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Martial World - Chapter 553


Chapter 553 - Fighting Xue Man




As the people were discussing, Lin Ming heard the names of two masters: Crazy Dog and Sable Witch. These two individuals had strength that could be considered in the top ten. They already had the qualifications to enter the third floor, but they refused and chose to stay on the second instead.

At this time, the match occurring on the arena stage was finally settled. The Goliath master was lying face down in a pool of his own blood before he was lifted away by the arena staff. But the Giant Demon master wasn't much better off. He had several severe wounds on his body, and he had used up nearly all of his demon essence.

’’Congratulations to Zang Gao for another victory! Now, this is already his fourth win. We applaud this victory and wish him greater glories in the future!’’ A black-clothed referee announced as he stepped onstage, helping Zang Gao leave. Then, an even more excited expression crossed his face. He shouted loudly, ’’Now I would like to cordially invite the super master of the second floor who has obtained a 70 win streak onstage. Welcome, Xue Man!’’

The black-clothed referee's voice seemed to contain a tremulous power. When he announced Xue Man's name, the entire martial arena broke out in cheers. Many of the Fey women issued piercing screams. Not only were they not afraid of Xue Man's bloodthirsty nature, but rather, it was a symbol of his majestic and domineering nature.

To the audience's loud cheers, the bare-chested Xue Man carried a two-bladed mountain axe onto the stage. He was ten feet tall, and muscles burst out from his body as if his body couldn't contain them. His skin was dark like iron, and his hair was very peculiar - a tight bun twisted on top with everything else shaved off. Whether it was his head, face, or anywhere else on his body, he was entirely covered with scars, as if he had been hewed down by sabers, pierced by swords, scratched with claws, or torn with teeth. All of these scars could have been eliminated with some precious medicines, but Xue Man happily left them on his body as mementos, because these were all the prized symbols of his countless killings.

After Xue Man strode onstage, he stood there like an iron tower. The temperature around him lowered because of the thick infernal energy that coiled around him.

Beside Xue Man, the black-clothed referee only reached his shoulders. The referee shouted, ’’In the last four months, Xue Man has come onstage four times! But, no one dared to challenge Xue Man for three of those, so Xue Man has only one a single match during that period! Now, Xue Man has finally obtained his 70 win streak. If someone can defeat Xue Man, they can obtain seven slaughter points as well as a massive amount of infernal energy and also a part of his winning streak count!’’

According to the rules of Skysplit Tower, if the winning streak of the two opposing challengers had a difference over 30, then the winning party could obtain a certain portion of the winning streak.

This sort of rule was to avoid situations in which someone appeared that was too overwhelmingly strong, and after just a few matches, would not find anyone else to fight them, only meeting empty silences on stage and thus be unable to accumulate a winning streak.

’’Which brave martial artist is willing to challenge Xue Man and obtain ultimate glory?’’

The referee's voice resounded throughout the entire martial arena. He poured demon essence into his words, causing them to reverberate through everyone's hearts. However, not a single martial artist was willing to budge.

Xue Man was simply an ancient vicious beast in human form. His most terrifying aspect lay in his strength. In terms of brute strength, he might even surpass Xing Tian!

Many of Xue Man's opponents had been ripped apart by his hands;he had even torn apart many treasures with just his bare fists! This sort of bloody and savage way of killing left people trembling in fear. If one were to be defeated by Xue Man, then their fate was to be torn apart!

If this were a normal martial artist, then there might have been some experienced fighters willing to step onstage. But against Xue Man, no one had the courage to do so. What use were slaughter points, infernal energy, or winning streaks if one didn't have their life?

The audience was in chaos. They began to turn around, looking for a martial artist that was qualified to step onstage. But Sable Witch and Crazy Dog were not present. There was Feng Ling, whose strength ranked around fifth or sixth in the second floor, but he was sitting there calmly with his eyes closed, meditating, apparently with no intention of moving.

’’If Feng Ling isn't going to go up, then is nothing going to happen?’’ Some of the martial artists that deliberately came to watch the fun were disappointed.

As everyone was speculating, Lin Ming stood up and crossed the arena. As he arrived on the edge of the stage, he immediately attracted everyone's attention.

’’Lin Ming!?!?’’

On Skysplit Tower's second floor, Lin Ming was already a bit famous for being the number one newcomer, thus there were some martial artists that knew him and called his name.

But a newcomer was still a newcomer, they were unable to compare with a veteran challenger. They were in two completely separate groups. The gap between them was just too great.

Lin Ming wished to challenge Xue Man?

’’Haha, Young Hero Lin, you must challenge Xue Man?’’ The referee asked excitedly. Lin Ming against Xue Man, the number one newcomer against a top veteran challenger;this would be an absolutely magnificent match!

For this sort of great match, the martial arena would normally collect admission fees and the price would be quite high too.

’’Yes. I want to challenge Xue Man.’’ Lin Ming unquestionably said.

His voice wasn't loud, but it clearly spread throughout the entire martial arena. Suddenly, the entire martial arena quieted in response.

Lin Ming had disappeared a month ago, chance was that he had gone into closed-door cultivation. And now, after leaving, the first battle he chose was actually to fight against Xue Man!

Xue Man's savage reputation had already spread throughout the entire Skysplit Tower. It was impossible that Lin Ming wasn't aware of the great pile of bones that Xue Man rose from, and yet he still dared to challenge him.

This act, this self-confidence, could only be described by one word.


If Lin Ming was a complete newcomer, then others might say he was a stupid fool. But one month ago, Lin Ming had gone against all odds and killed Lan Xing. Not just that, but it was a completely one-sided affair!

With this battle on his belt, no one dared to call Lin Ming stupid.

Because he had the capital to act arrogant.

However, Xue Man had already obtained a 70 win streak. And in this case, besides Xue Man himself, no one knew where the limits of his strength were. Even though Lin Ming had absolutely no data on Xue Man, he still dared to challenge him. This self-confidence, this rampant and aloof nature that went deeper than bone, caused the audience the tremble with fear!

What a frightening young man!

No one was discussing what Lin Ming's chances of winning were at this moment. Just the fact that he stepped up was an act that the martial artists present couldn't help but admire. Even the sixth-ranked Feng Lin did not have the guts to do this.

Seeing Lin Ming calmly step onstage, a martial artist suddenly realized something. He quickly picked up a sound transmitting talisman and lit it.

’’Third Brother, there's about to be an explosive match in the martial arena! Hurry up and come!’’

’’I'm busy right now, what the hell sort of explosive match are you blathering about? Isn't it Xue Man going onstage this time? I thought no one would dare to face him? What sort of fool decided to bring death onto himself and challenge Xue Man?’’ The martial artist was currently pressing a beautiful Fey woman underneath him and venting all of his pent up emotions. After he received the sound transmitting talisman, he reluctantly responded to it.

’’I don't know whether he's stepping up to die, but the one onstage isn't an idiot! It isn't Sable Witch or Crazy Dog, or even Feng Lin, but is the number one newcomer, Lin Ming!’’


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