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Martial World - Chapter 567


Chapter 567 - Concept of Thunder

Although Skysplit Tower took strength as the basis for all, the fact was that it was a place firmly established in rules. In particular, areas that banned fighting. Even a High Lord would not rashly violate these rules, because they needed to maintain the reputation of Skysplit Tower.

Since the city square forbid fighting, nobody dared to start doing so here. Lin Ming wasn't much impressed with Kai Yang's threat.

’’1500 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals! This is my final offer! You may be king on the second floor, but now that you've come to the third floor you are nothing at all! I have plenty of methods to make you suffer here!’’

Lin Ming smiled, ’’How about this. I'll give you Blood Demon Crystals, and you tell me just what this black glass bead is, okay?’’

’’Good! Very good!’’ Kai Yang glared at Lin Ming and snapped his fan together with a 'pa'.

’’You think that you can use it? How utterly naïve! Even Xing Tian was unable to use it, otherwise why do you think he would keep something like that in his spatial ring!’’

Lin Ming subtly looked at Kai Yang. ’’I am not Xing Tian. I have to thank you, you've reminded me again just how valuable this black bead is.’’

’’Hehehe...’’ Kai Yang maliciously smiled, ’’Since this is how it is, there is nothing left to say. I will make you regret your decision. One day, you will obediently deliver that bead into my hands!’’

Kai Yang finished speaking and strode away.

After Kai Yang left, Linlin looked at Lin Ming with fear in her eyes, ’’Sir Lin... you...’’

’’It's fine. Bring me to the practice area.’’ Lin Ming was expressionless. He decided to unravel the mystery behind this black bead as soon as possible.

As a human, it was very normal for others to attempt to push him around. In a place like this, as long others didn't try to bully or provoke him, he didn't want to cause trouble.

The young Fey girl hesitated for a moment before she told Lin Ming, ’’Sir Lin, Sir Kai Yang is someone under High Lord Heian...’’

’’Mm? High Lord Heian?’’

’’He is one of the 12 High Lords. His background is the Imp race. On the third floor, there are a great number of people who take refuge under certain High Lords. Working under them has a great number of advantages...’’ The young Fey girl spoke to here before she was silent. In fact, speaking about something like this would easily bring about a great calamity on her head if it were discovered. The only reason she told Lin Ming this was because of the very favorable impression she had of him.

Lin Ming heard the implication in these words. So this Kai Yang had a High Lord supporting him. No wonder he had mentioned that he had methods that would make life difficult for him...

’’Thank you, now please bring me to the practice area. That's right, this is for you.’’ Lin Ming took out a bag of medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals form his spatial ring. There were around 60 to 70 inside.

’’This...’’ As Linlin saw these Blood Demon Crystals, she was dazed.

’’Take it. It's not much to me.’’ Lin Ming directly pressed the bag of Blood Demon Crystals into Linlin's hand.


’’This is the third floor's practice area?’’ Lin Ming glanced at a black stone building in front of him. Relatively speaking, this building was very ordinary. It was several dozen feet high, but it wasn't too large.

’’Mm. This is the registration office. The practice areas of the third floor have different prices depending on their rank.’’

Lin Ming nodded and pushed in the door, entering. Within building, there were two middle-aged men playing chess. What surprised Lin Ming however, was that one of these two men was a human.

Within the deacons of Skysplit Tower, it was rare to see pure humans.

’’Come to choose a practice area?’’ The middle-aged man looked up from his chess game.


’’Do you want to practice cultivation methods? Or practice Concepts and Laws?’’

Lin Ming was stunned, ’’There are practice areas that I can especially practice Concepts and Laws in?’’

’’Hehe, Skysplit Tower's practice areas are of a far greater variety than you can imagine and far more precious. It's just that your authority is too low and you have no right to know of anything else. Here, look at this jade slip.’’

The middle-aged man threw a jade slip at Lin Ming.

As Lin Ming sank his consciousness within, he saw the information of the various practice places presented in front of him. The more he looked, the more he was startled. Putting aside those areas that he didn't have the qualifications to know of, just these were enough to shock him.

The cultivation method practice area was a room several thousand feet deep into the source of infernal energy. There, the infernal energy was rich to a degree that normal martial artists could not resist it.

Not just that, but there were several areas for practice in actual combat. Skysplit Tower had several killing arrays where one could face all sorts of energy form opponents.

But these two were not the rarest. The rarest were the Concept practice areas.

Within Skysplit Tower, there were several strange lands where one could hone their sense of Concepts by touching upon the source of that Concept. For instance, if one entered a practice place for the Concept of Fire, they could touch upon the source of fire there. It was an incomparably mystical experience!

'I really wonder who it was that built Skysplit Tower, that it can even hold so many wonderful and odd places. Just what is listed on this jade slip is extremely precious, much less all the other practice resources that I don't have the qualifications to know of. I can see why so many outstanding heroic youths would risk their lives to stay on Skysplit Tower's third floor. The resources here are simply too impressive.

'Every two months I have to participate in a match. In a match here, it's often that someone will die. Not just that, but there are no weak opponents here. Under the pressure of living between life and death, it is easiest for a martial artist to make breakthroughs in boundaries. Much less this place also has unique ways to cultivate!

'With all these factors added together, the geniuses that come to the third floor to gain experience can easily break through their limits. Here, an amazing talent can become a Saint level talent, and a Saint level talent can become an Emperor level talent!’’

Lin Ming sighed. Skysplit Tower was truly heaven for outstanding elites. But at the same time, it was also a grave for those same outstanding elites. Those that could survive here could break through their cocoons and be reborn into butterflies. But those that fail to break through their limits would fall beyond redemption.

This was really one foot in heaven and one foot in hell!

As Lin Ming was lost in thought, the chess-playing middle-aged man put away the jade slip and lazily said, ’’Have you chosen?’’

’’I have.’’ Lin Ming looked the middle-aged man, finding it a bit strange. There were very few humans within Skysplit Tower;it was rare to find even one or two deacons like this. It stood to reason that this alone should give birth to some warm feelings, but this middle-aged man obviously appeared impatient. He was even very cold when telling him about the different practice areas.

’’What have you chosen?’’ The middle-aged man took out a blank jade slip, preparing to register.

’’I choose a Concept practice area. I want one with the Concept of Space, or the Concept of Time...’’

As Lin Ming mentioned the Concept of Space and the Concept of Time, the middle-aged man glanced at Lin Ming with surprise. The Concepts of Space and Time were elusive and beyond difficult to reach. Normally, a human would not have the chance to come into contact with these Concepts. Did this boy actually comprehend the Concepts of Space and Time?

’’Those don't exist!’’

The middle-aged man refused. The Concepts of Space and Time were not called elusive for nothing. It wasn't easy to show the mysteries of space and time. Even Skysplit Tower didn't have the resources to do this, otherwise, even though the Concepts of Space and Time wouldn't have spread throughout the entire third floor, those extremely talented Fey elites would have already grasped these Concepts.

’’What do you have?’’

’’We have Concepts for the five main elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. We have the Concept of Wind, the Concept of Thunder, and we also have some derivative Concepts such as the Concept of Landscape, Concept of Ice Clouds, Concept of Mist... and so on!’’

The Concept of Landscape, Concept of Ice Clouds, Concept of Mist, in the end, these Concepts were simply variations of the five main elemental Concepts. Although they could improve one's strength, their potential for growth was limited.

Those Concepts that could truly reach the peak were the most basic Concepts that served as the foundation for all. This included the more advanced Concepts, such as the Concepts of Space and Time, Concept of Annihilation, Concept of Immortality...

But as for these more mystical Concepts, Skysplit Tower did not have them.

'Is my authority not enough? Xing Tian's Concept of Annihilation should have been learnt within Skysplit Tower...' Lin Ming thought.

’’Have you chosen?’’ The middle-aged man impatiently asked.

’’I have. I choose... the Concept of Thunder!’’

Lin Ming did not choose the Concept of Fire nor did he choose the Concept of Wind. Instead, he chose the Concept of Thunder!

Prior to this, when Lin Ming entered into the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he had already gained many understandings into the Concept of Fire. There was no need to mention the Concept of Wind - Lin Ming had studied that from the very start.

It was only the Concept of Thunder that Lin Ming hadn't touched upon yet.

In terms of comprehending the Concept of Thunder, Lin Ming could be said to have a major advantage. If he didn't go for this chance now, then that was simply wasting these great conditions.

’’One slaughter point and 20 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals every 10 days. This is your token.’’ The middle-aged man threw a token at Lin Ming, as well as a jade slip marking the location of the practice area.

Lin Ming swept through it. One slaughter point and 20 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals was truly a high cost. On the third floor, earning slaughter points was much more difficult than on the second. This was because the martial artists here were also stronger.

For a Concept practice area, he had to use up a slaughter point every 10 days. If a martial artist only fought in a match every two months, then it was impossible to earn enough constant slaughter points.

Lin Ming took the jade slip and left the registration office. After passing through a minor transmission array, Lin Ming arrived at his destination - the practice area for the Concept of Thunder.


Lin Ming originally thought that the practice area for the Concept of Thunder would be similar to a hidden chamber. But as he entered, he was completely surprised;it was as if he had arrived at another world.

This was an incomparably vast space. In the sky, there were massive floating boulders as well as small ones. These boulders also had vegetation growing on them. From afar, it seemed a bit ashen and gloomy.

In the great sky, there were great curtains of light that extended past the horizon. These curtains were dozens of miles long or even hundreds of miles long. They were unpredictable, mysterious, and like curving blue rivers in the sky, immensely gorgeous.

As Lin Ming approached, he discovered that these blue rivers of light in the air were impressively condensed from thunder origin energy.

This thunder origin energy condensed into blue rivers of light. Rather than turning into thunder, it evolved into thousands of rivers of light that contained countless deep and profound meanings.

Lin Ming was dumbfounded. ’’Is this really Skysplit Tower?’’

Lin Ming couldn't help but ask this question. From the size of Skysplit Tower, it was absolutely impossible for such a great space to exist within it. Thus, he had either entered into an array, or he had been sent outside of Skysplit Tower.


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