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Martial World - Chapter 541


Chapter 541 - Enlightenment Once More




Lan Xing finished his rant, and without any intention of staying at this place any longer, turned around and stomped out.

Lin Ming didn't think that Lan Xing would have such an explosive reaction. As he watched Lan Xing stride away, Lin Ming shook his head and said, ’’How ridiculous.’’

He calmly took out another box of Blood Demon Crystals and set it on the table. ’’There are 1000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals here, you can count them.’’

’’Mm, alright.’’ The administration deacon happily smiled and swept over the box with his divine sense. Then, he kindly placed it away. The more this type of guest came back, the greater his profits would be.

’’Do you need any other battle array discs?’’ The administration deacon enthusiastically asked.

Lin Ming thought about it for a moment. He said, ’’I'll take three battle array discs with three-star Fey Kings and Demon Kings. I don't need any others.’’

Lin Ming's interest in Life Destruction level powerhouses was much lower than his interest in Emperor level characters. But, it was also helpful if he understood the different sorts of combat techniques of the Fey and Giant Demon races.

’’Alright. That will be a total of 600 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals.’’

So far, Lin Ming had already used up all the medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals that he obtained from Blackrat. But if he combined the Blood Demon Crystals of Zha Na and Gu Yue, then he had more than enough.

Lin Ming received the key to the practice area as well as seven array discs. He turned to the young Fey girl and said, ’’Miss, please take me to the practice area.’’

’’Okay, great!’’ The young Fey girl's eyes filled with eager passion as she looked at Lin Ming. It was rare for anyone to see such a rich master. And even if she did, it might not even be her turn to serve him. That Lan Xing was already extremely opulent.

The space within Skysplit Tower was immense. Since Lin Ming's practice area was thousands of feet deep, it was an extremely long walk. Along the entire way the young Fey girl endlessly chattered about the going-ons of Skysplit Tower, whether that information was useful or useless. She even completely informed Lin Ming about everything she knew about the powerhouses of the second level.

The more the young Fey girl spoke, the closer she approached to Lin Ming. Finally, she was close enough that she was nearly hanging off Lin Ming. Her curvaceous and luscious body melted onto his, and she constantly traced his arms.

Lin Ming ignored the girl's advances several times, but this young Fey girl was abnormally blind in her flirting. Lin Ming finally grew impatient. A cold light flashed in his eyes and infernal energy emitted from his body. The young Fey girl shook and scurried away, her eyes filling with fear and worry.

Within Skysplit Tower, as the lowest level of all martial artists, the young Fey girl was considered slightly better than a senior slave. Those like her could not even dare to provoke the challengers, which was why the young Fey girl was so terrified.

As Lin Ming saw this, he couldn't help but think of little Qing He. As he thought about the fate of these pitiful slaves, his heart softened. He said, ’’Continue speaking. This is for you.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he tossed over a small bag of Blood Demon Crystals.

The young Fey girl hesitated for a moment. Then, she bit her lips and slowly took the bag. As she weighed it in her hand, she feared that there were more than a dozen Blood Demon Crystals inside.

The young Fey girl continued to warily inform Lin Ming on the situation at Skysplit Tower, but this time she didn't dare to approach Lin Ming even a bit.

As the two reached the practice area, they opened the door, and within was a single transmission array.

The young Fey girl said, ’’Young Hero Lin, I can only bring you here. You can use the key to activate the transmission array. Then, you can enter your room. The room has layers upon layers of spells and array formations covering it;you do not need to worry that others will spy on you, so please rest assured.’’

’’Good.’’ Lin Ming nodded. He placed his key into the array formation, and with a white flash of light, he was suddenly in a dark room.

As he entered this room, the first feeling he felt was cold. There was extreme chilling energy here that made him feel incredibly creeped out.

The room was filled with a layer of misty black fog that wafted around. This was a rich infernal energy that had condensed into essence.

’’To think that the infernal energy in this room is rich to this degree. If a lower level martial artist were to come here, they would lose their mind. Even a Xiantian realm powerhouse would find their heart affected if they stayed here for too long!’’

The room was only 30 feet by 30 feet. There was a bed made from black rock and the only thing on it was a hard pillow. There weren't even any bedsheets;it was extremely depressing to see.

If an average person had to live in this environment for an entire month, they would probably descend into madness.

However, this couldn't be considered much to Lin Ming. A martial artist's seclusion was originally a lonely and devout path.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and then sat down on the bed. He pulled out the quasi Emperor battle array disc that recorded their battle.

He placed a Blood Demon Crystal in the array disc, and a series of phantom illusions beamed into the air.

Above the boundless jet black sea, the waves rolled and storms surged in the air. Two silhouettes were suspended high above the sea.

One wore a black cloak, and he held a long spear in his hand. This man was a Giant Demon.

As for his opponent, she was an ice cold beauty. She wore a black veil, and her two pointed ears peeked out from the sides. Her inky hair fell down like a waterfall, and shiny scales glimmered at the edges of her eyes. She was a Fey beauty.

’’Two great quasi Emperor masters!’’

Although Lin Ming couldn't see their cultivation in these phantom images, for some unknown reason, he actually felt somewhat scared. This was a fear that swelled up from the depths of his being!

’’A mere illusion can still retain such an aura, what would happen if it was the real person? This is also only at the quasi Emperor level. If it was the true Emperor level, a divine Sea Supreme Elder that had crossed Life Destruction seven or eight times, then what would that be like?’’

As Lin Ming thought out loud, he felt his blood boil with passion.


The Giant Demon was the first to make a move. He stabbed his spear out at the icy Fey beauty. The fierce combat had begun!

With Lin Ming's eyes, he was completely unable to track the movement of the battle. He could only see the sea's waves crash in massive tides, and the sky permeated with intense demonic essence. Sword and spear energies cut through the heavens and earth, and dark clouds roiled in the skies.

The space was disturbed. Visible ripples radiated out in the sky. From high above, it was like black flowers blooming in the air.

’’Mm? This is...’’

As Lin Ming glanced at the sea, he saw that the ripples had created a small vortex in the water. A massive amount of seawater was being swallowed up into this vortex and completely disappearing.

Was this... a space crack?

When Lin Ming had journeyed through the broken world, that entire world had decayed into fragments. That broken world had been flooded by a massive amount of seawater that came from the South Sea, and Lin Ming had also seen a number of similar vortexes there. If a martial artist ran into them, they would be directly ripped in half!

These space cracks hadn't been here before the two quasi Emperor level masters battled. If he wasn't wrong, then these space cracks were the result of intense true essence shockwaves and energy vortexes that tore apart space.

’’Just a fight between quasi Emperor level masters can create tears in space? What would happen in a battle between Emperor level masters?’’

Lin Ming exclaimed out. Over time, he found that these small vortexes in the ocean slowly shrunk until they finally disappeared.

’’Torn space cracks in a fight of quasi Emperors are only temporary. It seems like stable space has the ability to independently regenerate, unless it was like the disintegrating broken world in which the Demon God Imperial Palace was located. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been so easy for those Life Destruction Supreme Elders to create a space channel.’’

Lin Ming fully concentrated on the fight again, watching it over and over. No matter how many times he saw it, his current eye speed wasn't able to keep up with the speed of the two quasi Emperors' moves. However, these moves and martial skills weren't important to Lin Ming;what he wanted to experience were the Concepts and Laws!

’’The quasi Emperor Giant Demon's Concept seems to contain a desperate and frenetic strength. Just from looking at his spear moves, it feels like my own soul is breaking apart... maybe... is this the Concept of Annihilation?’’

Lin Ming was secretly surprised. These were just phantoms from a recording, and yet there was such a preeminent aura. If he was actually watching them fight, then he didn't know what sort of situation he would be in. This Concept of Annihilation was too terrifying. From just a glance, a martial artist with an infirm will would have their very souls destroyed.

’’The Fey woman seems to be using the Concept of Water and the Concept of Wind. Her moves are too fast;they leave one feeling as if space and time are in upheaval. I fear that her moves also contain the Concept of Time and the Concept of Space. The Fey are truly beloved by the natural Laws. This Fey woman understands too many Concepts. And, what is most terrifying Is that her mastery of these Concepts has reached a degree where she can freely use them and fuse them into her attacks. This is simply unbelievable!’’

This battle did not have an end. As the phantoms reached the white hot stage, they finally vanished, without showing who won or lost. Lin Ming thought this was a pity, but he had still gained a great deal of benefits from watching this. In particular, that Fey woman. Her understandings of wind, time and space seemed to raise a certain awareness in his heart.

This awareness combined with what Lin Ming had experienced as he traveled through the space channel to the Holy Demon Continent. He had a faint sense as if something was almost within reach, but he still couldn't touch it.

The power of space and time within that space channel echoed within Lin Ming's mind. At this time, time seemed to bend, and even Lin Ming's thoughts seemed to slow down. It was like a film was slowly playing in his mind.

Like this, Lin Ming became lost in thought as he unknowingly entered the ethereal martial intent state.

With the support of the ethereal martial intent, spiritual sense's concentration increased ten times over. Even his breathing seemed to fall into a vague state;there wasn't even a single sense of perception or leftover thought in his body.

A circle of black infernal energy gathered around Lin Ming, forming into a faint black fog. It quietly floated into Lin Ming's body. Without any external guidance, the infernal energy instinctively revolved in a nearly perfect route through Lin Ming.

Lin Ming had unconsciously reentered into a state of enlightenment. As he maintained this state, time seemed to pass by him. Unknown to him, several days passed...


Days later, at the second floor's arena -

’’Lan Xing, victory!’’ The black-clothed referee held up Lan Xing's hand. ’’This is a seven win streak as well as Lan Xing's seventh victory! If he continues winning and reaches a ten win streak, will these be the first slaughter points that he wins from the second floor? Does anyone else here dare to challenge Lan Xing?’’

The black-clothed referee's voice was filled with crazed passion.

’’This Lan Xing is too fierce. I said that he had the strength of a four-winged Heavenly Demon before, but it seems I've underestimated him. He might even have the strength of a four-winged back section Heavenly Demon!’’

There was an extremely long path from a four-winged Heavenly Demon to a six-winged Heavenly Demon. Thus, as the sixth set of wings of the Heavenly Demon Tattoo was being formed it would be divided into the front section, middle section, and back section.

’’It looks like Lan Xing will reach a ten win streak. The masters of the second floor won't stop him until he reaches that point.’’

’’Yes, this is what usually happens. It's rare to be able to raise such a fat sheep. Lan Xing will only be of value to those masters once he earns a ten win streak and some slaughter points.’’


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