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Martial World - Chapter 500


Chapter 500 - Receiving the Furnace




The dog, or rather a pug, assumed an air of self-importance as it chanted, its two front doggy paws waving in the air with a lewd smile plastered over its angry face. This really challenged the limit of Lin Ming's visual comprehension.

No matter how he looked at it, this fellow was more like an old tricky scoundrel.

But although this old dog seemed as if it wasn't too dependable, it seemed to know what it was talking about. The Cosmic Melting Furnace began to release a vibrant red light, and the furnace body also slightly vibrated, emitting a great deal of energy that surged outwards.

However, as the red light shined, the pug wasn't able to maintain its obscene expression. Its soul form seemed to twist around, as if its soul force was weakened. As the pug had said before, opening the Cosmic Melting Furnace with just this small part of his consciousness released was pushing the envelope.

The furnace began to emit a bright white light, and it also began to increasingly vibrate. It seemed as if it were ready to fly away from the platform at any moment.

Lin Ming's eyes shined. This pug wasn't just opening the Cosmic Melting Furnace, but rather taking the entire thing!

’’You... can you really take the entire Cosmic Melting Furnace?’’

’’What nonsense!’’ Although the pug looked as if it were barely holding on, it still made an effort to glare at Lin Ming with a great deal of disdain, trying to ridicule him. ’’Do... do you even... know who this Saint is?’’

Looking at this pug that had to clench its teeth and force out words with extreme difficulty, Lin Ming felt a drop of sweat drop down his forehead. This fellow, was he really one of those old monsters that lived for tens of thousands of years?

Lin Ming didn't bother thinking about this much more. His eyes were wide as he stared at the Cosmic Melting Furnace that continually vibrated, the energy becoming increasingly dense. This pug clearly had some association with the Demon Emperor, and it was possible that it had even been the Demon Emperor's contract beast. If this were the case, the dog's strength should also be at an extremely high level. Taking the Cosmic Melting Furnace shouldn't be anything too strange.

However, Lin Ming didn't know just what the pug was planning on doing with the Cosmic Melting Furnace. It only had a soul body, so what use was a pill furnace to it? Unless, it was planning on fusing itself into the treasure and becoming a treasure spirit.

Was this pug wanting to become a treasure spirit?

If there was a tangible flesh and blood body, then who would want to become a treasure spirit? The only kind that would willingly do so were those like the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm's Palace Spirit, who was originally from the Spirit race and not a human. The Palace Spirit had preferred to take long and peaceful rests, for tens of thousands of years at a time.

But, this pug was obviously not the same.

Lin Ming's mind raced. His fingers unconsciously traced his spatial ring.

At this point, a surprising scene took place. The Cosmic Melting Furnace began to wildly spin on the platform. And as it spun around, it began to shrink!

The large 30 foot high pill furnace was instantly reduced to less than 10 feet!

At the same time, the Cosmic Melting Furnace's lid shook tremendously, as if it were about to fly off.

As the pug saw this, its eyes flashed with a greedy light, ’’Up!’’

The pug's paws moved as it spat out words.


The lid shot up into the air, and the blue-colored pill and red mass of liquid also flew out!

That blue-colored pill was the pill that had been refined with a Nirvana Dragon Root!

As for that red mass of liquid, Lin Ming had noticed that it was blood that emitted an ancient demonic energy!

The pug waved its paw and pressured the blue pill back into the pill furnace. Although this blue pill was precious, the pug only had its soul body, so it didn't have any use for it.

Therefore, there was only that red mass of blood left over in the air!

As the pug saw this mass of blood, a smile blossomed on its face as it cackled, ’’Hahaha, this ancient Giant Demon blood is this Saint's!’’

Lin Ming was shocked, ancient Giant Demon blood?

He suddenly remembered that the white sphere of light within the Magic Cube would often absorb the blood essence of masters, sometimes rather desperately. Perhaps there was some sort of secret ability that allowed a soul body to nourish itself with blood essence?

This was bad!

If this pug managed to absorb the ancient Giant Demon blood, would he still be able to deal with it?

Lin Ming didn't know how much strength the pug would restore once it absorbed this blood, but in this life or death situation, he couldn't allow something to happen that might spiral out of his control.

Without delay, Lin Ming instantly revolved his Samsara martial intent. He hadn't planned on fighting the pug and hurting each other. If things were in his control, then he might have even divided a portion of the ancient Giant Demon blood and given it to the pug. But he absolutely could not allow it to wantonly devour the entire thing!

Lin Ming was planning on rushing forwards, but the pug was even faster. The pug waved a paw and the ancient Giant Demon blood flew over. It smiled devilishly as it opened its mouth, ready to swallow the entire mass of blood. But at this moment, a crimson light shot out from Lin Ming's chest, from the mark of the Magic Cube!


With a light ringing sound, that red light enveloped the ancient Giant Demon blood at an unimaginable speed, then rewound again at the same inconceivable velocity!

The entire process happened in less than the blink of the eye;Lin Ming simply couldn't respond.


The pug bit down on nothing and nearly cracked its own teeth. As it didn't bite into anything, the happy devilish smile on its face suddenly froze.

Lin Ming froze where he was. He felt a warmth in his chest as that mass of blood drilled its way into his body and then was absorbed by the Magic Cube. The Magic Cube trembled several times, and then quieted down.


The pug flew into a rage. It had overdrawn its soul force and had obtained the ancient Giant Demon blood only after extreme difficulty. It had originally wanted to use the blood to nourish its broken soul, but didn't think that it would be swallowed without a trace in just a blink of an eye!

’’Boy, this Saint will bite you to death! Woof!’’

The pug howled like a wolf and bit down at Lin Ming!

Lin Ming was left speechless. The sudden movement from the Magic Cube was surprising but not unexpected. After all, since the ancient Giant Demon blood was able to nourish the soul, the Magic Cube would naturally fight for it. As for discussing about the ability to struggle for blood essence, the difference between the pug and the Magic Cube was without a doubt like the heavens and earth, separated by 108,000 miles. When the Magic Cube took action, even the blood of the True Dragon shivered in fear!

Seeing the pug rush towards him, Lin Ming calmly revolved all of his true essence. The Samsara martial intent created a massive black vortex in the waters of his spiritual sea. At the same time, the Purple Flood Dragon and Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder dual Thunder Souls also sparked within the skies of his spiritual sea!


The pug threw itself into Lin Ming's body like a gust of wind. Since it had no true body, biting Lin Ming was just a feint. If it wanted to attack, all it could do was attack Lin Ming's spiritual sea.

However, in just a breath of time, there was only a pitiful 'awoo' sound as the pug cried out. It was tossed away, a pained expression on its face.

A soul collision was extremely dangerous. Lin Ming's soul force defense was peculiarly strong;it even exceeded many old Revolving Core masters'. After the pug rushed into him, he was directly oppressed and ended up sustaining a number of injuries.

’’F*ck f*ck f*ck! This tiger is being bullied by a dog! This Saint is mad! This Saint is mad!’’ The pug cursed, its puppy face flustered red. Lin Ming's spiritual sea had an extremely strong soul force, a black vortex, and also a red and purple dual colored Thunder Soul. As an incomplete being, it was simply oppressed into a miserable state.

’’Just wait for this Saint to restore his strength... I'll swallow you whole then!’’ The pug rubbed its aching head with one paw and then pointed another paw at Lin Ming as it shook in anger.

Lin Ming remained expressionless, his voice cold, ’’I advise you not to play any more tricks. We only have several dozen breaths of time left. If those old Life Destruction masters come back during this time period, then I'll have to answer to them. But, you won't be in a much better situation yourself. What do you think those old fellows will do once they find the remnant consciousness of ancient creature from the Realm of the Gods here? What do you think they would do to you?’’

As Lin Ming spoke, the pug's complexion became increasingly ugly. ’’You smelly little boy, are you threatening this Saint?’’

’’I'm only reminding you to not speak any more nonsense or play any more games, or both of us are finished.’’

’’Damn! You swallowed this father's Giant Demon blood!’’

Lin Ming sneered, ’’It wasn't me that absorbed it but rather the Magic Cube. I thought that since you were some great being that came from the Realm of the Gods, you would know about the existence of the Magic Cube that had absorbed your soul consciousness?’’

As Lin Ming suddenly mentioned the Magic Cube, the pug seemed to suddenly remember something horrifying. Its angry expression was instantly replaced with one of terror-stricken panic.

’’Magic... Magic Cube... heavens! You... you swallowed the divine Crystal Magic Cube into your body!?’’ The pug spoke in a stuttering haze. It hadn't known why it had been torn apart into seven or eight pieces, but now that he was reminded by Lin Ming, he was suddenly enlightened as to just what happened!

’’You... you...’’ The pug flapped its mouth, unsure of what to say.

Lin Ming was growing impatient. ’’Are you done yet? Once we take the Cosmic Melting Furnace, we will divide the treasures 40-60. You 40, me 60!’’

’’Why me 40, you 60?’’ The pug was extremely unhappy, ’’Only I know the method to collect the Cosmic Melting Furnace! There has to be at least equal division!’’

’’Fine, we'll divide it equally.’’ Lin Ming immediately agreed. He wasn't prepared to wrangle over this matter at this time.

As the pug saw Lin Ming agree so readily, he felt that there was something wrong.

However, it was too late for him to think about it. The pug continued to weave an incantation. The Cosmic Melting Furnace that had shrunk to less than 10 feet shrunk even more.

Within several breaths of time, that giant furnace was reduced to less than half a foot in height. It could even be held in one hand.

’’This Cosmic Melting Furnace was known as the greatest pill furnace of the Sky Spill Continent, and it is also a top treasure. It does not need to be placed into a spatial ring, but can be directly integrated into the body, where it will become its own space. This Saint only has a soul form so I naturally cannot receive the Cosmic Melting Furnace. Humph, consider this a bargain for now, boy. This will be kept in your body for now, but don't be so presumptuous as to think you can keep it for yourself!’’

’’Okay!’’ Now that Lin Ming was bound together with the pug, he didn't believe it would start any dirty tricks, so he readily agreed.

The pug waved its paws, and with a whistling sound the Cosmic Melting Furnace flew into Lin Ming's body.

At that moment, Lin Ming only felt a heat within him. As he looked within himself, he found the Cosmic Melting Furnace had appeared within his dantian, where it slowly turned.

As the Cosmic Melting Furnace flew into Lin Ming's body, the pug let out a strange cry, its face immediately filling with regret. ’’F*ck! This father thought that something was wrong;I really was tricked!’’


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