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Martial World - Chapter 512


Chapter 512 - Laws of Space and Time




’’This is a space channel?’’ Lin Ming looked at the channel around him that overflowed with vibrant color, surprised to the point where he couldn't even speak. He felt as if he was living in a kaleidoscope, with countless colors flowing past him at a rapid rate. These colors blended and merged into one, causing Lin Ming to feel dizzy from the overwhelming visual sensation.

As Lin Ming saw the strips of multicolored energy, his mind stirred;were these lines the so-called space energy?

The 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' technique had many moves that included the Concept of Space and the Concept of Time. Similarly, 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void' also revolved around the Concept of Space. However, until now, Lin Ming hadn't even begun to understand just how the Concept of Space worked. This was because he had no idea where to come into contact with this sort of elusive and mysterious space energy.

Normally, the space within a world was in a steady state and the space energy was hidden away. Only in a space channel would one be able to see the power of active space.

Lin Ming felt as if his mind had fused into one with this space energy. His spirit, his will, and even his body seemed to transform into a state of energy, perfectly fitting with the flow of space. As he quickly traveled through an endless distance, he felt an indescribably wonderful feeling.

Was this the Law of the Space? The Concept of Space?

As Lin Ming was immersing himself in perceiving the Concept of Space, he suddenly heard Demonshine's voice in his ear, ’’This Saint urges you not to indulge too much in this feeling, otherwise you will lose yourself in the turbulent space and your body will deconstruct into energy;there will no way to bring you back together! I don't care about you, but this Saint is still residing in your spiritual sea. I don't want to die together with you.’’

Demonshine's words were like a ringing alarm that woke up Lin Ming. Lin Ming was shocked to suddenly discover that the energy around his body was scattering away, like a dandelion being blown about in the wind.

Lin Ming's heart went cold, and he quickly withdrew his perception. As he was halfway there, he suddenly felt a shaking in his body, and something like a sharp cone piercing him, followed by a massive migraine. His thoughts slowed down, and it was like he was living a nightmare;he was obviously conscious, but it was impossible for him to move. Even breathing was difficult.

’’This is... a space storm?’’ Lin Ming finally said to Demonshine with some effort.

’’No... a space storm does not look like this... This is the twisting of space and time...’’ Demonshine's voice also came in intermittent bursts;it seemed he couldn't adapt perfectly to this situation.

Space and time were twisted?

Lin Ming's mind shook and he instantly understood what Demonshine meant. The so-called space warp was changing the scale of space that one was accustomed to, and was different from actual space. As for the distortion of time, that was subjective to one's own time, and was different from the flow rate of normal time.

Were these the Laws of Space and Time that were described within the 'Great Desolate Blood Halberd Art'?

Lin Ming felt as if he could almost touch upon some threshold. But, in this time, he couldn't afford to meditate on this. He could only try to remember this helplessly strange feeling of space and time twisting around him.

He tried to adjust his thoughts and inner true essence flow in order to adapt to this different time and space. The true essence in Lin Ming's meridians constantly condensed together and changed, but he still wasn't able to keep up with the twisted passage of time. This caused all of Lin Ming's movements to appear incomparably slow.

This was a new and novel experience to Lin Ming, but it was also extremely dangerous. This was also the first time that Lin Ming had come into contact with the mysterious Laws of Space and Time.

At this moment, the weak and hurried voice of Demonshine appeared in Lin Ming's ear, ’’In front of you, space turbulence!’’


Lin Ming was startled. He looked up to see that there was a break in the channel of rainbow-colored lights in front of him. The energy of the space lines there was chaotic and messed up, as if a storm was blowing through it.

’’This is bad!’’

Lin Ming grit his teeth and revolved his bodily true essence to the limit. Arcs of lightning surrounded Lin Ming, and at the same time 15 Blood Drinking Seals also spun around Lin Ming, twisting about.


Lin Ming suddenly shook, and the arcs of thunder that surrounded him were instantly dispersed. The Blood Drinking Seals were even scattered, immediately becoming much dimmer.

In that moment, Lin Ming felt as if he were being squeezed together by two mountains;his organs were on the verge of exploding. Even after having completed 100% Tempering Marrow, his skeleton kept issuing out popping sounds, unable to bear such a great pressure.


On Lin Ming's ring finger, a low-grade spatial ring instantly exploded, the pieces falling into the turbulent flow of space. Lin Ming watched as a pile of jade slips and pills turned into ash, instantly and utterly annihilated.

It was shocking watching these material objects turn into ash and disappear without a trace;it was difficult to put into words.


As the spatial ring exploded, Lin Ming felt as if he had pounded into a thick metal wall. His organs shook, and a sweet taste came from the back of his throat as if he spat out a mouthful of blood.

But even now, Lin Ming had endured this pressure and hadn't opened the Heretical God Force. He was aware that this was just the start of the turbulent space flows. If he opened the Heretical God Force now, then he wouldn't be able to resist the more violent and dangerous space storms that lay behind this one.

Unfortunately, in this space channel, there was no room for him to perceive the Concepts of Space and Time. He could only brand the feeling into his mind and try to remember as much as possible.

’’Lin Ming, in front of you! A second turbulent space flow!’’

Demonshine's voice sounded out in Lin Ming's mind. He looked up to see that not too far away was also a completely chaotic mass of space energy...

Sometimes a blessing was a curse, and this curse could not be avoided. Lin Ming took out a pill from his main spatial ring and swallowed it. He revolved his bodily true essence to the limit and summoned the Blood Drinking Seals, directly rushing into the turbulent flow of space...


After several days -

Lin Ming woke up from his coma. His eyes opened, and the fuzzy blur around him began to clear. He was surprised to find that he was lying on a vast and broad grassland. The grass beneath him was wet, and it stuck uncomfortably to his body.

Lin Ming ruefully smiled as he recalled the experience from a few days back.

When he had taken a transmission array before, he had arrived at this destination in the blink of an eye. But, this ultra-long range ancient transmission array actually had a transmission that lasted a whole three days!

In these three days, Lin Ming had experienced countless dangers in the space channel. The turbulent space flows, space storms, space whirlpools, mysterious black holes, and even the warping of time;all of this was shouldered by Lin Ming. With his will, he was able to persist through all of them. He had even cleanly eaten almost all the pills that he had.

Then on the third day, even Demonshine, who was resting in Lin Ming's spiritual sea, had helped Lin Ming resist the space storm. After all, they were all in a boat together and as soon as Lin Ming died, they would both die.

At the end, Lin Ming was a lamp that had burnt through all its oil and even Demonshine had overdrawn his soul force, being forced to fall into a deep slumber. But then, they had finally escaped the turbulent flow of space.

However, after stepping out of the transmission array, Lin Ming could only complain of the hardship in his heart. It turned out that the exit point of the transmission array was on a violently dangerous mountain peak that rose into the Primal Chaos Heavens.

The Primal Chaos Heavens were where the origin energies of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind and thunder all existed in their strongest states;it was incomparably brutal and tyrannical. If a martial artist with insufficient cultivation were to be exposed to the Primal Chaos Heavens, then they would be struck to death by the deadly origin energy flows.

If Lin Ming were in his top condition, he naturally wouldn't care about being struck by these sort of origin energy currents. But at this time, he was completely exhausted of energy. After being struck by these origin energy currents, the situation of his body became even worse. After he used the last remaining dregs of his strength to escape the Primal Chaos Heavens, Lin Ming didn't even have any energy left to fly.

Back when Lin Ming was at South Aurora Island he had eliminated a great number of South Sea Demon Region squads and had taken their spatial rings, and also seized a few spirit boats. If it wasn't for these treasures that he could take out to ride on instead of walking, then Lin Ming might have really perished here at the Primal Chaos Heavens.

Before he knew it, Lin Ming lost control of the spirit boat because of his weak true essence and crashed into the grasslands, immediately falling unconsciously afterwards.

He didn't know how long he had been unconscious for, but after he woke up he felt a rumbling in his belly. Lin Ming was very hungry.

After inspecting his body, he found that of his original six or seven spatial rings, there was only one high-level one left. As for the other spatial rings, they had all exploded under the pressure of the turbulent space flows.

The Cosmic Melting Furnace still existed safe and sound within Lin Ming's dantian. All of Lin Ming's most precious treasures, pills, jade slips, and even the Disenchanting Dream Light were all contained within the Cosmic Melting Furnace. Thankfully, there were no problems with them.

It was just that with Lin Ming's current condition, not to mention opening the Cosmic Melting Furnace, but even summoning it was impossible.

As for his body, Lin Ming wryly smiled.

Around 70% of his meridians had been damaged, and he simply couldn't connect his true essence. This caused Lin Ming's dantian to become like a waterless lake, almost dried up.

And the worst was that Lin Ming's bones, marrow and organs had been injured. Lin Ming had a very stronger recovery ability, but it would still take a long time to recover damage to his bone marrow.

’’This is really bad...’’

Lin Ming sighed. He forced a smile and shook his head. If he couldn't connect true essence in his meridians, then he couldn't practice his cultivation methods. If that were so, then he would take this time to properly meditate on the Laws of Space and Time that he had experienced a few days ago. This could be considered the greatest harvest he had from traveling through space.

In this way, a few days passed. Lin Ming hungrily ate his dried rations and thirstily drank the Solar Origin Water within his spatial ring. As he meditated on the Laws of Space and Time, he quietly waited for his bone marrow and body to regenerate.

But on this day, a caravan appeared in the grassland. The sound of camels entered Lin Ming's ear. He looked up and gasped. The so-called 'camels' were large to the point of being terrifying. The camels were 30 to 40 feet high, and a single leg was as high as two people. When Lin Ming saw the 'people' that were riding atop the camels, he was even more shocked.

The 'person' was a dark blue-gray metal tone all over. He was bare-chested, and his muscles were massive. His arms were thicker than an adult's thighs, and he had pointed ears that were half a foot long. He carried a great ax on his back, and the shaft was as thick as an arm. At this time, this figure was looking at Lin Ming with disdain.

’’Giant Demon?’’

Lin Ming was stunned. This 'person' right now was actually a member of the Giant Demon race!

That was the same race as the Netherworld Great Emperor and the Demon Emperor! Heavens! Had he arrived in the same world as the Giant Demons!?


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