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Martial World - Chapter 488


Chapter 488 - Opening the Demon Emperor's Medicine Garden




These Life Destruction powerhouses gradually crowded together around the stone platform. Some of them used their perception to investigate the stone platform, and there were even some that used their hands to examine it, hoping that they would be able to trigger some sort of switch to a secret room or some other lucky chance. There were even some who suspected that this array formation was related to the Demon Emperor's medicine garden.

However, no matter what they did, the stone platform array formation gave no response.

Those who looked couldn't help but turn to glance at Xuan Wuji. However, they saw that Xuan Wuji had already withdrawn his sense and had passed through the corridor as if he had no intention of staying here.

These people pondered over this stone platform for a bit longer and finally gave up.

Perhaps Xuan Wuji really was just a tad curious about this stone platform, and there wasn't anything particularly special about it. Anyway, it was best that they stayed tightly together with Xuan Wuji for fear that they would miss the medicine garden.

Thinking like this, several second stage Life Destruction old fellows first left.

But at this time, Lin Ming touched the stone platform, his hand covering a rune on top of it. These many Life Destruction masters had constantly been touching it to sense something, so this sort of minor action didn't arouse anyone's suspicions.

Lin Ming was clearly aware that this stone platform was in fact an ancient transmission array.

The Demon God Imperial Palace occupied a range of land over a hundred miles long and wide. There were countless paths inside, and trying to leave from the inside was very troublesome. Therefore, within the Demon God Imperial Palace, there were four or five transmission array points like this.

Lin Ming remembered two of these transmission array points, and one of those that he remembered was this one.

'Xuan Wuji most likely knew about this transmission array from the Demon Emperor's letter. It's highly possible he even knows how to activate this transmission array. The reason that he investigated this array a moment ago was likely to determine whether or not he would be able to use it. He's thinking to use this transmission array to leave by himself after the treasure hunt is over.'

After everyone had broken through the Demon God Imperial Palace's defensive barrier and entered, the defensive barrier was able to repair itself, completely sealing everyone within. If anyone wanted to leave, they would have to spend another four or five days breaking through the barrier again. In addition, with going back and forth within the Demon God Imperial Palace, it might take seven or eight days longer.

If Xuan Wuji grabbed the treasures, he would be able to use this transmission array to leave. As for everyone else, they would be stranded within the Demon God Imperial Palace, unable to compete for the treasures he had.

This was a really well thought out plan.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming's lips curved up with a hint of a devilish grin. After entering the Demon God Imperial Palace, nothing had gone right for him. As for obtaining the Nirvana Dragon Root, the hope for that was slim enough to send one into despair. Lin Ming no longer entertained any ideas of obtaining a lucky chance. Rather, it would be good enough if he could ruin Xuan Wuji's day.

With the assistance of the Demon Emperor's memories as well as the understanding he had of ancient array formations, Lin Ming quickly understood the structure of this transmission array and also the specific array symbol order to start it.

Within the Imperial Palace, every transmission array had a specific set of array symbols that needed to be ordered for the transmission array to start. If the array symbols were not in order, then the transmission array simply would not activate.

Lin Ming looked as if he were aimlessly fumbling around with the ancient array, but his two hands were actually repeatedly rubbing a row of three symbols, quietly changing their order.

The only way that Xuan Wuji would be able to decipher this new order of array symbols was if he was as equally skilled in the concepts of ancient transmission arrays as Lin Ming.

'I don't know when, but if Xuan Wuji is really planning on using this transmission array to leave, I wonder just what sort of expression he'll have.' Thinking of this, Lin Ming's heart was bubbling with anticipation.

After modifying several array symbols, Lin Ming calmly withdrew his hands behind his back. Even Mu Yuhuang, who was standing near Lin Ming, didn't suspect anything as she saw Lin Ming touch the stone platform. She only smiled and said, ’’Forget it Lin Ming, this stone platform is not some ordinary platform. Even if there is some sort of lucky chance sealed inside, it isn't something we can start by just touching it. Let's get walking.’’

’’Yes, Master Ancestor.’’ Lin Ming casually said as he followed Mu Yuhuang away.


The further they walked, the more difficult it became to move forwards.

Everyone also became increasingly careful.

Besides that dangerous Toxic Gray Frog puppet, there were also many mazes and deadly traps. When they arrived at a corridor, a gray projectile shot out. Nanyun Wang managed to dodge it, but it directly pierced through the chest of an old man behind him. Immediately, a large hole the size of a man's head appeared in his chest, and a scorched smell filled the air.

Without even a chance to speak, the old man instantly died on the spot.

As everyone saw this, the atmosphere became even grimmer. Lin Ming also sucked in a breath of cold air. He knew that there traps in this part of the Imperial Palace, but he wasn't clear about most of them. If he had entered the Demon God Imperial Palace by himself, then he would have absolutely died here.

At this time, they were only several miles away from the Demon Emperor's medicine garden. The closer they were, the slower their pace became. Xuan Wuji, Abbott Whitebrow, and Nanyun Wang led the way, releasing all of their senses and keeping their guard at the highest level.

Finally, the group tentatively passed through the last hall. They came onto a slightly dimmed staircase and after passing through another corner, they encountered a massive stone gate.

The stone gate was 100 feet high and appeared extremely heavy and thick. Atop the stone gate, there was a massive eye that was carved onto it. Around the eye, there were many scattered flame-shaped patterns. This looked like an extremely strange and mysterious totem.

As Abbot Whitebrow and Nanyun Wang saw this stone gate, they gathered next to Xuan Wuji.

Xuan Wuji's eyes flashed with a sharp light, but he maintained his calm and collected appearance. Slowly, he walked over to the stone gate. According to the Demon Emperor's letter, behind this stone gate was the Demon Emperor's medicine garden!

After pouring in so much effort and paying such a great price, he had finally made it to the Demon Emperor's medicine garden!

At this time, even the calm Xuan Wuji couldn't help but worry over what would happen. Regarding the spells and traps that were laid down in the Demon Emperor's medicine garden, the Demon Emperor's jade slip did not record enough details.

Only the approximate type of spell was described onto the jade slip, without any precise details or explanation. Not just that, but the description of the array formations used terminology from tens of thousands of years ago, and they had scant little to do with Xuan Wuji's current understanding of array formations. He simply wasn't able to understand the complex arrays that lay within.

These past years, Xuan Wuji had put forth all his effort and gathered all sorts of things together in a flimsy patchwork of ideas. He had read through all sorts of ancient texts, and yet he only found a single viable way to barely break through the array formations inside. But he didn't know whether or not this method would work.

Xuan Wuji took a deep breath, and pushed in the stone gate. There were no spells on this stone gate;all of them would be located within the medicine garden.

With a rumbling sound, the 100 foot high stone gate swung open.

As the stone gate opened, everyone's vision was suddenly filled with light, as if a dazzling sunrise had risen within the dark corridor. As everyone saw the scene in front of them, they were struck by amazement.

Behind the stone gate, there was no clear blue stone path, no stone platform, no trap puppets. Instead, it was a fairy-like land of prairies and forests that seemed to come from a dream. And strangest of all was that this prairie was wrapped in fluttering white snow, as if a blanket of white silk had fallen over the land. In this cold weather, a gorgeous frosty glaze filled the world;it was heart-achingly beautiful.

And in the center of this prairie, there was a winding river. This river hadn't frozen, but it still emitted a chilling energy. This cold river in this wonderland of snow was marvelous and hard for one to immediately accept that it would appear in this massive palace. It was difficult to accept such a strong visual difference.

Xuan Wuji was the first one to step into this snowy world. The other Life Destruction old fellows behind him hesitated, and then began to follow after him.

As Lin Ming saw this image of the Demon Emperor's medicine garden, he wasn't too surprised. He had some faint memories of this from the Demon Emperor's memories.

After entering this frozen wonderland, Lin Ming immediately felt a biting chill in the air. The Demon Emperor had planted the Nirvana Dragon Root in his medicine garden, and the Nirvana Dragon root was a cold-attribute treasure. If he was correct, then after the Nirvana Dragon Root was grown here, it began to naturally gather cold energy around it, causing this miniature frost world.

This chill seemed as if it could drill through his bones. It wasn't much to these Life Destruction old fellows, but Lin Ming had no choice but to revolve his true essence to protect his body. This was the only way he was able to prevent the cold air from entering his body.

At this moment, Lin Ming felt a warm current enter his body. As he turned to look, he saw that Mu Yuhuang was injecting her fire-attribute true essence into him.

’’Lin Ming, stay behind me. Once we enter the medicine garden, don't get too close in order to avoid the true essence shockwaves from any battles that might occur.’’

’’Mm, I understand.’’ Lin Ming nodded as he sensed Mu Yuhuang's concerns towards him. He was also well aware that if these old Life Destruction fellows really decided to fight each other, then the true essence shockwaves alone would be able to kill him.


The Demon Emperor's medicine garden was around 20 to 30 square miles large. The area where the Nirvana Dragon Root was planted was in a small core area at the center of the medicine garden, where the spiritual pulse of this land was located.

As for everywhere else, it was just common spiritual land. As everyone walked in a bit, the Black Flood Dragon Clan's Patriarch gave a sudden cry. He immediately moved, flying hundreds of feet away.

’’Azure Orchids! It's really Azure Orchids!’’

In front of the Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch, there was a group of purplish blue flowers. The flowers were wrapped in thick ice and looked unremarkable.

’’Haha, what great luck!’’

The Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch carefully reached down to pick up this bunch of Azure Orchids, placing them into his spiritual ring. Azure Orchids were ingredients for ancient medicines, and were extremely difficult to find. The Black Flood Dragon Clan just happened to have a medicinal formula that used Azure Orchids, but he never imagined that he would unexpectedly find them here.

As Xuan Wuji saw the Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch gather the Azure Orchid flowers, he didn't say anything. Compared to the Nirvana Dragon Root, these tiny little Azure Orchids were nothing at all.

With such a valuable treasure awaiting him, he naturally didn't have any interest in fighting with the Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch over such little things.

However, no one imagined that the Azure Orchids were only the beginning.

Next, all sorts of various plants appeared. And for most of them, their value was no less than the Azure Orchids.

’’Medium-grade earth-step Blue Spirit Grass!’’

’’3000 Year Essence Melting Fruit!’’

’’Medium-grade earth-step Misty Clear Tea!’’


As the group continued through, they constantly saw all sorts of precious medicines. This land had existed for tens of thousands of years without a single person setting foot inside;the number of medicinal herbs that were growing here was really too many.


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