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Martial World - Chapter 559


Chapter 559 - Concept of Annihilation




Xing Tian against Lin Ming.

In this moment where the two stood in confrontation with each other, the entire martial arena audience collectively held their breath. The audience of 10,000 people was without a trace of noise and a deafening silence fell over the stage. The atmosphere was incomparably solemn.

Everyone's eyes were locked onto their bodies.

’’Lin Ming! I know that you were hiding your strength in your battle with Xue Man. Let me see just how much strength you've hidden and whether or not you have the qualifications to have to make me fight earnestly!’’ Xing Tian stood there, his arms crossed behind his back and his eyes looking up. It seemed as if he were looking down on everyone in the world.

’’Words are useless. Make your move!’’

Lin Ming flourished his long spear and his aura erupted like a volcano. Above the arena, one could clearly hear the sounds of the two auras colliding, grating against each other.

’’You seem to have confidence in yourself, but what a coincidence, so do I. Although we both believe we will win, only one of us will walk out of here alive today.’’ As Xing Tian spoke, he extracted a heavy sword from his back. The nine foot long heavy sword was taller than an average man, and the blade was wide. This blade was as large as a door. Such a greatsword didn't need sword wind. In fact, if it hit a person it would turn them to pulp.


Black waves burst out from around Xing Tian. The billowing demon essence was like surging waves that crashed everywhere. All of the surrounding floor tiles were lifted up and thrown away be this demon essence.

But as the tiles were lifted, an incredible scene took place. Several tiles were caught up in the great surging demon essence. In front of the eyes of everyone, the tiles quickly disintegrated into piles of sand that vanished in the wind.

’’Mm?’’ Lin Ming's pupils shrank. He could also turn bricks and tiles into ash, but the difference was that Xing Tian didn't even use a technique. His demon essence merely touched the stones and tiles before turning them to sand;this was truly surprising.

This was...

’’The Concept of Annihilation! Xing Tian has actually touched upon the Concept of Annihilation!’’ In the audience, Muk Gu grimaced. The Concept of Annihilation was a Concept on the same level as the Concepts of Space and Time. It was also an elusive Concept;there were many Fey geniuses that weren't able to comprehend this, so how could Xing Tian?

’’Xing Tian is truly peerless!’’

’’Fierce! He is worthy of being called the king of the second floor!’’

In front of Muk Gu, many Giant Demon martial artist were excitedly speaking. However, Muk Gu only frowned.


Muk Gu had some understanding of Xing Tian. In terms of physicality and his demon essence cultivations speed, Xing Tian was absolutely first class. But in terms of understanding Laws, Xing Tian was at best mediocre. Compared to the Fey, a large gap existed between them. Only a short time had passed, so how could he possibly have comprehended the Concept of Annihilation?

’’Lin Ming, you will be just like these stones, turning into ash under my moves. Now die!’’ Xing Tian loudly shouted, and his entire body emitted rumbling crackling sounds. Listening to this made one feel fearful. The heavy sword in his hand turned into a strong wind. The howling wind swept up the entire martial stage. As his sword cut down, it was like a falling avalanche containing infinite strength!

In that instant, Lin Ming felt as if all the air around him was sucked away. He stood in place, completely locked down. His only option was to directly face this strike of Xing Tian!

True essence erupted from his entire body. His spear thrust out. Blood Drinking Seals fused into the Purple Comet Spear. This strike contained all of his strength, all of his will!


The thick spear light struck against Xing Tian's sword. There was an explosion as if two great mountains had collided against each other. True essence and demon essence wantonly twisted together, tearing apart the floor tiles and instantly blowing them away. Even the profound gold flooring underneath was scarred by countless white slashes.

’’Be careful!’’

The martial artists closest to the martial stage revolved their protective true essence to the limit. They already expected that something like this would occur. It could be said that the weaker individuals did not dare to sit in the first row.

Cha cha cha!

The air currents in the air were like sabers as they cut apart everyone's bodily true essence. They made screeching noises, and even the stone platform in front of the audience was cut apart like tofu.

’’This is indeed a battle between the two strongest existences on the second floor. Even I can only barely resist the true essence shockwaves!’’

’’Everyone be careful! These two still haven't put forth their true strength;the worst is yet to come! If you think this is difficult already, then step back lest you be hurt!’’

A martial artist suddenly said, causing all of the surrounding youths to have anxious expressions. Indeed, a martial artist's first moves were mostly for probing. And if probing was already this strong, then just how terrifying would their full strength be?

All of those in the audience were the most outstanding heroic elites of their time. But in comparison to Lin Ming and Xing Tian, they seemed like common martial artists. The disparity was just too great;the two of them had already exceeded the level at which anyone could understand.

'These two freaks shouldn't be on the second floor. If they stay here, then how can we stay here too?' Many martial artists complained inside.


’’Not bad! You actually received my strike.’’ As Xing Tian looked at Lin Ming, his pupils narrowed. In that one exchange a moment ago, although he hadn't used the strength of his Concept, he had used the majority of his strength. But Lin Ming hadn't seemed strained. Obviously he had strength remaining.

’’Very good! You now have the qualifications for me to be serious. Although my strike just now didn't contain a Concept, I will now let you have a good look at the Concept which I have comprehended! Let me have a look just where the limit of your strength lies, and how much of my strength you can force out!’’

Facing Xing Tian's imposing aura, Lin Ming held his spear as if he didn't have a care in the world. ’’You didn't use a Concept, but neither did I. Then, let's see whose Concept is stronger!’’

’’Hehe, you truly are confident. Your Concept of Space and Time only allows your moves to be unpredictable and impossible to defend against. It is completely different from my own Concept of Annihilation. My Concept of Annihilation can directly disintegrate your attack so that you can't even resist!’’

In terms of attack power, the Concept of Annihilation was definitely more terrifying. It was known as the Concept that destroyed all. This included the enemy's treasure, body, aura, true essence, and even their soul.

But on the other hand, the Concept of Space and Time allowed one's moves to be strange and peculiar, making it so that they were unavoidable. The increase of attack power in the early stages of this Concept's comprehension was obvious.

The Concept of Annihilation and the Concept of Space and Time both had their own strengths. It couldn't be said that one was weaker than the other. It would all depend on the depth of one's respective comprehension and their utilization.

Xing Tian's sword was crossed against his chest. A surging cloud of demon essence howled out, and all the crushed stones underneath his feet turned into flying ash.

’’Xing Tian is going to use the Concept of Annihilation! It's said that this Concept can directly destroy an enemy's true essence. If one's true essence is destroyed, how can you block other's moves?’’

’’Against the destructive power of the Concept of Annihilation, Lin Ming's true essence must be far more formidable than Xing Tian's demon essence in order to come out even. But Xing Tian is already so strong, how can Lin Ming possibly be stronger than him?’’

The Concept of Annihilation was able to disintegrate true essence. In a martial arts fight, if true essence was melted away then the other party would naturally suffer!

In other words, in an even battle, Lin Ming had push out 20 to 30% more true essence in order to come out even. The amount of strength he consumed must be far more than Xing Tian. If he wasn't able to reach this level, then he would be suppressed by Xing Tian or even defeated.

Muk Gu took a deep breath. Lin Ming was in a very bad situation!

Lin Ming was indeed strong, but Muk Gu feared that Lin Ming wouldn't be able to kill Lin Ming if he had to waste 20 to 30% extra strength. If he couldn't suppress Xing Tian's Concept of Annihilation, he would lose if this fight dragged out!

’’I have no idea how he will deal with this...’’

Muk Gu was feeling nervous for Lin Ming.

On the martial stage, Xing Tian held the heavy sword in his hands. The sword blade was wrapped in a hazy black light. This black layer of light was very thin, but after it appeared, it seemed to twist all of the space around it. Dust, air, and even the light that entered this hazy black layer seemed to disappear.

The Power of Annihilation!

Xing Tian shouted out loud, his sword cutting out. This sword stroke was not accompanied by a vast wave of demon essence, instead, there was only that strange hazy black light that enveloped Lin Ming.

’’Strange!’’ Lin Ming's eyes widened. In that hazy black light, he felt a weird force that was able to obliterate everything.

’’You have the power of annihilation, but my azure true essence can endlessly grow. Let me see whether your power of annihilation or my azure true essence is stronger!’’

After fusing with the reverse scale blood, Lin Ming's true essence carried with it an endless attribute. In this form, it also had an azure color. If someone wanted to destroy Lin Ming's true essence, they would have to use several times the strength.


Facing the overwhelming hazy black light, Lin Ming's bones began to issue out deep, guttural explosive sounds. It was like a flood dragon was awakening within Lin Ming's body, letting out an earth-shattering dragon roar.

In his first time facing the Concept of Annihilation, Lin Ming didn't underestimate his opponent. As he used the strength of a True Dragon, he also decisively opened 40% of the Heretical God Force.

A spear thrust out. Behind Lin Ming, a deep, azure-colored True Dragon phantom appeared. In that instant, the Purple Comet Spear itself seemed to turn into an Azure Dragon as it crunched down on the hazy black light.


The spear edge thrust into the haze black light. What was strange was that there were no intense explosions. Instead, the two different kinds of energies collided and true essence melted against each other. It was like fire and ice crashing into one another, both desperately hoping to devour the other.

Chi chi chi!

The hazy black light was constantly crushed into nothing, but Lin Ming's azure spear light was also constantly eroding. After crashing into each other several more times, that hazy black light was actually being violently destroyed by the azure spear light at a faster rate.

’’What?’’ Xing Tian was beyond shocked, ’’How is this possible!?!?’’

It wasn't just Xing Tian that was startled, but also the entire audience. The Concept of Annihilation contained a destructive strength that far surpassed the Concepts of the main elements of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, thunder, and wind. When the Concept of Annihilation appeared, a martial artist on the same level would simply be unable to deal with it!

When even one's true essence was destroyed, how could they continue fighting?

Unless they had an overwhelming superiority in strength.

But Lin Ming clearly didn't. His aura was not any stronger than Xing Tian's, but his true essence seemed to have an incomparably tough attribute.

It endlessly grew, it could not be destroyed!

’’This boy!!’’ Xing Tian clenched his jaws, increasing his strength once again. But even then, he still couldn't suppress Lin Ming's true essence!

This azure true essence was essence from the power of a True Dragon. It originated from an Azure Dragon's reverse scale blood.

And within the Realm of the Gods, an Azure Dragon was considered an ultimate God Beast.

Even though it was only a single drop, it was still extremely terrifying.

Compared to a True Dragon, the Concept of Annihilation was one of the ultimate natural Concepts;it was incomparably powerful. But, the crux was: how much of it could Xing Tian have comprehended? Whether it was cultivation or age, both were far from sufficient. What he had comprehended was nothing but a drop in an ocean.


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