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Martial World - Chapter 506


Chapter 506 - Your Thunder Soul Isn't Too Bad




Of course, if he wanted to force Lin Ming to come out, the only way that it would happens was if Lin Ming was idiotic enough to do so. Mu Chihuo wasn't absolutely sure that it would work, but at this time he refused to give up, and he also didn't have any other way.

’’Mu Qingyi, hurry up and tell me what Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu's sound transmission mark is!’’ Mu Chihuo waved his sword across Mu Qingyi's neck, cutting a thin red line of blood.

Mu Qingyi sneered, ignoring him.

’’If you don't want to care for face... Mu Qingyi, it seems that you have a short memory. You're right, if we can't find Lin Ming then we'll die. But, before we do so, there are still many matters that we can finish. For instance...’’

As Mu Chihuo spoke, his eyes turned towards Mu Bingyun and flashed with cruelty, ’’Qingshu, haven't you been frustrated lately? If you want, then... hehe...’’

’’Mu Chihuo!’’ Mu Qingyi's heart raged with anger and she grinded her teeth together. ’’You are less than an animal! If anyone dares to touch a single hair on Bingyun then I will burn my complete blood essence and sanity and die with them!’’

Mu Qingyi's eyes were bloodshot. As an early Revolving Core martial artist, if she used her life as the price and completely burned away her blood essence, then she would be able to gain strength to fight a middle Revolving Core martial artist.

If she also ate a Scarlet Blood Pill during this time period, she would be even more formidable. Even someone like Mu Chihuo would have trouble dealing with her.

’’OId woman, if you know what's good for you then hurry up and speak!’’ Lei Jingtian took a step forwards, his suppressing aura falling over Mu Qingyi.

Even if Mu Qingyi burnt all of her blood essence, Lei Jingtian didn't fear her even a bit. All that Lei Jingtian thought about was the ancient Devil Tome in Lin Ming's spatial ring, as well as the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder and whatever other secrets he might have.

Mu Qingyi's face flashed with a complex emotion. Finally, she told him Mu Qianyu's sound transmission mark information. As for Lin Ming, she wasn't on familiar terms with him, so she didn't know. But Zhang Zhen actually knew, as he one of Lin Ming's good friends.

’’Zhang Zhen... Lin Ming's sound transmission mark... please give it.’’ Mu Qingyi's eyes were filled with a deep guilt.

Zhang Zhen bit his teeth. At this time it wasn't just Mu Bingyun in danger, but also his grandfather, the Seventh Elder, was in the enemies' hands. He simply had no other choice. His lips moved, and Zhang Zhen gave away Lin Ming's sound transmission mark information.

The truth was that he had already expected what Mu Chihuo was about to do. He could only hope that Lin Ming would not be swayed by things like this.

’’Humph, you stupid boy, if you knew it then you should have spoken earlier.’’ Because Mu Qingshu couldn't find Lin Ming, he was fuming with anger. He punched Zhang Zhen in the stomach, and Zhang Zhen folded onto the floor.

’’Qingshu, don't cause needless complications. Finding Lin Ming is the most important matter.’’ Mu Chihuo took out two sound transmitting talismans. In this broken world, sound transmitting talismans were suppressed by the laws of this world. They could also be blocked by enchantments, array formations, and all sorts of other barriers. Mu Chihuo pegged his hopes on the possibility that Lin Ming wasn't too far from them, and that there also wasn't a barrier blocking the sound transmitting talisman.

Mu Chihuo flicked his fingers and the two sound transmitting talismans burned. ’’Lin Ming, Mu Qianyu, I know that you two are together. Listen to me now. Mu Qianyu, I have your little sister as hostage. If you don't want her to be violated, then show up together with Lin Ming within 10 hours. If you don't, I will let others ravage Mu Bingyun. Not just that, but for every hour that you don't appear, I will kill one person!’’

As Mu Chihuo spoke, even he felt that his threat towards Lin Ming was a bit weak. But, at this time he could only hope that Lin Ming was an idiot that came forwards to die of his own volition.

’’Qingshu, start the time!’’

Whether or not Lin Ming came out, Mu Chihuo would do as he said. He already had no scruples or honor, and if he didn't kill Lin Ming, then he would be the one to die.

Mu Qingshu took out a foot high hourglass from his spatial ring and placed it atop the platform. The grains of sand within the hourglass slowly drifted downwards.

As time slowly passed, the sand at the top of the hourglass drained away. Then, Mu Qingshu turned the hourglass. This hourglass was enough to measure one hour.

As Mu Qingshu turned over the hourglass, he looked over at Mu Bingyun, his eyes flashing with a hideously lascivious light. At this stage, Mu Qingshu had already gone completely insane;he no longer cared about any consequences.

As the sand ran out, he turned over the hourglass again. Like this, two hours had passed.

Mu Qingyi's heart was in chaos. Zhang Zhen also felt like an ant in a hot pot. But as for Mu Bingyun, she was expressionless as she sat down in meditation, saving her strength for the final battle.

Mu Bingyun was well aware that whether Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu came back or not, fighting was inevitable. At that time, how many people would survive was unknown.

If Lei Jingtian really wished to be ruthless, the lower level martial artists wouldn't even have the qualifications to escape. Even if everyone split up in separate directions and ran, all Lei Jingtian would have to do was send down a massive net of Disenchanting Dream Light, and every martial artist below the Revolving Core realm would instantly fall unconscious.

As the hourglass turned for the third time, the divine Phoenix Island disciples grew increasingly nervous. In the face of a battle at death's door, very few were able to remain calm like Mu Bingyun.

When the third hourglass was halfway finished, at the end of the temple ruins, the figure of a man and a woman suddenly appeared...

As Mu Chihuo saw this, he shot up. He couldn't believe his eyes;they really came?

Lei Jingtian was also shocked. His eyes swept past the two figures, and he immediately laughed. They were too stupid, he had never seen someone so stupid before! They had wasted so much energy and strained themselves to escape, but had actually returned to die just because they cared for others. They really were idiots of a completely different caliber.

But as for those from divine Phoenix Island, as Mu Qingyi and Lin Ming saw Mu Qianyu appear, she was filled with guilt and regret. She already decided that as soon as the battle began, she would completely combust her blood essence and also swallow the Scarlet Blood Pill as penance for her sins.

Mu Bingyun traced the spatial ring on her left hand. Her mind was already connected to the Blue Luan Sword;she was only waiting for the battle to begin.

’’Haha! You are such an idiot!’’ Mu Qingshu savagely laughed, ’’You really came to die!’’

If Lin Ming came, then they had a chance to live. Even if they couldn't obtain the first eight layers of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle', they would profit as long as they obtained his divine Phoenix bloodline.

After Lin Ming arrived 300 feet away, he stood firm and held the Great Desolate Blood Halberd in his hands. He was expressionless as he kept the halberd blade pointed at the floor.

Beside Lin Ming, Mu Qianyu had taken out the Vermillion Bird Sword. A cool wind blew through her hair, making it dance in the air.

’’Hahahahaha!’’ Lei Jingtian held the Thunder Light Sword in his hand and stepped forwards, ’’Lin Ming, although they say you are a genius, I only think you are a fool. You clearly knew that coming here meant death, but you still stepped into this trap. Since you're such an idiot, let this old man help you along.’’

Lei Jingtian's arms shook, and purple electric light appeared atop his hands. This was the Disenchanting Dream Light.

As Lin Ming looked at Lei Jingtian's Thunder Soul, he grinned.

’’Mm? Why are you smiling?’’

’’I'm smiling because... I'm thinking your Thunder Soul isn't too bad.’’

’’I do not need you to evaluate my Thunder Soul!’’ Lei Jingtian heard the implicit meaning behind Lin Ming's words. He only felt extremely uncomfortable at Lin Ming's confident appearance. This bastard, what sort of cards could he possibly be hiding?


At this moment, Lei Jingtian suddenly noticed Lin Ming's cultivation. He was stunned. ’’You broke through to the Xiantian realm?’’


As Lei Jingtian spoke, everyone else also noticed Lin Ming's cultivation. He had truly entered the early Xiantian realm!

Mu Qingyi's eyes were wide and filled with disbelief. Even the usually calm and emotionless Mu Bingyun was stunned.

Lin Ming had gone from the late Houtian realm to the early Xiantian realm in just six days?

Just what had happened in these past six days?

It must be unimaginable!

For a martial artist to reach the Xiantian realm before 18 years of age... this was already beyond the scope of anyone's understanding.

Such cultivation and such strength at such a tender age!

Throughout the entire Sky Spill Continent, an achievement of this degree might be unprecedented in the last tens of thousands of years. This might never have happened from the ancient times until now!

At that moment, everyone was stunned into silence. Lei Jingtian also felt a deep fear stirring in him. Lin Ming was just too terrifying, terrifying enough to make everyone afraid to give him time to grow!

’’So that's how it is. You have the confidence to return just because you reached the Xiantian realm. What are you planning on doing? Do you think you can fight me?’’

Lei Jingtian sneered and stepped forwards, pointing the Thunder Light Sword at Lin Ming.

Prior to this, when Lin Ming had combusted his blood essence, he had gained strength at the limit of an early Revolving Core master;he had still been far from reaching a middle Revolving Core master's strength.

But having broken through to the Xiantian realm from the late Houtian realm, his strength had risen by two boundaries.

Logically speaking, in the path of martial arts, the disparity in gaps of cultivation increased the further one went. The difference between the late Houtian realm and Xiantian realm was much less than the difference between an early Revolving Core and late Revolving Core master.

However, Lei Jingtian also knew that Lin Ming could not be judged by common sense.

Lei Jingtian didn't think he would lose, but he would still exercise the utmost caution.

As Lei Jingtian and Lin Ming faced each other, Mu Qianyu calmly walked over to Mu Bingyun's side. The two sisters, with the swords of ice and fire, faced Mu Chihuo together.

As for Mu Yanzhuo, he would be dealt with by Mu Qingyi and the Seventh Elder.

Thus, if Lei Jingtian wasn't able to suppress Lin Ming, Mu Chihuo's side would be at a great disadvantage.

’’Lin Ming, I admit that you have the ability to make me serious. In this broken world and under the suppression of these laws, I'll have to be serious with you!

’’But in terms of strength, you still fall far short! Shaking Thunder Sword!’’

Lei Jingtian's sword cut forwards and his blade pierced forth. A deep purple electric light flashed, and the loud sound of thunder howled in the air!

In this first sword strike, Lei Jingtian was only testing Lin Ming.

However, Lin Ming had no intention to follow along with this test. The corners of his lips curved up in a fiendish grin, and he connected his true essence to the Heretical God Seed.

Heretical God Force - open!

The power of Tempering Marrow also completely erupted!


The Great Desolate Blood Halberd turned. Lin Ming's body emitted explosive crackling sounds. Above the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, 14 Blood Drinking Seals twisted into a crimson vortex.

Primeval Halberd Strike!


Lin Ming's halberd thrust forwards as if it were able to twist space itself into pieces. Lei Jingtian's Disenchanting Dream Light was completely swallowed by that crimson vortex. A powerful tearing force enveloped Lei Jingtian, twisting his life force and causing his blood to swell. Lei Jingtian immediately lost balance.


Lei Jingtian couldn't believe his own eyes. The Blood Drinking Seals had broken through his sword energy and pierced through his protective true essence. A ribbon of fresh blood shot into the wind!


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