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Martial World - Chapter 493


Chapter 493 - Terrifying Red Light




Xuan Wuji certainly wanted to obtain the Cosmic Melting Furnace. However, the Demon Emperor's letter hadn't contained any records of the Eight Dragon Jade Light Array that surrounded the Cosmic Melting Furnace. Xuan Wuji's only choice was to suppress the rising greed in his heart. Originally, he had thought of using this Cosmic Melting Furnace to pit everyone against each other, but now that he wasn't even able to break through the barrier that guarded the Nirvana Dragon Root, he had to give up on that line of thinking.

However, as he saw Abbot Whitebrow move towards the Cosmic Melting Furnace, Xuan Wuji began to stand alert.

If no one could obtain the Cosmic Melting Furnace, then there was nothing else to say. But if Abbot Whitebrow had a method to open the Cosmic Melting Furnace and a treasure appeared, he would snatch it there and then. Whatever treasure it was, it would be no worse than the Nirvana Dragon Root!

Abbot Whitebrow slowly walked. After every step, he would take a full ten breaths of time before taking the next one. At the same time, his revolved his true essence to the limit. A blazing halo of golden light surrounded him, filled with faint Buddhist seals that circled around. This was a secret Buddhist technique - Diamond Vajra Body.

The Buddhist martial arts focused on tenacity and extreme defense. But, they were relatively weak in attacks. This time, Abbot Whitebrow was displaying the mighty defensive techniques of the Buddhist martial arts to the limit.

But could such a defense even have the possibility of resisting that piercing red light?

This question filled everyone's mind. In the past, the Elders of the Demon God Imperial Palace were Emperor level powerhouses. So, this Eight Dragon Jade Light Array should be able to injure Emperor level powerhouses too.

However, tens of thousands of years had passed. The Eight Dragon Jade Light Array's power must have weakened by a considerably great amount. Because of this, this sort of reddish dawn light shouldn't be as terrifying.

Abbot Whitebrow arrived just a small distance away from the platform that contained the coiling dragon columns. If he took another step forwards, he would activate the attack of the Eight Dragon Jade Light Array.

Abbot Whitebrow closed his eyes, feeling the flow of energy throughout the array formation. A brief moment later, he suddenly opened his eyes, his palms shooting forwards.

’’Bright Buddha Palm Seal!’’

With a loud explosion, a massive golden Buddha phantom appeared behind Abbot Whitebrow. That massive Buddha moved its hand, a giant palm stretching towards the Cosmic Melting Furnace!

Bright Buddha Palm Seal! This was a top ability of the Great Zen Temple's highest holy technique, 'Great Zen Mantra'. It was difficult to learn and difficult to control, but those who did would wield a great power. The giant hand that formed was said to be able to churn the sea, shake the earth, control the heavens, and even pluck out the stars and moon from the sky.

'This old bald donkey is really a sly snake!' Xuan Wuji cursed. Obviously, Abbot Whitebrow had discovered that he wouldn't activate the array formation as long as he didn't step on the platform with the coiling jade platforms. Then, as long as he didn't step foot on the platform and instead used his secret Buddhist technique to grab the object from a distance, there wouldn't be a problem!

'If this old bald monkey has cultivated the Bright Buddha Palm Seal to Perfection, then he really might be able to move the Cosmic Melting Furnace!'

Xuan Wuji's complexion changed. If Whitebrow wasn't able to take the treasure, then it wouldn't matter. But if he did, just what should he do?

He hadn't even obtained the Nirvana Dragon Root yet. If there was a falling out in the alliance here, then that was equal to giving up on the Nirvana Dragon Root. But if Whitebrow obtained the treasure, then that also wasn't good. It was unknown whether or not he could obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root, but this treasure would already be in hand.

If it was a heavenly material, then there was no need to mention its value. It would not be any less rare or precious than the Nirvana Dragon Root.

If it was an offensive or defensive treasure, then even though its value would be lower, it would still be able to greatly increase one's strength in the short run. In the near future, it would give Whitebrow an enormous advantage in competing for the Nirvana Dragon Root.

Although Xuan Wuji was a meticulously careful and prudent person, he couldn't think of a foolproof countermeasure in such a complex situation.

At this time, that giant golden Buddha palm phantom had already hit the Cosmic Melting Furnace. Although Abbot Whitebrow hadn't cultivated the Bright Buddha Palm Seal to Perfection, he could still easily crush a mountain peak from 10,000 feet away!

And Abbot Whitebrow was only 40 to 50 feet away from the Cosmic Melting Furnace. The power of using the Bright Buddha Palm Seal at such a close distance could be imagined! If it wasn't the Cosmic Melting Furnace but rather a normal earth-step pill furnace, then this attack from Abbot Whitebrow could twist it into bits!

The great golden palm wrapped around the Cosmic Melting Furnace, trying to raise it up. Abbot Whitebrow wanted to grab the entire furnace!

’’Humph! Dream on!’’

Xuan Wuji sneered. This old bald monk donkey was far too greedy. Did he really think the Cosmic Melting Furnace was something that was his for the taking? He even wanted to grab the entire thing. This old man was really greedier than a snake.

Sure enough, as the great palm wrapped around the Cosmic Melting Furnace, the furnace was entirely still. Instead, Abbot Whitebrow's face flushed red. Obviously, he was making a great effort.

Abbot Whitebrow frowned and then moved the palm to the next best thing. He grasped towards the Cosmic Melting Furnace's lid!

The Cosmic Melting Furnace had three feet and two handles. The lid was round and also engraved with a Golden Crow image. As Abbot Whitebrow grabbed it, there was a loud smashing sound like a morning bell being struck. The incomparably heavy lid actually began to shake!

Although it was only an extremely slight vibration, it was enough to change the complexion of everyone present!

It shook!

Prior to this, all of the Supreme Elders from nearby had used their most powerful moves in an attempt to break through the ancient array formation that defended the Nirvana Dragon Roots. But, they weren't able to make even a tiny bit of progress. This had caused an idea to be planted in everyone's hearts that nothing in the Demon God Imperial Palace could be touched!

But now, Abbot Whitebrow had actually caused the lid of the Cosmic Melting Furnace to move;it filled everyone with hope.

As Abbot Whitebrow saw this, a light flashed in his eyes. He revolved the 'Great Zen Mantra' to the extreme, his bones emitting popping sounds!

’’Rise for me!’’

Abbot Whitebrow gave a loud shout, and blue veins stuck out from his forehead. The golden Buddha palm seemed to manifest into reality at that moment, firmly grasping the lid of the Cosmic Melting Furnace and pulling up!


In the moment that the lid shook, the Cosmic Melting Furnace suddenly issued a sound like a dragon roaring. It was a resonant cry that pierced into the heavens, a rumbling thunder that echoing throughout the world. A massive wave of pressure fell down on everyone. All of the Life Destruction Supreme Elders were forced back by this pressure, their hearts filling with fear and horror!

In that split second, they were able to feel a vast, primal, wild energy rush out from the Cosmic Melting Furnace. It was as if the Cosmic Melting Furnace contained a vast world, and that lid was only the door to this endless world where limitless, infinite mysteries were sealed.

The moment that the lid shook, two shining lights of red and blue shot out, followed by another dragon's roar. These two fist-sized red and blue lights swirled in the air.

’’Mm? What is that!?’’

As everyone saw these red and blue lights, they were on alert, their eyes fixated on these objects. The red light seemed like a thick red liquid, no different from blood.

For this object to remain in the Cosmic Melting Furnace for tens of thousands of years and for the blood to not dry out, the value of it could be imagined!

As for that blue light, it wrapped around a blue-hued pill. Waves of icy cold energy emanated from the pill. It was hard to imagine that such a freezing cold object could exist within the blazing heat of the furnace.

This is...

Several Life Destruction Elders with sharp senses instantly realized what this ancient icy cold energy was. This energy of from tens of thousands of years past was 80 to 90% similar to the Nirvana Dragon Root!

Was it possible that this blue pill was a medicine refined with a Nirvana Dragon Root!?

The Nirvana Dragon Root was already a heaven-defying treasure. If more heavenly materials were added in and further refined into a pill, just what sort of effect could it have?

Could it completely wash one's marrows, or even cause one to directly pass through stages of Life Destruction?

If this was so, then it wouldn't be hard at all to cultivate for another few hundred years and become an Emperor level powerhouse!

As everyone realized this, their thoughts became hot and fiery. If the Nirvana Dragon Root was a treasure they dreamed of, then this Cosmic Melting Furnace was enough to make then go crazy and lose all rational reasoning!

Several Life Destruction Elders couldn't help but move forwards several steps. But on the Great Zen Temple's side, a big-headed monk suddenly jumped out, his entire body crackling with popping sounds. A great golden Buddha phantom also emerged from behind him, only much blurrier than the one that Abbot Whitebrow formed.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother, I will help you!’’

The big-headed monk's expression flashed with a crazy greed. His palms were flat as he shot them out, and a massive golden palm reached towards the two red and blue lights!

But at this moment, something changed!

Atop the platform, the eight coiling dragon columns trembled, and then a deluge of red lights came shooting out!

Sou sou sou!

The red dawn light shot out at a speed that was hard to fathom. Abbot Whitebrow's complexion immediately changed and he hastily drew back. At the same time, his palm came slamming downwards. The Bright Buddha Palm Seal struck the red lights, but in that instant, those red lights instantly penetrated the Bright Buddha Palm Seal that was at a realm near Perfection!


Abbot Whitebrow burst into a roar, his body contorting, twisting at an unbelievable angle in the air. The red light finally sizzled past Abbot Whitebrow's right chest. His secret Buddhist technique, Diamond Vajra Body, instantly exploded. Abbot Whitebrow's right chest was charred black!

However, other people didn't have the cultivation that Abbot Whitebrow did;they were completely helpless against this rapid red light. There was simply nothing they could do!

As for that big-headed monk that helped Abbot Whitebrow to take the treasures, the red light directly pierced through his head!

With a light flashing sound, the big-headed monk's upper body instantly turned to ash. All that was left over were two fat legs that were stuck into the ground like radishes.

But several rays of red light still shot out. Two of them randomly swept towards the Life Destruction powerhouses closest to the Cosmic Melting Furnace. Without any delay, the people weren't even able to cry out before they were directly burnt to ashes!

In the blink of an eye, four Life Destruction powerhouses violently died. As for the third stage Life Destruction Abbot Whitebrow, whose defensive power far surpassed everyone present, he was also severely wounded!


Abbot Whitebrow smashed into the ground. His right side had been scorched black, and his face was white, sweat streaming down it.

With trembling hands, he took a pill from his spatial ring and swallowed it. Finally, some color returned to his face.

As everyone saw this, they fell into complete silence, a cold sweat dripping down their backs.

A moment ago, if they had also subconsciously drawn a few steps closer because of their greed, then they too would have suffered a similar fate!

This was far too horrendous!


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