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Martial World - Chapter 545


Chapter 545 - Bloody Battle




’’Mm? The Concept of Wind?’’ Lan Xing's sword slowed for a brief moment. He was extremely sensitive to the Concept of Wind. The movement technique that Lin Ming had just used had contained an inherent touch of the Concept of Wind.

’’What a pity. Compared to me, the difference in our Concept of Wind is like the heavens and earth. A human's understanding of Laws is truly revolting. Although your movement ability is adequate, you cannot dodge my blade!’’

Lan Xing's sword cut out once more. The speed of his moves made his attack difficult to distinguish;it was as if his body itself seemed to meld into the wind, leaving nothing but a series of fading phantoms. It was almost impossible to tell where he was, he was nowhere and everywhere at once.

Sword lights crossed in the air, forming a net of fine lines. There was no gap in this attack;it was unavoidable!

The highly compressed true essence combined with the Concept of Wind to a nearly perfect degree. The swiftness and deadliness of such an attack was daunting.

Lin Ming repeatedly retreated, but he couldn't avoid these sword lights. His clothes began to tear apart, and he was surrounded by dangers on all sides.

’’Lan Xing's sword is too sharp and the attack angles are tricky. There isn't any way to follow it. If I had to face this sword light, even I would have a headache. If Lin Ming only tries to dodge, then he will absolutely lose.’’

’’In the end, this is the disparity of Concepts. Lin Ming's understanding of Concepts is far inferior to Lan Xing's. If he wants to fight Lan Xing with Concepts, then he is only fooling himself. Attacking the enemy where he is weaker is a fool's errand!’’

’’True. In terms of Concepts, how can a human compare with a Fey?’’

In a corner of the arena, two veteran challengers were watching this match. They had very accurate vision and judgment, and were able to approximate the level of Concepts on stage. ’’Mm? He's been forced into a corner. Let's see what he can do!’’

On the arena stage, Lin Ming had been caught in the middle of dozens of swords lights. There was no place to dodge to anymore. In the stands, there were many Giant Demons whose faces were twisted with pleasure and glee. They wanted to see Lin Ming beg for death. That idiot, trying to compare Concepts with a Fey was just looking for abuse.

’’A dead end!’’ Lin Ming frowned. In truth, breaking through Lan Xing's sword light trap was simple. As long as he used the Primeval Halberd Strike or burst out the hundred some Blood Drinking Seals within him, the following vortex of energy would immediately smash every sword light into nothingness.

But Lin Ming didn't want to do this. The first reason was because he wanted to hide his abilities as much as possible before entering Skysplit Tower's third floor, and the second reason was that he wanted to experience this Concept and improve his own.

The further one walked down the path of martial arts, the more obvious the importance of Concepts became. Compared to a common martial artist, Lin Ming's comprehension of Concepts far exceeded theirs. But, he wasn't satisfied with this. This was because his eyes were always trained on the Realm of the Gods. Because of his poor ability to understand Concepts, he hadn't been able to display the true strength of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' and 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void'.

This fight with Lan Xing was an excellent opportunity to sharpen his comprehension of Concepts. How could Lin Ming miss this chance?

As Lin Ming saw the endless sword lights cut towards him, he grit his teeth and rushed into those blinding sword lights.

’’Mm? Has this boy gone mad!?’’ Lan Xing was startled. Lin Ming actually headed into his sword lights?

Everyone's eyes widened. There wasn't even enough time to cry out.

But at this moment, Lin Ming's figure and pace seemed to distort, and then, the unbelievable happened. Lin Ming's body phased through the curtain of sword lights without the slightest injury. His spear thrust towards Lan Xing's front!


Lan Xing was shocked. But he was still a master and his reactions to all circumstances were extremely fast. His sword cut down on the tip of the Purple Comet Spear!


A flash of lightning snuck into Lan Xing's body like a hidden snake. It numbed his arm and caused his blood to tumble!

Lin Ming raised his spear to stab out again at the moment that Lan Xing's body was paralyzed. At this critical moment, Lan Xing bit down on the tip of his tongue and rushed backwards, barely dodging Lin Ming's spear strike.

’’What happened?’’ The audience was astonished. Even Lan Xing was alarmed.

In that instant, Lin Ming seemed to pass through the void itself. He passed through the dangerous curtain of sword lights, arriving right in front of Lan Xing.

’’Is... is that the Concept of Space?’’ A veteran challenger gasped out as he suddenly thought of this. The Concept of Space was elusive and ephemeral. Even among the Fey, who were loved by the natural Laws, there were very few who could comprehend the Concept of Space. This was because... they couldn't contact it!

The Concept of Wind, the Concept of Water... these things could be seen and touched. As long as one frequently came into contact with these Concepts, they would always be able to touch upon their rules and thus comprehend the corresponding Concept.

But the existence of space, although it was everywhere, could not be felt. As a result, there were very few powerhouses that were able to comprehend the Concept of Space, and even fewer legacies that were passed on. Thus, to the martial artists of the Holy Demon Continent, the Concept of Space was a very mysterious and inscrutable existence.

’’You think that boy comprehended the Concept of Space? This...’’ Another veteran challenger found this hard to accept. After all, Lin Ming was only a human. Humanity's affinity to the Laws was not any better than the Giant Demons'.

’’I shouldn't be wrong. I've seen martial artists that have comprehended the Concept of Space before. But, I never thought that the humans could produce such a monstrous genius.’’ A veteran Giant Demon challenger breathed out with emotion. Lin Ming's talent had completely surpassed the talent of their Giant Demon race's younger generation.


’’So that's how it is. You really aren't an opponent that can be easily defeated. You are the strongest junior that I have ever encountered. Even though you are younger than me, you have the strength to threaten me. I really, really want to... hehe, I want to kill you myself!’’ As Lan Xing spoke here, a cold light flashed in his eyes. ’’Fey King Battle Body!’’


Lan Xing's aura exploded like a volcano. The surrounding crushed stones were all blown away by this momentum, shooting out like arrows in all directions. An amethyst battle armor suddenly appeared on Lan Xing's body. His hair grew longer, and all sorts of ancient Fey runes appeared on his body, radiating with a bright light.

As Lan Xing displayed the Fey King Battle Body, his entire body began to emit a resplendently evil energy. His dark amber pupils turned blood-red, and his eyes filled with a thick killing intent.

’’Fey King Battle Body! Lan Xing finally used this move!’’

’’Haha, what can Lin Ming do now?’’ Under the stage, the Fey martial artists began to seethe with excitement.

The Fey King Battle Body was the pride of their Fey race, because this was the brand imprinted in their bones by the ancient Fey bloodline. This was the source of their race's superiority, and the symbol of their race's glory. Because of this, they were the paramount race. Because of this, humans were nothing but lowly beasts in their eyes.

’’This is the true battle. Everything else up until now was just a warm-up. Let's see just how Lin Ming deals with this.’’ As all the other races' martial artists saw Lan Xing's Fey King Battle Body, they all had looks of envy in their eyes. As they saw the Fey King Battle Body again, they were shocked once more by its terrifying aura.

Without a doubt, Lan Xing had the qualifications to become a Fey Emperor. But Lin Ming also had the qualifications to reach the divine Sea realm. Two heroic youths of this level exchanging moves, even within Skysplit Tower, was a rare event.

As Lin Ming looked at Lan Xing, he just felt pity at the turn of events. He had wanted to take this chance to sharpen his comprehension of Concepts, but after Lan Xing displayed the Fey King Battle Body, he clearly wished to compete in a battle of strength.

Lin Ming slowly said, ’’You want to destroy me, but I also want to destroy you. This is Skysplit Tower. Here, it is kill or be killed. People die every moment, there are no innocents here. They have all chosen to walk the killing path. That includes you, and that includes me!’’

Every person who appeared at Skysplit Tower had hands dyed red with blood. Those that came here, if it wasn't to kill others, then it was to experience life and death battles and seek breakthroughs on the precipice of annihilation. Otherwise, no one else would come to Skysplit Tower.

’’Destroy me? Haha... you really think you will have that chance?’’ After Lan Xing completed the Fey King Battle Body, his mindset began to turn crazed, and even his voice became a guttural bark.

’’You'll know whether I have the chance soon enough. I advise you to stop spouting crap, I doubt you can maintain this state much longer.’’ With just a glance, Lin Ming could see that Lan Xing's Fey King Battle Armor had similarities to his own Heretical God Force. Both of them were eruptions of true essence from within the body. This condition was bound to fade sooner or later.

’’You're looking to die!’’ Lan Xing's eyes blazed with heavy killing intent. The stones on the martial arena stage began to blow as the strong winds picked up. Lan Xing held his sword with his right hand and swiped the blade with his left. A beautiful coat of rich red blood was wiped onto the longsword.

’’Sword of Wind - Bloodstained Sky!’’

At this moment, Lan Xing's ankle-length hair shot into the sky, recklessly flapping around. He grasped his longsword with two hands and cut down. A whistling wind rose up, bringing with it a thick, bloody energy and red sword lights filled the sky. This was Lan Xing's killing path. His murderous aura erupted all at once, filling the heavens and earth with bloody energy!

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a chilling light. He instantly judged that with his current strength, he would still be able to take this sword strike. But, he would be injured.

Within Skysplit Tower, with so many masters lying in wait all around, Lin Ming would not give any of them an opportunity to take advantage of him. Thus, his mind touched the Heretical God Seed, directly releasing the Heretical God Force!

Highly compressed true essence erupted like a tidal wave. Lin Ming's aura instantly climbed to the pinnacle. His true essence was like an unstoppable spear light, slicing into the heavens!

This sudden change caught all the martial artists off guard;all of them were stunned. Without even a chance to react, Lin Ming's spear had already thrust forth!

’’Primeval Spear Strike!’’

Over a hundred spinning Blood Drinking Seals danced in the air, revolving around the Purple Comet Spear and forming a massive red vortex. Flashes of thunder twinkled in this vortex. As the spear shot forwards, it seemed to cut apart the void itself.


A terrifying explosion sounded out like a heavenly thunderclap. Countless bits of gravel shot into the air. Everyone's vision was completely engulfed by a blazing light as a massive true essence shockwave blew out. The Blood Drinking Seals were like saws as they sliced through Lan Xing's sword potential. Lin Ming's hands grasped his spear, and he arrived in front of Lan Xing in an instant. His spear moved, thrusting straight towards Lan Xing's heart!


Lan Xing was greatly shocked. He absolutely never expected that the sword strike in which he had placed his full and complete strength would be so easily broken.

In this life or death moment, Lan Xing no longer had the chance to draw back his sword to defend. He could only form his palm into a sword and cut towards Lin Ming's throat! ’’If you want to kill me, then don't plan on leaving alive!’’

Lan Xing's eyes flashed with savagery. But at this moment, the incredible occurred!

The Purple Comet Spear in Lin Ming's hand seemed to penetrate through space and appear right in front of Lan Xing. As for Lan Xing's palm sword, he had just started his movements.


With a light sound, Lan Xing's bodily protective true essence shattered. The incomparably sharp Purple Comet Spear pierced his heart!

Bright red blood shot into the wind!


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