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Martial World - Chapter 508


Chapter 508 - End of the Road




’’Lin Ming!’’ Lei Jingtian's eyes were bloodshot. Just a moment ago, three Blood Drinking Seals had pierced through his left shoulder, causing a shower of blood to rain down. Every time that a Blood Drinking Seal successfully attacked, it was able to absorb an enemy's blood essence.

’’Do you really want fight me in a life or death battle!?’’ Lei Jingtian's eyes flashed with a ferocious light, ’’Although you can suppress me, you will still have to pay a great price if you want to kill me!’’

Lin Ming didn't respond with a single word, only slashing out with his halberd. 14 Blood Drinking Seals weaved in the air!

As Lei Jingtian saw these Blood Drinking Seals, he felt his scalp tingle with fear. ’’Do not force me to burn my blood essence!’’

’’Try it!’’ Lin Ming's eyes were decisively cold;he would kill Lin Jingtian. Otherwise, the secret that he had obtained the Nirvana Dragon Root might be revealed. This time, Lin Ming could not let a single one of his enemies escape alive.

’’You bastard!’’

Lei Jingtian revolved his true essence to the extreme limit. At his age, his blood vitality had already long declined. If he combusted his blood essence, it would damage his life. Not just that, but his strength wouldn't even increase that much, even if he burnt his blood essence.

On the other hand, Lin Ming had an incomparably formidable and vibrant blood vitality. Not just that, but he had fully completed Tempering Marrow. His marrow was like golden soup and thick as mercury. He even had the reverse scale blood and the blood of the Ancient Phoenix supporting him. Even if he burnt a bit of blood essence it wasn't that big of a deal.

’’Lin Ming, stop! I can compensate you a medium-grade earth-step Thunder Soul!’’ Under the powerful pressure of Lin Ming, Lei Jingtian started to plead for mercy.

Lin Ming sneered, ’’Medium-grade earth-step Thunder Soul? How could that compare to the Disenchanting Dream Light within you?’’

’’You!’’ Lei Jingtian raged with anger, ’’This old man will bet everything against you!’’

Lei Jingtian shouted out and then tread forwards, stabbing his sword towards Lin Ming's chest.

Lin Ming turned the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. The Blood Drinking Seals gathered together, ’’Become blade!’’

The halberd thrust forth;the 14 Blood Drinking Seals sealed away the Thunder Light Sword.

’’Mm?’’ Lei Jingtian felt as if the sword in his hand had been imbedded in stone. He was unable to pull it out or move it at all. At the same time, the Blood Drinking Seals shot towards Lei Jingtian's throat.

’’Explode for me!’’

Lei Jingtian gave a loud shot and a burst of energy erupted from within him, blasting away Lin Ming's Great Desolate Blood Halberd. He seized this chance and stabbed his sword at Lin Ming's chest!


Facing Lei Jingtian's sword, Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a savage light. He didn't evade nor did he dodge;he simply counterthrust his halberd at Lei Jingtian.

After completing Tempering Marrow, Lin Ming's bodily strength and tenacity far exceeded that of an earth-step treasure. He was not afraid of a battle of attrition.

Lin Ming's sudden counterattack surprised Lei Jingtian. At the same time that Lei Jingtian's sword pierced through Lin Ming's chest, Lin Ming's halberd light enveloped Lei Jingtian.



Lei Jingtian's sword light easily penetrated Lin Ming's protective true essence. The blade pierced Lin Ming's chest and caused a touch of blood to shoot into the air.

But at the same time, a crimson halberd light broke through Lei Jingtian's protective true essence and stabbed into his body.

A Revolving Core martial artist's core and greatest weakness were their dantian. Even though Lei Jingtian's body was powerful, it still couldn't resist Lin Ming's attack. In particular, every time the Blood Drinking Seal stabbed his body, it would also take away a bit of blood essence.

More injuries were added onto Lei Jingtian. He staggered, almost falling onto the ground.

’’Severely harming yourself to kill your enemy, crazy boy, you are mad!’’

’’Severely harming myself?’’ Lin Ming scoffed. When Lei Jingtian's sword had stabbed him a moment ago, it had been caught and stopped by his rib. Ultimately, it was just a little wound of the flesh that didn't matter at all.

Lin Ming's strength was originally incomparably formidable. Now that he also had the complete power of Tempering Marrow backing him up, the resilience of his body had reached a terrifying degree. The wound bled for several breaths of time and then stopped. It even began to regenerate at a visible speed.

As Lei Jingtian saw this, he paled. His sword light had easily penetrated Lin Ming's protective true essence, but it hadn't done any major damage? Was this even the body of a human being?

Lei Jingtian felt as if he had fallen into despair. If he wanted to fight, he couldn't. If he wanted to run, he would get sucked in by that strange martial skill. And in terms of defensive power, he was far inferior.

He had been injured several times. If this continued, sooner or later he would just be worn to death.

’’Lin Ming, this is because you forced me!’’ Lei Jingtian clenched his teeth and combusted his inner blood essence.

’’You've finally given in?’’ Lin Ming's eyes were filled with contempt. Lei Jingtian had wanted to escape and not burn away his blood essence. If he had decided to fight Lin Ming with his life on the line from the very start, then it would have been very troublesome indeed. At least, Lin Ming would also have had to burn his blood essence in order to kill Lei Jingtian.

But now, Lei Jingtian had been injured several times, and he was greatly weaker than he was at the start. And most importantly, his contract beast had been injured and could no longer fight, causing the power of all of his moves to drop precipitously.

Burning away his blood essence at this time was simply too late!

Thunder flashed between Lei Jingtian's eyebrows, and the Thunder Light Sword began to emit rays of fiery light.


A purple beam of lightning fell from the sky, falling onto the Thunder Light Sword. All of the thunder origin energy between the heavens and earth was in the control of Lei Jingtian.

’’Heavenly Thunder Suppression!’’

With this move, a purple storm enveloped Lin Ming once more!

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a ruthless light. He saturated his complete will and strength into the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, fusing together with 14 Blood Drinking Seals. The halberd thrust out, breaking into the thunderstorm!

Cha cha cha!

Lin Ming's protective true essence was twisted apart in the storm and blood shot out from wounds.

At the same time, the Blood Drinking Seals rapidly twisted. The spiraling power was like an iron needle that pierced through the thunder storm, tearing it to shreds. The space and time laws of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' were also integrated into this one attack.


As Lei Jingtian saw Lin Ming's unstoppable strike, he was left panting in fear. He tried to withdraw from the storm, but at this instant an incredible scene took place. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd seemed to instantly penetrate through hundreds of feet of space, arriving in front of Lei Jingtian.


In panic, Lei Jingtian didn't even have time to receive his sword and strike again;he could only use his palm to hit the Great Desolate Blood Halberd.

A bloody light flashed and Lei Jingtian's palm was chopped into pieces by the Blood Drinking Seals. At the same time, Lei Jingtian felt a chilling cold spread from his stomach. He looked down, his eyes filled with disbelief.

What he saw was a halberd pole going into his stomach, the halberd blade had already completely penetrated his dantian...

He looked up to see Lin Ming standing in front of him, his entire body covered in blood and a taunting sneer on his face.


Lei Jingtian spat out a massive mouthful of blood, as strength rapidly escaped from his body. He had never dreamt that one day he would die at the hands of a junior who wasn't even 20 years old.

’’I said that today I would kill you!’’

Lin Ming suddenly tore out the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and a fountain of blood rained down. At the same time, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder penetrated into Lei Jingtian's body. With an explosive sound, Lei Jingtian's chest blew apart into a bloody fog. All of his true essence was sucked away by the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder and gathered into Lin Ming's hand, condensing into a new Blood Drinking Seal.

’’I... refuse to...’’ Lei Jingtian saw as all of his blood essence was used to form a Blood Drinking Seal. He stretched out his hand, wanting to take it back, but before he even lifted it halfway, his hand already dangled down, no longer capable of moving. His eyes dimmed down, the fires of life were completely extinguished...


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