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Martial World - Chapter 492


Chapter 492 - Cosmic Melting Furnace




’’What's going on!?’’

All those old fellows reached out with their perception, but were unable to detect anything.

From the sound a moment ago, whatever had happened had only occurred only two or three miles away. Even though their senses were suppressed in this world, they were still able to clearly investigate this distance. But they actually didn't sense anything. This was extremely unusual to these old Life Destruction fellows.

’’Let's go take a look!’’

All of the old fellows instantly set out. Xuan Wuji also stood. Compared to everyone he else, he seemed much calmer and unaffected. He coolly patted the dirt from his clothes and also headed over.

The two to three mile distance was crossed in the blink of an eye. As they reached the site of cry, everyone was amazed to find that at the edge of the medicine garden was a giant cave.

The cave was located underneath a common looking hill. As everyone approached this cave, bursts of roiling heat waves billowed over them, forming a sharp contrast with the extreme cold that was coming from the Demon Emperor's medicine garden.

As the cold and heat mingled together, even though everyone present were masters, it still made them feel uncomfortable.

’’This cave is able to shield against perception.’’ A South Sea Demon Region martial artist said. If it weren't so, then they would have already discovered this cave.

’’Mm? This is....’’

As the Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch walked into the cave, he suddenly shook after seeing the scene inside.

The space inside the cave was enormous. It had a radius of hundreds of feet, and in the center of the space was a giant 30 foot pill furnace. This pill furnace was surrounded by eight flaming red columns,and these fiery columns had statues of Horned Dragons carved into them. The eight Horned Dragons aimed their wide maws at the pill furnace. Waves of red tinted energy breathed out from the statues, enveloping the pill furnace and creating an image like a rising dawn.

The 30 foot high pill furnace was about equal to the height of four men standing on top of each other. This was the first time that Lin Ming had ever seen such a massive pill furnace. On the surface of the pill furnace, there were many intricate designs and reliefs carved into it. Among these was a chart of the heavens and earth, with a red Golden Crow design in the center.

The reliefs on pill furnace seemed rough, but if one looked carefully, they could sense an ancient, boundless aura, a savage and primal energy that rushed out. The things that were carved into this furnace were not images, but rather true worlds!

A top treasure!

All of the old fellows present were knowledgeable individuals. With just a look, they were able to determine that this giant pill furnace was an incredible treasure!

It was very possible that this was an extremely valuable treasure to the Demon Emperor!

They were unable to distinguish just what rank of pill furnace this was, and that was because they hadn't come into contact with such a high ranking treasure before. But, they could tell that even if this furnace were placed within the entire Sky Spill Continent, it would absolutely be a top treasure!

’’Cosmic Melting Furnace... it's really here.’’ As Xuan Yuqie saw this pill furnace, she sent a faint true essence sound transmission to Xuan Wuji.

’’Mm... unfortunately, we cannot even obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root right now, much less this Cosmic Melting Furnace. If we could obtain the Cosmic Melting Furnace, then the Nirvana Dragon Root wouldn't be too important...’’

’’Haha! This was the first divine furnace of the Sky Spill Continent. It's impossible for us to seize something like this. But, there might be a slim chance for us to take some of the treasures inside.

In the end, the Cosmic Melting Furnace was a pill furnace, but it was also considered a fire-attribute treasure.

A treasure on that level naturally wouldn't be considered as valuable as a heavenly material like the Nirvana Dragon Root.

However, the precious value of the Cosmic Melting Furnace didn't lie solely in it being a furnace, but rather the treasures and pills that were contained inside. The Demon Emperor's letter hadn't specified just what sort of treasures were within, but without a doubt they were extremely valuable.

Casually taking any one of these out would start a bloody battle within the Sky Spill Continent.

However, if one wanted to obtain the Cosmic Melting Furnace, they had to pass the surrounding Eight Dragon Jade Light Array that protected it. The Demon Emperor's letter had given no clue on how to bypass this array formation.

The Demon Emperor's medicine garden array formation was only able to defend. If one couldn't break it, then the worst that would happen was that the Nirvana Dragon Root would remain unreachable.

But, this Eight Dragon Jade Light Array that surrounded the Cosmic Melting Furnace was actually a true killing array!

A single mistake meant death!

’’Mm... this is...’’ As the Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch saw the ashes on the ground, a foreboding feeling rose within him. He quickly turned to glance at the clansmen behind him, and his heart sank as he counted them. A moment ago, because of that scream, all of the martial artists had ran over to this cave. But his Black Flood Dragon Clan was actually missing the Seventh Elder.

Without a mistake, these ashes on the ground were those of the Black Flood Dragon Clan's Seventh Elder...

’’Old Seven...’’ The Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch felt a stinging pain in his heart, and finally sighed. He took out a jade box and with a wave of his hand, collected the ashes with his true essence, completely receiving them into the jade box and then placing it back into his spatial ring.

In an instant, a first stage Life Destruction powerhouse had perished. In the Realm of the Gods, the existence of a Life Destruction powerhouse was simply nothing at all.

Lin Ming shook his head. The pursuits of fortune often led to death. This Old Seven from the Black Flood Dragon Clan was undoubtedly the first one to discover the Cosmic Melting Furnace. At that time, his thoughts must have been that he could take this furnace by himself, and keep it as his own.

A first stage Life Destruction master must have experienced many things to reach that stage, so how could they not have known of the dangers surrounding this Cosmic Melting Furnace? However, they had been blinded by greed. Even though they knew it was dangerous, they still decided to take the risk. The result of this was that they were now nothing more than ashes on the ground.

As for the other Life Destruction powerhouses, they all looked at the Cosmic Melting Furnace and pondered, lost in thought. After seeing the fate of someone else, they were even more cautious.

Lin Ming stood within the crowd, sifting through the incomplete memories.

The second Demon Emperor soul fragment had very few memories of the Cosmic Melting Furnace. He was only able to faintly remember that there was a highly valuable furnace within the Demon God Imperial Palace. As for where this furnace was or how valuable it was, he could not remember.

Lin Ming had some vague memories of this Eight Dragon Jade Light Array, but relying on just these blurry memories to break through the array would not be easy.

Lin Ming couldn't help but glance outside of the cave. At this time, he was surprised to see that there was not a single person left over in the Demon Emperor's medicine garden;everyone had gathered at the Cosmic Melting Furnace. Lin Ming immediately had an impulsive idea to open the array formation within the Demon Emperor's medicine garden, but as he thought about it some more, he pushed down the idea. The ancient array formation in the medicine garden was simply too close. Also, the commotion from opening the array formation wouldn't be small. There was no way he could conceal this from these old Life Destruction fellows.

Lin Ming constantly thought of many possibilities, but ultimately had to reject them all.

At this time, a South Sea Demon Region Elder put out a zombie guard. He pointed towards the Cosmic Melting Furnace and said to the zombie guard, ’’Go!’’

The straight zombie guard's eyes flashed with a red light, and it walked over to the Cosmic Melting Furnace without fear of death. The closer it was to the pill furnace, the higher the temperature was. When the zombie guard was around 100 feet away, it was like being in the furnace itself. Billowing waves of heat smashed into the zombie guard, creating 'chi chi chi' sounds.

As the zombie guard reached 50 feet away, it was just about to step onto the platform where the eight coiling dragon columns were. At this time, a flaming red light shot out, striking the zombie guard. There was only a crackling sound as the zombie guard was sent flying backwards, instantly turning into ashes!

With this, everyone was able to understand just how the Black Flood Dragon Clan Elder had died.


A Life Destruction Elder from a smaller sect laughed with self-deprecation. He turned around and walked away. This Eight Dragon Jade Light Array was even more terrifying than the ancient array formation that protected the Nirvana Dragon Root. He was quite aware of just how capable he was. In any case, this pill furnace had nothing to do with the likes of him. He had no reason to join in on the fun. If he was struck by a shockwave of that red light and was killed, then that would really be an injustice.

As this Life Destruction Elder left, many other Elders from small sects hesitated for a moment, and then began to quietly draw back.

They went back to the river edge to search for more medicinal herbs. Although nearly every herb had been plucked after several sweeping passes, it was still better than nothing. If they could find one, it wouldn't be as valuable. But, their sect's wealth was not comparable to that of a fifth-grade sect, and even far off from divine Phoenix Island. They naturally had to be prudent in this.

As the Elders from several small sects left, Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow remained nearby the Cosmic Melting Furnace. Obviously, they had some designs on this treasure.

Nanyun Wang couldn't help but glance at Xuan Wuji.

Xuan Wuji's eyes were closed, a 'do as you wish' air coming from him.

Nanyun Wang couldn't hold it in. ’’Old thief Xuan, you never told me that you knew this was here before.’’

Xuan Wuji opened his eyes and slowly said, ’’This old man naturally knew that this was here. But, this old man is also aware of his own strength. Nanyun, let me advise you for free. If you don't want to die, then don't bother to have any ideas on this Cosmic Melting Furnace! A greedy snake might eat himself to death. Even if an Emperor level powerhouse came here, they still wouldn't be able to move this stove!’’

It was rare for Xuan Wuji to speak the honest truth. He certainly didn't care for whatever happened to Nanyun Wang. However, he also needed him and Abbot Whitebrow to assist him in breaking open the defensive barrier. If Nanyun Wang died here, then he feared it really would take 100 years to open up the ancient array formation in the medicine garden.

’’So this furnace is called the Cosmic Melting Furnace.’’ Nanyun Wang licked his lips, his eyes flashing with a touch of greed and unwillingness to give up. Although he understood that what Xuan Wuji said was mostly true, there weren't many people in this world that could remain unmoved after seeing such a precious treasure placed in front of them.

After an incense stick of time, another old Life Destruction fellow put out another puppet and used it to cautiously approach the Cosmic Melting Furnace. The result was that this second puppet was also burnt to ashes.

With these two tests, everyone discovered a rule of the Eight Dragon Jade Light Array. As long as one didn't step onto the platform where they were, then they would not be attacked by that red light.

At this time, Abbot Whitebrow suddenly moved. He put away his staff, took off his cassock, and then slowly walked over to the Cosmic Melting Furnace.

As everyone saw this, their eyes widened. Even though the situation had already been clearly spelled out in front of them. Abbot Whitebrow had still decided to try. He must have some method to rely on.

Xuan Wuji was even more on guard. Both his eyes were unblinking, as his hands that were at his back were now loosely hanging down, his expression filled with doubt and alert.


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