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Martial World - Chapter 551


Chapter 551 - Decided Battle




Lin Ming scowled. He put down his wine cup and coldly looked at the chuckling Xing Tian, ’’Are you done laughing?’’

’’Hehe!’’ Xing Tian licked his lips and insidiously smiled, his eyes cold, ’’On Skysplit Tower's second floor, no one has dared to speak to me like that in years.’’

’’That is because you haven't gone to the third floor yet. What's so funny about my question?’’ Lin Ming glared at Xing Tian with determination. He didn't fear Xing Tian's pressure.

Xing Tian sneered, the infernal energy on his body becoming richer, ’’You've got guts. But I don't really know if that's brave or stupid. I have 100 ways to make sure you never arrive at your practice area after leaving the Midnight Gloom Restaurant!’’

’’You can try.’’ Lin Ming indifferently said. There was no fear on his face.

’’Humph!’’ Xing Tian coldly snorted, and a murderous light flashed in his eyes. Killing Lin Ming outside of the martial arena could only be done as a last ditch resort. Skysplit Tower amassed its great wealth from the massive number of heroic elites that came here. This was their basis. If followers of the ten-winged High Lords were found to be wantonly killing top talents here, then who would dare to come?

Within the Holy Demon Continent, Skysplit Tower always had a mysterious quality to it. Many geniuses came here for adventure and experience, desiring the rich source of infernal energy as well as the greater amount of cultivation resources here. But they never realized that they themselves were the best fertilizer for the infernal energy here.

The high level characters of Skysplit Tower always hoped that these top geniuses would all die here, but none of them dared to go out and randomly assassinate them. Otherwise, if they did this once or twice and continued, it would inevitably lead to suspicions.

Thus, the Heavenly Demon High Lords would use their minions to get rid of these individuals with the potential to grow. As for the Heavenly Demon High Lords themselves, they would never personally act. They would rather allow a top genius to become a ten-winged Heavenly Demon than damage the reputation of Skysplit Tower.

This could be considered Skysplit Tower's bottom line for how it handled matters.

There were even some sects with incredibly deep histories that were well aware of Skysplit Tower's secrets. But, they still sent their young heroic elites out to Skysplit Tower to adventure. As long as they were strong, then they had no fear. Looking at the greater picture, even if they were weak, they could still leave after becoming an eight-winged Heavenly Demon. This way, both parties would be winners.

Of course, Lin Ming didn't know any of this.

Xing Tian suddenly slyly smiled and restrained all of the infernal energy that he had been emitting. ’’Hehe, since you want to end others' winning streaks, then I'll be happy to oblige you!’’

Lin Ming was silent. He had originally been prepared for rejection, but never thought that Xing Tian would agree with him.

Xing Tian laid down his wine cup and playfully said, ’’Leave your sound transmission mark. When it's time for you to appear onstage I will inform you.’’

Lin Ming left behind his sound transmission mark. Since he had no need to chitchat with this fellow, he got up and left.

After Lin Ming left, Xing Tian savagely smiled. Then, he began to take out another sound transmitting talisman...


After Lin Ming left the Midnight Gloom Restaurant, he returned to his own practice room. He took off his shirt and sat on the cold stone bed, beginning to meditate.

'This Xing Tian obviously intends to kill me. On Skysplit Tower's second floor, those martial artists with the strength to rank in the first-tier should be able to obtain the chance to end others' winning streaks. But I'm different because I am a human, and just this reason is why Xing Tian wants to kill me? Or were some of the Giant Demons I killed before his family or friends?'

Lin Ming thought for a bit longer but wasn't able to come up with a concrete reason. In any case, regardless of the results, he had to be ready to deal with whatever came his way. Lin Ming did not fear challenges. Rather, he feared stepping onstage to an empty and floundering silence, where no one would dare to fight him.

He took out the battle array disc from his spatial ring that recorded the fight of the eighth stage Life Destruction martial artist. After he adjusted his mental condition and relaxed, he injected true essence into the battle array disc. Immediately, a series of phantom illusions shot forth from the array disc.

The battlefield was a vast and limitless desert.

Tens of thousands of feet in the air, a white-robed man was flying, holding a sword in both hands.

This man had a very easygoing atmosphere to him. With his loose long hair, he looked a bit lazy and contemptuous. If it wasn't for him being the only human in the phantom illusions, then Lin Ming wouldn't have imagined that this man was an eighth stage Life Destruction human powerhouse.

’’The last time I saw the battle of a quasi Emperor, although I wasn't able to feel an aura from the illusions, I still felt tense and apprehensive. But this time, as I'm looking at this eighth stage Life Destruction senior, it's as if I'm looking at an ordinary person. To be able to return to one's own origin to this degree, it really is startling. Not just that, but he only looks to be in his twenties to thirties. After a martial artist reaches Life Destruction their lifespan will be greatly lengthened. But, to be able to maintain such a youthful appearance means that he stepped into the Life Destruction realm at a very young age. This senior is absolutely a pinnacle existence among all Emperor level talents.’’

A Saint level talent would stop growing at the first stage of Life Destruction.

An Emperor level talent had the qualifications to step into the divine Sea. Of course, there were enormous disparities within the divine Sea. A fifth stage Life Destruction divine Sea master could probably be instantly killed by an eighth stage Life Destruction divine Sea powerhouse.

As Ming thought this, he also looked over to the human man's match. The man actually had two opponents. One was a Giant Demon and the other was an Imp. Without a doubt, both were at the quasi Emperor level.

’’To think that he's facing off against two people. The Giant Demon race has a powerful body and they excel at close combat fighting. The Imp race has a formidable soul force and excels at long distance attacks. One can attack from afar while the other engages the opponent in combat. This is extremely difficult to deal with;I wonder how this senior will handle this.’’

Lin Ming waited with bated breath. At this time, the quasi Emperor Giant Demon moved first. He grabbed a massive mountain ax and moved forwards. An earth-shattering wave of true essence surged forwards, causing countless tiny space cracks to appear everywhere.

Although this was only an illusion of the fight, Lin Ming still felt this heaven-destroying attack.

But, that eighth stage Life Destruction human powerhouse only wildly laughed. He grabbed his sword and rushed straight in.

’’He's going to fight him head on?’’

Lin Ming's eyes shined. If a human fought a Giant Demon, they would normally have to depend on their speed to win. If both collided in a frontal attack, then the human would be far inferior to the Giant Demon.

But this senior, facing this Giant Demon's great strike that seemed to sunder the heavens, rushed straight in without a moment's hesitation.

From the moment that the sword and mountain ax smashed into each other, sparkling light illuminated the world. Even though there was no sound coming from the phantom illusions, Lin Ming could still imagine the terrifying explosions that even washed the clouds away.

’’The Giant Demon was forced back!’’

Lin Ming watched with wide eyes as the Giant Demon was cut by the human's sword and sent soaring back. The Giant Demon spat out a mouthful of blood, seemingly heavily injured.

But at this moment, the quasi Emperor Imp's withered lips moved and he spat out a number of purple seals.

The human senior saw this and sneered. His sword stabbed forth, and although they were separated by a full distance of 10,000 feet, an incredible scene occurred. The sword simply ignored the 10,000 foot distance and pierced towards the quasi Emperor Imp's front. It was as if space itself had been squeezed together and then pierced by that human powerhouse's sword!

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with naked light as he closely tracked this sword. The terrifying utilization of this Concept caused his mind to tremble!

The quasi Emperor Imp panicked. He wanted to dodge this sword, but the space around him suddenly tightened, completely blocking off his every escape route.


A sword pierced the heart!

The sword twisted, drawing out a river of blood;the quasi Emperor Imp was split in half!

’’He died?’’ Lin Ming was completely shocked. A quasi Emperor master had died like this!

The quasi Emperor Giant Demon began to panic, his face paling. He apparently hadn't expected that this human powerhouse's strength would be so terrifying. He paused for a moment, and then decisively turned to escape.

But at this moment, another implausible scene occurred. The quasi Emperor Giant Demon's speed suddenly slowed. Although he was trying to fly away with all his strength, his speed wasn't any faster than a Revolving Core powerhouse's. It was like he had fallen into a swamp, struggling to move.

By now, the human senior had caught up. A sword stabbed forth!

This sword seemed slow, but it actually instantly appeared right behind the Giant Demon, just where his heart was!

The quasi Emperor Giant Demon wanted to turn around to block this attack, but his speed was caught in a time swamp and he wasn't able to move in time. Ultimately, the human powerhouse's sword pierced his heart from behind.

Blood shot into the wind. The quasi Emperor Giant Demon died on the spot.

The phantom illusions ended here!

Lin Ming let out a long breath, inexplicably shocked. Two great quasi Emperors had been killed in three sword strikes!

Compared to eight stages of Life Destruction, a quasi Emperor Giant Demon and Imp were far too lacking. Also, this senior was a genius at comprehending Laws, and had even understood the vague Laws of Time and Space. Thus, all of this together results in a one-sided battle, with the other side being cleanly killed off.

Humans' talent wasn't weak. It was just that the trials they endured were far too cruel. How many people were able to reach the eighth stage of Life Destruction?

But, the more arduous this challenge was, the more Lin Ming was excited. He did not fear the demands of these trials, he only feared that he wouldn't have the chance to even take these trials.

’’This human senior's two swords seemed to contained limitless mysteries. I don't know how much I'll be able to perceive through meditation.’’ Lin Ming thought. Just as he was preparing himself to undergo masochistic closed-door seclusion, a fire flashed in front of him;it was a sound transmitting talisman.

Right after, Xing Tian's voice sounded in Lin Ming's ear. ’’Human boy, you're in luck. Five days from now you will have a chance. A martial artist will obtain a ten win streak. If you're afraid of dying then don't come. Don't complain to me that I never gave you the chance.’’

’’So quick...’’ Lin Ming pinched out the fire and sneered. No matter what tricks this fellow was trying, he didn't need to bother with it. As long as he had absolute superiority in strength then there was no need to fear anything.

’’Five days should be enough for me to meditate on this battle array disc. I might even have some time leftover to enhance my cultivation.’’ As Lin Ming thought of this, he completely put aside the matter of the pending battle. He quickly entered the ethereal martial intent and immersed himself in perceiving the Laws.

During this time, in a dark room at the Midnight Gloom Restaurant, Xing Tian was drinking millennia-aged wine. He was wickedly grinning at a black-skinned man. ’’Xu Man, I remember you wanted to earn your 70 win streak. That fool Lin Ming is actually thinking of ending others' winning streaks to gain slaughter points. I think it's quite appropriate for you to go onstage! Hahahahahaha!’’

’’Big Brother, although this Lin Ming's talent is good, in the end he is just a naϊve newcomer. You want me to go up? He's just a dumb rookie. I might not even get a win if I defeat him.’’ Xue Man said as he tore off a large chunk of barbecue, dissatisfaction heavy in his voice.


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