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Martial World - Chapter 515


Chapter 515 - Get an Inch, Want a Mile




Hearing the scar-faced Giant Demon's words, Lin Ming's heart overflowed with murderous intent;he immediately wanted to lash out.

However, he took stock of his situation again. His strength right now was only equal to a Houtian realm martial artist and he couldn't use his two weapons. In this case, it was hard to tell whether or not he could fight this scar-faced Giant Demon, much less someone like Mo Da.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and calmed the murderous emotions that swelled in his heart. He said, ’’I've just entered Silent Green Tribe and am unfamiliar with the customs here. I hope that milord is able to...’’

’’Shut up!’’ Lin Ming hadn't even finished speaking before the scar-faced Giant Demon rudely interrupted him, ’’You think you can balance out your crimes just because you don't know the rules?’’

The scar-faced Giant Demon sneered, but his eyes actually fell onto Lin Ming's spatial ring. The corners of his mouth curved up in a greedy smile. ’’Take out a low-grade Blood Demon Crystal and I'll forget that this matter happened. Otherwise, slap yourself 50 times and no less! If you don't want to slap yourself, then follow the rules and cut off your own tongue!’’

The scar-faced Giant Demon mentioned a Blood Demon Crystal once again. Lin Ming had already heard about Blood Demon Crystals before. Back in the South Sea battlefield, Blood Demon Island also produced many Blood Demon Crystals. There were many martial artists that went to Blood Demon Island in the hope that they would be able to obtain a Blood Demon Crystal. However, those that went to Blood Demon Island were mostly delivering themselves into the hand of death. Qin Xingxuan had also been sent to Blood Demon Island. If it wasn't for Lin Ming arriving on time to save her, then Qin Xingxuan would have perished there.

Mo Da and the scar-faced Giant Demon had both mentioned the Blood Demon Crystals. It seemed that Blood Demon Crystals were quite valuable to the Giant Demon Race.

’’I don't have any Blood Demon Crystals.’’ Lin Ming blankly said. But he wasn't feeling too well in his heart;he had discovered that he had overlooked a matter. The spatial ring on his hand was a low-grade earth-step spatial ring. Although it wasn't anything special to him, it was an extremely valuable treasure to normal Houtian realm martial artists.

If this were to be discovered by the scar-faced Giant Demon, it would be extremely troublesome.

’’Hehe.’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon sinisterly laughed twice. He didn't expect that Lin Ming would have something precious like a Blood Demon Crystal. The reason that he had opened his mouth was to lay down this trap for extortion.

’’Then what do you have?’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon had made clear that he wanted to extort Lin Ming. There were many slaves who were martial artists at the Pulse Condensation period or even Houtian realm. Their belongings belonged to their master, but the truth was that a master usually didn't take the belongings of a slave.

For instance, there was Mo Da. Mo Da himself was a five-star Demon General and considered invincible among human Xiantian martial artists. He had a very high status within Silent Green Tribe and was extremely wealthy. How could he possibly look at the belongings of a common Houtian realm martial artist? Such little worth really held no interest to him.

On the contrary, these belongings could be useful if they were left to the slave. The Silent Green Tribe's slaves were sent to gather Blood Demon Crystals, but in order to mine the ancient ore that contained the Blood Demon Crystals, there were layers upon layers of dangers that one could encounter. These belongings could therefore save a slave's life and increase their combat strength.

’’There are some pills, true essence stones, cultivation method jade slips...’’ Lin Min coolly said.

’’F*ck! What does this father want to do with your shitty human cultivation method jade slips! Take off your spatial ring and I will look through it myself!’’

The scar-faced Giant Demon immediately put out his hand, not allowing Lin Ming the chance to reject.

Lin Ming's mind sank, this was what he had been afraid of happening. Luckily, he had kept all of his greatest treasures, such as the Purple Comet Spear, Great Desolate Blood Halberd, a massive amount of medium-grade true essence stones, the most precious pills, and other such items within the Cosmic Melting Furnace. The Cosmic Melting Furnace was located within Lin Ming's dantian, so it was impossible for others to detect it.

But, the problem was the low-grade earth-step spatial ring in comparison to Lin Ming's cultivation;it would be difficult to make an explanation.

If he aroused suspicions...

’’Motherf*cker, are you retarded? Hurry up and take out the spatial ring or do you want to defy my orders?’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon impatiently said. Searching a slave a taking their belongings was a tacitly allowed custom among the Giant Demon tribes. As long as they left a slave a weapon and some minor recovery pills and some bits of true essence stones, then they could take everything else away. The slave's master wouldn't say anything about this.

A slave didn't have much, but many slaves had accumulated a decent sized fortune.

’’This father's patience is limited. Do you want to die? It will only take me a breath of time to kill you!’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon had finally lost his patience. He sullenly stood up, his hands gripped into fists that were making popping 'kakaka' sounds.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and slowly slid the spatial ring off his finger. This spatial ring was given to him by Mu Qianyu after he had arrived at divine Phoenix Island. Although it couldn't be considered anything too valuable, it still had significant sentimental value.

’’Damn! Bring it out!’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon grabbed the spatial ring. He wanted to punch Lin Ming also, but Lin Ming had dodged his fist.

’’What? Boy, you also dare to hide? This father will ruin you... mm?’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon had just revolved the energy of his demon crystal when his mind suddenly stirred. He looked with disbelief at the spatial ring in his hand. The scar-faced Giant Demon had examined many spatial rings through the years. He only had to casually touch the spatial ring to tell that it was uncommon.

’’This is...’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon's eyes widened, ’’A low-grade earth-step spatial ring!’’

The boy actually had a low-grade earth-step spatial ring!? This sort of treasure was valuable even to someone like Lord Mo Da!

If he remembered correctly, Mo Da also had a low-grade earth-step spatial ring. And the quality of that ring was inferior to the one in this boy's hand!

’’Where did you get this ring from?’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon's eyes shined brightly as he looked at Lin Ming.

’’In a secret underground road. I picked it up from a dead martial artist.’’ Lin Ming had already come up with a reasonable explanation.

’’This seems...’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon looked at Lin Ming suspiciously. But, this explanation made sense. No matter how he saw it, there was no other way that someone as weak as Lin Ming would have been able to obtain a spatial ring like this.

’’Hehe, you have quite a good spatial ring...’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon played with the spatial ring, his eyes flashing with greed. In truth, the most sensible approach would have been to report this matter to Mo Da. But, if he did that then he wouldn't have his share of this spatial ring.

If he pocketed this ring for himself, he would suffer if Mo Da were to find out. This wasn't just a matter of several hundred low-grade true essence stones. Normally, if he were to take a slave's belongings then those from above would turn a blind eye to his actions. But a low-grade earth-step spatial ring was simply too precious.

Thinking of this, the scar-faced Giant Demon's eyes were filled with uncertainty. If it wasn't too troublesome to explain why he killed Lin Ming, then he would definitely have done so in order to silence everyone who knew about this.

Lin Ming was able to faintly guess what the scar-faced Giant Demon was thinking of. He took a step back, nearing the exit. If this Giant Demon were to really come at him, then he would rush towards the door immediately.

As the scar-faced Giant Demon saw this, his savage expression was replaced with a funny smile. He thought for a moment, ’’You're quite smart! Hehe, if I were to hand over this spatial ring and say that you found it at some ancient ruins, then what do you think the higher ups of the Silent Green Tribe would do? At that time, I think they might call you in for a little 'interview'.’’

’’Are you threatening me?’’ Lin Ming seemed angry on the surface, but he was sighing with relief in his heart. What he had feared most was that this spatial ring would attract the attention of others to his identity, but this Giant Demon was just too corrupt;he wouldn't make this public.

It was much easier to handle things this way. In any case, Lin Ming really didn't care about the belongings within the spatial ring. As long as he was able to survive for a period of time and recover his strength, that would be ideal.

’’Humph! You are not qualified for me to threaten! I want this spatial ring. This level of treasure is not something that matches with a common martial artist like you! I urge you to smarten up and not go around spouting nonsense, otherwise if I run into bad luck, then your last days will also be miserable!’’ As the scar-faced Giant Demon spoke, a thick murderous aura flowed out.

Lin Ming had calmed down, but he still maintained the expression of anger, as he if were mad to the point that it was difficult to speak. ’’You are going too far. A high-grade human-step spatial ring is worth several hundred medium-grade true essences stones. If you just take it...’’

As Lin Ming spoke here, the scar-faced Giant Demon was stunned and then immediately happy. This foolish human had actually thought that this top low-grade earth-step spatial ring was a high-grade human-step one! But, this wasn't too strange. A spatial ring was already much more valuable than a treasure of the same level. For instance, a high-grade human-step spatial ring was worth almost as much as a low-grade earth-step treasure. To a normal Houtian realm martial artist, it wasn't something they would encounter in several lifetimes.

This mistake was for the best. Like this, it wouldn't arouse Mo Da's interest. The scar-faced Giant Demon was relieved. He turned his hand and spilled out a bunch of things from his own spatial ring. Then, he tossed his own medium-grade human-step spatial ring at Lin Ming along with a jade slip and an identification plate. He coldly said, ’’Take your things and get out of my sight!’’

Lin Ming remained silent. He stared at the scar-faced Giant Demon for a moment, and then picked up the medium-grade human-step spatial ring, received his belongings and turned to leave.

’’Wait!’’ The scar-faced Giant Demon suddenly shouted.

Lin Ming stopped in his steps.

The scar-faced Giant Demon took out a symbol paper from another spatial ring and ignited it. It turned into a Giant Demon totem that floated onto Lin Ming's body...

’’This is a slave tracking spell. I advise you not to think of escaping, otherwise you will pay a deep price!’’

Lin Ming quietly linked his perception to this spell and he quickly understood the principles behind it. This sort of spell was used to deal with martial artists below the Xiantian realm;it was basically useless against him.


The scar-faced Giant Demon hadn't taken any of Lin Ming's belongings within the spatial ring. Afterwards, the jade slip that he had thrown at him had been inscribed with Lin Ming's dwelling, and the identification plate held his number - 9566.

Atop this number was written one name - Mo Da.

Lin Ming received these items and followed the directions on the jade slip. Finally, he came to a small tent located at the corner of the Silent Green Tribe. This tent looked very old and worn out, and some places were even patched. But, the outside had been scrubbed clean.

To Lin Ming's surprise, there was a hazy orange light that came from a window in the tent. Was there already someone living inside?

To Lin Ming's amazement, a cute and lovable-looking 10 or 11 year old girl with pigtails came walking out from the tent...


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