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Martial World - Chapter 535


Martial World 535: Threat

’’These two rings are pretty good.’’ Lin Ming is checking Gu Yue

and Zha Na's Spatial Rings, is saying to himself.

The two spatial rings seem to have several hundred of middle grade Blood Demon Crystals, in addition, various Medicinal Pills and treasures but they are of low quality even thought they are numerous, at least they can be used by Lin Ming when he runs out of Blood Fiend Crystals making the situation less awkward.

’’Um? high grade Blood Demon Crystal?’’

Lin Ming puts out a rectangular jade box from Gu Yue spatial ring , inside the jade box is a bright red crystal glossy spar.

(TLN: Spar refers to mineralogy,

A high grade Blood Demon Crystal value is equal to 100 middle grade Blood Demon

Crystals, but there was only one inside the spatial ring belonging to Gu Yue.

Blood Demon Crystals and True Essence Stones is essentially the same, contained

within them are massive energies,energies that can be used to cultivate, but True Essence Stones can only be used to condense Yuan, but Blood Demon Crystals not only contains massively young origin energy qi, but also the demonic Qi , Can be used to refine and nourish the soul along with other multiple effects.

The Correct path for Martial Artists, they can use Blood Demon Crystal, no society dislike having formidable strength or vitality.

In addition to the scarcity of Blood Demon Crystals, causing the price of the Blood Demon Crystals to be much higher than it's counterpart, the True Essence Stone.

The High Grade Blood Demon Crystal in his hand, as Lin Ming starts to absorb the pure energy contained in it.

This high grade Blood Demon Crystal, even though it's value at a hundred middle grade Blood Demon Crystals, but blood demonic energy contained in it is equal as using 50 middle grade Blood Demon Crystals, which results in him wasting the other 50 middle grade Demon Blood Crystals.

Naturally, the higher the efficiency of the high grade blood demon, the better it will be for cultivation.

However he doesn't care losing the 50% efficiency, even if certain big sects young talents would cry, as this high grade Blood Demon Crystal was obtained from Gu Yue.

Lin Ming now, only seeks the efficiency, Blood Demon Crystal can be gained later, but time does not wait for him, he is thinking that he can leave early to the Xuan Wuji capital,returning to the southern Nanjiao territory.

That's where his fundation is.

The pure strength energy, Qi and vitality is drained from the High Grade Blood Demon Crystal as it enters into the body of Lin Ming, causing the crystal to dim and look gloomy.

In the Blood Slaughter Plains,the origin energy qi of fire is relatively thin,

however the Demonic Qi is actually incomparable rich, at this time,

repairing the Alchemy field with the «Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine

Manual», was slightly superior to the «Great Desolation Halberd manual».

(TLN: the raw says better/superior, but the MTL says inferior, so i chose to stick to the original raw)

The pure energy in the Blood Demon Crystal, with the Demonic Qi that the demon tattoo contains, was increase by Lin Ming's greed absorption rate. What «Great Desolation Halberd Manual»teaches is to kill and refine the Blood Drinking Seals.

In Lin Ming's meridians, the scalding hot energy is galloping, one

after another, converging inside his dantian, forming the billowing real origin

energy qi spin.

In this process, Lin Ming's soul and ** have been nourished.

(TLN: not sure to what the ** refers, it appears both the raw and the MTL versions i've found)

Various cultivation technique have their own advantages and disadvantages,

such as the general right way to go after the correct path cultivation which is the body, then it tends to focus on practicing the soul.

But the Demons cultivation path is to first strengthen the demonic Qi and blood by battle.

Only by practicing «Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Manual», it can

only the fire Qi, the path is also thesole origin energy cultivation method, in the future after achieving the Life Destruction cycle, making it weak and frail, thus the strength gained will be limited.

If one can supplement it by using the «Great Desolation Halberd

Manual», then the strength gained will be increased when compare to practicing one sole cultivation path.

This truth is known to many, however that doesn't mean that a big sect can raise someone like Lin Ming, there are many cultivation techniques to choose from. One must know that Lei Jing was young initially, but when he hit a bottleneck from the «Ancient Demon Scroll», he did not hesitate from the danger that could come at the risk of shame and ruin for him and the South Sea Demon Territory.

Lin Ming keep practicing, not knowing how much time has gone by, he opens his eyes and looks at the lamp on the table, the candle has been extinguished, seems like it's daybreak already.

He stood up, his whole body has a crackling sound, the sound is very crisp, the high grade Blood Demon Crystal has been almost completely drained leaving very little energy in it, his body is all sticky from sweating, there's some blood smell in the sweat.

In regards to his dantian, his cultivation has almost reached the peak of the early Xiantian stage.

’’Stuck before reaching the early peak Xiantian stage for several months, not knowing at what time i can break through the Middle Xiantian Stage, practicing the devil path is faster than the correct path, if I can break through the Revolving Core realm before 22 years old, Lin Ming doesn't know what is awaiting him when competing against the Life Destruction powerhouse old codgers, he takes a bath, suddenly there's a noise, he goes to the door, he opens it gently.

(TLN: by correct path he means the righteous path)

Outside the hall, a beatiful little girl leaning against the door, dozing off bit by bit, because of the extreme weariness, she fell asleep standing.


’’I’’ the little girl was scared, waking up instantly

Wan'er looks like a child who did something wrong.

’’Why do you stand there and did not go to sleep?’’

Wan'er replies instantly ’’ i was guarding the entrance’’

Lin Ming was speechless, it never occurred to him that Wan'er would stay there the whole night, making her legs be swollen.

However this is also the fate of a female servant, a lot of the maids that belong to a rich family, are put to guard their master/family in wait of their needs during the night, if they are summoned they must rush to the chamber and pour water, if the maid/servant falls asleep she will be punished by being slapped, but the female servants as they get older they are abused by the concubines.

Wan'er this is her first night standing watch,she fell asleep giving a bad performance, therefore she's in panic.

’’You can go to sleep.’’

Lin Ming sighed llightly, he thought about buying Wan'er freedom, but forgets this is Polar Star City.

Her body is attractive, if given any wealth she might occur a calamity if anyone finds out, Lin Ming taking her is also impossible since this is a dangerous place, where one cannot divert their attention on protecting yourself.

’’I’’ Wan'er says.

’’Go to sleep.’’ Lin Ming tone can not be refused, Wan'er bows and ask to be excused.

Lin Ming didn't climb to the second floor, he plans to cultivate to the early peak Xiantian Stage first, as he's not far from reaching it.

This way, Lin Ming food and lodging in this Martial Arts Inn, is taken care of.

Wan'er usually washes his clothes, in a flash 15 days passed by, Lin Ming finally reached the Early Peak Xiantian Stage, in this moment he separates from Wan'er.

(TLN: he's like i'm outta here bitches, thanks for the free stuff).

Lin ming left the Inn, he wants to go to the second floor of the Skysplit Tower.

The martial Artists of the first and second floor have a huge disparity on their strength, Gu Yue strength equal the bottom of the chain on the second floor.

The first floor of the Skysplit Tower has tens of thousands of martial artist, while the second floor has only a few thousand, making the difference 10 times, it might be said that the hidden dragons and crouching tigers live here, even if one was a saint level talent, they wouldn't disclose it publicly, they refuse fighting martial artist of the same stage/realm, saying that anyone can be an emperor in the future, why should they risk their emperor seats.

15 days have gone by, Lin Ming and Xu Yan are here, heading towards the second floor of the Skysplit Tower, he was told about a custom indicating that anyone who came from the first floor cannot leave by their own, only those have live in the second floor and up can leave as they want, once you violate that custom, they will be chased down by the law enforcement team and killed.

According to the introduction of Xu Yan, Lin Min moves towards the second floor entrance, because of being early in the morning only one of the 2 entrances are open.

A solitary gray limestone table is in front of Lin Ming, on top of the table there's a small transmission array, as long as you place the second floor token, you can enter the second part of the entrance towards the second floor.

Lin Ming takes out his pass from the spatial ring, at this moment he felt a murderous killing intent that has locked on him, Lin Ming is wondering who this killing intent belongs to.

Empty silence for a moment, a hoarse laughter sounds ’’Hey brat, you're very sensitive to flattery’’. Next to Lin Ming body, a high and a short figures appear wearing a black cloak.

The short figure, is a dwarf demon, his face wrinkled like a crumpled walnut, his eyes are dim, hard to imagine that this dwarf demon is only a youth.

As for the tall figure, his whole body is dark like a piece of carbon, he was born in the barbarian trib, he's observing Lin Ming, as if he was his next prey.

Lin Ming is touching his spatial ring, he's unable to tell the cultivation level of those 2 black figures, but can faintly feel their demonic Qi and he's sure that they are much more formidable than Gu Yue.

’’Hey no need to be nervous, we are warriors on the second floor, rest assured, we will not kill you, because the rules doesn't allow it.

(TLN: he's talking about killing in the open, unlike the arena which doesn't care of the result of the battle)

When comparing Lin Ming, he's obviously more formidable than Gu Yue, which seems very normal for the second floor.

What are the two of you looking for?

’’We want to find you to help us a little bit.’’ the black cloaked Dwarf said, even his tongue is black, it looks like the tongue of a toad.

’’Sorry, not interested!’’ Lin Ming turns them down, with a cold voice.

’’Hey, reconsider it, otherwise you will definitely regret it.’’ says the Black cape Dwarf Demon, with confidence, saying as a Array disk is rotating midair,an image flashes, in the picture it shows the inn where Lin Ming stayed.

’’Um?’’ Lin Ming is slightly startled as it's the first time he sees such a strange type of floating array disk.

Among the images, Lin Ming saw Wang Dong's Xu Yan, he's gotten out of bed and is washing Wei Niang, she was washing her clothes, Wan'er was preparing to sleep.

(TLN: i know it doesn't all make sense, but this is what the raw and MTL versions i found say more or less)

But at this moment, a strange grey energy enveloped the Martial Artist Inn, as if their soul was lost, Wei Niang and Wan'er fell down unconscious, Xu Yan is resisting, but he eventually losses Consciousness.

It's a spirit attack !

Lin Ming face sank, ’’What do you want?’’


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