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Martial World - Chapter 532


Chapter 532 - Unchallenged




In that split second after the divine Demon Steel Needle pierced Gu Yue's throat, it instantly returned to Lin Ming. Gu Yue blankly stared at the burning black sun in front of him, his vision beginning to fade away.

’’You... me... let's die... together...’’


Before he could finish he words, the burning black sun was sliced apart by dozens of streaking red lights. The rest of the impact force was sucked into the swirling vortex formed by the Blood Drinking Seals, and the power of the burning sun was completely suppressed by the crimson light.

’’Sorry, but I have no plans on dying together with you.’’

Lin Ming waved his hand, and all of the Blood Drinking Seals flew back into him, discreetly hiding themselves.

Gu Yue supported himself with his claymore as his other hand held his throat together. Blood poured out like a waterfall as he stubbornly glared at Lin Ming, his eyes full of unwillingness and despair. ’’How could you... break it... so easily... how...’’

Gu Yue's voice was hoarse and choking. The vocal chords in his throat had been torn apart. If a human's throat was pierced, they would perish in several breaths of time. The bodies of Giant Demons were truly resilient.

In the arena, the previously shouting crowd collectively gasped. The seductive Fey women that were waving their bellybands around had their hands hanging by their sides. Those Giant Demons that had been convinced that Lin Ming would lose all had their mouths hanging open.

Gu Yue was also defeated!

Black Sun Shining Sky had been instantly broken. How could this human boy possibly have defeated Gu Yue in a frontal collision? Just what sort of monstrous freak was he!?

’’What was that purple light that pierced Gu Yue's throat?’’

’’It was too fast... I wasn't able to see it clearly...’’ In the arena, all of the people of various races discussed this. When they looked at Lin Ming, their eyes held a trace of fear.

In Polaris City, humans and Ferals were often looked at with contempt. This was because they were weak. But, the truly strong and formidable humans were equally dreaded by all the other races.

In Polaris City, strength was the highest law.


Gu Yue fell face down onto the floor, splashing puddle of blood as he fell.

Lin Ming flicked his finger and the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder flew out. All of Gu Yue's blood essence was absorbed and slowly turned into a Blood Drinking Seal.

’’That's it!’’ A Fey youth's eyes flashed with light. ’’Just then, those red seals are what cut open Black Sun Shining Sky!’’

Although the Blood Drinking Seals were fast, they couldn't avoid the eyes of some masters.

If it was found out then so be it. Lin Ming hadn't been able to defeat Gu Yue with just the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder, thus he could only expose his Blood Drinking Seals and divine Demon Thunder Soul.

However, all of this was just a tiny portion of Lin Ming's true strength.

Lin Ming wasn't arrogant enough to say that he was invincible within Skysplit Tower. He had to be cautious. The higher he went, the more masters he would encounter.

In the future, there wouldn't be any martial artists that would issue a challenge if they knew they were just walking to their deaths. If a martial artist did, they that meant they had the confidence they could win.

At this time, once all of one's moves were discovered and the limit of their strength was seen, then their death wouldn't be too far off.

After withdrawing the Blood Drinking Seals, Gu Yue's infernal energy turned into a burning hot heat that sunk into Lin Ming's body, spreading through all of his meridians. Soon, those maddening and bloodthirsty desires attempted to invade Lin Ming's mind once again.

But this time Lin Ming was prepared. He closed his eyes for a time. Once he opened them, his eyes were pure and bright once more.

Several male slaves scurried over to recover Gu Yue's corpse. They left behind Gu Yue's spatial ring for Lin Ming. Lin Ming didn't even glance at it before putting it away.

’’Next, is there anyone willing to fight?’’

After Lin Ming won another battle, he asked this question again. But no one in the arena dared to answer him.

’’This boy is too arrogant!’’ A Giant Demon spat out as he clenched his jaws. But, they only spoke. None of them dared to step onstage.

Gu Yue, who had just died, was stronger than Zha Na. Even amongst the first group he was ranked near the top. However, even this character had been quickly dispatched by Lin Ming. So who would still dare to challenge Lin Ming?

Even the usually insidious and avaricious Imps were looking at Lin Ming with fear and hate in their eyes. Some of them felt uncomfortable and quickly left. But there were many Fey women that looked at Lin Ming with interest. There were some that even batted their eyes at him and were sending him flirtatious signals.

The entire arena had been muted. Of the over 10 thousand martial artists, none of them dared to fight.

A human martial artist stared at Lin Ming onstage, a complex expression on his face. A stirring emotion filled his heart as he said, ’’It's a complete blowout...’’

’’ Skysplit Tower, it's been over ten years since a human has caused a complete blowout...’’

This so-called blowout was when no one dared to challenge a martial artist in the arena. This sort of situation usually only happened with the Giant Demons and the Fey.

Every level of Skysplit Tower had certain requirements for a martial artist's cultivation. The martial artists that had a higher cultivation had to go to a higher level of Skysplit Tower. Therefore, those martial artists that were able to cause a complete blowout amongst those at their cultivation level had to be the most supreme of talents. To humans, this was far too difficult. Even Saint level talents weren't enough.

’’This is incredible. I have no idea what sect he's from. This sort of talent, as long as he doesn't perish, will absolutely become a Peerless Emperor!’’

'It's best if we don't involve ourselves with this sort of matter. There are martial artists that don't like to reveal their origin.’’


Time slowly passed. During the pregnant silence of the arena, a formal looking blue-skinned middle-aged man stepped onto the stage. He calmly proclaimed, ’’In half an incense stick of time, no one has come up to challenge. This is a complete blowout!’’

’’Congratulations. With this trial, you have earned the right to enter the second level of Skysplit Tower, an Invincible Glory Emblem, as well as 10 slaughter points.’’

’’Invincible Glory Emblem? Slaughter points?’’ Lin Ming's eyebrows rose. He knew very few of Skysplit Tower's rules;this was his first time hearing about these things.

The blue-skinned man smiled. He could already tell that Lin Ming was unfamiliar with the customs and rules of Polaris City. Really, just where had this young man come from?

He continued to explain, ’’In Skysplit Tower, every martial artist has a corresponding authority. A normal martial artist only has an authority rank of one star. Every time you obtain a Glory Emblem, your authority will rise by another star. The highest is 12 stars. For instance, you currently have a two star authority rank. On all of Skysplit Tower's expenses, you may receive a 5% discount. As your authority increases, so will the benefits you receive. There are many areas in Skysplit Tower that you can't enter if your authority isn't high enough.’’

’’Mm? What sort of places?’’

The blue-skinned man mysteriously smiled and said, ’’For example, there are special auctions, or special cultivation areas and treasures...’’

’’Cultivation areas?’’ Lin Ming's mind stirred. After practicing martial arts for so many years, he was fully aware of just how important one's cultivation place was. Back when he had cultivated at the Seven Profound Martial House, his experience was completely different after using the seven great killing arrays there.

Of course, the difference between the Seven Profound Martial House and Skysplit Tower was like the heavens and earth. The Skysplit Tower was a source of infernal energy in the Blood Slaughter Steppes, and also contained strange laws that even Emperor level powerhouses weren't able to break through. The quality of these cultivation areas could be imagined!

’’What sort of Glory Emblems are there?’’ Lin Ming asked. He was very interested in these cultivation areas.

’’There are many of them. Besides the Invincible Emblem, there is the 100 Victory Emblem, 1000 Killer Emblem, Destructor Emblem, Lord Emblem, and so on...’’

Lin Ming wasn't clear was the so-called Destructor Emblem and the others were. He asked, ’’What are slaughter points? What are they used for?’’

’’Slaughter points can be used to purchase special things. For instance, when I previously mentioned cultivation spaces, those spaces require not just authority, but one also needs to pay Blood Demon Crystals and slaughter points in order to enter. Also, for certain specialized auction houses, there are certain goods that can only be purchased with slaughter points.’’ The blue-skinned man patiently explained to Lin Ming.

’’Understood. When I entered Skysplit Tower, I heard that strength was the only rule here. But you just spoke about so many different rules. Were these rules of Skysplit Tower already established since long ago, or were they developed by individuals?’’

The blue-skinned man smiled and said, ’’Some of these rules were naturally written by others. But, it is exactly because they are strong that they are able to maintain these rules. The reason that these rules still exist is because the one who maintains them is the Ten Winged Lord.’’

’’Ten Winged Lord? Not twelve wings?’’

’’You don't have to worry about these things. When you arrive at that level, you will know.’’ The blue-skinned man was silent after he spoke.

Lin Ming had to give up on his questions. He took the emblem from the blue-skinned man - this was the Glory Emblem. After he thanked the man, he walked down the arena stage steps.

Wherever Lin Ming walked, the crowd would naturally part in front of him. No one dared to block his path. Several Fey women actually coyly blinked at Lin Ming, but as they saw that he didn't even look their way, they only gave a snappy humph.

Lin Ming didn't bother with them. He walked towards the exit. Now that there wasn't any problem with him entering the second floor, he just wanted to find a place to rest and refine the infernal energy within his dantian.

’’Greetings, Brother!’’

As Lin Ming reached the exit, a human martial artist called out to him.

As he turned around, he saw that this martial artist that called out to him was one of the human martial artists that was being forced away by Zha Na.

As they saw Lin Ming look over to them, they awkwardly smiled. Compared to Lin Ming, they were a bit ashamed by their actions.

The human martial artist at the front cleared his throat and said, ’’I thought that fellow brother is not too familiar with Skysplit Tower. If you don't mind, then you're welcome to come with us. I'll take you to find a quiet place where you can stay, and also give you an introduction to Skysplit Tower's rules. How about it...?’’

Lin Ming thought about it for a moment and then simply agreed. If he had a guide then things would be much easier.

’’Then I'll have to trouble you.’’

’’Haha, Brother is too polite. The ones that should be saying thanks are us. You have really regained the pride of the humans in Skysplit Tower. You might not know, but usually humans don't come to the arena. If it wasn't for you appearing today, then we might have been in danger. Even if we left safely, we would still have been humiliated.’’ The human martial artist sighed from the heart. The arena was truly the world of Giant Demons and Fey. When humans came, they would be under an unimaginable amount of pressure.

Not just that, but there were many places in Skysplit Tower where killing was not forbidden. In this case, one had to sleep with their eyes open and be on full alert at all times. The burden this placed on a martial artist was immense.


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