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Martial World - Chapter 505


Chapter 505 - In the Rain




This cold and salty rain was from the waters of the South Sea. It was sucked into this broken world by the space storms and then turned into countless sprays of mist. After it condensed in the skies, it formed dark and thick clouds. These clouds had already gathered for over 10 days, and they were waiting to spill over. Now, they blotted out the sky as they formed curtains of overwhelming rain, hard enough that it was even difficult to open one's eyes.

In just several breaths of time, the water was already deep enough to reach the ankles. As the rain scattered throughout the bloody wilderness, it fell onto the stone tablets, washing over them and causing the crimson symbols to glow even brighter.

Mu Qianyu's entire body was soaked. In this cold and unforgiving shower of rain, her bright and clean dress was now stained with dirt.

She didn't know how long she had stayed in this position. For the last six days, she hadn't slept, eaten a grain of rice, or drank a drop of water.

In that moment when she had been enveloped in the white light of the Escape Symbol, his facial features lingered in her mind, haunting her.

She had never missed someone with such an insane intensity. If it was possible, she was willing to give up all of her cultivation in to see him again.

However, the slim hope she held in her heart became increasingly endangered. It had been so long... if he was fine, then why hadn't he come to the bloody wilderness to find her?

Only now when she had lost something dear to her did she feel this unforgettable pain.

Mu Qianyu had lost her parents as a child. Growing up, she had followed her master. Besides her master, Mu Yuhuang, Lin Ming had undoubtedly occupied the most important position in her heart.

Maybe... this was what people called love.

Mu Qianyu reflected on herself. If she could just live a plain and ordinary life with Lin Ming, then even as a mortal it would be a warm and happy life...

The rain fell in this vast world until it overflowed to the knees. Then, Mu Qianyu suddenly heard the faint sound of water parting behind her, as if someone were wading through.

Mu Qianyu suddenly woke from her stupor. She turned back in shock to see, in that endless curtain of rain, a blurry figure stepping over the water towards her.

Mu Qianyu's breath caught in her throat. In the misty weather and with the laws of this world that suppressed perception, it was impossible to tell just who this other person was. But even so, as Mu Qianyu saw this figure, her body stiffened and tears began to roll down from her eyes.

She did not need to guess, she did not need her eyes to see, nor did she need her perception to sense this figure. A deep and throbbing feeling in her heart was all that Mu Qianyu needed to recognize this person. This faint figure, was exactly the person that she had been dreaming of for the last six days...

’’Lin Ming!’’

Mu Qianyu forgot everything. In that moment, she was no longer the lofty and proud Saintess, nor was she an extreme Xiantian master. At this moment, she was just a girl. A simple girl who was affected by thoughts towards her lover.

In this pouring rain, she desperately rushed into Lin Ming's embrace.

Her white arms were like white lotus roots that clung to Lin Ming's back, as if she wanted to melt into him...

’’I'm back.’’

Lin Ming bent over and softly spoke in Mu Qianyu's ear.

’’I know... I know...’’ Mu Qianyu buried herself in Lin Ming's chest, unable to stop the tears from falling.

In this incomparably icy torrent of rain, Lin Ming could clearly feel warmth in his chest.

As the pair tightly hugged each other, in this world - besides the heavy rain - there was not a single sound. It was as if this curtain of rain isolated everything from the world, and all that was left were their hearts, closely nestled together.

After an unknown period of time, the two of them began to slowly separate. At that moment, a loud 'kacha' split the air, and a crimson bolt of lightning cut through the skies, as if a god in the heavens was casting down spells.

This lightning was completely reflected in Lin Ming's eyes. In the bright flash of light, one could see a deep and thick murderous intent flowing forth.

At this moment, Mu Qianyu's heart stirred as she saw Lin Ming's eyes. She never knew that the world was so dark before. Lin Ming's eyes were as bright as the stars;they were dazzling enough to illuminate this world.

Lin Ming closed his eyes, and then opened them once more. As the lightning dissipated, his murderous intent also receded back into his body. He said in an extremely calm tone, ’’Let's go. Come with me... to kill.’’

These simple words contained a dominating confidence and arrogance as if he was able to hold life and death in his hands. They caused Mu Qianyu's heart to stir.

She discovered that in these last six days, Lin Ming's cultivation had actually broken through to the Xiantian realm!

Not just that, but Lin Ming's body seemed to emanate a mysterious and powerful aura. Even though she couldn't recognize just what it meant, it was enough to make her heartbeat quicken!

’’Lin Ming, you...’’

’’I went to the Demon God Imperial Palace and obtained the Nirvana Dragon Root.’’ Lin Ming didn't plan on hiding anything from Mu Qianyu. He couldn't, wouldn't, nor was there any need to.

’’What!?’’ Mu Qianyu was shocked. The Nirvana Dragon Root? Heavens! Wasn't that a miracle medicine that those Life Destruction Supreme Elders were competing over? How could it possibly have ended up in Lin Ming's hands?

’’It's a long story. I can't really explain it, but this is for you...’’ Lin Ming took out a rectangular jade box from his spatial ring. After opening the jade box, one could see a dry root within, as if it were an exquisite wild ginseng that had been dried.

’’This is...’’ Mu Qianyu found this unbelievable. This root was exactly like the Nirvana Dragon Root listed out in the ancient manual that the Revolving Core master from the South Sea Demon Region had. It was very similar to the drawing, except that it was much drier and more withered-looking.

Lin Ming said, ’’This is the Nirvana Dragon Root. I boiled it to make medicine, and 80 to 90% of the medicinal efficacy is gone. What's left over is 10 to 20%, but it is still far superior to those broken root hairs from the Nirvana Dragon Root!’’

The main stem of the Nirvana Dragon Root accounted for 70% of its essence energy. As for the nine root hairs, that was only 30%. The Nirvana Dragon Root inherently contained a very rich and pure essence energy. Once it was broken or damaged, a massive amount of this essence energy would dissipate. A root hair was originally only a tiny portion of the Nirvana Dragon Root. If it were also broken off and the essence energy dissipated, then it truth there wasn't much left. At least, it would be far, far inferior to this complete withered Nirvana Dragon Root that Lin Ming had boiled once to make medicine.

’’If Master Ancestor Fengxian wishes to break through into the second stage of Life Destruction, she can boil this Nirvana Dragon Root to make medicine, or she can even directly consume it.’’ Lin Ming pressed the Nirvana Dragon Root into Mu Qianyu's hand. This Nirvana Dragon Root was meant for Mu Fengxian. And when Mu Qianyu finally came to a point that she too needed to use a Nirvana Dragon Root, Lin Ming has absolute confidence that he could be to refine a far superior Tempering Marrow medicine for Mu Qianyu.

Lin Ming pulled Mu Qianyu's hand into his, ’’Come with me. Let us bring an end to all of this!’’


At this time, 100 miles away, at the ruins of the inner court disciple housing of the Demon God Imperial Palace...

The torrential downpour had already begun to slowly stop. Although the clouds hadn't cleared yet, faint rays of light now shined through.

Above the illusionary killing array platform, Lei Jingtian saw that it was completely empty, and his face filled with a terribly grim expression!

With Lei Jingtian's initial late Revolving Core strength, even if he combined forces with Mu Chihuo, Mu Yanzhuo, and everyone else here, they still wouldn't compare to half of a Life Destruction Supreme Elder.

Originally, the 30 some Life Destruction old masters had gathered together at the Demon God Imperial Palace. They had spent a great deal of strength, and even with Xuan Wuji's secret technique they were barely able to break through the defensive barrier of the palace.

Although the array formation of this temple was far weaker than the array formation of the palace, it still couldn't be broken so easily.

Lei Jingtian had joined forces with Mu Chihuo an Mu Yanzhuo, and had continuously attacked this array for the last six days. Still, they had failed to break through this illusionary killing array every time.

But now, the heavy rain had turned the tables in their favor.

The power of thunder from this rainstorm was actually not suppressed by the laws of this world. Lei Jingtian had used his own ability to control thunder, and with another array formation, he was able to make enough preparations to direct the heavenly thunder to strike down at the illusionary killing array, becoming the final strike needed to shatter it.

But when the illusionary killing array had been broken, Lei Jingtian and Mu Chihuo saw that it was completely empty;there was not even a single shadow left over!

Mu Qingyi let out a long breath of relief as she saw this. Lin Ming had finally managed to escape. It was good. Otherwise, she would have spent the rest of her life blaming herself, unable to repent for her sins.

’’That bastard!’’ Lei Jingtian wanted to vomit blood. As for Mu Yanzhuo and Mu Qingshu, they felt as if they were about to faint. They were unsteady on their feet as they almost fell over. Even the usually placid Mu Chihuo found himself unable to maintain his calm, his heart racing in panic.

All of his plans were based upon the precedent that he would be able to smoothly kill Lin Ming. If he couldn't kill Lin Ming and obtain his divine Phoenix bloodline, then within half a year, the bloodstain contract would cause him to lose all of his martial arts cultivation, and he would become a cripple!

At that time, what point was there in obtaining the first eight layers of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' or becoming the Island Master of divine Phoenix Island. There was simply no meaning to any of that!

’’Brother Chihuo... what... what should we do?’’ Mu Yanzhuo's voice trembled. This was not a laughing matter. It was possible that Mu Fengxian would soon emerge from the Demon God Imperial Palace. If they were unable to kill Lin Ming before that old woman came back, then they would absolutely lose everything they had!

Although he had already prepared for the worst before he made this desperate gamble, now that he finally arrived at this step, he was unable to accept the reality of the situation.

’’Stop panicking!’’ Mu Chihuo coldly said. However, there was a cold sweat dripping down his forehead. ’’Calm down. As long as we can find him within the next few days, it's not too late...’’

Mu Chihuo grit his teeth as he spoke. As he turned around he saw Mu Qingyi's sneering face, and a fire suddenly blazed in his heart.

’’You dead old woman!’’


Mu Chihuo's sword violently thrust forwards. The blade was like a striking snake, stabbing towards Mu Qingyi's throat.

As Mu Qingyi saw this, she coldly snorted and remained unmoved. She didn't even blink her eyes, only waiting for this sword to pierce her.

From the beginning, Mu Qingyi had never been afraid of death.

’’You damn old woman, you really want to die? It won't be that easy!’’ Mu Chihuo's sword stopped only an inch away from Mu Qingyi's throat.

At this time, killing Mu Qingyi was useless. First, he had to find Lin Ming.

Mu Chihuo's expression changed countless times. Finally, a plan formed in his heart, and he cruelly smiled.

If he couldn't find Lin Ming, then he would use whatever ways possible to force him to come out.


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