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Martial World - Chapter 554


Chapter 554 - Supernatural Strength




’’What? Are you joking with me?’’ The martial artist that had been happily enjoying himself was suddenly shocked. In a sense, Lin Ming challenging Xue Man was even more startling than the Sable Witch or Crazy Dog!

The Sable Witch's strength was more or less understood, but Lin Ming's strength was an enigma. If he could fight Xue Man and even make him struggle, then that would be an incredible feat! If this was true, then not only would he be an Emperor level talent, but one that was among the upper echelons!

’’Save a seat for me! I'm coming right away!’’ The martial artist pushed off the se*y Fey woman. The Fey woman fell onto her butt, giving a yelp as she rubbed the pain away. The martial artist ignored the woman's charmingly cute anger as he tossed on some clothes and rushed over to the martial arena.

This scene repeated itself in many places. There were powerhouses that came not just for the fun, but also to see what sort of hidden strength Xue Man and Lin Ming had. Of these two, one was a current superstar of the second floor and the other was a rising nova. Having a better understanding of them and the second floor was only beneficial. In the future, if they encountered some incident that was related to this they could be safer.

The referee intentionally slowed down the start of the match in order to allow the streaming martial artists to enter the stadium. All of the martial artists that were already inside did not need to pay an admission fee, but the rest of the martial artists that arrived had to pay an admission fee of 80 Blood Demon Crystals.

The audience in the martial arena kept growing larger and larger. Xue Man looked at Lin Ming with hunger in his eyes, ’’Hehe, little boy, you've got guts to come up, you're quite good! It's too bad. You once had a future, and even a chance of becoming an Emperor level powerhouse...

’’Do you know why I love to kill geniuses? That's because every time I imagine these future overlords of their lands dying by my hands, my blood boils with ecstasy!’’

As Xue Man spoke, a crazy light appeared on his smiling face.

But Lin Ming only looked at him with calm indifference and said, ’’So, you're saying that in our battle there will be no giving up, and death will decide victory and defeat?’’

’’Victory and defeat? Hehe, you don't seem to understand the gravity of the situation you're in. When we start, that will be the beginning of my grand killing feast!’’ Xue Man suddenly extracted his axe and smashed it against the ground. With an explosive sound, cracks spread out like a growing spiderweb. Even the strange golden floor underneath the tiles was ripped apart. This simple movement had caused a gaping hole to appear in the ground;Xue Man's brute strength was truly startling.

Lin Ming glanced at the hole in the ground. He slowly leveled his Purple Comet Spear and said, ’’Show me what you've got!’’

He truly didn't know where the limits of Xue Man's strength lay. In this match, he would not underestimate his opponent.

’’Hehe, as you wish! Earth Splitter!’’ Xue Man shouted. Without waiting for the referee to announce the start of the match, he grasped his axe with both hands and rushed towards Lin Ming!

The physical strength of a Goliath's body was in no way inferior to a Giant Demon's, and Xue Man's own strength was that of an extreme top master. As he dashed forwards, his charging impact strength far exceeded everyone else on the second floor.

As Xue Man shot forwards, all of the tiles underneath his feet shattered under the pressure. A terrifying imposing aura erupted out of him, as if he himself were an unassailable army of one. The entire audience trembled with fear.

Lin Ming stared at the rushing Xue Man and his mind unconsciously fell back to the battle array disc he had seen. That eighth stage Life Destruction senior had faced a similar situation. When the quasi Emperor Giant Demon had rushed at him, that senior had sent the Giant Demon flying away with a single sword strike!

The trajectory of that strike path appeared in Lin Ming's mind. In that instant, Lin Ming was enlightened. He did not open the Heretical God Force. Instead, he directly faced Xue Man, his spear thrusting force!

His strike carried the potential of raging rivers and towering mountains!

Nobody expected that Lin Ming would actually meet Xue Man in a head to head collision! The Purple Comet Spear was a flexible spear. The spear shaft was as thick as an arm and nine feet nine inches long. This weapon was meeting the impact of a mountain axe that weighed tens of thousands of jins!

Not just that, but Lin Ming was only a human. Humanity had never excelled in frontal combat and matches of pure strength...

Madness! Absolute madness!

In that moment, everyone had this idea pass through their hearts. However, they weren't able to say anything in that split second. The Purple Comet Spear was like a violet dragon that crashed into the vast sea, mercilessly meeting the mountain axe!


The spearpoint and axe blade collided, the two completely disproportionate weapons ramming into each other. Light shot out everywhere. True essence and demon essence twisted together in a vortex of energy that shot into the sky. All of the surrounding tiles were completely torn off the floor, and massive amounts of crushed stones shot out like arrows.

All of the martial artists that sat in the first row were overwhelmed by the shockwave of energy that surged over them, causing their blood to overturn. They had no choice but to push their bodily true essence to the limit and barely resist this force. Of these people, none of them were weak. The reason that they had been pushed back in such a distressed manner was completely because the outbreak of energy was too strong.

The crushed stones burst apart into fine sand. Lin Ming was forced back a few steps, a faint surge of blood rising in his throat before he suppressed it. But in comparison, Xue Man was sent flying backwards. His hand was shattered, and the blood vessels on his right arm had exploded, causing blood to shoot out!


Xue Man heavily crashed into the ground. He shouldered himself with his mountain axe as he knelt on a single knee. The tiles underneath him had completely exploded!

He looked at the blood that dripped off his right hand, and then turned towards Lin Ming. His eyes began to fill with horror, panic, disbelief!

For many years since he had become infamous, he had tasted defeat. But among his peers in the younger generation, there had never been someone that could force him back in a battle of brute strength. Not even Xing Tian could do this!

But today, he had been pushed back by someone that was not only younger than him, but also a mere human! How could this be possible!?!?

It wasn't just Xue Man that was shocked. All of the martial artists present were shaken to their cores, and the entire martial arena was drowned in a deafening silence. This battle had originally been ambiguous. After all, there was still a small number of people present that thought Lin Ming could defeat Xue Man. The reason for this was that one month ago, Lin Ming had easily defeated Lan Xing.

But none of them imagined that in a frontal collision, Lin Ming would actually sent Xue Man flying back with just his strength. Lin Ming had even shattered Xue Man's hand and caused his blood vessels to explode. As for Lin Ming himself, he had only been forced back a few steps.

What sort of strange strength was this? Was this fellow really human?

’’This boy called Lin Ming, could he have cultivated a body transformation law formula?’’ The black-clothed referee mumbled to himself. He had heard that in ancient times, humans had once practiced body transformation law formulas. But, there were great differences with the ones that the Giant Demons cultivated. They were extremely difficult to practice. One had to invest over dozens of times the resources, and in battle, it was inferior to the Essence Gathering System. Because of this, these body transformation law formulas were judged as weak, and slowly lost to time.

’’That shouldn't be the case. Not to mention that the human body transformation law formulas are pathetic, but they are also extraordinarily difficult to practice. And even if he did, he shouldn't have such amazing strength. This damn fellow, could his talent really be so outrageous? Or perhaps he ate some sort of heavenly material or treasure?’’

It wasn't just the black-clothed referee that was guessing. After a short period of stunned silence, the audience began to discuss this unexpected scene.

Lin Ming had actually directly rebuffed Xue Man. Not just that, but his cultivation and age were far lower than Xue Man's!

Humanity had always only been able to rely on their slightly better speed and perception. Since when did they become so fierce?

On the martial stage, as Xue Man listened to these martial artists discuss amongst themselves, his heart bubbled with shame and anger. Being forced back by a human was his life's greatest shame!

’’Well done, boy! You have successfully enraged me... now, I will have you die without leaving a corpse!’’


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