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Martial World - Chapter 498


Chapter 498 - Entering the Cave Once More




’’It's finally mine!’’

As Lin Ming put away the jade box, he had a feeling as if everything that was happening was a dream. It had to be known that before now, there were over 30 old Life Destruction fellows that were all trying to obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root together. They had taken countless risks and ventured forth into the Demon God Imperial Palace, and over a dozen Life Destruction Supreme Elders had perished for it!

Xuan Wuji had carefully spent 10 years of the utmost care and calculation, and he hadn't even hesitated to start a war in the South Sea for it!

But now, the Nirvana Dragon Root was lying in his own jade box, in a complete and unbroken state without a single root hair missing.

The process of obtaining it appeared extremely easy;he hadn't even needed to fight.

However, the truth was that for Lin Ming, he had already paid a great price!

After he had entered this ancient battlefield, Lin Ming had engaged in a fierce battle with the South Sea Demon Region. He had swallowed a Scarlet Blood Pill and had exhausted his life like a lamp at the end of its wick, nearly dying in the process. Then, he had been ambushed and betrayed by others, and had to part with Mu Qianyu in life or death circumstances. He had burned his blood essence, detonated his Blood Drinking Seals, and pushed himself to the limit all in order to flee the jaws of death. He had swallowed the fragment of the Demon Emperor's soul, and his Samsara martial intent had collapsed several times, nearly turning him into an idiot. In the end, he didn't even obtain too much valuable information. Lin Ming then risked his life to enter the Demon God Imperial Palace, and because his cultivation was too low, he had nearly been killed at the hands of Xuan Wuji.

With dangers surrounding him from all sides, Lin Ming had repeatedly unleashed everything he had, not even hesitating to leave behind hidden wounds in his body. He had completely used up the Scarlet Blood Pill and Escape Symbol, and had even eaten three Yang Reversion Pills. Finally, at the very last moment, he had found success and obtained the Nirvana Dragon Root. To Lin Ming, everything he suffered was now worth it!

As Lin Ming felt the warm touch of the jade box against his chest, his heart was filled with emotion.

There were countless talents in the world, but actually very few that were able to traverse up the winding path to the peak of martial arts. It could be said that there was not a single genius who made it there that didn't come across a massive lucky chance.

However, people only thought about how great these lucky chances were. No one thought about just what sort of price had been paid in order to obtain them. In this world, there was no opportunity that would fall into one's hand without a cost. A lucky chance was only for the prepared. If one didn't have the courage, then even if a thousand opportunities were presented in front of them, it would still be useless!

As for destiny, the truth was that it was just an illusory conception. To Lin Ming's understanding, the so-called 'destiny' was merely a martial artist's struggle for lucky chances. Ultimately, it was the pursuit and test of a martial artist's determination to reach the peak of martial arts, as well as a trial of their strength, courage, and wisdom.

Thus, fighting for one's own greatest benefits was naturally what a talented martial artist should do.

As Lin Ming finished his business there, he looked up towards the cave where the Cosmic Melting Furnace was.

Lin Ming was well aware that even if his strength reached the second or third stage of Life Destruction and he lived for a thousand years, he wouldn't be able to create a foolproof plan. Even if he became someone on the level of those old monsters, reaching this step and obtaining an entire Nirvana Dragon Root was already very difficult.

With this Nirvana Dragon Root, he would be able to fully complete Tempering Marrow;his harvest had been enormous.

As for the Cosmic Melting Furnace, although Lin Ming had a way to decipher the Eight Dragon Jade Light Array, that Cosmic Melting Furnace had obviously been sealed away with some strange arcane technique by the Demon Emperor. It was impossible for him to take it - even opening the lid was questionable.

Once those Life Destruction Elders returned, Lin Ming would undoubtedly die. There would be no one that would save him!

But as Lin Ming had thought before, every lucky chance was followed by dangers and tribulations. If he didn't fight for every opportunity that presented itself to him, then he would only remain a mediocre man for the rest of his life;it would be absurd for him to think of ever reaching the peak of martial arts.

Lin Ming grit his teeth. In any case, he still wanted to try. If he couldn't open the lid then he would give up.

Lin Ming's figure flashed a few times and he arrived at the cave. The heat waves still billowed out as they did before. On the ground, there were still two piles of ashes;these were from two Elders that had been struck by that deadly dawn-red light.

The Great Zen Temple's big-headed monk's body had already been collected into a coffin by Abbot Whitebrow. Of these two piles of ashes, one was an Elder from a small sect and the other was a free martial artist. After they died, there was no one to collect their ashes for them. For a master that ruled over their territory, a Supreme Elder that decided the fates of countless others, to end up like this, the brutality and cruelty of the road of martial arts could be seen.

Lin Ming sobered as he thought this.

Time was running out, and he couldn't be bothered with these ashes. He recalled the method to pass through the Eight Dragon Jade Light Array and carefully walked forwards.

The fiery heat in the air became increasingly intense. It felt as if he was walking deeper into a volcano. His mouth was dry, and every breath he took was like a stream of fire that passed into his lungs.

With every wave of heat that surged forwards, Lin Ming felt a needle-like pain cross his face.

As his gaze fell onto the Cosmic Melting Furnace's eight coiling dragon columns, Lin Ming clearly felt a vast and ancient energy emanate from these columns.

To open the furnace, he first had to open the Eight Jade Dragon Light Array.

Lin Ming wrapped true essence around his palm and walked over to the first nearby coiling dragon column.

The coiling dragon column was thick and high, it was unknown just what sort of metal it was made of. It was over 100 feet high, and had a lifelike Horned Dragon carved into it. A deep red flame came shooting out from the column. At this time, it was as if the Horned Dragon was alive and had opened its great jaws, constantly unleashing a dawn-red fire at the Cosmic Melting Furnace.

Lin Ming took a deep breath. He meditated for a moment on the law formula, and then gently wiped three spots on the coiling dragon column. With a light crackling sound, the light of the coiling dragon column began to dim down.

Lin Ming's figure flashed, and he arrived at another coiling dragon column. This time, he changed methods and pressed his fingers five times on the column. Finally, the second coiling dragon column's light also dimmed down like the first.

After reaching another coiling dragon column, Lin Ming repeated his method. After ten breaths of time, the eight coiling dragon columns trembled in unison, and the low roar of a dragon filled the platform.

Soon after, there was an explosive sound, and all of the red lights faded away. At the same time, the scarlet eyes of the eight Horned Dragons dimmed down.

The dawn glow that had enveloped the Cosmic Melting Furnace also immediately disappeared. All that was left over were the waves of heat, as if they were a reminder to others as to just how powerful this Eight Dragon Jade Light Array was.

It was finished!

Lin Ming let out a long breath. Since he had some of the Demon Emperor's memories, figuring out a way to break through the Eight Dragon Jade Light Array wasn't too difficult for him. But, the problem was... how would he open it?

Lin Ming approached the Cosmic Melting Furnace and felt waves of scorching heat pass over him. Looking at the bright red furnace, he didn't know just how high of a temperature it would be. If he directly touched it with his hand, he feared that it would directly penetrate his true essence protection and scorch his hand to the bone!

’’This Cosmic Melting Furnace is the most valuable treasure of the Demon God Imperial Palace, according to the Demon Emperor's memories. It was originally used to stabilize the Imperial Palace. Perhaps, for these past tens of thousands of years, the reason that the Demon God Imperial Palace's spells and guard puppets could still be maintained and kept running is all related to this Cosmic Melting Furnace. Otherwise, those spells and formations should have slowly weakened over thousands of years...

Before, Abbot Whitebrow had used the Bright Buddha Palm Seal to open the lid of the Cosmic Melting Furnace, and two treasures had appeared: a bright blue pill, and a mass of deep red blood.

That blue pill, if he weren't wrong, should be refined with a Nirvana Dragon Root as part of its materials. Its value could be imagined.

As for that mass of dark red blood, Lin Ming wasn't sure what it was. He could only feel an ancient, powerful demonic energy emitting from it, horrifying any who sensed it.

Lin Ming was faintly aware that there were more than two treasures in the Cosmic Melting Furnace. There were most likely other treasures that were suppressed deeper within the furnace.

It was just that Abbot Whitebrow was only able to open the shallowest layer of the Cosmic Melting Furnace, thus he couldn't see what else was inside.

’’I wonder what sort of treasures are contained at the deepest level. The Demon Emperor's soul fragment didn't contain many memories about this Cosmic Melting Furnace.’’

Lin Ming shook his head. He didn't intend on looking for the treasures at the bottom of the Cosmic Melting Furnace, he simply didn't have the ability to do so. As for moving the Cosmic Melting Furnace, that was an even greater joke. The Cosmic Melting Furnace was connected to the Demon God Imperial Palace. Let alone Lin Ming, even if an Emperor level powerhouse were to arrive, it would be impossible for them to take it. At best, they would only be able to open the lid and take the treasures within.

Lin Ming didn't ask for much. As long as he could slightly prop open a corner of the furnace and then take out a small portion of the treasures, he would be content.

However, Lin Ming didn't have the powerful Bright Buddha Palm Seal. He also didn't have secret techniques of powers to open a furnace. Thus, he could only resort to the most primitive approach...

He took out the Purple Comet Spear from his spatial ring and stuck it into the edge of the lid. Then, Lin Ming's feet sank, and he pressed down on the spear shaft!

If Abbot Whitebrow had seen this approach then he would most likely have vomited blood. He had used the supreme and almighty 'Great Zen Mantra' and the Bright Buddha Palm Seal in order to let out an earth-shattering hand, but was still unable to pass through the Eight Dragon Jade Light Array. The result was that Abbot Whitebrow had been unable to obtain the rare treasures within the Cosmic Melting Furnace. As for the Eight Dragon Jade Dawn Array, it had counterattacked and instantly killed four Life Destruction Supreme Elders. Even Abbot Whitebrow, who was famed for his defensive ability, had still been grievously wounded.

And yet presently, Lin Ming had easily bypassed the Eight Dragon Jade Light Array and had actually used such an old and crude method to open the furnace;it could only be said to be a joke.

With Lin Ming's complete effort, the Purple Comet Spear bent. But, the Cosmic Melting Furnace didn't budge at all.

As Lin Ming saw this scene, he couldn't help but laugh at himself. He had really been an idiot. Although the Purple Comet Spear could contain power well, it was ultimately a flexible spear. It would be extremely difficult to use it to open the furnace.

Lin Mind's hand turned and he swapped the Purple Comet Spear for the Great Desolate Blood Halberd.

A halberd and spear had a similar shape, but, they were a bit different. And that was... that all halberds were hard weapons. For instance, this shaft of this Great Desolate Blood Halberd was completely made of metal.

Lin Ming placed the halberd blade into the lid edge. He gave a loud shout, releasing his full pressure!

Ka ka ka!

At the point where the halberd blade and lid met, a sound of bending metal pierced out. Lin Ming grit his teeth and opened the Heretical God Force without hesitation!

The power of Tempering Marrow erupted. In an instant, Lin Ming's strength had climbed to 100,000 jins!

After reaching almost 70% Tempering Marrow completion, Lin Ming had rarely relied on his complete strength in his battles. But even so, the Cosmic Melting Furnace didn't budge!

Lin Ming savagely clenched his teeth;he combusted the blood of the Ancient Phoenix!

Zhi zhi zhi -

Even the Great Desolate Blood Halberd began to bend under this terrifying pressure.

But the Cosmic Melting Furnace's lid only trembled for a moment, it was still far from opening.

’’It's this tight!?’’

Lin Ming's face flushed red with blood.

He had been constantly estimating the remaining time he had left. Currently, those Life Destruction Supreme Elders had been gone for half an incense stick of time. Assuming that they would engage in a fierce melee for a quarter hour, that would be three incense sticks of time;that was more than enough.

However, Lin Ming didn't dare to rely on such assumptions. He was prepared to leave the Demon Emperor's medicine garden after another incense stick of time.

But at this moment, an old voice sounded out, causing Lin Ming to feel as if he had fallen into an ice bath!

’’Hehe, little baby boy, the Cosmic Melting Furnace is not something you can open!’’


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