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Martial World - Chapter 546


Chapter 546 - Great Harvest





The sword energy on Lan Xing's palm had already faded away. His blood-red eyes were wide as he stared at Lin Ming. He never imagined that he would be defeated so quickly. He still had finishing moves that he hadn't used yet, but... he no longer had the chance!

What a fantastical Concept of Space. Before Lan Xing had even brought down his palm sword, the Purple Comet Spear had already seemingly teleported in front of Lan Xing and pierced his heart.

’’I... never thought... I would lose to a human in Concepts...’’

Lan Xing clutched the shaft of the Purple Comet Spear and ruefully smiled. As he opened his mouth, he coughed up great mouthfuls of blood. His heart and lungs had shattered, and blood filled his chest, pouring out of his throat.

Lin Ming withdrew his spear. Vibrating true essence had already broken apart every single meridian in Lan Xing's body. With his heart burst apart too, there was absolutely no way for him to leave alive.

Ever since he had suffered under Mu Qingshu, Mu Chihuo, and Ouyang Boyan, almost causing those close to him to pay with their lives, Lin Ming had become increasingly decisive and ruthless. He would stamp out the trouble at the source before it was allowed to bloom.

A massive amount of blood sprayed out. The tiles under Lan Xing's feet were stained red. This shocking scene completely silenced every martial artist present.

Before now, there was almost no one that believed Lin Ming would win. But not only had he won, he had won so quickly!

During the entire fight onstage there had only been several moves exchanged. Lin Ming defeated Lan Xing with overwhelming strength and speed!

It could be said that Lan Xing couldn't dodge the last strike because Lin Ming had a touch of the Concept of Space within his spear. But without a doubt, even if Lan Xing was able to dodge this attack, he would still have been defeated in the end!

This was because after they had used all their hidden cards, Lin Ming's aura had already suppressed Lan Xing's. This was illustrated by Lin Ming breaking apart Lan Xing's curtain of sword light with his spear potential.

’’Lan Xing was defeated! This boy!’’ In the audience, a pale Giant Demon who had been waiting for Lin Ming to lose now had an extremely ugly expression on his face. Over the years, he had already formed an inborn sense of arrogance and racial superiority. There was no way he could accept that a mere human had surpassed all of the heroic youths of his Giant Demon race.

’’I fear he might have the strength of a peak four-winged Heavenly Demon. This strength could be ranked in the top 10 of the entire second floor of Skysplit Tower.

’’Unbelievable. A genius like Lan Xing already had the qualifications to become a Fey Emperor in the future. But, this boy actually defeated Lan Xing. Could it be that...’’

’’Humph, one's aspirations aren't equal to their own prominence. Lan Xing had the qualifications to ascend to a Fey Emperor, but that is only the qualifications. Above a Saint level talent is an Emperor level talent, but how many Emperor level talents appear every year, and how many of those are truly able to become a Fey Emperor or Demon Emperor? They die halfway, buried, with all their potential gone. Everything they once grasped they will lose. It's far too early to call this boy Lin Ming a Peerless Emperor!’’

A Fey martial artist bitterly said. Within the Holy Demon Continent, the humans and Ferals had the lowest number of Emperor level powerhouses. Lin Ming had just killed a Fey genius, and others had said he could become a Peerless Emperor in the future, so he naturally wasn't feeling too happy about matters.

Lin Ming ignored the discussion of the surrounding martial artists. At this moment, he was quietly baptizing himself within a rich infernal energy. Lan Xing had accumulated a great deal of infernal energy, and now over half of it was Lin Ming's. This flow of energy was extremely suppressing.

The dark desires of his heart and his obsessions were rapidly stirred up by the thick infernal energy. They percolated with Lan Xing's own ambitions...

Power, beautiful women, glory, the martial arts boundary of a Fey Emperor... all of this poured into Lin Ming's spiritual sea.

These sudden and intensely strong desires and passions were like demons that rapidly multiplied in Lin Ming's spiritual sea, trying to take root there.

’’This Skysplit Tower is truly a paradise of corruption!’’

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a cold light. The black vortex of the Samsara martial intent suddenly appeared, directly sucking up all those desires and obsessions and tearing them to shreds.

As Lin Ming's heart calmed down, he quickly recovered his thinking.

'I already have a strong soul force, but I was still affected by these desires. There are many martial artists present whose soul force is far inferior to mine, and they probably can't resist this invasion of desires. Although they might not be dominated by these thoughts and turned into slaves of them, their hearts would still be affected. But, the cultivation methods of the demonic path already veer one into doing whatever they please, so losing a bit of their thinking isn't much at all.'

One could look at the fate of the slaves of Skysplit Tower to see just how distorted the personalities of the Skysplit Tower challengers became. Being cruelly ravaged, humiliated, mistreated, or even killed... these slaves suffered everywhere and at all times.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and the infernal energy within his body began to revolve within him. On his arm, the Heavenly Demon Tattoo began to condense. After the first pair of wings was completed, the second pair was nourished by the infernal energy, and began to slowly form...

Four-winged Heavenly Demon!

After killing Lan Xing, Lin Ming had finally reached the realm of a four-winged Heavenly Demon.

The realm itself was unimportant to Lin Ming. But, the accumulated infernal energy was greatly advantageous to the cultivation of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'.

Lin Ming took Lan Xing's spatial ring and glanced at it. Impressively, it was a medium-grade earth-step spatial ring.

This was truly the background of a genius from a large sect. The spatial ring was a medium-grade earth-step treasure, and not just that, but a very good one amongst its rank.

As for the Blood Drinking Seal, Lin Ming naturally wouldn't forget about it. But for better or worse, Lan Xing still had an extremely high status within the Fey race. He didn't cause Lan Xing's corpse to explode and embarrass the Fey. Instead, he let the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder make a circle within Lan Xing's corpse, directly sucking up all of his blood essence.

After this was all finished, several of Skysplit Tower's staff came up and carried away Lan Xing's corpse.

Those who killed could end up being killed. Lan Xing, who had been overweeningly arrogant and swollen with self-importance, also perished here. Every martial artist present knew that they could suffer the same fate someday.

’’Well... Young Hero Lin, would you like to continue?’’ The referee's voice was a bit unnatural. This Lin Ming's talent was just too terrifying. As long as he didn't die here, he would inevitably become a high ranking figure within Skysplit Tower. He might even become his superior.

’’No, I'll stop here for today.’’ Lin Ming refused to continue. After this battle, he had obtained some more insights into the Concept of Wind. He wanted to head back to his room and contemplate on them.

’’Great. Young Hero Lin, if you will.’’ The referee's attitude was exceptionally respectful.

Lin Ming turned and stepped off the stage. The martial artists in the audience had a touch of awe and wonder in their eyes as they watched him leave.

Lin Ming arrived the martial arena's exit. The young Fey girl was waiting there. She blankly looked at Lin Ming, unsure what to say.

’’Sir Lin, you...’’

Lin Ming tossed the young Fey girl a small box of Blood Demon Crystals and said, ’’Five days from now, wait for me at Morningdew Inn.’’

Morningdew Inn was an inn that was near the transmission array that led to Lin Ming's practice area. Normally speaking, there wasn't anything inside a martial artist's practice area. Thus, most martial artists would choose to stay at inns. They would return to their practice area to cultivate.

’’Ehm... okay... alright...’’ The young Fey girl quickly replied. If another martial artist wanted to meet her inside an inn, then she would understand what they wanted her to do. But Lin Ming wasn't someone who was interested in those things, otherwise he would have already done so.

’’What would Sir Lin like to do?’’

’’I want you to bring me somewhere where I can rent out battle array discs. They only need to be at the quasi Emperor level or above.’’

Renting out high level quasi Emperor battle array discs required a slaughter point. Even the top geniuses of large sects weren't willing to watch these more than a few times. But listening to Lin Ming's meaning, it seemed that he wanted to rent out a great number of these.

The young Fey girl gulped and blankly nodded.

’’Then... I'll see you five days from now.’’ Lin Ming left after he finished speaking. He didn't seem as if he was moving quickly, but the ground beneath his feet seemed to shrink. He only took a few steps, but he had already disappeared around the corner...


Lin Ming sat atop the bed in his practice area. He had completely taken out all of Lan Xing's possessions from his spatial ring and had looked over them. He was secretly shocked. Killing others and taking their wealth was truly the fastest way to become rich. Lan Xing's total wealth was several times greater than that of Blackrat.

There were tens of thousands of medium-grade true essence stones, and also several dozen high-grade true essence stones.

In addition to that, there were countless large and small bottles, jade slips, and treasures.

There was no need to look at the medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals, they were all for spending.

As for the high-grade Blood Demon Crystals, they were for cultivating. Lin Ming put those away.

After carefully inspecting the pills, Lin Ming separated them by different general classifications.

All that was left over were the jade slips.

Lin Ming was looking forward to the jade slips in Lan Xing's spatial ring. He immediately immersed his perception in the jade slips, slowly sweeping through them. He patiently took over an entire hour to scan them. Suddenly, Lin Ming's eyes brightened.

This was it!

Lin Ming had picked up a common-looking jade slip from among the pile. This jade slip didn't record cultivation methods or martial skills. Instead, it was the accumulated experiences of Fey masters about the Concept of Wind.

Looking at the soul imprints on the jade slip, it obviously didn't come from a single person. Rather, it was the collected attainments and experiences of a great number of Fey masters. This was absolutely a priceless treasure!

This sort of Concept comprehension jade slip was similar to a cultivation method jade slip: the contents could not be duplicated. One could only write down the contents if they had a deep understanding of it. This only served to raise its value. The reason that Lan Xing brought this with him was likely so that he could meditate on it at any time.

’’The Fey are born beloved by the natural Laws. They have countless masters who have reached Large Success in Concepts. These masters leave behind their legacies, and this continues onwards. As these experiences accumulate, the Fey race's superiority in Laws and Concepts will also widen.

Several generations, dozens of generations, the total accumulation of these people was terrifying. This was also the reason why the more ancient clans had a more profound heritage.

’’With this jade slip and my original understanding of the Concept of Wind, my own Concept of Wind will inevitably rise to a higher level!’’

Speed had never been Lin Ming's strength. If he could further his Concept of Wind, then in addition to a basic understanding of the Concept of Space, Lin Ming was confident he could break through to the second layer of 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void'. At that time, his strength would rise.


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