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Martial World - Chapter 571


Chapter 571 - Demonic Gold Insects




Lin Ming's Heretical God Force had touched upon the second layer. The Heretical God Seed's ability to compress true essence had been enhanced, and the increase in strength and true essence had risen to another level.

Added to Lin Ming's attempt to open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, his endurance and tenacity far exceeded what it used to be.

Now, with just the Heretical God Force, Lin Ming's combat prowess was already extremely terrifying. As for his other abilities, Lin Ming didn't use them. He still had a long road to walk on the third floor.

After compressed true essence erupted, Lin Ming grasped the Purple Comet Spear. The divine Demon Thunder Soul completely fused into it, and a legion of Blood Drinking Seals drifted in the air. Billowing waves of true essence filled the air like an overwhelming tsunami!

In front of Lin Ming, Hong Zhong's form suddenly appeared. He had spurred his demon essence to the limit!

Heavenly Shrine Suppression!

With his entire body wrapped in a cloak of black light, Hong Zhong was like the embodiment of a meteor as he came crashing down!

This strike contained the noble Concept of Earth!

The Giant Demon race's talent did not lie in their comprehension of Concepts. However, under such a top practice environment like Skysplit Tower's third floor, they could equally comprehend a Concept that belonged to them.

Outside of this Concept, Hong Zhong's terrifying physical strength was even more outstanding, as well as his incomparably thick demon essence!

With these three aspects as one, as soon as Hong Zhong used his strongest attack, the entire arena was covered with black clouds. It was like being pressed down by a massive mountain.

’’What a magnificent move. The advantage of an overlord spear lies in its potential and ability to roll over all before it. This attack of Hong Zhong's exemplifies this truth.’’

’’Hong Zhong was really hiding his strength well! From just this strike alone, his ranking could be in the top thirty. How will Lin Ming defend against this?’’

The martial artists in the arena patiently waited. In a fight between top masters, victory and defeat were often decided in an instant. The clash before was merely a probing attack.

At the edge of the arena, Muk Gu was also feeling anxious. This strike of Hong Zhong's was truly earth-shattering. Would Lin Ming really be able to defend against it?

Facing this strike that contained the strength of the deep earth, Lin Ming revolved his true essence to the limit. Without any master ability, Lin Ming only relied upon the eminently great increase in strength given to him by the second layer of the Heretical God Force.


His will and potential poured into this attack, Lin Ming was able to grasp the greatest strength of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'.

A hundred Blood Drinking Seals completely fused into the Purple Comet Spear. Lin Ming also wanted to see just what degree of power the 'Great Desolate Blood Halberd' would reach after fusing the blood essence of so many masters of Skysplit Tower.


Hong Zhong's overwhelming momentum and billowing demon essence met Lin Ming's spear strike. Both attacks were in intense opposition, neither side backing down.


Hong Zhong never thought that this strike, infused with all of his strength, would actually be blocked by Lin Ming!


Hong Zhong roared, and all of the demon essence within his body began to revolve past its bearing ability. He wanted to defeat Lin Ming's spear in a single move, but at this moment, several dazzlingly bright crimson Blood Drinking Seals cut towards him like flying knives. The Blood Drinking Seals tore through the cloud of demon essence, piercing straight towards Hong Zhong's chest! These Blood Drinking Seals were condensed from the sacrifice of Xue Man and Xing Tian;they were incomparably sharp!


Hong Zhong was horrified. At this critical moment, his eyes turned blood-red. He overdrew all of his demon essence in order to forcefully open the Great Bell Shield!


The Blood Drinking Seal pierced through the top of Hong Zhong's shield, directly cutting it open. In his haste, this quickly conjured shield of Hong Zhong's was much more fragile than before!

Hong Zhong gave a miserable cough as he was sent flying away. On his chest, a two foot deep wound had been opened. His lungs had been cut, blood spurting everywhere!

The entire audience was in a stupor. Lin Ming had not only blocked Hong Zhong's strike, but he had also counter-attacked and wounded Hong Zhong!

This two foot deep wound was manageable to a Giant Demon;it wouldn't affect their combat ability too much.

But if his lungs were cut this time, then what about the next time? Would his heart be cut open next?

This fight, Hong Zhong was on the verge of defeat!

Lin Ming withdrew the Heretical God Force, saving away the remaining true essence. The Blood Drinking Seals that danced in the air also melted back into Lin Ming's body without a trace. To Lin Ming, the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' wasn't just a technique used to kill, but also a cultivation method used to enhance his cultivation. Within the Blood Slaughter Steppes, using the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' to increase his cultivation was naturally much faster than using the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'.

Hong Zhong crawled up from the ground. Because of his burning rage, the seals tattooed on his face turned bright red. As he glared at Lin Ming, the brilliant shine in his eyes was that of a wounded vicious beast on the edge of craziness.

’’Well done! You've forced my hand to this point. I didn't want to use this move, but now, I'll make sure not even your skeleton is left over!’’

’’Oh? Didn't you just say a moment ago that that was your final hidden ability?’’ Lin Ming mocked.

A moment ago, when Hong Zhong was forced by Lin Ming to use the final hidden card he had, he had spat out some ruthless words. He wanted to kill Lin Ming with that strike, but now that he had used his ability, Lin Ming was unharmed whilst he himself was seriously wounded.

Now, whatever vicious words he said would just be a joke. It would be nothing more than the words of a coward putting up a front.

’’I don't think Hong Zhong has much hope to win.’’

’’His aura is much weaker than before;he's consumed too much demon essence. Even if he had another final move to use, it would just be a joke.’’

’’I didn't think Lin Ming would win this. His strength is enough to advance into the top 30. This newcomer is too scary!’’

As the audience around the stage were talking, at this time, no one present believed Hong Zhong would win. But, just as they started discussing the fight, all of them suddenly stopped. They saw that Hong Zhong had fished out an insect pouch from his waist.

’’Spirit insects? When did Hong Zhong raise something like that?’’


As Hong Zhong opened the spirit insect bag, a group of dark golden insects flew out, looking like cloud of dark gold.

Every spirit insect was the size of a bean, and they looked incomparably vicious. Seeing these, all of the surrounding martial artists were shocked.

Demonic gold insects!

Weren't these the spirit insects that the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars' Kai Yang cultivated?

How did they end up in Hong Zhong's hands?

The cost of raising these demonic gold insects was extremely high. Every time they was used, there would always be some loss. Losing dozens of them at a time was a normal occurrence. How could these be lent out to others?

Much less this was the third floor of Skysplit Tower, where everyone was always killing everyone else. Who would take their final last resort or hidden skill and let others study it. Wasn't that just a joke?

’’Is Hong Zhong actually raising demonic gold insects?’’ A martial artists found this hard to believe. A demonic gold insect was a wonderful and strange spirit insect. How could someone raise them just because they wanted to?

’’Something's wrong. I'm certain that those are Kai Yang's demonic gold insects!’’

Another martial artist said. He had seen many of Kai Yang's matches where the Imp had let loose these demonic gold insects. His memory of these bugs was especially deep.

However, no matter what the situation was, something was true without a doubt.

Lin Ming was in danger!

’’If that's true, the how did Kai Yang's demonic gold insects end up in Hong Zhong's hands?’’ In the audience, Muk Gu was worried. He glanced over at Kai Yang. Kai Yang was watching the match without the least bit of surprise on his face. If so, then that meant those demonic gold insects were really lent to Hong Zhong by Kai Yang!

’’Their friendship shouldn't reach this degree, why would this be happening?’’

Muk Gu couldn't understand why.

But at this time on the arena stage, the demonic gold insects had already enveloped an area of dozens of feet around Lin Ming. The demonic gold insects ate all sorts of rare and precious metals as they grew, fusing the essence of these metals into their own carapaces. From top to bottom, their entire body was a weapon. Especially with so many of them. If a cloud of these demonic gold insects rushed at someone, perhaps not even their skeleton would be left.

’’Lin Ming! Go die!’’

Hong Zhong chortled. The demonic gold insects buzzed as they rushed forwards, blocking every escape route!

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a chilling light. Blood Seal Twisting Murder!

Blood Drinking Seals shot out, forming a vortex in the air as sharp as a saber. With a clanging noise, a massive number of these demonic gold insects were sent flying back. However, although they were sent crashing dozens of feet away, some even breaking the ground in their fall, none of them were actually injured. In just several breaths of time, all of these demonic gold insects took to the air again!

There were too many of these winged insects;the Blood Drinking Seals simply weren't able to strike all of them down. Dozens of these flying insects had come out unscathed. They gathered into a group, flying towards Lin Ming!

Concept of Space!

Lin Ming's feet stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void, instantly vanishing from where he was. In a situation with nearly no gaps, he had escaped the encirclement of these insects.

The demonic gold insects struck the metal ground. In that instant, the metal floor that was supported by an array formation seemed to be melted away as if concentrated acid was poured atop it. A big hole appeared in the ground. If this sort of attack hit a person, there would absolutely be nothing left of them!

’’Too fierce!’’

Lin Ming couldn't help but acknowledge the strength of these insects. Not only were these demonic gold insects invulnerable to weapons, but their attack power was terrifying. This method of use could shake one's heart.

’’Hehe, let's see where else you can hide!’’ Hong Zhong shouted, carried away with the success of forcing Lin Ming away.

Lin Ming looked at Hong Zhong, his eyes as sharp as swords!

’’What? You want to attack my body instead? You are far too naïve!’’ Hong Zhong coldly snorted. The demonic gold insects formed a dark gold fog in front of him. If he commanded the demonic gold insects and left himself open to a fatal attack, then he would have been far too stupid.

’’Defensive form!’’

As Hong Zhong issued an order, the spirit insects in front of him began to change as their carapaces stretched out. The bean-sized spirit insects, after stretching out their carapaces, were now the size of pigeon eggs. With these insects stacked together, they formed a shield in front of Hong Zhong.

’’Attack form!’’

Hong Zhong issued out another order. Some of the demonic gold insects still buzzing in front of Lin Ming also changed. Their bodies changed, and suddenly a sharp drill horn appeared on them. Not just that, but this horn was also trembling, contained the power of a single Law.

The Law of Vibration...

Lin Ming wasn't a stranger to the power of vibration. His Flow like Silk was the perfect manifestation of the power of vibration.

Absolute defense and absolute attack. These demonic gold insects were originally spirit insects that could be used offensively and defensively. The surrounding martial artists were all shocked. This method of fighting simply had no weaknesses!

How could one break through this?

The surrounding audience widened their eyes in rapt attention lest they miss a single detail.

’’These tiny spirit insects actually hold so many mysteries. Those high-speed vibrating horns can probably easily pierce through a martial artist's protective true essence. If someone were to be drilled through by these insects, then the consequences would be fatal!’’

Lin Ming grimaced. He had his own self-created move, the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, and the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. He hadn't planned on using these three killer moves, but now he had no choice. Facing Hong Zhong and these demonic gold insets, Lin Ming could no longer hide these abilities.

The Purple Comet Spear in his hands lazy horizontally flat. Thunder sparkled on the shaft. The electric light seemed to be able to pierce through space itself!


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