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Martial World - Chapter 560


Chapter 560 - Blood Demon Descends




On the arena stage, the fierce battle was underway. True essence collided.

The power of annihilation had been completely restrained by the azure true essence.

Xing Tian's expression became extremely dire, ’’Boy, your true essence is quite special;it truly surprises me. But let me take a good look at how much longer you can last. In endurance, us Giant Demons are far more formidable than humans can ever be! Show me your limit!’’

Xing Tian's eyes flashed with a savage light. The demon essence that revolved in his body grew increasingly intense.

Lin Ming sneered, ’’I've never feared anyone when it came to endurance or restorative ability. But... you seem to have forgotten something. You have already shown your Concept, but I still haven't used mine! My comprehension of the Concept of Space and Time is shallow right now so I cannot yet increase my attack power with it, but with my unpredictable style, can you escape it?’’

As Lin Ming spoke to here, his eyes turned cold. His spear potential began to stir, and 70% of the Heretical God Force suddenly erupted. The space underneath his feet seemed to strangely distort, and with it, Lin Ming turned into a blue blur that vanished in the wind.

Chi chi chi!

The remaining hazy black lights struck where Lin Ming had vanished, turning the tiles into ash and even creating a massive hole in the profound gold flooring.

’’What a smug ego. If you want to fight then fight, stop spouting so much nonsense!’’ Xing Tian breathlessly shouted. Now that the Concept of Annihilation he was so proud of had failed, he became angry out of shame.

A strong wind howled, and all of the surrounding wind was rapidly caught up in Lin Ming's movements. With the Concept of Wind and the Concept of Space simultaneously fused into his steps, Lin Ming's speed had reached the pinnacle.


Lin Ming instantly appeared before Xing Tian. There was no sign at all;it was as if he had materialized in front of him.

A spear thrust out. Blood Drinking Seals shot forth.

Blood Seal Twisting Murder!


Xing Tian angrily shouted and the heavy sword in his hands cut straight down. The heavy sword that weighed tens of thousands of jins was actually like a straw in Xing Tian's hands. His attack speed was not slowed at all by the heavy sword's immense weight.

However, as the sword was halfway down, Xing Tian's sneer froze on his face. Although Lin Ming's spear was fast, Xing Tian still believed he would block it. But, Xing Tian's confidence rapidly fell. For some unknown reason, when his sword was only halfway down, it seemed as if time itself had slowed around him. He could only watch on as Lin Ming's spear thrust straight towards his throat!


Xing Tian's eyes were bloodshot. He shouted out and a hazy black light erupted from his entire body. The Concept of Annihilation surged out, barely breaking through the space-time chains that were shackling him. At this moment, Xing Tian no longer had time to use his sword to block Lin Ming's Purple Comet Spear. He retreated, but he was one step too slow. The Purple Comet Spear mercilessly stabbed into Xing Tian's chest.

His bodily protective demon essence shattered and blood shot into the wind!


Xing Tian fled back over a hundred feet. Because he had retreated, he had managed to avoid the spear fatally piercing his throat. But, nearly the entire spearhead had sunk into his chest instead. The ensuing destructive true essence and infernal energy that plunged into his body too was only just forcefully suppressed by Xing Tian.

As Xing Tian looked at Lin Ming, his eyes were grim. A thick, hateful killing intent surged out from them.

Xing Tian had been injured!

The entire audience was in a shocked stupor.

First, that strange azure true essence had resisted Xing Tian's Concept of Annihilation and had even suppressed it. Then, that strike that contained the Concept of Space and Time had shot out, injuring Xing Tian.

Although Xing Tian's wound wasn't considered to be grievous, it had to be said that on Skysplit Tower's second floor, Xing Tian was known as an omnipotent existence. No one had ever been able to shake his lofty position. Half a year ago, he had fought another top master of the second floor in a life or death battle, and in the end he claimed victory by chopping off the other's head.

But today he had been injured by a human youth!

’’Just how is this human cultivating? Looking at him, he's at most in his twenties.’’

’’His strength is greater than Xue Man's and his defensive strength is incomparably formidable. Is this really an ability that a human should have? Even a Giant Demon isn't so fierce. Haven't humanity's body transformation techniques already been lost since ancient times? Not just that, but it was said that the humans' body transformation cultivation methods were trash, thus they were eventually eliminated. Even studying it was useless.’’

Humans were physically weak;they were not suited for physical body training. This was a fact that the entire Holy Demon Continent recognized, even including the humans.

’’Not only is his body formidable, but his speed is abnormal and he's also comprehended the Laws of Space and Time that many Fey geniuses couldn't even understand. Yes, that's right, he also fought with Blackrat a while ago. The Imps are known to excel in soul attacks, but facing Blackrat, he didn't even blink an eye and instead completely ignored it. In terms of soul force he is also a freak. Does he even have a weakness?’’

Without thinking of anything else but this list, the light in everyone's eyes began to change as they looked towards Lin Ming.

A human physicality that was stronger than a Giant Demon's. An affinity to Laws that surpassed the Fey. A soul force stronger than the Imps'.

Astonishing speed. A disturbingly thick true essence that contained a strange attribute that made it especially tough.

In the eyes of these people, Lin Ming was a complete monster.

A monster without a single weakness!

Facing such an enemy, how could anyone deal with him?

’’Very good!’’ Xing Tian icily said, ’’How long has it been since someone has pushed me this far. I never thought I would have to use this move on the second floor, and that is because there is no one here qualified for me to use it. You should be honored that you have finally received the qualifications for me to do so!’’

’’You sure speak enough nonsense. Try to suppress me first before you blabber on.’’ Lin Ming laughed, sneering. ’’You said that you haven't used your complete strength but you still haven't gone to the third floor. And you really think you have courage or something?’’

’’Humph! What would you know? I naturally have my reasons for staying on the second floor for so long, how could a nobody like you ever understand? Now go and die in peace!’’

Xing Tian shouted out and clenched his fists together. Every muscle on his body puffed out and his hair began to grow longer. The demon essence in his body became increasingly intense, forming a tide of energy that surged out from him.

His skin and eyes began to take on a blood-red light. The veins on his body bulged out like worms and some of them even ruptured!

Blood Demon Descends!

This was an ability similar to the Fey's Fey King Battle Body. When a Giant Demon's ancient bloodline reached a certain degree of purity, they were able to obtain the approval of the Ancient Giant Demons and use Blood Demon Descends, increasing their strength for a short period of time.

But, compared to the Fey King Battle Body, Blood Demon Descends was a much more cruel and savage cultivation method. One would have to sacrifice a portion of their blood essence, thus no one easily displayed this ability.

Lin Ming's eyes narrowed as he looked at Xing Tian, ’’It looks like I won't be able to hide my strength anymore.’’

Lin Ming held onto the Purple Comet Spear. For the third floor where powerhouses were like clouds, and for that hidden enemy who was aiming at him, Lin Ming had been showing weakness by hiding his strength as much as possible. But now, facing Xing Tian, he could no longer hold back.

In a contest between masters, if one side misjudged the other and didn't use their complete strength, then it was likely they would be injured or even die.

His mind touched upon the Heretical God Seed. The Heretical God Force completely opened!


The unleashed Heretical God Seed erupted like a massive volcano. After stepping onto Skysplit Tower's second floor, Lin Ming had finally liberated the complete Heretical God Force for the first time.

After Xing Tian's declaration of challenge, Lin Ming had cultivated for a month in his practice room. His biggest achievement from this was progress in the Heretical God Force.

Lin Ming had firmly reached the middle Xiantian realm, and with his complete Tempering Marrow, he could keep the Heretical God Force open for half an incense stick of time. Not only that, but after a fight ended, he would be able to save all of the compressed true essence that hadn't been released.

Which meant that as long as there was enough true essence, the Heretical God Force could continuously open and close. It was no longer like before, where all of the true essence would exhaust itself after one use, dissipating no matter the situation.

Lin Ming's imposing aura began to climb unendingly. His true essence was like a sharp spear that seemed to pierced through the world, unstoppable!

As the arena audience saw this scene, all of them paled. They began to use movement techniques to escape from the shockwave aftermath.

These martial artists had already pushed themselves to the limit in resisting the last exchange of moves. Much less now, where the power on stage had dramatically risen yet again! If they were caught in the aftermath of this attack they might even die!

’’Too strong! Xing Tian can already be called an Emperor level talent, but Lin Ming is even fiercer than Xing Tian!’’

’’This is the highest level battle of masters that has occurred on Skysplit Tower's second floor for the last decade. Perhaps for the next 10 years it might be difficult to encounter a match that surpasses this! I really have no idea just what these two cultivate.’’

The martial artists in the audience began to discuss the situation. Some of them were inexplicably excited, and some of them had complex expressions. If they never left their sect, they never would have known just how high the heavens were and how vast the world was. They were all peerless juniors of their generations, but how could the gap between them be so great? This caused some of them to feel powerless and frustrated.

Xing Tian's aura broke out to the limit. His eyes were blood-red. With a deafening roar, his sword cut forth!

In that moment, he was like a demonic god. His aura was as lofty as a mountain, unreachable!

This sword strike was like a massive divine mountain dropping down;it carried the terrifying power of the world.

Lin Ming's pupils shrunk. In the face of such a strike, this would be hard fending off if he only relied on his killing path. As for the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art', he still hadn't meditated upon a stronger technique from it.

His soul forced linked to the Heretical God Seed.

Atop the Purple Comet Spear, thunder and fire trembled, two energies beginning to twine together. With the support of the 10,000 year Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo and the 10,000 year Sacred Flame Parasol Tree, his strength reached the extreme.

Flames surged. Thunder howled.

Since entering Skysplit Tower, this was the first time that Lin Ming used Thunderfire Annihilation!

Fire and thunder twisted together, detonating into a flame that swallowed all, becoming a dazzlingly radiant light that people shielded their eyes from.

In the damaged arena, all of the floor tiles were completely lifted and thrown away. Even the chairs of the first several rows were shattered into pieces!

In this terrifying explosion that seemed to swallow everything, Lin Ming felt as if he were in his own dimension. His perception and his vision were incomparably clear;he instantly locked onto Xing Tian's position!

After bearing the brunt of Thunderfire Annihilation, Xing Tian's entire body was bathed in blood. His chest was a mess of pulp, but his two blood-red eyes were still bursting with a monstrous hatred and killing intent.

Even though Xing Tian's final move had collided with Thunderfire Annihilation and his bodily demon essence had blocked a great deal of the attack, he had still been seriously injured. Not just that, but his protective demon essence had also completely shattered.

’’An opening!’’

Lin Ming's footsteps moved, his figure instantly vanishing from where he stood. The Purple Comet Spear seemed to pass through space in an instant, appearing right in front of Xing Tian!

Under the cover of the explosive fires, and fused with the Concept of Space, the Purple Comet Spear's unpredictable attacks were already near-impossible to defend against. Moreover, Xing Tian had already been severely wounded, with his meridians broken in several areas!

The spear easily stabbed through his throat!

A bloody light shot out!


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