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Martial World - Chapter 543


Chapter 543 - Fey King Battle Body




Whether they wanted to watch for the fun or to see how Lin Ming would suffer, everyone stood up in unison to do one thing - pay the bill.

For a moment, the waiter was swamped with collecting money. The martial artists all hurried over to the martial arena.

’’Sir Lin, you...’’ The young Fey girl was speechless. She had specifically tried to persuade Lin Ming not to go, but it had the opposite effect. The young Fey girl had some good feelings towards Lin Ming. Of course, this wasn't even the least bit like the romantic feelings between men and women. Rather, it was the thankfulness of a servant that was treated kindly and wasn't harassed by her master.

In the environment of Skysplit Tower, there were very few men that could remain pure of heart and mind without being corrupted by the malevolent influences. Naturally, she didn't want anything to happen to Lin Ming.

She wanted to say something, but Lin Ming had already left the restaurant. He directly shot towards the martial arena.

’’Haha, how interesting! I'm looking forward to Lin Ming and Lan Xing's battle. I hope that they do not disappoint me!’’

’’The results are already plain. The young are just too wild and rambunctious, they don't consider matters too much. Lin Ming hasn't seen Lan Xing's battles these past few days. It's unwise for him to rush out like this.’’

’’Lin Ming isn't bad, and he most likely has some hidden cards in his hand. But in Skysplit Tower, who here isn't an outstanding genius amongst their peers, and who doesn't have hidden strengths? In this case, those who underestimate others are most likely to suffer. If he presumes that his hidden cards are enough to kill the other, then those are the thoughts of an imbecilic fool. This sort of person is most likely to die.’’

Masters in Skysplit Tower were as numerous as clouds in the sky. Here, there were tigers and dragons lying around every bend. Even masters of this level would have to thoroughly investigate their opponent's strengths and true limits before making a move. Otherwise it would be extremely dangerous.

’’I wonder what's happening at the martial arena right now. Perhaps Lan Xing has already obtained his ten win streak.’’

’’That's probably happened.’’


At this time, at the martial arena -

’’Ten win streak! Lan Xing has finally obtained a ten win streak!’’ The black-clothed referee loudly announced.

Lan Xing was simply too strong. He had officially manifested a complete four-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo, and there was even a pale outline of a third pair.

As the audience expected, Lin Ming hadn't appeared. Since he didn't appear, there hadn't been anyone willing to step up and challenge Lan Xing's ten win streak. It was with great difficulty that Lan Xing found a Fey martial artist to step up. This martial artist had no hope to win originally.

’’The 11th match is the most important!’’

’’Haha, I've been looking forward to this for a long time. I have no idea who will step onstage!’’

’’These powerhouses have already come to an agreement according to their strengths. If I remember correctly, it should be time for Huyan Luo to enter the stage!’’

Every chance to earn slaughter points was incomparably valuable. On the second floor, there were four different methods to earn slaughter points.

The first one to obtain winning streaks. 10 wins, 20 wins, 30 wins, 40 wins, and so forth, one could obtain corresponding slaughter points with every set of 10 winning streaks.

But in Skysplit Tower, if a high level martial artist defeated a much weaker martial artist then this win wouldn't be counted towards their winning streak. Thus, as a winning streak continued towards the end, the matches one faced would become increasingly ferocious.

At this time, even a powerhouse had to be careful of when they fought. It also became increasingly difficult to earn slaughter points.

The second method to earn slaughter points was nearly the opposite of the first method. It was to end the winning streak of an opponent. For instance, if someone were to end Lan Xing's ten win streak, then that slaughter point would go to them.

The third method was to obtain a Glory Emblem. Every Glory Emblem gave a certain number of slaughter points.

The last method was to gamble on a match. Once two sides made an agreement, they could bet slaughter points. The one who won would obtain these slaughter points.

In this situation, the easiest way to earn slaughter points was the second method: to end the winning streaks of others. This was especially for newcomers like Lan Xing;they were looked at as the best to make a move on by the masters.

Everyone was envious of these chances. Between the masters of the second floor, they already had an unwritten set of rules in order to divvy up these chances. And this time, it was Huyan Luo's turn.

Huyan Luo was a Giant Demon. He stood 12 feet high, and he was considered tall and powerfully built even for a Giant Demon. His weapon was a massive sledgehammer with a handle as thick as an adult's arm. Its weight was absolutely in the tens of thousands of jins.


As Huyan Luo jumped onstage, he directly shattered the tiles where he landed, causing the entire arena stage to shake!

’’Hehe, little baby boy, don't be too nervous. I'll go easy on you. Such a talented person like you is the best origin of our slaughter points. I will definitely not harm you, so don't worry.’’ Huyan Luo's eyes shined as he looked Lan Xing up and down, licking his lips in anticipation. His body was over twice as large as Lan Xing's, it was like comparing an adult to a child.

Lan Xing smugly said, ’’Do you really think I'm some sheep? Do you believe that you can just keep me around and harvest points from me every now and then?’’

’’Haha, your thinking is also quite good! Boy, resign yourself to your fate. Skysplit Tower is a land where strength reigns supreme. If you can gain strength, then you can do the same as me!’’

’’Not bad, I agree with you. But before we begin our battle, I have a suggestion.’’

’’Say it!’’

’’I want to also make this a gambling match with slaughter points. I'll bet two points. That means if you win, then you will obtain three slaughter points! Of course, if you lose then those points are mine!’’

Lan Xing's suggestion stunned Huyan Luo. Huyan Luo suddenly laughed and said, ’’Good idea, good idea!’’

He hadn't expected that such a great gift would deliver itself to his door. This Lan Xing really thought that a single point wasn't enough and wanted to bet another two!

’’Hehe, boy, if you thought you could beat me because I said I would go easy on you then you're dead wrong. I will let you personally experience the strength of a challenger from the upper floor!’’

As Huyan Luo finished speaking, he gave a loud shout and an imposing aura erupted form his body. Demonic essence surged out and infernal energy soared through the heavens!

Lan Xing sneered. The reason he had dared to make this bet with Huyan Luo was that he had already investigated everything about him. He had even researched the sect that Huyan Luo had come from, and had a deep understanding of just what his cultivation method was. He had even looked up battle array discs with Huyan Luo's battles.

Of course, it was inevitable that Huyan Luo had several hidden cards. But even so, Lan Xing estimated he had a 70 to 80% chance of winning. In Skysplit Tower, a 70 to 80% chance was already worth gambling on.

Lan Xing's lips curved up like a cackling fiend. He slowly extracted a longsword from his spatial ring...


’’The infernal energy at the martial arena is so thick!’’

’’Who is fighting who? It's reached such a degree!’’

As Lin Ming shot past the path towards the martial arena, he heard martial artists along the way in heated discussions. Truly, the martial arena was emanating an extremely rich infernal energy;this was proof of just how heated the battle had become.

As Lin Ming entered the martial arena, he looked over from far away towards the central stage. A large Giant Demon fellow was standing there, his entire body wet with blood and his hair a mess. A young Fey youth was monstrously smiling at him. This Fey youth's body was covered in a layer of amethyst armor. There were several deep wounds in his body, but he seemed unaware of this. In fact, this pain seemed to excite him.

’’Is that Lan Xing?’’

Lin Ming was surprised. This Fey youth had long blue hair that fell to his ankles and there were many runes etched onto his body in strange patterns. He did look like Lan Xing, but the Fey energy that wrapped around him was even more macabre.

’’I never thought that Lan Xing would have successfully practiced the Fey King Battle Body! If this continues then Huyan Luo won't be able to last much longer!’’

’’Mm, no wonder Lan Xing has such outstanding talent. His Ancient Fey bloodline is too rich, he can even use the Fey King Battle Body!’’

’’Ancient Fey bloodline?’’

Lin Ming's mind stirred. Before now, he had heard of the Ancient Giant Demon race. That massive glob of blood essence that had shot out of the Cosmic Melting Furnace was the blood essence of the Ancient Giant Demon race. Demonshine had wanted to swallow it in order to strengthen himself, but the end result was that it had been sucked up by the Magic Cube.

From the looks of it, it seemed as if the Ancient Fey were similar to the Ancient Giant Demons. Without a doubt, whether they were the Ancient Fey or the Ancient Giant Demons, both of them were races with heaven-defying talent.

Perhaps even the Ancient Phoenix Clan was the same.

’’Sir Lin, that is the Fey King Battle Body!’’ At this time, the young Fey girl breathlessly gasped from behind Lin Ming. She had been following him this entire time. She sucked in another breath, her voice trembling as she said, ’’Sir Lin, Lan Xing can use the Fey King Battle Body because he has been recognized by the Ancient Fey. With the Fey King Battle Body, he can increase his strength by 40 to 50%!

Increasing one's strength by 40 to 50% was indeed a considerable amount. An adult at his prime might be 40 to 50% stronger than a young teenager, but this adult might be able to defeat four or five of these teens.

As the young Fey girl saw Lin Ming's uncaring expression, she sighed. There wasn't anything else she could say to console him, she had said all she could say.


On the arena stage, Huyan Luo's great sledgehammer was thrown high, rapidly spinning in the air. At the same time, Lan Xing stepped forwards, a fierce wind blowing from his longsword.

Woosh woosh woosh!

Blood splashed out. Huyan Luo roared like a cornered beast and then punched his fist out at Lan Xing.


Lan Xing's voice was icy cold. His figure disappeared into the wind. In the next moment, his cold, shining sword had pierced straight through Huyan Luo's neck.

A single sword to seal the throat!

At this time, there was a loud explosion as the sledgehammer that Lan Xing sent flying had finally reversed its course and smashed into the ground. As for Huyan Luo, his eyes were wide with disbelief as he looked at the longsword in his neck, his blood dripping down its blade. Slowly, his eyes glazed over.


Lan Xing shook his sword and sliced off Huyan Luo's neck. The massive head rolled into the blood, and a column of blood spurted 20 feet straight into the air.

’’Lan Xing, victory!’’

With the referee's announcement, the audience was stunned silent for a moment. Huyan Luo, whose strength was number one within the second tier, had actually died like this.

’’What a fierce Concept of Wind. In the final strike, Lan Xing used the Concept of Wind to avoid Huyan Luo's fist and also to make the killing strike!’’

’’For real. This Lan Xing is only 23 or 24 years old. In the future, there's hope of him becoming a Fey Emperor!’’

The audience loudly talked amongst themselves. There were indeed many outstanding heroic youths within Skysplit Tower. But, there were truly few potential Peerless Emperor level talents like Lan Xing.

Lan Xing ignored the discussion of the crowd. As he slowly raised his head, his eyes passed over to Lin Ming. His smile widened, and it seemed even more wicked than before.


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