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Martial World - Chapter 486


Chapter 486 - Trap Puppets




As Xuan Wuji spoke, he smiled fiercely and struck his palm down on Lin Ming.

Mu Fengxian's complexion changed, ’’Stop!’’

With this word, Mu Fengxian shot out. At the same time, the Blue Luan Faction's blue-clothed old woman also moved!

The dual energies of fire and ice swept out at the same time, surging like a wave towards Xuan Wuji. Xuan Wuji only sneered, ’’Screw off!’’


The ice and fire energy were both scattered by Xuan Wuji, and Mu Fengxian and the blue-clothed old woman were forced to fly backwards. As for Xuan Wuji, he had only paused for the slightest moment before being reinvigorated and attacking Lin Ming as before!

’’Abbot Whitebrow, please rescue my disciple!’’ Mu Yuhuang nervously shouted. Against a top ranked master like Xuan Wuji, Mu Yuhuang was completely outmatched;she wouldn't even be able to stop him for a second.

’’This old monk knows.’’

During this trip into the Demon God Imperial Palace, divine Phoenix Island was a very good boost to him. As for Xuan Wuji, he was the main competition for the Great Zen Temple. Abbot Whitebrow naturally knew which side he should help.

With a toss of the staff in his hand, Abbot Whitebrow began to recite to himself like the steady beat of a drum. A golden light mudra appeared around his hands, and he pressed his palm down at Xuan Wuji.

At the same time, to Mu Yuhuang's astonishment, Nanyun Wang also moved. Nanyun Wang wildly laughed as he turned his hand, producing a scarlet-bladed sword and then cutting down at Xuan Wuji!

As Xuan Wuji saw the two third stage Life Destruction masters acting together, he paled. He had no choice but to draw back.


True essence collided and the air trembled. The brutal true essence shockwaves weren't something that a normal Revolving Core powerhouse would be able to resist.

Mu Yuhuang's figure flashed and she flew over to Lin Ming's side. She held onto him with a hand, creating a light red shield of flame to block the true essence storm.

Ka ka ka!

The true essence shockwave smashed into the flame shield with a grating sound, as if it would wear it down.

Behind Mu Yuhuang, Lin Ming let out a long breath of relief. He had narrowly made it past this situation. If Abbot Whitebrow hadn't helped him, he would inevitably have died here.

However, that purple-gold-robed Supreme Elder, wasn't his name Nanyun Wang? Why would that man help?

’’Nanyun Wang!’’

Xuan Wuji glared at Nanyun Wang, his expression black.

If Abbot Whitebrow helped Lin Ming, then he had nothing to say. But if Nanyun Wang acted too, he was just trying to mess with him. Several days ago, Xuan Wuji and Nanyun Wang had almost engaged in a fierce battle outside of the Demon God Imperial Place. Ever since then, Nanyun Wang had been acting out against Xuan Wuji whenever possible.

’’Hehe.’’ Nanyun Wang disdainfully smiled. His eyes said 'so what will you do?' In terms of combat strength alone, Nanyun Wang was even slightly better than Xuan Wuji. He simply didn't need to fear him at all.

A dark light flashed across Xuan Wuji's face. Then, Xuan Wuji forcefully suppressed the anger that was rising in his heart. He coldly snorted and no longer tried to attack.

Fighting two third stage Life Destruction masters at the same time was a stupid decision.

’’Haha!’’ As Nanyun Wang saw Xuan Wuji give up, his thoughts were incomparably smooth. He said to Lin Ming, ’’Boy, you've got some skills. You're just at a mere Houtian realm cultivation and yet you're qualified to become enemies with that old thief Xuan. Come on, tell me just how you've pissed him off.’’

Nanyun Wang intentionally spoke in a very loud voice, intending to annoy Xuan Wuji;this left Lin Ming completely speechless. He thought for a moment, and then briefly summarized the reason to Nanyun Wang in a true essence sound transmission.

’’So that's what happened! You killed that little loser Xuan Ji! You did well! You killed well! Good job!’’ Nanyun Wang clapped his hands together in applause. As for this behavior of adding fuel to the fire, Lin Ming wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. After all, Nanyun Wang didn't need to fear Xuan Wuji, but he was the one that had killed Xuan Wuji's great grandson. Xuan Wuji would absolutely kill him whenever he had a chance to.

As he glanced over at Xuan Wuji, he saw that Xuan Wuji's complexion was already back to normal, without the slightest difference. Not only did he ignore Nanyun Wang, but he also completely ignored Lin Ming. This caused the worry in Lin Ming's heart to weigh down on him even more.

If he hadn't guessed wrong, then the one who left behind the spell that detected him was Xuan Wuji. That old fellow was too shrewd and incomprehensible. Lin Ming felt jumpy and apprehensive to be following him.

Lin Ming subconsciously backed away from Xuan Wuji.

Nanyun Wang noticed this and pulled out a jade pendant from his spatial ring. He chuckled and said, ’’This old man feels like I've been old friends with you for a long time. I must say that we've hit it off well together. Haha, this protective jade pendant is a gift to you. After you activate it, you'll be able to withstand the all-out attack of a second stage Life Destruction martial artist. It can only be used one time, but in a critical moment, it can be used to save your life.’’

With Nanyun Wang's peak third stage Life Destruction cultivation, creating such a protective jade pendant wasn't hard at all. Although it was useless in front of someone like Xuan Wuji, it would still be able to delay him for a moment. This was enough time for Abbot Whitebrow or Nanyun Wang to help.

Lin Ming looked at Nanyun Wang with surprise and took the jade pendant, ’’Thank you, Senior!’’

This jade pendant was really too useful. Even if he didn't use it this time, he would definitely be able to make use of it in the future. Ever since he had come to the ancient battlefield, Lin Ming's regard for life-saving treasures had risen tremendously. The three pills and Escape Symbol that Mu Fengxian had given to him before had played a great role in saving his life.

’’Hehe, this old man likes you;I see good things in you. Cultivate well, and in the future try to kill off more great grandsons of that old bastard Xuan! Or better yet, destroy the entire South Sea Demon Region! Haha!’’

As Nanyun Wang delighted in his taunting of Xuan Wuji, Lin Ming rolled his eyes. This Nanyun Wang really wanted to provoke Xuan Wuji.

He probably wanted Xuan Wuji to attack again so that he could block him once more...

Thinking this, Lin Ming was extremely distressed.

Originally, Lin Ming had been hoping to rely on the memories of the Demon Emperor to pick up some lucky chances that everyone missed. But who knew that these Life Destruction old fellows would be so careful and actually discover him.

’’Lin Ming, how did you come to the Demon God Imperial Palace?’’ Mu Fengxian's voice was full of rebuke. ’’Abbot Whitebrow and Nanyun Wang can protect you for now, but they have no way to keep protecting you in the future. If they start fighting for treasures, then no one will take you into consideration. When that happens, Xuan Wuji will be able to instantly kill you! Even I wouldn't be able to protect you!

’’Also, what point is there to come here? The Nirvana Dragon Root is not something you can fight for. Let alone you, but even I realized this earlier, and only want to obtain some slight opportunity that might come my way.’’

Mu Fengxian felt a bit angry and also sick to her stomach. The defensive barrier outside must have been resealed by now. Even if Lin Ming wanted to leave, there was no way he could do so. He had no choice now but to follow them. If he left by himself then his chances of dying to Xuan Wuji were even higher.

Lin Ming ruefully smiled and informed Mu Fengxian and Mu Yuhuang about the matter of Mu Chihuo's betrayal with a true essence sound transmission.

Mu Fengxian was shaken. ’’What did you say? Mu Chihuo openly collaborated with Lei Jingtian to kill you?’’


’’How is that possible... is Mu Chihuo crazy? For just a little bit of hatred, he no longer cares for his cultivation?’’ Mu Yuhuang found this incomprehensible. Ever since divine Phoenix Island was established 3000 years ago, there had never been a case where an Elder with the surname Mu had betrayed the sect.

Mu Fengxian frowned, her complexion changing several times. Finally, she sighed and said, ’’That evil traitor Mu Chihuo... his plans are really too deep, and his observation is too sharp... Lin Ming, the truth is that I've long noticed the flame mark between your eyebrows. Have you inherited the bloodline of the Ancient Phoenix Clan?’’

As Mu Fengxian spoke, Mu Yuhuang's heart shook. Before this, she had also noticed a deep and powerful bloodline on Lin Ming's body, but hadn't thought too much about it. Now that this point was raised by Mu Fengxian, she was suddenly enlightened.

Lin Ming nodded, ’’It is the bloodline of the Ancient Phoenix Clan - the blood of the Ancient Phoenix.’’

’’Blood of the Ancient Phoenix.’’

Mu Yuhuang gasped. The Ancient Phoenix and Vermillion Bird were existences on two completely different levels. The Vermillion Bird was merely a Saint Beast, and Saint Beasts were also divided by ranks. Within the rankings of Sky Spill Continent's Saint Beasts, the truth was that the Vermillion Bird was quite low.

But, the Ancient Phoenix was a God Beast. Even within the Realm of the Gods, a God Beast was an extremely rare being! The blood of the Ancient Phoenix was absolutely not something that the Vermillion Bird bloodline could compare with!

No wonder that Mu Chihuo was willing to gamble everything away. If he could really obtain Lin Ming's bloodline and also steal away the first eight layers of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle', then even Mu Chihuo might have a chance of becoming an Emperor level powerhouse in the future!

’’This is all my negligence!’’

Mu Yuhuang blamed herself. If she hadn't placed so much trust in the bloodstain contract, then she would never have allowed Mu Chihuo to enter into this broken world, creating such good conditions for him to betray the sect.

Now that the Demon God Imperial Palace was sealed away, she couldn't leave even if she wanted;she could only continue moving forwards.

’’Now isn't the time to talk about such things. Lin Ming, since you've already come here, follow behind me and keep far away from Xuan Wuji. As for treasures or things like that, don't dwell on them, those things aren't something you can obtain. Even if you have a heaven-defying stroke of luck and obtain some sort of treasure, it will still be taken away by others.’’

Lin Ming nodded. He naturally understood such simple truths.

His greatest advantage now was that he was skilled in ancient arrays. However, if he always followed these old fellows, then even if he found a treasure it would be taken away. Not just that, but in the future, if there was a brutal melee for treasures, then he would also draw a calamity onto himself.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming's mind was heavy with anxiousness.

At the end of the group, everyone slowly made their way through the hall. At this moment, he heard a dull thumping 'peng peng peng!' sound, as if something extremely heavy was closing in on them.

Everyone immediately stopped and looked at the turning point of the corridor. Everyone's expressions became grim. As for Nanyun, he had a carefree appearance. He casually unsheathed the scarlet sword, his eyes revealing a hint of excitement.

Xuan Wuji coldly snorted and stretched out his two palms. A black energy surrounded his body, and the momentum around him soared. The technique he was using was the same Netherworld Devil Arts that the Netherworld Great Emperor had created.

At this time, that heavy thing finally turned around the corridor. It was over 10 feet in height, and its entire body was built from some unknown red metal. Its build was similar to a Giant Demon, and it grasped a massive war hammer in its hands. Its moves appeared extremely slow.

’’Giant Demon Puppet.’’

Lin Ming recalled the name of this puppet. This Giant Demon Puppet had strength equal to a late Revolving Core master. Under the suppressive laws of this world, this puppet would even be able to suppress a first stage Life Destruction martial artist. Of course, in front of Xuan Wuji and Nanyun Wang, it wasn't much at all.


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