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Martial World - Chapter 579


Chapter 579 - The King's Cage




Da Gu said, ’’Brother Lin, this black glass bead is only a Demon God Bone found at the farthest edges of the Eternal Demon Abyss. Every 10 years, Skysplit Tower will convene its greatest manpower to explore the outside zone of the Eternal Demon Abyss. The resources they find are sometimes rewarded to the subordinates of the High Lords. Brother Lin's Demon God Bone should have come about from such a way.

’’What a pity, ah, within the Eternal Demon Abyss are things that we cannot begin to imagine. There are mystical monsters and ghosts beyond our reckoning, and treasures that Emperor level powerhouses would go crazy over. However, none of these things are what we can hope to obtain. When the Six-fingered Fey Emperor went to the Eternal Demon Abyss, it was to obtain these sorts of treasures. In the end, he didn't return, instead becoming the nourishment within the Eternal Demon Abyss that bred the Demon God Bones.’’

As Da Gu spoke here he sighed. The path of martial artists was a struggle against the high heavens. Thus, when a martial artist came across something that they could not hope to obtain no matter how strong they became, they would inevitably feel weak and frustrated.

Even the top powerhouse of the Holy Demon Continent had perished within the Eternal Demon Abyss. Just imagining that massive claw that blocked out the sun itself caused one's heart to race.

The atmosphere fell into a temporary silence, no one speaking for a while. As for Xun Ji who was sitting beside Da Gu, she hadn't spoken from the very beginning. Instead, she only drank her tea, occasionally stirring her cup.

This silent atmosphere continued for half an hour. Then, Lin Ming stood up and cupped his fists, saying, ’’I must bid you all farewell. Brother Da Gu, thank you today for your advice, otherwise I would still be confused about Skysplit Tower's mysteries. However, I'm pressed for time right and should return to my practice area.’’

’’Practice area... haha!’’ Da Gu smiled, ’’Brother Lin really seizes every second possible!’’

Lin Ming said, ’’Time doesn't wait for anyone.’’

Martial artists had the most potential when they were young, and this was also the most important time in their cultivation. If they didn't seize every second possible then once they exhausted their potential in the future, it would be very difficult to advance any further.

On the other hand, if they could rush up to the divine Sea realm in a single go then their lifespan would increase by at least 10,000 years. At this time, even if they were a thousand years old, that would still be considered young and they could also maintain their youthful appearance.

The sooner one entered the divine Sea, the more potential they had remaining in their lives, and the greater their future advantages would be.

Moreover, Lin Ming had a ten year appointment with Mu Qianyu. This frequently caused him to feel a deep urgency.

’’Practice area... Brother Lin should have the Termination Emblem. With this emblem, there are some new practice areas you might be able to access now.’’

’’Oh? What practice areas?’’

Da Gu faintly smiled, ’’The King's Cage!’’


In a dark hidden chamber on the fourth floor, a six foot tall Imp wearing an embroidered robe was leaning back in a luxurious chair. In front of him was a man that had fallen to his knees in prostration.

’’Sir High Lord, I've investigated. Lin Ming shouldn't be related to the Eightfall War Emperor in any way.’’

’’Oh, this is determined to be true?’’ The Imp's expression changed a bit as he sat up.

This person was one Skysplit Tower's 12 High Lords - High Lord Heian.

’’Yes. From the news we have coming from the Eightfall War Emperor's Holy Land, the Eightfall War Emperor has not accepted any disciples for the last 300 years, and he has been in secret closed-door seclusion for the last few hundred years. No one knows where he went.’’

’’I see... humph, so that boy didn't have any background to begin with. To think I was worried in vain for a while.’’ High Lord Heian muttered with disdain.

For someone as talented as Lin Ming, it was impossible for him to have emerged out of nowhere. Even if he was unrelated to the Eightfall War Emperor, he still must have some formidable background. Still, it wasn't anything to fear. Beside the Eightfall War Emperor, it was impossible for other Emperor level powerhouses to take a step into the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

’’Black Shadow, go and have a chat with him. See if he is willing to take a soul oath and swear 50 years of fealty to us, otherwise, have him roll out of Skysplit Tower as soon as possible. If he doesn't choose, then, humph!’’

High Lord Heian spoke to here and didn't speak again. That cold cough had already contained a very obvious killing intent.


Lin Ming finally chose to walk with Da Gu and Xun Ji. This was because Xun Ji was heading to a practice area, but this practice area wasn't the King's Cage.

As they arrived at a special practice area in the southwest corner of the third floor, they pushed opened the gate and entered. After stepping in, Lin Ming was stunned. This practice area was outrageously large. It was a square room at least a thousand feet wide and long, and the dome of the area was dozens of feet high. However, even though this place was very large, the furnishings inside were surprisingly simple. There was only a 20 foot square table in the center with a few strange-looking potted plants on it.

In front of the stone table, a lone silhouette greeted Lin Ming's group of three. This person carried a longsword across their shoulder and wore a loose pale blue robe. His long hair hung down to his waist, and his hands were crossed behind his back.

From seeing this proud and aloof figure, Lin Ming could see that their heights were similar. He didn't know why, but this person gave off a strange feeling, as if he were staring at an unreachable mountain peak.

’’This person is...’’

Lin Ming's eyebrows jumped. This was absolutely an extreme master!

’’Brother Lin, he is Feng Shen.’’ Da Gu lightly said in a true essence sound transmission.

’’I see.’’ Lin Ming's heart chilled. This sort of special practice area was basically only open to those martial artists on the third floor that were ranked in the top ten. It wasn't strange to meet a master of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars here.

'Feng Shen truly lives up to his reputation.'

Lin Ming thought to himself.

As if he felt something, Feng Shen turned around. He glanced over everyone, his eyes falling upon Lin Ming just a second longer, before he turned back, indifferent to it all.

His eyes did not contain any haughty arrogance, but they naturally revealed an imposing aura as if he were looking down on the world, disregarding everyone there.

This was the vision that only a peerless powerhouse would have.

Da Gu looked at Feng Shen and sighed. He said to Lin Ming in a true essence sound transmission, ’’I fear Feng Shen's strength might be no less than a High Lord's.’’

’’Mm? No weaker than a High Lord?’’ Lin Ming was startled.

Skysplit Tower's High Lords were somewhat ambiguous to Lin Ming. As to what degree of strength they reached, Lin Ming had no idea.

Lin Ming couldn't help but ask, ’’What is a High Lord's cultivation?’’

Da Gu shook his head, ’’In Skysplit Tower, cultivation doesn't have much significance. If one judges someone's strength merely by their cultivation, then they will have made a grave error. In fact, after having stayed in Skysplit Tower for so long, I've already forgotten the standard criteria for strength outside of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. This is because everyone here is an outstanding individual among their peers. They are all able to jump ranks to fight, so it is difficult to compare.

Lin Ming nodded. Indeed, the Blood Slaughter Steppes gathered all the heroic elites from all killings paths within the Holy Demon Continent. This was the highest concentration of extraordinary youths on the entire mainland. It was hard to imagine just how many were there. Just Emperor level talents were here in the double digits.

There were even more Saint level talents. Even someone as talented as Mu Qianyu, if she came to the third floor, would only be in the middle-lower ranks.

When martial skills, Concepts, and cultivation methods became the most important factors in determining strength, the influence of one's cultivation was greatly weakened.

For instance, even though Lin Ming had reached this degree of strength, his cultivation had only increased a small boundary within the Xiantian realm. His strength increase from this wasn't too much, but his total comprehensive combat prowess was already at the early Revolving Core realm.

No matter how thick one's true essence was, a small boundary increase in the Xiantian realm was far inferior to a small increase in the Revolving Core realm in terms of increases in strength.

The fusion of Concepts, the Eight Inner Hidden Gates... these were Lin Ming's killing moves.

Lin Ming and Da Gu were speaking to each other with true essence sound transmissions when a slightly hoarse and low voice sounded out from behind them. ’’Hehe, isn't that Da Gu and Xun Ji? I haven't seen you in two months Da Gu, but your cultivation... seems to be getting more and more trash!’’

As Da Gu heard this voice, he suddenly frowned. He turned around to see that the one speaking was an Imp martial artist. This Imp was only six feet tall and his head was abnormally large. He had a strange walking stick in his hands and he also wore a black-colored bamboo hat. He smiled creepily as he stared at Da Gu.

’’Yan Chi!’’

In Skysplit Tower, Yan Chi was ranked second amongst the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. His strength was only below that of Feng Shen.

Xun Ji obviously detested Yan Chi. She humphed once and then ignored him.

Yan Chi thought little of this. His eyes swept past Da Gu and Xun Ji before landing on Lin Ming. ’’Lin Ming. I know you. Perhaps in a few months, we might fight each other. At that time, I wonder if you will have grown enough? Hehe, I'm looking forwards to it!’’

Yan Chi licked his lips. Lin Ming's strength already approached the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. Several months from now, if he could win another two matches, it wouldn't be strange if he fought Yan Chi.

’’Toot toot, don't look at me like that, it's easy for me to get excited!’’ Yan Chi quirkily smiled as he waggled his finger. Then, he walked over to the deacon in charge of this practice area.

’’This damned fellow!’’

Da Gu looked disgusted. He truly wasn't Yan Chi's match, he simply couldn't do anything to him. A year ago, they were evenly matched in strength. But now because of the disparity in their practice areas, a wide gap had opened between them, especially the last few months. During this period, Yan Chi's strength became immeasurably deep.

Lin Ming silently watched Yan Chi. Although he didn't have that lofty superior feel and proud aura like Feng Shen did, his soul force seemed as deep as a vast ocean. In wasn't just in soul force, but that tiny body also seemed to contained a terrifying power.

'He uses soul cultivation as his primary method and supports this with a body transformation cultivation method... I wonder just how strong this Yan Chi's soul attacks are?'

Lin Min secretly compared himself. Yan Chi's mind was secretive. If they didn't fight once, then he wouldn't know how they measured next to each other.

’’This is your token, please receive it.’’ The deacon managing this special practice area was a one-armed middle-aged man. His true essence was concentrated extremely thickly. As the one in charge of this special practice area, he must have a very high status on Skysplit Tower's third floor, but he was still very humble towards Feng Shen. He didn't have even the slightest sense of disrespect in his words or actions, and deferentially placed a token in Feng Shen's hand. With this token, he could enter the practice area.

’’Lord Yan Chi, this is yours. Please accept it.’’

The second token was given to Yan Chi.

Afterwards, the deacon turned to Lin Ming and asked, ’’You, what sort of practice place would you like?’’

Towards Lin Ming, he didn't have any fear. His voice was neither too arrogant or too humble.

Lin Ming said, ’’The King's Cage.’’

’’Oh?’’ Yan Chi revealed an expression of great interest. ’’The King's Cage, eh? Hehe, now that I think of it, you should have gained the authority to enter the King's Cage. Interesting! I wonder what sort of trial qualification rank you'll be able to attain.’’

’’Mm?’’ Lin Ming was startled. ’’Trial qualifications?’’

The middle-aged deacon looked at Lin Ming and slowly explained, ’’The King's Cage has different ranking smelting trial qualifications. There are many factors involved. In short, talent, soul, strength, all of these factors and more are closely linked to the final result. It is a complete and comprehensive evaluation of all young heroic elites. The smelting trial qualifications are divided into four different grades. These are Common, Saint, Asura, and Titled Asura.

’’The first three grades are also divided into low, medium, and high. Of these, a high Asura is amongst the most splendid of all heaven-step Asuras. As for a Titled Asura, that is an Asura with their own unique title. In the last 10,000 years, there have only been a total of three Titled Asuras. Those that can become a Titled Asura are surely the proudest sons of heaven in their generation. But even if all 12 Skysplit Towers are added together, these are still extremely rare existences.’’


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