'm asking you to hurry... an existence like you is already destined to reach the highest level of this continent in the future... how could you possibly die in the King's Cage?'

Muk Gu sighed. Was humanity's destiny really so lacking? Were they truly unable to give birth to a such a glorious and peerless powerhouse?


In the King's Cage, the ground was snow-white and covered by boundless dark clouds.

These dark clouds were very thick and sticky, to the point that one could cut them with a saber. These dark clouds seemed as if they were made of the blackest ink.

The dark clouds quietly undulated. At this time, there was a muffled sound as a small piece of the dark clouds opened, a flash of golden light quickly passing through.

Then, silence. There was nothing again but inky dark clouds.

After another incense stick of time, another golden light flashed. This time, it stayed for a longer time before disappearing again.

The time, the time since the last disappearance was much longer, as if the golden light was condensing in strength. Around an hour later, there was a sound like a dragon crying as a beam of light as thick as a thigh burst through the dark clouds. It was like the sword of a god, directly piercing into the horizon!

In the moment that the dark clouds broke apart, a person's figure rushed out of the hole created by this beam of light.

This figure tumbled onto the floor like a thunderclap.

’’I finally came out!’’

Lin Ming lay sprawled on the ground without even the strength to move his fingers. He had been stuck in the chaos prison for nearly an entire month!

This was truly a horrifying and painful experience!

The chaos prison was incomparably thick. Even though Lin Ming used his full force to advance, his speed was still as slow as a crawling turtle.

He had no choice but to use attacks to break open the chaos cage, taking advantage of the moment that the chaos was ripped open to take a few steps forward.

Like this, his speed was quick, but he consumed true essence like he was pouring water away.

It had to be said that even if Lin Ming used his killer move Penetrating Rainbow, he was only able to open a channel a few dozen feet long.

But how big was this chaos cage?

Lin Ming simply didn't know!


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