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Martial World - Chapter 519


Chapter 519 - Blooming Blood




Lin Ming's tent was located in a very obscure corner of the Silent Green Tribe. After the two Giant Demons were killed, it wasn't immediately discovered. Lin Ming was extremely fast. In just a few breaths of time, he was able to rush to the slave registration office.

It was exactly here that the scar-faced Giant Demon who had taken Lin Ming's spatial ring worked. With his character, how could he possibly swallow such a humiliating insult? Not to mention that the spatial ring had been a gift to him from Mu Qianyu.

Within the slave registration office, the scar-faced Giant Demon was leaning back in his chair, still unaware of anything that had happened. He was looking at the body of a female martial artist slave with lidded eyes.

This female martial artist slave looked around 24 or 25 years old and was exquisitely beautiful. Facing this fearful looking scar-faced Giant Demon, her face was wan. She was only at the late Pulse Condensation period. Compared to the scar-faced Giant Demon, her strength was lacking by far.

’’You... don't go too far!’’ The woman said.

’’Humph! You had better be careful about what you say. I'm not afraid to tell you that in the future, you'll be going to mine ancient Blood Demon Crystal ore with your little brother. In the mines, there are countless dangers. There are some places where you will be knocking on death's door! I am the one who will decide your work plans. If you don't want you and your little brother to be sent to your deaths, then you'd best be a good little girl!’’

The woman's face flushed red with humiliation. She clenched her teeth and took off her spatial ring, tossing it over to the scar-faced Giant Demon.

’’That's right.’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon licked his lips. In truth, he didn't really care about the spatial ring of a mere Pulse Condensation period martial artist. He just took pleasure in the feeling of playing with others.

The scar-faced Giant Demon took the spatial ring and swept through it with his mind;it really was lacking. Nothing inside entered into the scar-faced Giant Demon's eyes.

’’There's nothing good in here!’’

The woman's face turned a shade of blue. She bit her lips, forcing back the swelling anger in her heart. ’’Since you haven't taken a liking to anything inside, give it back to me!’’

’’Haha, wait a little. This isn't too bad...’’

The scar-faced Giant Demon obscenely smiled. He traced the spatial ring and actually took out a pink colored bellyband. He played with it in his hands, ’’This is great!’’

’’You! You scum!’’ The woman couldn't bear the anger in her heart anymore. She took out a low-grade human-step longsword and stabbed towards the scar-faced Giant Demon.

The scar-faced Giant Demon's expression turned cold. ’’You really don't care for face. Just who do you think you are!?’’

The scar-faced Giant Demon reached out his hand and directly caught the woman's long sword in his hand. He forcefully gripped down and with a 'kakaka' sound, the low-grade human-step treasure sword was slowly twisted like an iron bar. Then, he grinned demonically and grabbed the collar of the woman, tossing her to the ground.

’’Humph! You have nothing that interests me, but, I am a little bit interested in you. If you're smart, then follow me for a few nights. If you make me happy, then I might give you and your little brother a good job! Hehe!’’

The scar-faced Giant Demon greedily stared at the woman's beautiful and buxom body. The Giant Demon race practiced a variety of devil arts. They liked to slaughter, and they liked the obscene. Their desire towards beautiful human women even surpassed their desire towards the women of their own Giant Demon race. This was one of the reasons so many humans had been born with the Giant Demon bloodline.

The woman glared at the scar-faced Giant Demon with loathing in her eyes. She spat out a glob of blood.


’’F*ck! You don't know what's good for you. This father’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon was just about to punish her when he suddenly stiffened. He looked up. Around 50 feet away, there was a youth looking at him with cold indifference.

’’You?’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon had a very deep impression of Lin Ming. He wasn't happy that his good fun had been spoiled. ’’What the f*ck are you here for? Get out of here!’’

’’I'm here to take back my spatial ring. My low-grade earth-step spatial ring...’’ Lin Ming slowly said. His eyes were like sharp daggers that pierced through the scar-faced Giant Demon.

As soon as the scar-faced Giant Demon heard this, his complexion changed. This boy! He clearly knew what rank his spatial ring was, but yet he had been playing the fool! A dark uneasy feeling inexplicably rose in his mind. He instantly thought to murder Lin Ming and cover his steps. The scar-faced giant Demon growled, ’’I don't know what you're talking about. I think you want to die!’’

’’The one dying will be you, not me. Not only am I going to take back my spatial ring, but I'll also take a bit of interest. That interest is... your life!’’

’’F*ck! I will flay you alive!’’

The scar-faced Giant Demon took out a long-handled axe from his spatial ring. He stepped forwards, rushing towards Lin Ming!

Facing this scar-faced Giant Demon, Lin Ming only punched out.

Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!

His bare fist collided with the low-grade earth-step treasure axe!

The scar-faced Giant Demon grinned as his saw this. As for the girl that had fallen to the ground, she covered her mouth and cried out in alarm! She could already see the fate of Lin Ming's fist. His hand would be split apart and smashed in half!


Lin Ming's solid fist struck the axe. The axe had a three foot long blade edge, and was several thousand jins heavy. However, after Lin Ming punched it, an unimaginable sight happened. There was a loud crashing noise, and the long-handled axe directly burst apart, turning into countless fragments of metal that flew out!

As for Lin Ming's fist, it remained unchanged after breaking apart the axe. His fist impacted the scar-faced Giant Demon's chest!


Muscles burst. Ribs collapsed. Lin Ming's fist penetrated through the scar-faced Giant Demon's chest, piercing all the way through his lungs!

’’You... you...’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon's blue face was twisted in agony. He looked at the broken axe in his hand with disbelief. He couldn't believe what had just happened. A single punch had broken apart his low-grade earth-step treasure... was this even the power of mankind?

Plop! Plop!

Blood trickled down Lin Ming's elbow, dripping to the floor. It was especially loud in the near-silence. The scar-faced Giant Demon's lips twitched. His face twisted as he tried to clutch Lin Ming's shoulder with a trembling hand.

As he looked at Lin Ming, his expression slowly turned from shock to fear. It was as if some demon from hell had appeared before him.

’’No... no...’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon was terrified. He could feel that Lin Ming's hand had passed through his lung, and was now gripping onto his beating heart!

’’No... don't kill me, I was wrong... I beg you... I will give you all my belongings. I've hidden them away. If you kill me then you can't obtain them...’’ Sweat rolled down the scar-faced Giant Demon's forehead. His voice shook. As he spoke, blood constantly flowed down the edges of his lips.

Lin Ming sneered. His eyes and voice were merciless as he said, ’’I have no interest in your things.’’


Lin Ming clenched his fist. The scar-faced Giant Demon's heart exploded in a pile of broken meat.


The scar-faced Giant Demon howled miserably. A massive amount of blood gushed out from his chest, spraying onto Lin Ming and completely dyeing him in a deep blood-red.

The Giant Demon fell to the floor. As for Lin Ming, he took back his hand, his expression unchanged. His hand was covered in crushed meat and blood;it was dazzlingly red.

As the woman saw this, she was stunned dizzy. What she had just seen was like a dream. This boy had destroyed an earth-step weapon unarmed, and had also used a single fist to kill the scar-faced Giant Demon! But, this youth only looked to be around 20 years old. From his appearance, he was likely younger than her!

Who was he? Why did he come here?

At this moment, the woman no longer had time to think. Outside of the tent, there was a series of loud noises and footsteps. A group of Demon Generals and Demon Soldier rank Giant Demons rushed in. ’’Who is causing all this trouble!?’’

The head of these guards was a four star Demon General. After he rushed, he saw the scar-faced Giant Demon on the ground who had died pitifully from having his heart crushed. His anger surged. Someone had actually dared to come in here and kill the Giant Demon who managed this place!

The guard leader's eyes were red with rage as he looked at Lin Ming. He released his perception and looked at Lin Ming's dantian, immediately investigating his cultivation. An early Xiantian martial artist. He was surprised that an early Xiantian martial artist could instantly kill the scar-faced Giant Demon, but he didn't think that this man had even the slightest chance of surviving any longer.

Because this guard leader could easily kill a middle Xiantian realm human martial artist.

He looked at Lin Ming as if he were watching a dead man. But once Lin Ming fell in his hands, his death wouldn't come so easily.

’’Hold him down! Slice apart his tendons but do not kill him! We must bring him back for his death sentence!’’

Five one star Demon Generals rushed at Lin Ming, surrounding him. Lin Ming didn't take out a weapon. He only reached out a hand towards the scar-faced Giant Demon's corpse.


The corpse exploded, and a thick cloud of bloody mist burst out, immediately condensing into a Blood Drinking Seal. With a swishing sound, the Blood Drinking Seal instantly pierced through the five Giant Demons' bodies. These Giant Demons exploded in a cloud of blood all at once!

Blood essence filled the air, gathering into new Blood Drinking Seals!

In the blink of an eye, five Blood Drinking Seals appeared in Lin Ming's palm. These Five Blood Drinking Seals were like beautiful flower petals that danced in his hand, slowly and silently revolving. Five Giant Demons had just died. But as for Lin Ming, he hadn't moved a single step. It was as if the one who had killed them wasn't him.

The guard leader was completely shocked at this startling scene. He froze up in a cold sweat. He firmly grasped the handle of his saber, but didn't dare to make a move. He felt as if this wasn't a youth in front of him, but rather a god of death. Fear filled the guard leader's heart.

’’You... just who... who are you?’’

Lin Ming remained expressionless. The five fingers of his right hand suddenly sprung wide open!

Pu pu pu!

The Blood Drinking Seals shot off in all directions, creating a bloody tornado!


Heart-piercing screams filled the entire slave registration hall. The hall filled with blood, and thick drops of blood rained down everywhere. The several dozen foot high tent had been ripped apart by the bloody storm!

Over ten guards died on the spot. Their corpses flew out, leaving only the four star Demon General guard leader by himself. The guard leader kneeled on the ground as he grabbed his saber. Several holes had been drilled into his body. As he looked at Lin Ming, his eyes were filled with fear and despair. ’’You...’’


The guard leader's body exploded, and a new Blood Drinking Seal slowly drifted up from the pool of blood...


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