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Martial World - Chapter 497


Chapter 497 - The Second Nirvana Dragon Root




In these past 10 years, Xuan Wuji had collected a great deal of information on ancient array formations. Not just that, but the Demon Emperor's letter had a very clear and simple explanation on how to activate the transmission array. Xuan Wuji did not think that he made a mistake.

However, the truth was that the array formation didn't start. The Demon Emperor's letter shouldn't have been wrong on this!

Could it be...

As a number of little clues gathered together, Xuan Wuji felt a growing sense of unease in his heart. He was filled with a strong sense that he had been tricked by someone!

However, he didn't have time to reflect on just what had happened. With a thunderous explosion, the enchantment barrier he had laid down was suddenly torn to pieces by Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow!

’’Shit!’’ Xuan Wuji was shocked, ’’Don't attack, I have words I need to say!’’

’’You can go f*cking speak in hell!’’ Nanyun Wang was already filled with a burning anger. As soon as he rushed forwards, he revolved his true essence to the limit, and a thick murderous intent surged out from his body. His saber slashed down. The saber light cut through space, directly slicing towards Xuan Wuji!


Xuan Wuji couldn't speak, he could only respond to the attack. He had to protect Xuan Yuqie and the rest of them, so he was unable to avoid this strike. And in this narrow hall, there just wasn't room to avoid!

Xuan Wuji drew out a heaven-step treasure spear from his spatial ring, thrusting it towards Nanyun Wang's spear energy.

’’Quickly retreat!’’

Xuan Yuqie's charming face paled and she quickly drew back with the other two Life Destruction Elders. Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow were two top third stage Life Destruction masters. If they combined their forces to fight Xuan Wuji, the shockwaves would be extremely terrifying!

’’Nanyun Wang, stop! I too was tricked by others!’’ The situation was too complex. And in the midst of battle, Xuan Wuji's thoughts were in disarray. He couldn't figure out just who had planned everything with such an omnipotent eye. Not only had they anticipated everything to this degree, but they had done it so meticulously!

’’Old thief Xuan, your words are useless from now on! This old man will no longer believe another word that you say, or my last 800 years of life are nothing but a waste!’’ Nanyun Wang's attack was like the wind, monstrous waves of blood filling the air. He simply didn't give Xuan Wuji a chance to speak!

He had almost been trapped in the Demon God Imperial Palace while Xuan Wuji fled with the treasure. And it would have been for a truly miserable eight to 10 years!

In this sort of situation, how could Nanyun Wang possibly believe Xuan Wuji's words again?

Xuan Wuji's strength was slightly weaker than Nanyun Wang's. But, he had a heaven-step treasure. In terms of true combat strength, he was slightly stronger than Nanyun Wang.

But Nanyun Wang also had Abbot Whitebrow.

Abbot Whitebrow was also confused as to why Xuan Wuji hadn't escaped through the transmission array. But now, he couldn't ponder the reasons. No matter what had happened, he had to join forces with Nanyun Wang to ruin Xuan Wuji. He'd speak again after obtaining the Nirvana Dragon Root and the Demon Emperor's letter!

A crippled Xuan Wuji would be much easier to control. And everything would be made clear once he was able to read the Demon Emperor's letter. Why did he have to follow Xuan Wuji and listen to his nonsense?

’’Bright Buddha Palm Seal!’’

Abbot Whitebrow pressed down his palm. A massive golden hand came crashing down through the air, overwhelming all!

’’You bastard!’’

Xuan Wuji was also raging with anger. He had been tricked, but before he could figure out who had done it, he was being ruthlessly attacked by Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow! How could he not be angry?

’’Do think that I, Xuan Wuji, fear you... break for me!’’

Xuan Wuji's eyes flashed with a grim light. His spear pierced towards that giant golden palm!


The Bright Buddha Palm Seal was punctured by Xuan Wuji's spear, but he was also sent flying backwards by the force. At this time, everyone else engaged in battle with the other South Sea Demon Region Elders.

Seeing that they were surrounding by menacing Elders from all side, the three South Sea Demon Region Elders felt bitter in their hearts, their legs cramping. Even the always charming and beautiful Xuan Yuqie was extremely pale. As for the other two Elders, their faces were red like liver.


As the Elders engaged in a ruthless melee, there was only Lin Ming left over in the Demon Emperor's medicine garden.

As for Great Zen Temple and all the small sects that were represented by divine Phoenix Island, they already had an agreement together, so they naturally pursued Xuan Wuji. They did not expect to obtain the main stem of the Nirvana Dragon Root, but they would be utterly content with just half of a hair root.

After passing through several trials and tribulations, there were only slightly more than 20 Elders still alive. If the four from the South Sea Demon Region were eliminated, there would only be around 17 or 18 Elders left. As for root hairs, there were nine of them. If they could wipe out the South Sea Demon Region and also play a great enough role in doing so, it was hopeful that they would be able to obtain half a root hair.

The Demon Emperor's medicine garden had been instantly cleared out.

Lin Ming, of course, had been left in the Demon Emperor's medicine garden. It was naturally impossible for Mu Fengxian to bring Lin Ming along with her, not to mention that Lin Ming was very slow. The greatest problem was that once a fierce battle begun, it would be easy for Lin Ming to be caught up and accidently die.

Lin Ming suppressed the excitement in his heart. He closed his eyes, and then silently counted the time.

One breath of time... two... three...

The transmission array was 10 miles away from the Demon Emperor's medicine garden, and the perception of a normal Life Destruction Supreme Elder only extended for several thousand feet in this broken world. Lin Ming had enough time to open the ancient array formation of the medicine garden.

Also, they were in fierce pursuit at the moment. It was unlikely that they would notice him here.

After 10 breaths of time, Lin Ming estimated that those old Life Destruction fellows had already left the range where they could sense the Demon Emperor's medicine garden. No matter what he did now, he would be safe!

Lin Ming took a deep breath and suddenly opened his eyes!

The Demon Emperor's medicine garden had an ancient array at the core that was basically split into two separate north and south arrays. There were two Nirvana Dragon Roots, each being separately sealed in an array formation!

The two array formations mutually supported each other. Xuan Wuji wasn't able to understand the principles behind this, so he could only try to break both at a time. As for Lin Ming, he was able to open up the array formations one at a time.

In order to help Xuan Wuji snatch away the Nirvana Dragon Root, Lin Ming had opened the southern array formation. As for the northern one, he hadn't touched it.

Thus, the southern Nirvana Dragon Root had been taken, but the northern one hadn't moved at all.

In pursuit of wealth, there were often equivalent risks;this was undoubtedly the best chance to do so!

If he lost this chance, he wouldn't have it ever again!

Lin Ming stepped forwards, his body jumping forth like a highly compressed spring. He flew towards the first array symbol nearby and slapped out his palm, instantly changing the structure. The first array symbol... energy penetration!

In the past few hours, Lin Ming had already simulated opening the array formation countless times. All of this was to save time.

For Lin Ming right now, time was life! Who knew when those old Life Destruction fellows would return.

If Xuan Wuji succeeded in escaping through the transmission array, those old fellows would quickly return. Lin Ming wouldn't have had much time.

But... that transmission array had already been tinkered with by Lin Ming...

Lin Ming had really wanted to see just what sort of expression Xuan Wuji had. If that man realized that he had been tricked by Lin Ming, he would probably eat his own heart.

If he couldn't run away, then there would inevitably be a fierce battle. This gave Lin Ming more time.

Lin Ming was confident that he his plans were solid enough. Even if those old fellows felt that something was wrong after the battle and came back, it would still be around a quarter of an hour to half an hour. That was more than enough time for Lin Ming to finish everything he wanted to do.

Opening the ancient array of the medicine garden normally wouldn't have taken much time. But, Lin Ming had shortened this to the extreme. This was because he needed more time to go and attempt something else!

The ancient array in the medicine garden was just like a complex combination lock. The ancient array would only open if he made the correct change to every array symbol's structure.

Lin Ming moved like the wind, quickly running between the 36 ancient array symbols.

After only several breaths of time, all of the array symbols' energy structure had been changed by Lin Ming. As he finished, the entire array formation began to emit a hazy white light.

In that instant, Lin Ming's heart caught in his throat!

Please don't have anything go wrong!

During the dozen breaths of time that it took for the array formation to open, Lin Ming's palms became slick with sweat. His eyes shined and he held his breath as he stared at the barrier that protected the Nirvana Dragon Root.


As the array formation opened, a vast, endless, icy cold energy spread out. Lin Ming only felt a bone-chilling cold through his entire body. He forcefully revolved his true essence to the limit, and was barely able to resist the onslaught of this icy energy.

’’What a fierce cold energy!’’

Lin Ming was at full alert. The moment that the array formation completely opened, he bolted forwards, instantly arriving near the Nirvana Dragon Root. He wrapped true essence around both his hands, and then reached out towards the Nirvana Dragon Root.

Lin Ming's hands shivered with excitement.

It was his!

This was the heavenly material that countless Life Destruction Supreme Elders yearned for in their dreams - the Nirvana Dragon Root!

The Nirvana Dragon Root was twisted like a ginseng, and it was a dark gray all over. It looked extremely unremarkable, except for the root hairs that gripped together like Horned Dragons.

This was a spiritual plant that had existed for tens of thousands of years. Even within the Realm of the Gods, the Nirvana Dragon Root would be harvested after ten thousand years;it wouldn't be allowed to grow for tens of thousands of years.

There were very few sects that were willing to spend tens of thousands of years to grow a medicinal herb. And this was because many sects themselves did not exist for tens of thousands of years.

The reason that this Nirvana Dragon Root was able to grow for such a long time was entirely accidental, a series of circumstances that had combined together. Within the entire Sky Spill Continent, there weren't many heavenly materials that had a much greater value than this!

As Lin Ming touched the Nirvana Dragon Root, his heart raced. Even though he had thickly wrapped true essence around his hands, he still felt an icy cold energy pierce through his palms, and there even seemed to be a faint flow of icy energy rush through his meridians, spreading to his bone marrow;it was extremely comfortable.

’’Unbelievable. I'm only holding it, but I can feel the Nirvana Dragon Root resonating with my bone marrow. It's as if this was born for the 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians'!’’

Lin Ming carefully and quickly scooped out the nearby dirt around the Nirvana Dragon Root. He quickly cleaned it up, not even allowing the tiniest root hair to escape.

Then, after several breaths of time, the complete Nirvana Dragon Root was taken out by Lin Ming. He placed it in a jade box he had prepared and then packed it with some of the soil, completely wrapping the Nirvana Dragon Root again.

Then he pasted a seal onto the jade box and carefully put it away. This sort of spiritual plant was still alive, it couldn't be put into his spatial ring.


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