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Martial World - Chapter 518


Chapter 518 - Rebel




Outside of the tent, two Giant Demons carried a long chain as they impatiently waited. When they saw Lin Ming's slow and deliberate appearance, one of them immediately grew angry. ’’Hurry the f*ck up!’’

There were several human martial artists behind these two Giant Demons. Their cultivation ranged from the Pulse Condensation period to the Houtian realm. But, without exception, every single one of them was almost empty of true essence. Their meridians were in chaos, and their foundations were extremely unstable.

They were all shackled with the chain. Because of the tracing mark, the Giant Demon race wouldn't normally put shackles on their slaves as it limited the slave's ability to work. But, when they rounded up martial artists to go and mine the ancient Blood Demon Crystal ore, there would often be hundreds or even thousands of martial artist slaves. At this time, if the slaves banded together and rebelled, it would be extremely thorny. Thus they would use an essence sealing chain to lock up the martial artists.

When Lin Ming came out, none of these martial artists even glanced at him. The light was faded in their listless eyes;it was as if they had lived in nothing but despair their entire lives.

As Lin Ming saw their mental state, he shook his head. If a martial artist lost heart to struggle and resist, it would be difficult for them to ever make another tiny step forwards in their lifetime. But, if these people really wanted to rebel against the Giant Demon tribe, it was truly impossible to know where to begin.


A Giant Demon suddenly snapped the essence sealing chain in his hand, causing a sharp metallic cracking sound. At the same time, the Giant Demon coldly said, ’’Go to the back.’’

Lin Ming looked at the chain. All sorts of Giant Demon runes were carved into the essence sealing chain. This chain would at most be able to seal away a Xiantian realm martial artist.

’’Faster!’’ As the Giant Demon saw Lin Ming still be indifferent, he thunderously shouted, ’’Are you f*cking deaf!?’’

’’F*ck! You are just looking to die!’’ Without an explanation, the Giant Demon used the chain as a weapon and lashed out towards Lin Ming.

The Giant Demon soldier had a very strong hand strength. If he punched someone, it would be very easy for him to break the bones of a normal martial artist.

As Lin Ming saw the chain coming towards him, he coldly humphed and stretched out his hand. With a 'ka'sound, he firmly grabbed the chain in his hand.

’’You!’’ As the two Giant Demons saw this, they were stunned, and then slowly filled with a raging anger. Both of them were single star Demon Generals. Although they were only equal to a Houtian realm martial artist, they had an overwhelming body superiority and didn't place a human Houtian martial artist in their eyes.

A human dared to openly rebel against them;how could they endure this?

The Giant Demon gripped the chain and pulled hard, wanting to force Lin Ming over. However, he never thought that after he tugged the chain with all his strength, the one to stagger would be him and not Lin Ming. Lin Ming's feet were like iron nails that were hammered into the ground, he remained completely motionless.

’’This bastard...’’ Before the Giant Demon could react, the other one took out an axe. The axe was as thick as an arm and gleamed in the light. He cut down at Lin Ming, ’’Die!’’

Facing this sharp axe, Lin Ming was indifferent. His foot kicked out and hit the Giant Demon's wrist. With a'kacha' sound, the axe was sent flying backwards. The Giant Demon grasped his wrist and screamed miserably. His wrist was bent at a weird angle, and on the side of his hand, one could see white, blood-stained bones sticking out of the skin.

’’Ahhh!! You rebel!’’ The Giant Demon shouted, but his voice was abruptly cut off. Before he could say anything more, Lin Ming had grabbed onto his throat. With a sharp snapping sound, the Giant Demon went limp. His entire throat had been cruelly crushed by Lin Ming!

The Giant Demon spat out a mouthful of blood and his eyes popped out. He instantly died.

’’You... you...!’’ The other Giant Demon looked at his companion in disbelief, his mind going blank. How could this be? Wasn't this boy a Houtian realm martial artist? The information had clearly shown that Lin Ming was only an early Houtian realm martial artist. But, at this time he no longer had a chance to probe. A faint purple light sunk between the Giant Demon's eyebrows. His body shook and his spiritual sea instantly burst apart. Both of the Giant Demon's eyes went white as he fell onto the ground.

Behind the two dead Giant Demons, the martial artists that were locked by the essence sealing chains were startled. They had never thought that Lin Ming would immediately kill the two Demon Generals. This man was crazy! He wanted to rebel!

At this moment, no one cared about Lin Ming's cultivation. In their mind there was only a single thought that kept playing over and over. Once this rebellion was suppressed, all of them would be treated as fellow rebels. They would all be put to death!

’’Big Brother Lin Ming!’’ Behind Lin Ming, Little Qing He covered her mouth in shock. Her eyes were filled with a fearful panic. The old granny trembled beside her. In her many years, she had seen other martial artists that had rebelled and tried to escape. However, there was not a single one that wasn't caught, flayed alive, and turned into a skincrow.

Lin Ming was so young... how could he possibly rebel against the massive Silent Green Tribe? In the Silent Green Tribe, there were numerous elders and countless masters about. How could a single child possibly contend with all of them?

Ten years ago, there was even a massive large scale martial artist slave rebellion. There had been over seven or eight hundred martial artists that had banded together in revolt, but all of them had failed together! Every single participant had died a miserable death, and even the servant slaves that waited on them were turned into skincrows!

This granny was 60 years old. She no longer feared being put to death. But, she didn't want her young granddaughter Qing He to encounter such a tragic end.

’’Child, you... you...’’ The granny's old eyes were filled with tears. She didn't refer to Lin Ming as lord. ’’Child, you were too reckless. Now, you have to run! Please, I beg you to take Qing He away with you...’’

Lin Ming turned around and glanced at the granny. He flicked his hand and two small rays of lightning fell onto the granny and Qing He. These two rays of lightning were condensed from the Disenchanting Dream Light. They would protect the grandmother and granddaughter, while simultaneously working as a tracking mark so that he could find them in the ensuing chaos.

Lin Ming's lips moved. He said with a true essence message, ’’I've left two bags of bloodstones in the room. Take them and find a safe place to hide. Wait for my news!’’

Lin Ming didn't explain any further, because any explanation he made wouldn't make sense to them. He looked over at the several martial artists that were locked by the essence sealing chains. Most of them appeared panicked, but there were two among them whose eyes were filled with hope and excitement.

Lin Ming's mind moved, ’’What are your two names?’’

’’My name is Huo Yuan and this is my brother Huo Zhen. We were part of a reconnaissance team from the Skyrise Tribe but we were captured and made into slaves. We thought that there was no hope of escape, but never thought that we would bump into such a fierce and brave hero. I beg you to cut off our essence sealing chains! The three of us will be able to escape the Silent Green Tribe. As long as we can return to the Skyrise Tribe, us two brothers will be sure to repay your graciousness!’’

The two of them said that the Skyrise Tribe was a human tribe near the Silent Green Tribe. It was almost as large as the Silent Green Tribe. In these past years, there had been countless skirmishes between the two tribes. But, because the humans that lived in the Bewitching Cloud Prairie had been weak for so long, the Skyrise Tribe inevitably felt fear in battle. Thus, they had often suffered losses.

Hearing these two brothers say they wanted to flee the Silent Green Tribe, it sparked a hope in several other martial artists that they could escape too. If they could escape, then they would;who was willing to remain a slave? It was only that they feared the tracing mark on their body would prevent them from doing so. But at this time, some of them noticed Lin Ming's cultivation. He was actually at the Xiantian realm! Like this, there was a small chance that they would be able to make an escape from here!

Suddenly, the light was restored in several of the martial artists' eyes. They stepped forwards and pleaded, ’’Please take us with you! We have had enough of this damned place!’’

’’Escape?’’ Lin Ming glanced over these martial artists and calmly said, ’’I will not escape this place. I am going to kill them. If you have the courage to follow me, then I will lead you to kill our way into the Silent Dark Green Tribe headquarters. If you don't have the courage, then stay here and help me look after this grandmother and her granddaughter...’’

Lin Ming pointed at Little Qing He and her granny. However, as these words fell into the ears of the other martial artists, it was no different from a bolt out of the blue.

All of them were shocked;none of them dared to believe their own ears.


This young man actually wanted to destroy the Silent Green Tribe. He was crazy!

Lin Ming calmly took out a low-grade earth-step treasure saber from his spatial ring. The saber light flashed, and it directly sheared apart the essence sealing chain like it was nothing but deadwood.

It had to be known that this essence sealing chain was specially crafted and also engraved with the Giant Demon race's unique runes. It was extremely hard for even a Xiantian realm martial artist to cut it in a short period of time. But to Lin Ming, it was simply junk.

After cutting off the chain, Lin Ming casually tossed the low-grade earth-step saber at Huo Yuan. He also took out the Purple Comet Spear from his spatial ring.

Lin Ming hadn't used the Purple Comet Spear in a long time. In the South Sea battlefield, he he had used the Great Desolate Blood Halberd in order to hide his status. And in the Demon God Imperial Palace, the suppressive laws there rendered the power of thunder and fire useless, so he had to use the Great Desolate Blood Halberd there too.

In truth, only by grasping the Purple Comet Spear would Lin Ming be able to utilize the complete peak strength of thunderfire and display his highest level of strength.

’’Brave Hero, you...’’ Huo Yuan blankly received the low-grade earth-step saber, somewhat dumbfounded. Not many early Xiantian realm martial artists would even have the qualifications to have a weapon like this. But it was actually given to him so simply?

’’Help me look after the grandmother and her granddaughter.’’ As Lin Ming spoke these words, he flew up. After reaching the Xiantian realm, Lin Ming had never rushed out at full speed. But this time he displayed the Golden Roc Shattering the Void movement technique. The Concept of Wind, combined with a Xiantian martial artist's ability to fly, instantly caused Lin Ming's speed to climb to the extreme!

In the flash of an eye, Lin Ming's figure faded away. The other martial artists were still stunned. The direction that Lin Ming flew in was the Silent Green Tribe's headquarters!

He really went!

With just his own strength, he planned on opposing the Silent Green Tribe?

Lin Ming's cultivation was only at the Xiantian realm, and he looked like he was in his early twenties. He was even younger than them!

But in the Silent Green Tribe, there were as many as four or five six star Demon Generals, and over 10 five star Demon Generals. If these forces combined their strength, then it would be extremely terrifying!

As Huo Yuan saw Lin Ming directly shoot towards the Silent Green Tribe headquarters, his eyes flashed with alternating fear and excitement. Finally, he handed the low-grade earth-step treasure to his younger brother and said, ’’You look after the grandmother and granddaughter. I will follow that hero!’’


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