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Martial World - Chapter 542


Chapter 542 - Another Step Further




The rules of Skysplit Tower stated that one could earn a single slaughter point after reaching a ten win streak. But, this slaughter point could not be immediately used. One had to win again in order to activate this point for use, and if they lost, this slaughter point would be transferred to the victor.

These were the rules of Skysplit Tower.

Thus, the masters of the second floor were like hunters. They specifically focused on martial artists who had reached a ten win streak. If they could defeat this sort of martial artist, they would obtain not only infernal energy but also a slaughter point.

The martial artists that were targeted were often referred to as fat sheep.

A 10 win streak was a hurdle, and a 20 win streak was another hurdle. But, this 20 win streak was a much more difficult and pitiful path, because those that reached this number of victories were more likely to provoke a master.

The last time, when Lan Xing had gone onstage for the first time, the great arena had only held several hundred people. But this time there were thousands of individuals, many of them being masters of the second floor.

These people were all sizing up Lan Xing, estimating his strength in their hearts. This was because to them, Lan Xing was their prey.

Lan Xing sneered in his heart, 'They really think I am some prey. Humph, when the time comes, let's see who will become the prey here! The reason that I didn't step into the martial arena even once after entering the second floor and instead went into seclusion for an entire year was all for you lot!'

As Lan Xing was deep in thought, another martial artist jumped onto the arena stage.

As the eighth match started, Lan Xing grinned. To him, dealing with this person was simple.


’’Eighth match, Lan Xing is victorious!’’ The referee announced once more.

’’An eight win streak! A newcomer has reached an eight win streak! What an astounding result!’’ Beneath the stage, all of the martial artists were paying more and more attention to Lan Xing.

’’I heard that Lan Xing said he wanted to challenge Lin Ming and decide just who was the strongest newcomer of the two. But where has Lin Ming disappeared to these days?’’

’’Could he be in closed-door cultivation? Or he might even be hiding from Lan Xing. Lan Xing is truly too strong. He's shown a strength even greater than when he achieved his three win streak;it wouldn't be strange if Lin Ming thought he couldn't defeat him. After all, Lan Xing has already cultivated on the second floor for an entire year.’’

’’Mm. Although avoiding a battle might muddy your thoughts, it is necessary for a martial artist to know patience every now and then. Especially in Skysplit Tower. All of the impatient ones have already died off.

Within Skysplit Tower, one's own life came first;avoiding a battle was not disgraceful. On the other hand, rushing headfirst into a battle that one knew they had no chance of winning was an act to be laughed at by everyone.

After the eight win streak, there was a nine win streak!

After achieving three win streaks in the last three days, Lan Xing was only a single win off from 10!

’’Today's three matches are already over. Young Hero Lan, would you like to continue?’’ The black-clothed referee respectfully asked. No matter where one was, if one had power then one had respect. Not to mention that Lan Xing also had a promising future. In the future, if there wasn't a problem, he might even become a Fey Emperor. Of course, the basis for this was that he didn't perish here.

’’I'm stopping for today. The one I wanted to fight hasn't appeared yet. Tomorrow, I hope that my opponent will appear in the arena and not let me down!’’

This opponent was naturally Lin Ming. There were many people that greatly wished to see the battle between these two rising star newcomers. However, after Lin Ming had gone into seclusion, everyone had lost sight of him. It was as if he had simply disappeared.

’’Lan Xing's words are the same as a direct challenge!’’

’’Humph, challenging someone is also useless. If Lin Ming could arrive at this point, he's not an idiot. If I were Lin Ming, then I wouldn't come out. What would Lan Xing do to me? Rather, I'm looking forwards to Lan Xing's 11th match tomorrow. I wonder which master will make their move, and whether or not Lan Xing will be able to keep his slaughter points.’’

’’Mm. I'm also looking forward to this. There will definitely be a great number of people coming here tomorrow, and there might be many masters appearing.’’


The abyssal practice area. In the flash of an eye, four days had passed.

Lin Ming sat motionless on the bed like a sculpted statue. A rich infernal energy covered his body, layering onto him like a thick cocoon.

Within Lin Ming's mind, various chaotic pictures were alternatingly appearing. The journey through time and space, the memories of 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void', the Concepts of Space and Time within the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art', and more.

These images were becoming increasingly clear within Lin Ming's mind. After some time, Lin Ming felt as if something suddenly appeared in his heart. A great energy swelled forth from his dantian, spreading through his meridians.

If he couldn't give vent to this energy, then he would go mad!

Lin Ming took out the Purple Comet Spear from his spatial ring. A single spear thrust out, and the Purple Comet Spear seemed to escape into the void, disappearing without a trace.


The spear struck the protective arrays of the practice area. The entire array formation shook, and the Purple Comet Spear bent like a crescent moon under the impact.

There was a slight pause. In this moment, Lin Ming's body seemed to completely violate all laws of physics as everything suddenly reversed. Even the Purple Comet Spear appeared back in his spatial ring. It was as if Lin Ming hadn't even moved at all.

In terms of his dantian, Lin Ming's true essence cyclone had expanded. He was only a step away from reaching the middle Xiantian realm.

’’My cultivation has already reached the extreme pinnacle of the early Xiantian realm. I have also managed to touch a bit upon the Concepts of Time and Space through meditation.’’

Lin Ming lightly breathed out. It really wasn't easy perceiving these Laws through meditation.

From the point that he had obtained 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void' to when he practiced the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art', these two highest quality cultivation methods had both mentioned the Laws of Time and Space. In addition to his journey through space and time via the ultra-long distance transmission array as well as the battle disc array of the quasi Emperor level battle, this series of opportunities had allowed Lin Ming to understand the smallest fraction of the Laws of Space and Time.

’’Compared to the Fey who are beloved by the natural Laws, my compatibility with Laws is nothing to speak of. If it wasn't for the support of my ethereal martial intent, I fear that four days would have been nowhere close to enough.’’ Lin Ming sighed in disappointment. He felt that his perception of the Laws through meditation would always be unsatisfactory.

’’As for my cultivation, it has been rapidly increasing. At most I am a month away from reaching the middle Xiantian realm. If I have just a bit more time then I'll be able to make my breakthrough. The Blood Slaughter Steppes truly lives up to its reputation. With top quality cultivation areas and top quality practice, in addition to the constant life and death battles, it is easy to stimulate a martial artist's potential. As long as one cultivates for several years without dying in the Blood Slaughter Steppes, their cultivation will inevitably rise a great deal.

It could be said that the accelerated pace of progress within the Blood Slaughter Steppes was paid with the deaths of countless heroic youths and geniuses. This was like a group of bees selecting a queen. A competitor would have to kill the rest before taking the position of queen bee. The life and death battles of the Blood Slaughter Steppes were naturally much more effective than the great martial meetings of Sky Spill Continent's sects. And in return, the price was that much greater.

Lin Ming had practiced for four days in a single go. He felt his stomach rumble;these hunger pangs were truly unbearable. His body had also emitted a great deal of sweat so he felt very sticky and uncomfortable.

He prepared to take a bath and have a meal.

Lin Ming's top-grade practice area was small, and there was no place to rest either.

Lin Ming left through the transmission array in the room. He arrived at a martial artist service lodge on the second floor. A surge of bustling air suddenly blew past him as he entered.

Here, as long as one had Blood Demon Crystals, they could enjoy a wide range of services. There was everything that one could want or imagine. Bathing and eating were the most simple services. There were even martial artists that came here to vent their se*ual desires on beauties;it wasn't strange for a martial artist to come here and pick up a dozen beauties to go take a bath together.

Lin Ming found a decent-looking restaurant to sit down at. Before he had even ordered food, he found that there were many people looking towards him, their lips moving. Obviously, they were speaking to each other through true essence sound transmissions. As they noticed Lin Ming looking at them, they had a strange light in their eyes.

'Mm? When did I get so much attention?'

Lin Ming could be considered a minor celebrity on the second floor. But, this shouldn't have been enough to capture the attention of so many people.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. Then, he took out a sound transmitting talisman and crushed it in his hands, sparking a small fire.

After a period of time, a young Fey girl rushed into the restaurant. At this time, Lin Ming was slowly eating some beef with sauce.

’’Sir Lin.’’

The young Fey girl bowed. Before, she had left Lin Ming her sound transmission mark so that he could call on her.

Lin Ming hadn't even asked a question when the young Fey girl said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Sir Lin, you can't go to the martial arena. Lan Xing is currently fighting at the martial arena. Before now, he had challenged you by name, but it was just that Sir Lin was in closed-door cultivation so he didn't have the chance. He's had a three win streak every day, and he's already claimed a nine win streak. If he wins again, then it will be a 10 win streak. Sir Lin, if you go to the martial arena now, he will absolutely challenge you.’’

’’Oh? Something like that happened?’’ Lin Ming traced his chin. He also knew the rules of Skysplit Tower. If one reached a ten win streak then they could obtain a slaughter point. After watching the battle between the quasi Emperor level masters, he had obtained a great deal of benefits from those illusions. Lin Ming had come to a new understanding of slaughter points. They really were a good thing;the more the better.

If he could earn more slaughter points, he could trade them for more battle array discs with quasi Emperors that were familiar with the Concepts of Space and Time. Or even, once his authority rose again, he could rent out a true Emperor level master's battle array disc. With this, his understanding of these Laws could reach new heights. Lin Ming would naturally not miss out on such a great advantage.

The young Fey girl saw that Lin Ming's interest had been piqued and she blanched. She began to hastily explain in a panic. ’’That's right, Sir Lin, please do not underestimate him. Lan Xing has shown a strength much greater than what he revealed in his first battle. He hadn't been taking the three win streak of that first day seriously!’’

’’I understand.’’ Lin Ming suddenly realized why so many people were staring at him. They were waiting for a good show.

Lin Ming took out a medium-grade Blood Demon Crystal from his spatial ring and placed it on the table. He said, ’’Waiter, I'm done here.’’

Lin Ming directly stood up.

’’Sir Lin, what are you planning on doing?’’ The young Fey girl's expression changed. Her heart filled with an unlucky foreboding feeling.

Lin Ming faintly smiled, ’’I'm going to the martial arena to have a little look. I want to see what this Lan Xing's so-called hidden strength is like.’’

Lin Ming's voice wasn't loud, but which martial artist in the restaurant wasn't a master? They all clearly heard Lin Ming's words.

Suddenly, many of these people revealed an interested look. Lin Ming was well aware that there was a tiger on the mountain and yet he still walked towards its lair!

However, there were also many people that shook their head and many that also laughed. Several Giant Demon martial artists looked at Lin Ming with schadenfreude in their eyes. They looked at Lin Ming like he was an idiot. They wanted to see how miserably he would be defeated or how horribly he would die.


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