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Martial World - Chapter 581


Chapter 581 - Purple Comet, Penetrating Rainbow




The black space storm swept through the sky as if it were devouring all. This was the union of the Concept of Time and the Concept of Space. These complex Concepts made travel through this storm even more difficult.

Lin Ming's eyes shrank. Facing this great black space storm, he grew even more excited. But the difference from a moment ago was that this excitement had a tinge of solemnity.

The Concept of Time was fused into this space storm. While he needed to adapt to the power of space, he also needed to adjust the passage of time around him to fit the Law of Space here.

diverting his mind in two directions was not easy.


Lin Ming decided on a space-time node, his spear thrusting out.

With a spiraling potency, the spear light shot into the black storm. It formed into a twisting ripple, but just as this ripple appeared it immediately slowed down like a fish caught in mud.

’’The time is wrong.’’

Lin Ming drew back, escaping the turbulent space flow that passed near him. He adapted to the flow of time once again.

Cha cha cha!

Spear thrust after spear thrust formed beautiful spiral ripples, every one like an arrow entering into water. These strikes caused ripples in the space storm that propagated for dozens of feet. Because of the intense collision from the power of space, these ripples slowly faded away.

Lin Ming kept dodging the power of space, retreating a step at a time as the spear in his hand thrust out at an even faster rate. At this time, a light flashed in his eyes.

Heretical God Force - open!

100% of the Heretical God Force was released. The compressed true essence within Lin Ming's body erupted. As he stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void, his speed shot up dramatically. All of his energy and will was poured into the Purple Comet Spear. Lin Ming became one with his spear, his entire being converting into a vibrant spiraling force that pierced into the space storm!

If he distanced himself from the attacks of the space storm then Lin Ming would only be able to perceive the most cursory of details. Only if he completely invested himself into this storm of space and time would he be able to experience its true depths and comprehend the most basic Concepts and Laws.

The power of space roared past Lin Ming. The power of space was known as the force that could annihilate all. When Lin Ming had passed through the ancient transmission array, many of the spatial rings he wore had been instantly shattered by the space storm. The medicines, treasures, bottles, everything inside these spatial rings had turned to dust in front of Lin Ming's eyes before vanishing into the endless darkness.

Trying to resist such a terrifying power of space with just true essence was suicide. Only if one conformed to this power and used the Law of Space to protect themselves would they be able to live.


Lin Ming was careless for a moment, missing a trace of the power of space. This small trace of strength rubbed against Lin Ming's arm, and his bodily true essence was ripped apart like a thin piece of paper. The muscles on his arm burst open, revealing a wound deep enough to see bone. Blood showered out, instantly disappearing in the space storm.

’’How frightening!’’

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. He quickly focused his thoughts and re-adapted himself to the power of twisting space.

Just a touch of the power of space could cause such terrifying destruction. Just who was the one that said the striking power of the Concept of Space was lacking?

When Lin Ming first faced Xing Tian, he had used the Concept of Space to confront his Concept of Annihilation. Compared to the Concept of Annihilation, Lin Ming felt that the striking power of the Concept of Space was lacking. The Concept of Space's strengths lay in its ability to allow one's skills to be elusive and variable, making them nearly impossible to detect or avoid.

However, now it seemed that the Concept of Space didn't lack in striking power, but rather that Lin Ming's comprehension of it was just far too low. What he understood was nothing but a drop in the sea.

’’My road is still too long...’’

Lin Ming released his senses and closed his eyes, even completely withdrawing all of the true essence that protected his body. Since bodily true essence was fundamentally unable to resist this space storm, he might as well take it all away so that he could concentrate his mental strength to an unprecedented level.

At that moment, Lin Ming's mind was completely emptied of all thoughts;even his spiritual sea was a great empty space. Immersed in this space storm, he was completely defensive. If he took a single wrong step then he would be crushed to death, beyond redemption!

A normal qualification trial challenger would handle a Concept test like this by mainly dodging to pass. Breaking in with any hesitation like this was simply an act of madness.

Of course, the benefits to this madness were obvious. Lin Ming's comprehension of the Space and Time Concepts was unceasingly improving!

’’Space is not nothing, but is the sea where all life comes from. It in itself is the property of all matter.

’’It is not that space holds all matter, but only after the existence of myriad things is their position measured. The great volume of space is similar to the existence of men and women to humanity. Only after the existence of humanity do men and women have meaning. Similarly, only after the appearance of matter does space have meaning...’’

Lin Ming unknowingly swam in the ocean of space. He seemed to simply begin to comprehend the essence of space...

Without knowing how much time passed, Lin Ming's eyes opened. The space storm had passed, and Lin Ming was standing atop the dark black earth. As he looked at his hand, he saw that the torn muscles there had already regenerated halfway.

’’Done already? What a pity!’’

Lin Ming shook his head. If he could continue that state he was in a moment ago, then he could have realized even deeper truths.

’’Mm? This is...’’ Not too far away, Lin Ming saw a billowing cloud of thunderfire.

’’The Concepts of Thunder and Fire! Ah, this really is a comprehensive test!’’ Lin Ming's eyes burned with a brilliant fighting spirit. Compared to the elusive power of space and time, the Concepts of Thunder and Fire were his specialty. He was already very familiar with thunderfire.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

From a distance where thunder and fire fused together as one, thunderfire billowed high, incomparably violent and savage.

Lin Ming's lips curved up in a smile. ’’It's only interesting if it's fused. If it's just the Concept of Thunder or the Concept of Fire then it would be too boring.’’

When Lin Ming was trying to fuse the power of thunder and fire, he respectively went to the Concept of Thunder practice area as well as the Concept of Fire practice area.

Just these sole Concepts made Lin Ming feel as if something were lacking. But now, in the King's Cage qualification test, both of these Concepts were united as one. This caused Lin Ming to rejoice with happiness.

This was really a great place.

Lin Ming looked forwards to coming to this qualification trial several more times.


’’Hey, that boy has been in for just under an hour.’’ Outside of the smelting trial area, Yan Chi was speaking to Feng Shen.

But at this time, Feng Shen's eyes were closed in meditation. He had entered into a strange cultivation state. If Lin Ming were here, he would see that this was shockingly a type of martial intent!

It was one similar to Lin Ming's own ethereal martial intent. It was a supportive martial intent that could greatly increase one's practice speed.

As Yan Chi saw Feng Shen not respond to his words, he could only give up. Facing Feng Shen, Yan Chi didn't have the least bit of arrogance.

Yan Chi remembered that when he went into the qualification smelting trial, he came out after an hour. Time didn't mean everything. But, in general, someone who couldn't surpass an hour inside could only be ranked as a medium-grade Saint level. This wasn't even enough to be recorded on the King Tablet.

Yan Chi didn't doubt that Lin Ming had the ability to appear on the King Tablet. The question was what level he would reach.

'If he can reach Feng Shen's level, then that would be incredible. That prideful fellow Feng Shen is already staying here late for the first time just so he can see Lin Ming's smelting trial results. It seems that he cares somewhat about Lin Ming...'

Thinking about this, Yan Chi felt a bit uncomfortable. If Lin Ming became a heaven-step Asura, then that meant that Lin Ming's future accomplishments would surpass his one day.


Within the space of the smelting trial, Lin Ming flew high in the air. Grasping the Purple Comet Spear, his long hair danced in the air. Beside him, thunder and flame roared as the origin energy of the world put him through a brutal and violent baptism.

Lin Ming thrust out his spear again and again. The Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo fused with 100,000 arcs of lightning, and the Sacred Flame Parasol Tree whipped up waves of brilliant flames. Under this attack, Lin Ming's comprehension of the fusion between the Concepts of Thunder and Fire grew more and more. He had already unconsciously reached the Large Success stage, and was making strides towards Perfection.

But at this moment, a white light flashed. In the air, six phantoms appeared. These fuzzy shades were armed with long spears made of energy, and they rushed towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming loudly shouted out. At this time, all of the wild heaven and earth origin energy compressed together within his body. If he didn't release this then he would explode!

’’Come on!’’

Lin Ming shook the Purple Comet Spear and then rushed straight towards these six phantoms!

A brilliant spear light cut through the endless sky.

Lin Ming cried out, and he became one with his spear. Under the grace of thunder and fire, Lin Ming's speed instantly reached the pinnacle. Space itself trembled underneath this potent spear light.


Like a burning meteor, Lin Ming instantly passed through three of the six phantoms, killing them in a single strike! The other three phantoms were wounded by the aftershocks of thunderfire and severely injured!

This move was the end result of the fusion of Chasing Thunder and Chasing Sun. It was now also one of Lin Ming's strongest moves.

Lin Ming named it Penetrating Rainbow.

With this name, it described how after the first movement, the spear instantly penetrated the deep blue sky, the spear light seeming like an endless rainbow that hung in the heavens. Thus, the name of this move was Penetrating Rainbow.

Moreover, Lin Ming's first spear was called Penetrating Rainbow. This name also held a commemorative significance for him.


Ever since he comprehended Penetrating Rainbow, although Lin Ming had practiced this move a thousand times, he still hadn't used it in combat. Now he finally had an enemy to fight. Although it was only a virtual enemy made of energy, Lin Ming still felt happy about this.

As for the remaining three phantoms, Lin Ming's spear rushed past them.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Three lights flashed;they all died instantly!

To the current Lin Ming, these six phantoms were far too weak.

Then the world shifted, the heavens and earth changing around him. Thick clouds obscured the starry sky, and the endless black earth underneath his feet turned into a vast, fathomless ocean.

Thunder recklessly flashed in the sky. It was like the divine soldiers of god were casting their weapons down upon the world, ripping the heavens apart.


The surface of the sea suddenly exploded. Dozens of water columns rose into the sky, thousands of feet high. Within these water columns were Purple Flood Dragons that roared as they rushed towards Lin Ming.

Before these Flood Dragons arrived, their terrifying aura and pressure pushed down on him like a great mountain. In this pressure, there was actually a purple light that instantly broke into Lin Ming's spiritual sea.

’’Mm? Soul attack!’’

Lin Ming's mind chilled. This was truly a great test!

The power of Concepts, one's individual strength, even a test for soul force... this trial was truly all-encompassing, everyone was completely involved!

As the soul attack broke into Lin Ming's spiritual sea, it was instantly melted away by the Samsara martial intent without being able to harm him at all.

Then, the Flood Dragons roared again as they rushed towards Lin Ming.

The ocean rolled up in gigantic waves, the sky exploding as if the apocalypse had arrived. Lin Ming instantly judged that it would be difficult dealing with these Flood Dragons. His mind touched upon the Heretical God Seed. Lin Ming unleashed the Heretical God Force!


His long hair dancing, Lin Ming grasped the Purple Comet Spear, his fighting spirit sweeping through the world!


’’Two hours and a quarter...’’ Outside of the smelting trial, Da Gu was staring at an hourglass. This time was already comparable to how long Feng Shen had stayed within. But, the corresponding result could be good or bad. If Lin Ming rolled through unstoppable, then he could even become a Titled Asura. But if he was plodding along, then he might not even become an earth-step Asura.

At this moment, the door of light violently shook. Da Gu's eyes jumped up. Did the smelting trial end?

Seeing the door of light shake, Yan Chi stood up. Even Feng Shen, who had been sitting in meditation, faintly opened his indifferent eyes...


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