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Martial World - Chapter 561


Chapter 561 - King Emblem




In the instant that the Purple Comet Spear pierced through Xing Tian's throat, Blood Drinking Seals shot out. Xing Tian's head was directly sliced off and a fountain of blood erupted dozens of feet into the air.


Xing Tian's head rolled to the floor. In the moment that the dazzling explosion of light ended, everyone saw the scene of the blood crazily spurting out.

Xing Tian had died...

As the audience saw this, they all felt as if they were in an unreal dream. Xing Tian, who had once dominated the second floor, had died like this!

And at the hands of a human youth!

In particular, the Giant Demons present found this hard to accept. To them, Xing Tian was a representation of their beliefs. The impact of his death on their psyches was too great.

’’From now, the king of Skysplit Tower's second floor has changed...’’

’’Damn! Where is this boy from!?’’

When Lin Ming defeated Lan Xing, it could be said that he was an Emperor level talent. But, within Skysplit Tower, although there weren't too many Emperor level talents, one could always find them. An Emperor level talent was not equal to an Emperor level powerhouse. Within the entire Holy Demon Continent, there were numerous Emperor level talents, but those that could actually reach the true Emperor level were extremely rare and limited.

When a genius wanted to grow, they needed to experience the world and adventure, seeking their own lucky chances. They often had to put themselves in dangerous situations, and the chance of perishing was great. This all required that a great deal of destiny befall their bodies.

Lin Ming was originally only an Emperor level talent. Although this was startling, it wasn't worth the great powers fearing, or even paying attention too. But now, he had defeated Xing Tian. This actually caused some of the higher powers to feel restless.

In a corner of the arena, Muk Gu sighed. ’’Lin Ming is only at the middle Xiantian realm but he can already jump realms to defeat a top Giant Demon master. If he reaches the Revolving Core realm in the future, cross seven or eight stages of Life Destruction, temper his body even further and finally enter the divine Sea realm, then at that time, I have no idea just who would be capable of standing near him...’’

As Muk Gu spoke, Muk Qing silently stood beside him. With her face concealed behind her veil, it was unknown just what she was thinking.


On the arena stage, Xing Tian's corpse burst apart. A massive power of vitality gushed out, finally condensing into a fist-sized crystal ball in the air.

’’What an amazing vitality!’’

Lin Ming was secretly surprised. This Xing Tian's power of vitality was at least two times more than Xue Man's! Not just that, but the key was that the quality was also extremely high. If the richness of the blood was lacking, it could be made up for via quantity. But if the qualitative nature of the vitality itself was lacking, it was useless to make up for.

If all of his Blood Drinking Seals were condensed from blood essence like this, then he could definitely double the strength of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'.


After absorbing the blood essence, Lin Ming's eyes narrowed. In front of him, the infernal energy that was left behind from Xing Tian didn't disperse. Rather, it gathered together and formed a wrathful demon that clawed towards him.


The demon condensed from infernal energy roared out as it rushed towards Lin Ming. If this were a normal challenger that had died, the winner would be able to directly absorb their infernal energy. But Xing Tian's infernal energy was simply too thick;it had reached the point at which it could manifest into a physical body. Like this, it wished to devour Lin Ming.

Lin Ming coldly humphed. He flicked his finger and the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder shot out. Lightning flashed, and the infernal enemy demon wailed in pain, its face twisting miserably.


Lin Ming suddenly closed his palm, and an arc of lightning the thickness of an arm shout out. With a ripping sound, that demon phantom was torn apart.

The infernal energy dissipated, scattering in all directions. On Lin Ming's arm, the Heavenly Demon Tattoo completely absorbed it all.

A third pair of wings began to stretch out on his arm at a visible speed with absolute clarity. Quickly, a six-winged Heavenly Demon formed.

A fourth pair of wings also began to slowly appear.

This fourth pair of wings was obviously much, much harder to form. Even after absorbing the massive amount of infernal energy left behind by Xing Tian's death, it was only enough to form the faintest of outlines.

Lin Ming closed his eyes and entered the ethereal state. With the Samsara martial intent as the base, he continuously wore down the wicked malice in the infernal energy so that his heart wouldn't be affected.

As for the last step, he took Xing Tian's spatial ring. Xing Tian had accumulated a massive amount of treasure and wealth during his stay in Skysplit Tower. Lin Ming was very much looking forwards to seeing what was inside the spatial ring.

’’Congratulations to Young Hero Lin for becoming the new king of the second floor!’’ The referee announced as he stepped onto the arena stage. His eyes were filled with a touch of awe as he looked at Lin Ming.

’’Thank you.’’ Lin Ming casually replied.

’’Young Hero Lin has ended Xing Tian's 82 win streak. You have obtained eight slaughter points. In addition, according to the rules of Skysplit Tower, Young Hero Lin's winning streak has now accumulated to 52.’’

Within Skysplit Tower, if a challenger defeated a martial artist with a much higher winning streak then they would be able to raise their own winning streak in accordance. The method for this was the winner's new winning streak would be the loser's winning streak minus 30.

For instance, Xing Tian's 82 winning streak minus 30 was 52.

If the challenger's winning streak was below this amount, then it would rise to that amount. If the challenger's winning streak was above that amount, then nothing changed.

’’I understand. I should be able to go to the third floor now.’’

’’Of course you can. You can go to the third floor whenever you wish, or, you can also stay on the second floor as king. If you go shopping in the city square, then as long as it's a store officially opened by Skysplit Tower, you can obtain a 10% discount. In addition, you also obtain a new Glory Emblem - the King Emblem. This emblem originally belonged to Xing Tian, but now that you've killed him it is yours by right. Since you have obtained the King Emblem, you also gain an additional 20 slaughter points.’’

The second floor did not have an emblem for a complete blowout. Rather, there was only the King Emblem. On the other hand, the King Emblem was much rarer and gave more rewards. Complete blowouts occurred every two weeks or so on the first floor, but the King Emblem only changed hands every one or two years. At the same time, earning a complete blowout was only rewarded with the Invincible Emblem along with 10 slaughter points, but the King Emblem rewarded 20.


Lin Ming's eyes brightened. Now that he had the Invincible Emblem of the first floor and the King Emblem of the second floor, he had a three-star authority.

With a three-star authority, he could watch Emperor level battle array discs!

The eight stage Life Destruction human powerhouse from before did have a strength that could compare to an Emperor level master, but that was only the most initial of Emperor level masters. It had to be known that between Emperor level masters, there were massive disparities. The early divine Sea realm and the late divine Sea realm were on two entirely different playing fields.

’’I really have no idea what it would take to rent an array disc with a late divine Sea master. Although my current net wealth sounds high, if I freely spend it then who knows how long it'll be before I run out.’’

When Lin Ming killed Xue Man he obtained seven slaughter points, and when he killed Xing Tian he obtained eight. With an additional five from obtaining a 50 win streak as well as 20 from the King Emblem, Lin Ming now had a total of 40 slaughter points.

This number sounded quite terrifying, but if he used four or five slaughter points at a time, it actually wouldn't last too long.

’’Does Young Hero Lin have any other requests?’’ The referee asked respectfully.

’’Nope! Thank you.’’ Lin Ming cupped his fists together before turning to leave.

’’Then I wish congratulate Young Hero Lin and hope that you soon reach the throne of the High Lord! The referee said with a flattering tone. For these last several hundred years, there had never been a human High Lord in Polaris City.

The referee was a hybrid. He was part Giant Demon but also part human and Fey. Thus, he didn't care which race obtained a new High Lord throne.

Lin Ming smiled. Without another word, he stepped down from the martial stage.

’’Brother Lin!’’

As Lin Ming was walking through the audience, Muk Gu trotted over with Muk Qing in tow. ’’Brother Lin, I never thought that after such a short time since our last meeting, you would already become the king of the second floor.’’

’’It's a useless title.’’ Lin Ming shook his head. ’’On the third floor there should be numerous powerhouses that can easily sweep away everyone on the second floor.’’

’’True. The third floor does have many skilled individuals, for instance, the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. Any one of those seven are capable of sweeping away the second floor, but as for someone who is as young as Brother Lin who can do the same, there isn't a single one! The martial artists on the third floor are much older than those on the second;they can't be considered too talented.’’ Muk Gu said with heartfelt admiration. He too had stayed on the second floor for a long time, so he naturally knew the worth of the King Emblem, especially in the hands of someone as young as Lin Ming.

’’Does Brother Lin plan on staying on the second floor for a while, or do you plan on going to the third floor?’’

Muk Gu was well aware that the reason Lin Ming came was to gain experience. If he couldn't find a suitable opponent on the second floor then he would probably have to go to the third.

’’Brother Muk, could you tell me about the situation on the third floor? I don't know much about the going-ons of Skysplit Tower.’’

Muk Gu laughed in self-deprecation and said, ’’I've been on the third floor for over half a year but I'm still considered at the lowest level there. Still, my greatest harvest for this period was that I've gained some insight into the third floor. Brother Lin has asked the perfect person. Shall we go somewhere else and speak in further detail?’’

With a chance to help Lin Ming in front of him, Muk Gu naturally wouldn't miss out.

’’Mm, I was also thinking that.’’ Lin Ming had always felt subconsciously that someone had been aiming for him. If he didn't understand anything and recklessly rushed to the third floor, then he might run into danger.

Gain knowledge ahead of time. Understand yourself, understand the enemy. That was the way to victory.


Noblesse Pavilion in Skysplit Tower was a restaurant that specifically catered to human challengers. At this moment in a room on the second level of Noblesse Pavilion, Lin Ming, Muk Gu, and Muk Qing had chosen several dishes and were currently talking over food.

’’Brother Lin, Skysplit Tower is divided into five total floors, each being around 7000 to 8000 feet high. Every floor is connected to the others with transmission arrays.

’’The first floor is normally called the outer city. As long as you hand over Blood Demon Crystals then you can enter. The second floor is called the inner city. If you wish to enter here, then you need to be strong enough or have a high cultivation. The third floor is similar to the second, except that the requirements for strength and cultivation are much higher. As for the fourth floor, that is the High Lords' floor. The 12 ten-winged Heavenly Demon High Lords are all completely located on the fourth floor. As for the fifth floor, it is extremely mysterious. I have no idea what might be there, if there is anything at all.’’ Muk Gu said as he poured out a glass of wine for Lin Ming. He also made a proper gesture, completely performing every polite ritual correctly. It was a very breezy feeling.

’’So in other words, to a challenger, the third floor is the highest?’’

’’Yes. The fourth floor is the residence and practice area of the High Lords.’’

Lin Ming thought about this for a moment and said, ’’Brother Muk, do you know how strong the top martial artists of the third floor are?’’

Muk Gu shook his head. ’’I'm not too sure about that. I still haven't had much contact with individuals at that level. On the third floor, there are many people similar to Xing Tian;they haven't fought in a long time, so I have no idea what their limits are.’’

’’Mm...’’ Lin Ming nodded. In Skysplit Tower, everyone was able to conceal their strength. He too hadn't known what the limits of Xing Tian's strength were. This was very normal.


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