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Martial World - Chapter 510


Martial World

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Chapter 510 - Ten Year Period




From the beginning of the fight until the end, only several dozen breaths of time had passed. Lei Jingtian and Mu Chihuo, respectively late Revolving Core and middle Revolving Core top masters, had both been successively killed by Lin Ming.

As Lin Ming stood on the battlefield, his entire body was bathed in crimson blood, and his face was pale. During this time, whether he meant to or not, he released a startlingly dark and compelling aura. As the divine Phoenix Island junior disciples saw this, they couldn't help but gawk at Lin Ming in awe.

With such an impressive ability, coupled with Lin Ming's age, it was truly incredible.

Lin Ming put away the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. His eyes touched upon Mu Qingyi and Mu Bingyun. He solemnly said, ’’Senior Mu Qingyi, Senior-apprentice Sister Mu Bingyun, junior has some words that he would like to speak with you.’’


’’Let's go somewhere else to talk.’’

Lin Ming, Mu Qianyu, Mu Qingyi, and Mu Bingyun, all moved over to the illusionary killing array. Lin Ming then calmly said, ’’Senior Mu, Senior-apprentice Sister Mu, I have two matters that I need to speak of. The first is... about today's events, do not reveal them to anyone, otherwise it will call a great sect-destroying calamity upon divine Phoenix Island!’’

’’Why?’’ Mu Qingyi was startled, ’’What happened?’’

Lin Ming said, ’’This breakthrough to the Xiantian realm... the truth was that this is because I snuck into the Demon God Imperial Palace and obtained the great treasure that the South Sea Demon Region, Great Zen Temple, and Black Flood Dragon Clan were all searching for - the Nirvana Dragon Root. In addition to that, a treasure more valuable than the Nirvana Dragon Root, the Cosmic Melting Furnace, also fell into my hands. After I obtained these treasures, I made it appear as if I had died. If these powers were to know that I am still alive, they would definitely join together and force themselves onto divine Phoenix Island. At that time, divine Phoenix Island will be bound to perish!’’

Even though Lin Ming's words were calmly spoken, Mu Qingyi was shocked the entire time. ’’What did you say?’’

She didn't know how to express the panic and horror rising in her heart. A treasure that the South Sea Demon Region, Great Zen Temple, and Black Flood Dragon Clan were chasing after. Not just that, but there were many old Life Destruction masters and even third stage Life Destruction Supreme Elders that were present;how could this treasure have possibly fallen into Lin Ming's hands?

Not just that, but Lin Ming also returned safely and tricked everyone into believing that he had died. Just how had he done this?

It wasn't just Mu Qingyi, but Mu Bingyun also thought this was an inconceivable matter. She looked at Lin Ming with deep eyes but didn't say anything.

’’Besides us, no one else knows you are alive?’’ Mu Qingyi asked, a bit of dread in her voice. She no longer bothered to ask just how Lin Ming had obtained the treasures;she was well aware just how grave a matter this was. If this were to be revealed, then it was likely that divine Phoenix Island would be flattened by the combined forces of these powers!

’’No one. Not even Master Ancestor Fengxian knows. However, the techniques and weapon that I used to kill Lei Jingtian are very unique. If these were to be known, then there could be trouble. I will have to bother Senior Mu Qingyi with attending to these matters. If there are people that still won't believe you, then you can consider detaining them for the next ten years.’’

There were currently 20 some divine Phoenix Island disciples present. Who could be trusted or who was untrustworthy, all of this would be decided by Mu Qingyi. Lin Ming believed that after the matter of Mu Chihuo's betrayal, she would no longer place any faith in divine Phoenix Island's bloodline contract.

’’The next ten years?’’ Mu Qingyi's eyebrows arched up as she instantly understood Lin Ming's meaning. If she was correct, then he meant that in these next ten years, he had confidence that he would grow strong enough to deal with a third stage Life Destruction powerhouse!

As Mu Qingyi thought of this, she sucked in a breath of cold air. What bold confidence this was! Ten years later, Lin Ming would be the same age as Mu Qianyu was now.

Of the ancient Emperor level powerhouses, they would reach Xiantian at 20, Revolving Core at 30, extreme Revolving Core at 50, and become a Peerless Emperor at 100!

But as for Lin Ming, if he could compare with a third stage Life Destruction master before he was even 30 years old, then he could even become a Peerless Emperor at 40 years of age. An event like that was simply a story from a fable or legend. But, now that it came from Lin Ming's own mouth, Mu Qingyi actually didn't doubt it at all.

’’Lin Ming, you've decided in a period of ten years... are you planning on leaving?’’ Mu Qingyi became aware of this point. Lin Ming's current status was simply too sensitive. If he were discovered now, then the consequences would be disastrous!

’’Yes. This is the second matter that I wish to speak of. All of the seniors of divine Phoenix Island have treated me well for the past year. I, Lin Ming, will always keep this kindness in mind. The South Horizon Region no longer has a place for me. I can only travel the world and adventure. If I were to hide away in seclusion and conceal my identity, then I fear that it would be impossibly difficult for me to progress anywhere. I have decided on a timeline of ten years. Ten years from now, I will absolutely return!’’ Lin Ming's words were filled with a resolute courage;he had long since made this decision.

Ten years...

Mu Qingyi stared off in a trance, lost in her thoughts.

To a Revolving Core martial artist that lived for several hundred years, the truth was that ten years was a very short period of time. However, these ten years were different!

The South Sea Demon Region was currently at war with divine Phoenix Island. It was the South Sea Demon Region that started this war. Part of their reasons was to open the ancient battlefield, but they might also take this opportunity to return to the South Horizon Region.

In these ten years, the flames of war would burn through the South Horizon Region. Ten years later, it was unknown just what the fate of divine Phoenix Island would be!

Similarly, these next ten years would also be a perilous trial for Lin Ming. He would leave the South Horizon Region and also the safety of the sect. Stepping into the vast and strange world by himself, facing countless and endless dangers... who knew if he would fall there?

The path of martial arts was filled with risks. Countless geniuses fell midway in their path, their bones littering the earth. The birth of every Revolving Core powerhouse was atop the piles of bones from numerous middle class geniuses. The birth of every Life Destruction powerhouse was also from atop a pile of top class geniuses. As for a Peerless Emperor, they were born from the endless corpses of Saint level talents!

Not just that, but Lin Ming also carried a great treasure with him. To have treasure was to be in danger. If news of this treasure were to be revealed...

As Mu Qingyi thought of this, she found it hard to remain calm. She wanted to speak up and persuade Lin Ming, but she eventually didn't say anything. A genius was destined to walk a path of loneliness, and doomed to encounter pitfalls and dangers.

In a way, divine Phoenix Island could no longer provide a large enough stage for Lin Ming. If Lin Ming was forced to stay in the South Horizon Region, it would only suppress his potential.

The younger a martial artist was, the easier it was for them to make breakthroughs. Once they were old, the progress they could make would be limited. For instance, from the time that Mu Qingyi had broken through to the Revolving Core realm until now, over 200 years had passed. But during this entire time, she still hadn't been able to reach the middle Revolving Core realm.

If they wasted their time and their potential was exhausted, then they would at most become a top tier talent like Nanyun Wang. But, they would never become an Emperor level powerhouse.

As Mu Qingyi thought this, she sighed, not speaking.

’’Lin Ming, do you really plan on leaving?’’ In truth, Mu Qianyu had already known that Lin Ming was planning on leaving. She didn't say a single world to urge him otherwise. She only stared at Lin Ming with a faintly reluctant light in her eyes.

The future was unknown and the dangers were great and ever-present. Ten years from now, who knew what sort of accidents or changes there would be. It would be a lie if she said that she wanted Lin Ming to leave.

Mu Qianyu's tender and soft eyes seemed to speak a thousand words. In that moment, Lin Ming's will was shaken. For a moment, he really thought about finding a quiet secluded place to retreat to, and live a quiet and peaceful life together with Mu Qianyu. However, he quickly tamped down and eventually wiped away this charming thought that made his heart flutter.

’’I have chosen to go. I will definitely return within ten years.’’ Lin Ming decisively said.

Lin Ming's current strength was far from enough! Although he was able to kill Lei Jingtian, this was with the suppressive laws of this broken world aiding him. If he left this broken world, then he absolutely would not be Lei Jingtian's match.

On the path of martial arts, the difference in every further realm increased at an exponential rate. The further one went, the greater the disparity between the realms.

A small realm, such as between a middle Revolving Core and late Revolving Core, might have a difference of about two times the amount of true essence. For a large realm, such as a peak Houtian and early Xiantian, then the difference in strength would be four times or even five times.

Although the gap between the peak Houtian and early Xiantian realm seemed great, the truth was that it paled in comparison to the gap between the middle Revolving Core and late Revolving Core realm. This was because the difference from those stages was exponentially greater and more terrifying.

Those old fellows from the South Sea Demon Region and Great Zen Temple were Life Destruction powerhouses. As for Lin Ming, he was only a mere Xiantian realm boy. There were two great realms that separated them. Any battle between them would be a hopeless one.

’’I understand.’’ Mu Qianyu shut her eyes for a while, and then opened them once more;the peace was restored in her gaze. She looked at Lin Ming as if she wanted to brand his appearance upon her mind.

’’I will wait for you to return. I will always be waiting for you.’’

Mu Qianyu whispered. Her words seemed like a simple promise, but they contained an undying faith. They were similar to the words 'wait for me' that Lin Ming had said to her when he had given her the Escape Symbol. Those were words that had sunk into her body, into her very marrow.

Lin Ming didn't respond. He knew that from today on, his heart would have another worry weighing down on it. He wouldn't avoid dangers because of this worry. Rather, in a dangerous situation, this worry would cause him to burst out with an even greater potential, and seek life in the midst of death.

He wanted to return, he had to return! He had to fulfill his promise to Mu Qianyu. After he obtained enough strength, he would stand together with divine Phoenix Island and face the great threat known as the South Sea Demon Region.

’’Lin Ming, how do you plan on going, and where are you going?’’ Mu Qingyi asked.

The South Horizon Region was one million miles long and wide. The Five Element Region was to the west, and the larger Great Zen Region was to the north. As for the south, that was the vast South Sea.

These forces that Lin Ming had offended could be considered all-seeing and all-knowing powers;they could find anyone just by sticking out their toe. After they left the Demon God Imperial Palace, they would definitely mobilize all of their networks and resources in order to conduct a comprehensive search for the Nirvana Dragon Root and Cosmic Melting Furnace. When that time came, even if Lin Ming escaped very far, he would still be in danger of being found.

In particular, Lin Ming was himself a dazzling existence. In his adventures, he would inevitably be forced to fight. An 18 year old Xiantian realm master with strength that far surpassed his realm was like a star that shined brightly in the night sky;it was hard for anyone to ignore him!

In this situation, just how could Lin Ming go adventuring?

Lin Ming said, ’’I already have some ideas about this. If there isn't a problem, then I won't arouse the interest of anyone...’’


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