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Martial World - Chapter 511


Chapter 511 - Departing




The exit of the ancient battlefield hung tens of thousands of feet in the air. This connecting path to the ancient battlefield was formed when 30 Life Destruction powerhouses joined forces to create it.

This exit way was a smooth spatial barrier a few dozen feet wide. If one couldn't fly because of the suppressive laws that governed this broken world, then one wouldn't even be able to leave.

At this time, tens of thousands of feet into the air, a young man was holding onto a red-clothed woman, slowly flying towards the spatial exit. The young man was naturally Lin Ming. As for the red clothed woman, that was Mu Qianyu.

After Lin Ming reached the Xiantian realm and achieved 100% Tempering Marrow, he had already surpassed Lei Jingtian with the suppressive laws of this world supporting him. Like so, he was able to fly high into the air. But as for Mu Qianyu, she didn't have this ability;she could only fly with Lin Ming's support.

The cool breeze slowly passed by. Neither one of them spoke to each other. Mu Qianyu only silently embraced Lin Ming's back, as if she wanted to remember this feeling forever.

As they silently passed through the spatial exit, Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu arrived at the fragmented world that they had originally started at.

As soon as they entered this small world fragment, they immediately encountered a torrential rainstorm. This fragmented world was very small;the skies could not support too much seawater, so the rain was almost non-stop.

The rainwater was dozens of feet deep. Because of the existence of space cracks littered throughout the fragmented world, the vast expanse of water was turbulent, with whirlpools everywhere.

Lin Ming took out a charm and placed it on his body. Around Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu, a 50 foot globe of sparkling dust appeared, completely surrounding them. From a distance, they looked like a beacon of light in the rainy night.

In this small fragmented world, there were space cracks everywhere. With this sort of symbol charm, once one approached a space crack, the sparkling dust would be disturbed by the space cracks so one could discover them ahead of time.

Also, this small fragmented world no longer suppressed the ability to fly. However, Mu Qianyu seemed to have forgotten this. She held onto Lin Ming as before, quietly resting on Lin Ming's shoulders, not saying a word.

The twisting gales swept up the deep black ocean waves. The thick bolts of lightning that cut through the sky were like blood-red halberds thrown from a war god. In this vast and endless world, there was only Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu left, the two of them tightly snuggled together.

’’We're here, this is it.’’ Lin Ming suddenly stopped atop the water;he had already investigated the scene below the water.

A halberd cut out. 15 Blood Drinking Seals twisted into a spiral, forcibly separating the water and creating a black channel. Lin Ming held onto Mu Qianyu and entered the water.

Below this area was a giant altar. The altar was almost 1000 feet high, and was built with dark gray rock. On the altar, there were all sorts of complex and exquisite symbols. These simple and mysterious symbols were the runes of an array formation.

’’This is....’’ Mu Qianyu was shocked. She didn't think there would be such a great altar hidden his this tiny fragmented world.

’’This is an ancient array formation.’’ Lin Ming calmly said. When he had first been sucked into the space fragment at South Aurora Island, he hadn't managed to obtain any lucky chances. But, he did manage to find this ancient transmission array.

This transmission array altar was the largest one that Lin Ming had seen until now. Around the altar, there were 108 spaces for true essence stones. This transmission array required 72 medium-grade true essence stones as well as 36 high-grade true essence stones to start.

’’A transmission array?’’ Mu Qianyu was startled. In divine Phoenix Island, the largest transmission array there could bring one 100,000 miles away. But, that transmission array was several dozen times smaller than this one.

In particular, this transmission array was an ancient array formation. Ever since entering the broken world, Mu Qianyu had come to a deep realization of just how powerful ancient array formations were. It was hard to imagine just how far this transmission array would be able to send someone. Could it go 10 million miles? Or even 100 million miles?

Lin Ming took out true essence stones from his spatial ring and began to place them around the transmission array. These true essence stones had to be placed in a specific order, otherwise, if there was even a single mistake the array formation would be unable to start.

’’Lin Ming, you've really decided that there isn't a problem with this transmission array? If you go, what happens if it sends you to someplace dangerous? Or what happens if you can't return?’’ Mu Qianyu felt fear as soon as she saw this transmission array. Who knew just what lay on the other side of this transmission array? Also, what would happen if there was a mistake with the transmission array and one got lost in the turbulent flow of space?

’’Senior-apprentice Sister Mu, I already studied this transmission array the last time I saw it. There shouldn't be any problems. There was a similar array formation in the Demon God Imperial Palace that didn't have a problem, so this one shouldn't either. Senior-apprentice Sister Mu, If I can ask you, please take good care of my parents and take them safely away to some hiding place. Since I'm in a hurry to leave, the fewer people that see me the better. It's impossible for me to go back and see my parents.’’

Lin Ming felt a bit guilty and regretful that he wasn't able to visit his parents before he left. Normally speaking, the trials of martial artists wouldn't bring disasters onto their families. It wasn't a moral issue, but rather for a martial artist the concept of family was very weak and vague. For instance, taking someone like Nanyun Wang, his parents had already died many, many years ago. But Lin Ming was different. He had just stepped onto the road of martial arts a few years ago. To him, his family was very important.

’’I swear I will take good care of Uncle and Aunty.’’

’’There's also another matter. Xuan Wuji had obtained the Demon Emperor's letter. There might be other secrets of the Demon God Imperial Palace that are listed within. For instance, in the ancient battlefield, there is a catastrophic Giant Leviathan Saint Beast that is slumbering within. If I'm not wrong, then Xuan Wuji has the method to summon this Giant Leviathan...’’

Lin Ming was helpless to prevent Xuan Wuji from summoning the Giant Leviathan. Although he knew the method to take control of it, his strength was lacking. Not only was he unable to summon it, he didn't have the time to do so either.

He could only tell Mu Qianyu of this matter and hope that it would be helpful.

’’Mm, I understand.’’

’’Alright. Then, it's time for me to go. Within ten years, I will definitely return!’’ After Lin Ming made this pledge again, he flew to the center of the transmission array.

At this time, a voice spread in Lin Ming's mind, ’’Boy, so this was what you were playing for...’’

As soon as Lin Ming heard Demonshine's voice, his mind stirred, ’’You know about this transmission array?’’

’’I have a slight impression of it. But, this Saint's divine consciousness is injured, so I can't clearly remember what this transmission array is. If I'm not mistaken, this transmission array will send you a great distance;it is an ultra-long transmission array! If you want to use this kind of transmission array, you'll barely be able to do it!’’ Demonshine nodded his head as he spoke.

’’Barely?’’ Lin Ming's heart went cold.

’’This sort of ultra-long distance transmission array will allow you to travel across space. You will inevitably encounter numerous spatial turbulences. At the speed of which you travel through that space, your body must be strong enough to withstand the squeezing intrusion of space onto you. If your cultivation is weak and you travel through this transmission array, then you'll just end up a lump of flesh at the end.’’

’’That can happen too?’’ Lin Ming's heart sank. It seems that this long distance transmission array wasn't as simple as he had assumed, ’’Do you think my cultivation isn't enough?’’

’’It's enough!’’ Demonshine pinched his doggy chin with his paw as he spoke. He seemed to ponder for a moment before lifting his eyes and saying, ’’You have 100% Tempering Marrow and your foundation is also stable. If you go through this transmission array, you'll be able to just survive.’’

Listening to Demonshine's words, Lin Ming sharply said, ’’Don't play with me.’’

’’What are you saying? Of course what this Saint says will be true.’’

’’In ancient times, how would a lower level martial artist use a long distance transmission array?’’

’’It's not like it was impossible. If you had some strong enough tool you could use it to resist the squeezing of space. For instance, the Cosmic Melting Furnace that you have right now is a relatively strong spatial resistance tool. Unfortunately, with your cultivation you cannot enter the world within the Cosmic Melting Furnace no matter how hard you try. But, you can also temporarily place your important possessions inside. If you do so, then your things will be much safer if your inferior spatial ring worlds are crushed by the space storms!’’

’’That can happen too?’’ Lin Ming let out a cold breath. For a spatial storm to be able to crush the world within a spatial ring, that proved just how terrifying it truly was.

There was no other way. Lin Ming could only take out the Cosmic Melting Furnace from within his body. The Cosmic Melting Furnace had a limited space to hold things. Lin Ming placed the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, Purple Comet Spear, as well as all his top quality pills, medium-grade and high-grade true essence stones, and also some cultivation method jade slips inside. All of this was placed within the separate world of the Cosmic Melting Furnace before Lin Ming placed the Cosmic Melting Furnace back within himself. As for the other things that weren't as valuable, Lin Ming put them into his highest grade spatial ring.

’’I have to use this transmission array even if there are dangers.’’ Lin Ming stimulated his protective true essence to the limit, and then decisively opened the transmission array.

In the instant that the transmission array opened, a purple beam of light fell down from the heavens, directly impacting the center of the transmission array. Lin Ming was completely enveloped by this purple light.

1000 feet away, Mu Qianyu stood in the air as the howling gales swirled around her, her features blurred by the endless purple light.

Lin Ming could see Mu Qianyu's lips slightly move. A faint voice traveled through the horizon and entered his mind, ’’I'll wait for you here... until you return...’’

As the voice ended, all of it seemed to be blown away by the wind;it was unclear just what the following words were. After Lin Ming heard these final words, he had already stepped into the vast and mysterious space channel...


Besides Mu Qianyu and a few others, no one else knew about Lin Ming leaving. As for the disciples that had seen Lin Ming depart, they had been given the command to not utter a single word;there were even some that were locked away.

This truth was of great importance. If it was ever leaked out, divine Phoenix Island would be placed in a situation beyond redemption. Mu Qingyi was extremely careful, she had already learnt a lesson from Mu Chihuo. This time, she would ensure divine Phoenix Island would keep this secret completely safe.

When the 20 some Life Destruction masters finally exited the Demon God Imperial Palace, they launched a crazy, all-encompassing search for Lin Ming, the Nirvana Dragon Root, and the Cosmic Melting Furnace. All of the large sects exercised their spy networks and connections, but their searches were fruitless. It really did seem as if Lin Ming had died.

A few years later, these greater powers would slowly forget this matter. Lin Ming was just a rare talent that fell from the sky, like a falling meteor. When people mentioned this number one talent of the South Horizon Region, there would be those that sighed as well as those that envied. There were even some that couldn't help but gloat at this fact.

A genius that died was no longer a genius.

In the absence of Lin Ming, the South Horizon Region still remained in chaos. The South Sea war continued as it had before. Although Xuan Wuji had failed in his search for the Nirvana Dragon Root, in the end, the Giant Leviathan Saint Beast fell into his hand. With the involvement of the Black Flood Dragon Clan, the flames of war burnt through the entire South Horizon Region...


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