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Martial World - Chapter 570


Chapter 570 - The Wonderful Effect of Concepts




To Hong Zhong, the current Lin Ming in front of him was nothing more than a pile of 1500 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals!

Not just that, but Kai Yang had made a pledge. Once Hong Zhong was able to successfully obtain Lin Ming's spatial ring, he would introduce Hong Zhong to become a direct vassal under High Lord Heian.

This condition by itself was able to greatly move Hong Zhong's ambitious heart. Once he climbed up into the High Lord's graces, then he could obtain a 20% discount, 30% discount, or even completely free use of practice resources!

To Hong Zhong, although this 'soul bead' probably had a great value, it was still an unknown object. How could it compare to visible benefits right in front of him?

Thus at this moment, he was impatient to fight Lin Ming.

'Have I offended this fellow?' Lin Ming turned his head. He didn't know what this Hong Zhong was being so antsy about.

Inadvertently, Lin Ming saw Kai Yang in the arena, faintly smiling at him.

'Kai Yang...'

A cold light flashed in Lin Ming's eyes. These past days, he basically hadn't left his practice area so Kai Yang didn't have a chance to do anything to him. But now that he had to enter the martial stage for a match, Kai Yang probably wouldn't let go of this chance to deal with him.

’’Make your move. I'll follow along.’’ Lin Ming didn't give a single care. Even if Kai Yang himself came, he wouldn't feel pressed at all.

The battle onstage was evenly matched. Lin Ming was calmly watching this fight, when at this moment, a true essence sound transmission resounded in Lin Ming's ear.

’’Brother Lin!’’

Hearing this familiar voice, Lin Ming turned to see that the one speaking to him was Muk Gu.

’’Brother Muk!’’

’’Brother Lin, today is your first match. I just found out your match four hours ago so I've helped you gather some information.’’ As Muk Gu spoke he handed Lin Ming a jade slip. ’’I was in a hurry so there's a limited amount of information. Hurry and look at it.’’

’’Thank you.’’ Lin Ming felt a bit of warmth in his heart. Although he was well aware that the reason Muk Gu became friends with him was because he was looking forward to Lin Ming's promising future, no matter what the reason was, it was still a very gratifying and thankful matter to have a friend on the third floor.

Lin Ming immersed his perception in the jade slip. Lin Ming didn't have the time to see much before the battle on stage was finally decided. It was a rare outcome. The strength of the two challengers was very close, so while both were mutually wounded, no one had died.

If this was the first floor then this match would probably lead to an outburst of boos and shouts. But on the third floor, the audience seemed to maintain a unanimous silence, an oppressive atmosphere filling the entire martial arena.

’’This match is Ao Yue's victory!’’ The referee looked over the two challengers and made a decision on who had won. He then glanced at the audience and said, ’’Next match, Hong Zhong against Lin Ming!’’

As Lin Ming's name was called out, a number of people in the stands paid closer attention to the stage. But, this was only paying some attention. On the second floor, Lin Ming was king, as lofty as the sun, but on the third floor he was a relatively common existence. In the eyes of these martial artists, Lin Ming was indeed a top genius, but he was just too tender.

’’If I remember correctly, this should be Lin Ming's first match. I didn't think he would have to fight against someone like Hong Zhong.’’

’’Hong Zhong can be considered a hardened veteran of the third floor. His publicly listed strength is in the top 50, but no one knows how much strength he is hiding. It seems that Skysplit Tower's judges believe that Lin Ming's strength is also ranked in the top 50 on the third floor. I really have no idea what sort of measurements they are using for their evaluation. He's just a babyish newcomer from the second floor and yet he's been arranged an opponent in the top 50 rankings. This Lin Ming simply has bad luck.’’ A martial artist said, taking pleasure in Lin Ming's misfortune. The martial artists of Skysplit Tower certainly didn't want to see new talent grow. If they were unlucky, they might become these people's stepping stones.

’’Hehe, I think that Lin Ming has probably offended someone. But it's too early to say that Lin Ming's the one with bad luck. Let's take a look at the results first.’’

Lin Ming tapped his toes and lightly floated onstage. On the opposite side, Hong Zhong grasped an overlord spear. He had already been waiting onstage.

Spear to spear!

But, Lin Ming's Purple Comet Spear was smaller than Hong Zhong's massive python-like overlord spear.


Without any hype-building talk, the referee immediately started the match.

’’Hehe, boy, you can consider meeting me your bad luck, now I'll take your life!’’ Hong Zhong began to step forwards. With every step, his aura rose, and loud, rumbling noises filled the air like the drumbeat of a heart.

Step by step, every step grew increasingly fearful. Even Lin Ming felt his own heart being faintly affected.

What an amazing potential-gathering step! Above the stage, Muk Gu's heart chilled. The martial artists of Skysplit Tower's third floor were not nobodies of their generation. Although this step seemed simple, it was in fact filled with layers upon layers of profound mysteries.

If it were him and not Lin Ming onstage, then in the face of Hong Zhong, his own imposing aura would be completely suppressed. If his momentum was already suppressed before the fight truly began, then how could he even fight?

Within the arena, many of the other martial artists present secretly praised Hong Zhong's steps in their heart. Even the normally arrogant and aloof Kai Yang revealed a toothy smile.

However, Lin Ming only stood there onstage, seemingly not caring at all.

’’This boy, just what is he doing?’’

Hong Zhong frowned. Without a pause in his steps, his aura soon reached the limit!

The overlord spear in his hands had gathered its maximum potential, it was poised for action!

But at this moment, Hong Zhong suddenly felt as if his steps slowed down. He obviously should be going faster, but for some unknown reason, his movements couldn't catch up to his mind.

His originally perfect rhythm, because of these slowed steps, had suddenly become disrupted.

Thus, the aura that he had been gathering with every step had been destroyed.

’’Mm? What's going on?’’

Hong Zhong was greatly shocked. In that instant, he felt as if he had become incomparably slow. Although he hadn't been harmed in any way, his spear potential had broken apart.

All of the surrounding martial artists were greatly shocked. As challengers of the third floor, those that were able to arrive here were geniuses of their generation;they naturally saw the mystery of what had happened just now.

’’The Concept of Time!’’

’’Yes! That monstrous freak Lin Ming has actually comprehended the Laws of Space and Time!’’A martial artist suddenly remembered. They, too, had seen information on Lin Ming.

’’Humph! It's only a superficial touch!’’ Beside the martial artist, an outstanding Fey elite glowered. In terms of Concepts, the Fey were naturally superior. But as a young Fey elite himself, he still hadn't been able to comprehend the Concepts of Space and Time. Yet, this human had been able to do so. Of course he wasn't happy about this at all.

However, the martial artist beside him hadn't understood the meaning behind the Fey youth's words. He continued to say, ’’It truly is just a tiny bit, but even this isn't easy. Not just that, but this simple superficial application of the Concept of Time was able to ruin Hong Zhong's rhythm. This method of use is simply clever to the extreme!’’

The more excited this martial artist became, the uglier the Fey youth's expression became.

’’What a good boy, it seems I had underestimated you. But so what if you can break my spear potential? I do not need to rely on that to suppress you, I can do that with absolute strength alone!

’’Take my spear!’’

Hong Zhong gave a loud shot and the overlord spear in his hands suddenly dropped from above, a great pressure following it! Billowing demon essence filled the air like a massive dark cloud!

In that instant, Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a bright light. The Purple Comet Spear in his hands thrust forth like a bolt of lightning.

Concept of Thunder!

This spear had no killing move accompanying it. There was only a purple electric light blazing above the shaft of the spear. Under the Concept of Thunder, the power of this electric light was incomparable with the past.


The Purple Comet Spear and overlord spear struck each other with their shafts. The overlord spear suddenly stopped;a violent and raging power of thunder had sunk into Hong Zhong's body.

Hong Zhong paused. It felt as his entire body was being paralyzed by this thunder. However, Hong Zhong truly was a high ranking master of the third floor. As he saw the Purple Comet Spear thrusting towards his throat like a viper, he bit down on his tongue, forcefully sobering his body.

’’Get out!’’

A spear thrust towards Lin Ming's front. Lin Ming took this chance to flip upside over. As he was in the air, his hands moved.

Primeval Spear Strike!

A spear thrust out. Blood Drinking Seals danced in the air. After coming to Skysplit Tower, not only had the number of Blood Drinking Seals greatly increased, but with the death of powerhouses like Xue Man and Xing Tian to condense the Blood Drinking Seals, their might had sharply risen too.

With this spear, Blood Drinking Seals shot out, twisting around like a spinning steel needle.

Hong Zhong's pupils shrank, inexplicably shocked.

Lin Ming's strength had far surpassed his wildest imaginations.


Demon essence completely erupted. Massive waves of demon essence appeared around Hong Zhong. The runes on his body began to radiate a dazzling light. He had gone all out, releasing his most core cultivation method!

Lin Ming sneered.

Heretical God Force - open!


A spear shot out. Hong Zhong blocked the Purple Comet Spear, but the spinning vortex of Blood Drinking Seals had cut apart the waves of demon essence, shooting straight towards him!

With the overlord spear extended out, Hong Zhong was completely unable to resist this attack with his spear!

’’Break for me!’’

Hong Zhong shouted. He punched out a fist. Flesh and blood against Blood Drinking Seals!


Dozens of Blood Drinking Seals were amazingly sent flying away with Hong Zhong's punch! As for Hong Zhong's fist, only the skin had been broken.

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a cold light. What a solidly strong fist!

But as Lin Ming was shocked, Hong Zhong was moreso shocked. That punch seemed normal, but in truth it had consumed a great deal of strength. He had used highly compressed demon essence hidden in his body to resist that attack. That was his sect's top defensive cultivation method - Great Bell Shield! But in that punch a moment ago, that Great Bell Shield had nearly broken apart.

'This boy! If he lives he will absolutely be a disaster!' Hong Zhong licked the blood off his fist, his eyes flashing with thick killing intent. ’’I didn't think I would be forced to this step. Since that's the case, I'll have you take my full and complete attack! This is the first time I've used this attack in Skysplit Tower!’’

Kai Yang had already said that Hong Zhong was hiding his strength. If he displayed his full strength, then Hong Zhong could at least rank in the thirties;he could even challenge the top 30!

Hong Zhong's entire body began to issue crackling noises. His face became increasingly forced. His forehead became more prominent, and his fangs seemed to lengthen. All of the blue veins on his body began to twist like worms.

Lin Ming's eyes flashed. He could clearly feel the intense oppressive feeling that was being transmitting by the erupting aura within Hong Zhong's body.

’’Skysplit Tower's third floor is truly a den of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. A mere rank 40 to 50 Hong Zhong can actually have this strength. If it is the top 10, or one of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars, just how formidable would they become in this situation?’’

Lin Ming's heart burned with fighting spirit.

He decided to completely free the power of the Heretical God Force!


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