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Martial World - Chapter 530


Chapter 530 - First Victory

’’Kill! Kill! Kill!’’

Skysplit Tower echoed with this thunderous cry. It was easy for the major races to form opposing factions, especially since humans and Giant Demons were mortal enemies;it was normal for them to target each other in the arena. However, in most cases, it was the human side that was defeated.

This was because the humans in the Heavenly Demon Cities were weak on an individual level, and there were also far fewer of them than the Giant Demons.

It was true that the population of humans far surpassed all others on the Holy Demon Continent. But among the humans, there were fewer that walked the killing path, and their talent was also relatively lower. Thus, there weren't too many human martial artists that ventured to Polaris City.

On the other hand, not only was the Giant Demon race filled with geniuses, but the vast majority of them chose the killing path. Thus, a massive amount of outstanding Giant Demon youths existed in Polaris City.

Because of these reasons, humans in Polaris City were in a naturally weaker position with no status at all.

As for the Ferals, they weren't much better than the humans. They were naturally slow and lacking in perception, so no matter what cultivation method they practiced it was less effective. So, there were fewer Feral talents, and less that walked the killing path.

It could be said that beside Polaris City, the other Heavenly Demon Cities were all the worlds of the Giant Demons. Besides the Giant Demons, Imps also accounted for a small role. As for the Fey, there were few of them, but by virtue of their formidable individual strength, no one dared to provoke them. Even the arrogant and mouthy Giant Demons didn't dare to spout nonsense in front of the Fey. A truly powerful Fey was ruthless to the point of eating others without spitting bones.

’’Just too weak.’’ At this time, several beautiful Fey women were merrily laughing in the stands. It seemed as if they enjoyed this blood and slaughter filled Skysplit Tower.

Now, even the usually impulsive and hot-tempered Feral martial artists could only patiently endure this insult. None of them jumped onstage to confront Zha Na. Zha Na was among the strongest of the strong of Skysplit Tower's first level. Although these Ferals had inferior perception, they weren't stupid. They knew when they could fight and when they couldn't, otherwise they wouldn't have lived up to now.

’’Let's go.’’ Several human martial artists couldn't withstand the pressure and wanted to leave the arena.

’’Ugh, they really are useless. They can't even withstand this sort of pressure, and yet they still say they want to walk the killing path? F*ck off and scurry home!’’ Zha Na loudly ridiculed.

The group of human martial artists turned red, and they all clenched their fists. A smaller human martial artist in his twenties almost couldn't stand the repeated insults and was about to jump up onstage himself.

’’Don't be reckless!’’ An older, black-clothed martial artist pushed down that smaller martial artist's hands.

’’Hey, boy, do you have the balls to come up?’’ Zha Na gloated.

At this moment, Lin Ming calmly stood up. He said, ’’I'll come.’’

The first floor of Skysplit Tower was very ordinary in terms of strength. Lin Ming wanted to pass it quickly, he didn't want to get caught up here for any longer than he needed. His figure flashed and he flew onstage.

As the several human martial artists finally saw their fellow comrade enter the stage, they were happy. But, as they discovered Lin Ming's cultivation, all of them were stunned. That excitement and happiness also sunk into a deep gloominess.

’’Early Xiantian realm...’’

Although they could see that Lin Ming's true essence was pure and thick, far exceeding that of any other early Xiantian realm martial artist, the fact was that his cultivation was too low. Between humans and Giant Demons, even when humans were at the same realm or a bit higher than a Giant Demon, they would still be weaker. Much less, Lin Ming's cultivation was lower than his opponent's.

’’This...’’ A human martial artist's complexion turned ugly, he didn't know what to say. Lin Ming had a good future, but now that he acted this time, he had presented himself to the slaughter. This meaningless death would only allow the Giant Demons to laugh at them more.

As they expected, as the Giant Demons and Imps saw Lin Ming jump onstage, they were stunned at first and then they all immediately burst into laughter.

’’There aren't any humans left? They actually let a little baby come up?’’

’’Haha, early Xiantian realm, I'm not wrong! He isn't even enough to use as a toothpick!’’

’’Yo! That boy is a se*y little looker! It would be such a pity if he died. Come to big sister here, this big sister will take great care of you.’’ A curved and charming Fey woman giggled. In Polaris City, even if one were a human martial artist, they would usually be bloodthirsty and vicious;there were very few that were handsome.

On the stage, Lin Ming turned a deaf ear to these comments.

Zha Na crossed his arms across his chest and looked at Lin Ming with relish in his eyes. ’’Hehe, in Polaris City, there are plenty of idiots that bite off more than they can chew, but I haven't seen someone as stupid as you. An early Xiantian boy thinks that he can challenge me? Is this your first time out of your sect? Do you think that all the other martial artists here are the same as the garbage in your sect, the type that you can jump realms to defeat?’’

Lin Ming impatiently looked at Zha Na and asked, ’’Are you here to fight or are you going to continue blabbering?’’

As soon as Zha Na heard Lin Ming's words, he scowled. His eyes flashed with killing intent as he said to Lin Ming, ’’Arrogant little boy, you don't know what it means to die! I'll deliver you to hell!’’

Zha Na suddenly flourished a large axe and chopped down on Lin Ming.

The majesty of the axe combined with the roiling demon essence behind it. It was similar to a roaring ancient vicious beast, blowing in the wind. As Lin Ming stood there, he could faintly hear the screeching of countless souls within the demon essence.

Lin Ming traced his spatial ring, and the Purple Comet Spear appeared. A flashing red thunder crackled atop the spearpoint.

’’Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder!’’


The red thunder light was like a crimson python that shot towards Zha Na. The power of thunder was particularly potent at annihilating ghosts and demons. After the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder collided with the dark clouds of demon essence, it was like a red-hot iron rod that was inserted into snow. There was a 'chi chi chi' sound as the clouds of demon essence rapidly melted away.


Zha Na was shocked. He thought that he would be able to split Lin Ming in two with a single strike, but he never imagined that he would be the one that was suppressed.

’’Ghost Shadow Cut!’’

As Zha Na saw the massive crimson python rush towards him, his eyes flashed with a grim light. He chopped his axe down at the python's head.


Zha Na's arms were shocked numb. He instantly drew back, the blood in his body swelling. He had barely managed to force back the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder, and at this moment, his mind filled with panic and fear.

How could this boy possibly be so strong!?

In that split second, Lin Ming didn't give Zha Na the chance to recover. He instantly stepped forwards, his momentum exploding. He attacked with the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder again!

He wanted to stay at the top of Skysplit Tower for a long time. In the future, he would face all sorts of opponents. If his moves were all revealed, then he would naturally be in a much more dangerous situation. Thus, he repeatedly used the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder. The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder was originally a power of thunder biased towards the demonic path;it was good for supplementing demonic cultivation methods. At this time, it was especially suitable.

’’F*ck off!’’

Zha Na roared. Both of his eyes were red and crazed. He grabbed his axe with two hands, and chopped down at Lin Ming.

But at this time, Lin Ming's form trembled and faded away. 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void' was displayed, and he dodged this attack with a speed like ghosts and demons.


Behind Lin Ming, the gray stone tiles burst apart. Underneath these tiles was a layer of thick darksteel that was supported by an array formation. As this axe attack cut down, it left shallow marks on the surface.

’’This boy is tough to deal with!’’

After his attack failed, Zha Na's figure also flashed away. But, he wasn't able to dodge Lin Ming's spear.

The spear light swept out. The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder chased after Zha Na, shooting towards him.

Zha Na roared and punched at the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder. There was an explosion as the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder burst apart. But Zha Na's entire body was paralyzed, and his fist was charred black.


Lin Ming's spear sunk in, directly piercing towards Zha Na's heart. The Giant Demon race's demon crystal was located exactly in their heart!

’’Ahhhh!’’ Zha Na's eyes were bloodshot. Facing the imminent threat of death, he erupted with 120% of his strength. He savagely bit down on his tongue, using the pain to rid himself of his paralysis. Then, he grabbed onto the Purple Comet Spear, wanting to lock it between his hands.

But just as he touched the Purple Comet Spear, an azure true essence burst out. The power of vibration was like a tidal wave as it crashed into Zha Na's arm, directly shattering it!


The Purple Comet Spear easily pierced through Zha Na's heart. The spear passed through his body, and blood shot out from his back into the wind!

As soon as the spear thrust through Zha Na's vital point, Lin Ming mercilessly finished the job. He twisted the long spear, shattering Zha Na's demon crystal to pieces!

Zha Na's body shook and he glared at Lin Ming. As he looked at Lin Ming with disbelief, the life faded from his bloodshot eyes.

From the start of the battle until Zha Na's death, only four or five breaths of time had passed. Currently, all of the Giant Demons and Fey that had been laughing and mocking had frozen in place.

Zha Na died!?

Zha Na, whose strength was among the highest of the high within the entire first floor of Skysplit Tower, had died, and he had also died at the hands of an early Xiantian realm human martial artist...

The entire arena was utterly silent. All of those human martial artists that felt pity and regret for Lin Ming had their mouths fall wide open, to the point where an egg could fit inside. This 20 some year old youth had actually defeated Zha Na?

The vast gap that existed between martial artists of humans and Giant Demons had long since been deeply ingrained in these people's hearts. Although they didn't want to admit it, they had no choice but to acknowledge the truth.

They stared at Zha Na's corpse as it hung on Lin Ming's spear. From Zha Na's back, blood still bubbled out...


A misty fog burst out from Zha Na's corpse, flying into Lin Ming's hand where it rapidly condensed into a Blood Drinking Seal, and then immediately vanished.

As for Zha Na's corpse, it quickly withered away until it became a desiccated mummy. Then Lin Ming tossed it away like a broken sack.

'This Zha Na was truly an outstanding youth amongst the Giant Demons. His blood vitality is incomparably strong, it's perfect to create a Blood Drinking Seal from.'

After killing someone and sucking away their blood, there was no change of expression on Lin Ming's face. He turned, his eyes sweeping the arena as he clearly said, ’’Who's next?’’

'This boy!'

All of the Giant Demon martial artists' expressions towards Lin Ming had changed. He had used just four or five breaths of time to defeat Zha Na. Now no one dared to underestimate him anymore.

The Fey woman that had teased Lin Ming suppressed her stunning smile. ’’He actually practices a blood absorbing cultivation method. It could be considered the demonic path within demonic paths, the true killing road amongst killing roads. This little fellow looks like a cute harmless animal, but I never imagined he would practice a cruel cultivation method like this! I was almost fooled by his appearance.’’

The Fey woman was a bit scared. If she really did try to tempt Lin Ming so she could suck up his yang essence, then she might have been the one to be eaten without a single bone left.


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