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Martial World - Chapter 565


Chapter 565 - Gate of Healing




’’It's turned to ice?’’

Lin Ming was stunned. This was strange... would he have to use the Fallen Star Flame to heat it now?

Using water as a refining medium for alchemical medicine was normal. For instance, one would use a flame to boil medicine. It was just that this Nameless divine Pill clearly had a chilling yin attribute;would heating it with fire be appropriate?

Lin Ming hesitated. But at this time, the ice lump within the Cosmic Melting Furnace Began to melt. That Nameless divine Pill seemed to spread slight blue permeations within the solar origin water. Wherever this light blue went, the iced up solar origin water would begin to rapidly melt.

However, after the ice melted, the cold energy didn't decrease. Rather, it became even more terrifying!

Lin Ming only needed to glance at the cold spring water within the Comic Melting Furnace to feel as if his entire body was freezing over.

’’The melting ice should be because that faint blue trace is fusing into the water, making it even colder. If this continues...’’

Lin Ming's mind suddenly stirred. He moved his hand to take the Nameless divine Pill, using his soul force to move it. But in the short time that his soul force came into contact with the pill, it felt as if his soul were freezing.

Looking at the Nameless divine Pill, the size of it had already decreased. Lin Ming didn't dare to allow the solar origin water to absorb the medicinal efficacy anymore. If it did, he wasn't sure that he would be able to withstand it.

It had to be known that a normal pill was crafted using several types of main medicinal ingredients. The Nirvana Dragon Root was only a single material used in creating this pill, and there were other ingredients that Lin Ming wasn't too sure of. Who knew how scary the medicinal efficacy of this Nameless divine Pill could be.

Lin Ming flicked his finger, wrapping an arc of electricity around the Nameless divine Pill, quickly enveloping it in a cocoon. As his fingers linked together, he also put out seals in order to prevent the Nameless divine Pill's medicinal efficacy from escaping. Then, he took out a jade box from his spatial ring and carefully placed the Nameless divine Pill within.

Seeing the cold blue spring water, Lin Ming could clearly feel a deathly chilling yin cold emanating from it. All of the muscles on his body began to involuntarily tremble.

’’I'm only close to it but my muscles are already trembling. If I jump in, won't my body freeze solid?’’

Lin Ming's expression was solemn. He didn't know what sort of Supreme Elder had refined this Nameless divine Pill. What sort of other medicines did they combine with the Nirvana Dragon Root in order for this pill to be so ice cold?

With high level medicines, there were moderate medicines and overbearing medicines. The Nirvana Dragon Root was relatively temperate, but this Nameless divine Pill was extraordinarily overbearing.

Lin Ming fiercely grit his teeth and jumped into the Cosmic Melting Furnace. The Cosmic Melting Furnace itself contained other dimensional spaces. Although the first layer looked very small from the outside, it was large enough to contain Lin Ming within.

After approaching this chilling blue water, Lin Ming felt all of the hairs crawl on his body.

He closed his eyes and adjusted himself to this best condition. Then, after circulating his protective true essence to the limit, he jumped into the cold waters.

With true essence protecting his body, Lin Ming felt a bone-biting cold that was manageable. However, having this protective true essence around him was the same as completely isolating himself from the medicine around him. If he truly wanted to absorb the medicinal efficacy, then he would have to remove his bodily true essence and allow the medicine to seep in through his pores.

Lin Ming took a deep breath. First, he removed the protective true essence around his right hand. Like this, Lin Ming's right hand and the chilling blue water came into contact. In that moment, Lin Ming felt as if thousands of needles were digging deep into his right hand, causing a web of ache to spread within him.

Si si si!

Lin Ming could only watch on as the skin on his right hand instantly turned a deep cold white and then began to tear open His blood didn't even have time to leak out before it was frozen. The cold energy savagely rushed through Lin Ming's pores, freezing and cracking even his meridians.

This hand of Lin Ming's was nearly frozen to death in an instant.

’’This is pretty scary.’’

Lin Ming's forehead dripped with sweat, and his face began to twist a bit with pain. But, he still decisively unraveled the protective true essence on his left hand.

Si si si!

Without any suspense, his left hand also suffered the same fate.

Lin Ming silently watched, and then began to revolve the azure true essence in his body.

After his left and right hands were frozen, they began to lose their vitality. The endless azure true essence was used to make up for it.

These past years, Lin Ming had already accumulated an incomparably powerful blood vitality. With the addition of the reverse scale blood and the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, what Ling Ming was most confident in was not his powerful defensive ability, but rather the vast life force that existed within his body, his incomparable regenerative ability!

As long as he had enough true essence, Lin Ming's meridians and body could unendingly repair themselves.

’’This Nameless divine Pill should be refined for a Life Destruction or divine Sea Supreme Elder. Not only is the medicinal efficacy oppressive, but with my strength I'll barely be able to absorb it. I can only allow the medicinal efficacy to destroy my body and then allow my vast life force and self-regenerative ability to save myself. I'll have to see whether my body is destroyed faster or whether I can regenerate faster.’’

Lin Ming sat cross-legged within the chilling blue waters. He only felt as if two barbed steel brushes were rubbing within his hands, and his frozen muscles nearly tearing apart.

This extreme pain was enough for one to wish for death. A normal martial artist would faint from this pain, never wishing to wake up, rather dying than suffering this endless agony.

Under this excruciating pain, Lin Ming forcefully entered into the ethereal martial intent state, firmly defending his consciousness. He was well aware that if he fainted, he would be in a very, very dangerous situation. It was similar to a mortal fainting in the snow. After waking, if they were lucky, then their hands and feet would be lightly frozen. If they were unlucky, then the cold would seep into their meridians, freezing their body before rupturing their meridians and icing all of their organs, eventually dying.

Lin Ming began to meditate the 'True Primal Chaos Formula' cultivation method within his heart. Lin Ming slowly dragged the energy from the Nameless divine Pill into his body, gradually running it throughout his body.

Wherever this tyrannically chilling energy went, it brutally destroyed. This sort of pain was enough to collapse the spiritual sea of a weak-willed martial artist, having them suffer endlessly as they slowly faded away.

Even Lin Ming's face distorted from the agony, sweat tumbling down his body.

After Tempering Marrow, a martial artist's skeleton became incomparably tenacious. And this time, the strength that was locked within a martial artist's body turned into their flesh. The function of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates was to rebuild the body.

A martial artist that cultivated the essence gathering system had true essence circulate through their meridians and dantian. It was a system separate from the mortal body, linking the body's 360 acupoints with heaven and earth origin energy.

But, when body transformation reached the realm of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, it used heaven and earth origin energy to temper the human body.

This heaven and earth origin energy exactly entered the body through these eight channels. These eight channels were named the Gate of Healing, Gate of Life, Gate of Pain, Gate of Limit, Gate of View, Gate of Death, Gate of Wonder, and Gate of Opening.

The first door that Lin Ming wanted to open was the Gate of Healing.

This gate was located in the center of the two clavicles. The power of blood vitality would gather here before converging into the brain;it was the central junction point for one's blood vitality.

After opening this door, not only would his power greatly rise, but his restorative ability and physical strength would greatly increase.

However, if he wanted to completely open it, that was a tremendously difficult task.

Lin Ming revolved true essence according to the 'True Primal Chaos Formula'. He gathered the Nameless divine Pill's energy into the heart of his clavicles. The ice cold energy stabbed into here an inch at a time;it was like a steel needle was being freshly inserted.

A normal martial artist in this state would already be half fainted with pain, let alone having the willpower to consciously guide the energy to open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

Bit by bit, without a sense of time, Lin Ming became numb to the pain. But at this moment, he felt all of the blood within his marrow rise up, as if it wanted to condense into a bead of blood.


Lin Ming suddenly awakened from his ethereal state. He wanted to carefully sense this force, but it disappeared as quickly as it came.

In regards to the Gate of Healing in his clavicles, he found that a light hazy blue mist had appeared near it. Besides that, there hadn't been any other changes.

Opening his eyes, Lin Ming looked at the solar origin spring water and sucked in a cold breath. The water had originally contained a light blue energy, but now it had been almost cleanly absorbed by him. All that was left over was some water that didn't have too much spiritual energy in it.

Already absorbed...

Lin Ming shook his head. He glanced over at the hourglass. Surprisingly, 32 hours had passed.

’’Over a day. I used over a day to absorb a portion of the Nameless divine Pill's medicinal efficacy, but I'm still far from opening the Gate of Healing.’’

’’Now, I can be considered as just having crossed the threshold for the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.’’

Lin Ming jumped out from the Cosmic Melting Furnace. As he glanced at his hands, he bitterly smiled. His two hands were already completely without feeling. If he were a mortal then his hands would have been considered useless. But to Lin Ming, this naturally wasn't a problem. He just needed seven or eight days of training to recover.

Without control of his hands, Lin Ming examined his dantian. He was surprised to find that the true essence cyclone within his dantian had faintly grown;his middle Xiantian realm had consolidated even further.

’’This Nameless divine Pill is truly a wonderfully strange medicine. Not only did it help me open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, but it also helped me temper my essence gathering cultivation. This time, I clearly feel that my strength has grown!’’

Lin Ming hadn't expected to open the Gate of Healing from the start. From Tempering Marrow to the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, there was a massive leap. Everything was difficult at the start, how could it be so easily opened like that? It had to be mentioned that Lin Ming had spent a vast amount of time and effort in order to fully complete Tempering Marrow.

Lin Ming's mind stirred. Suddenly, his imposing aura erupted. Heretical God Force - open!

Highly compressed true essence flushed out. Even the spells in the practice area shook.

’’divine Demon Thunder Soul, go!’’

With a thought, the coiling dragon steel needle shot out from his body, directly shooting towards a wall.

With a massive explosion, the metal wall supported by an array formation began to fiercely shake, a huge dent appearing in it.

’’Again!’’ Lin Ming commanded the coiling dragon steel needle to attack again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With this bombardment, the metal wall array formation fiercely trembled precariously. This top-grade practice area had already factored in that a martial artist would send out attacks, so the array formation laid down was extremely strong. But now because of Lin Ming, it was on the verge of bursting apart.

Lin Ming was silently counting the time in his heart. From the time he opened the Heretical God Force to the time he exhausted his compressed true essence, around an incense stick of time had passed.

’’An incense stick of time... my Heretical God Force can actually persist for an incense stick of time!’’

Lin Ming was overjoyed.


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