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Martial World - Chapter 483


Chapter 483 - White Light




The divine Demon Thunder Soul scattered into pieces. But a blackened scorch mark was left behind on the hell dog's claws;this was the result of the power of thunder.

After all, countless years had passed since the Demon Emperor's soul was torn apart. The power of the Demon Emperor's remnant consciousness was extremely weak.

The hell dog glanced at its claws and growled, baring its fangs;this was the same anger as being bitten by an ant.


The hell dog howled and rushed straight towards Lin Ming! It vowed to tear apart this little bug that had caused it pain!

At this time, Lin Ming's vision was blurred as he had an agonizing headache as countless chaotic images entered into mind. He bit down on his own tongue to force himself awake from this aching pain. As he saw the blood-colored eyes of the hell dog closing in on him, Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a savage color.

He grit his teeth and thrust out his hand. The Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder and Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder that had scattered into the air suddenly converged onto his hand, forming a purple and red spear of thunder. The torn pieces of the Samsara martial intent turned into countless tatters that swirled around the spear.

Between Lin Ming's eyes, the flame mark ignited in dazzling brilliance. Behind Lin Ming, the twin phantoms of an Azure Dragon and Ancient Phoenix appeared. In that instant, Lin Ming had overdrawn his complete will and soul into this life or death attack!

As the hell dog rushed towards him, it brought billowing waves of bloody wind. Lin Ming shouted out, his feet bearing down on the void. His hands gripped the purple and red thunder spear and pierced towards the jaws of the hell dog!


Under this great pressure, the spear of thunder broke apart!

However, the broken thunder spear was like a thorn in the hell dog, piercing through its upper jaw and towards its brain!


The hell dog howled, falling to the ground. On top of its head, the wound from the thunder spear made 'chi chi chi' sounds as it burned its flesh, almost etching a big hole.


The hell dog spat out a line of unknown language. Its eyes were blood red as it lifted its two front paws and tried to grab the broken thunder spear in its jaws;it wanted to pull it out!

Even this didn't kill it...

Lin Ming ruefully smiled. His ears and nostrils were already bleeding out, and after overdrawing his soul, he no longer had the strength to resist again. He fell to his knees and his surroundings began to blur, and all sound completely disappeared as if the world was fading away from him.

In his dim vision, he saw the sphere of light in the center of the void begin to emit a white mist. Then, Lin Ming completely lost consciousness.

Countless visions crossed Lin Ming's mind, and his thoughts first returned to his childhood. His parents, Lin Xiaodong, Lan Yunyue, Qin Xingxuan... he vividly recalled these people one at a time, as if he was once again experiencing the trial of 100 Samsaras. Then, Lin Ming felt as if he was bathed in a pleasantly war sunlight, just like a baby in its mother's womb... he was incomparably peaceful and relaxed.

As his blurry vision began to slowly clear, Lin Ming opened his eyes and found that he was still in his spiritual sea. But, the sort of aching tiredness in his mind had already disappeared. As for the hell dog, it was still howling pitifully, but this time, it seemed to be very crestfallen, its entire body torn to pieces.

This is....

Lin Ming was shocked. He didn't think that his spear of thunder would have this effect. As he recalled that misty white light from a moment ago, he suddenly realized something.

Lin Ming withdrew his consciousness from his spiritual sea and looked over to the center of the Magic Cube space. There, the one foot wide sphere of light was quietly floating, surrounded by countless soul fragments that endlessly rotated around it...

It was this!?

Lin Ming carefully released his senses, feeling the space around the sphere of light. He was able to feel a faint white light that was warm and comforting. If he wasn't wrong, then this sphere of light was what had released the white mist.

This sphere of light was like the spirit of the Magic Cube, and the Magic Cube seemed to have a will of its own because of this sphere of light. Ever since he had obtained the Magic Cube, Lin Ming had never had any communication with it. But Lin Ming was certain that the Magic Cube was intelligent and had a will of its own.

As for that white sphere of light, Lin Ming always had a guess.

All of the surrounding soul fragments that drifted around this sphere of light were from the Realm of the Gods powerhouses. Their souls were torn to pieces by the Magic Cube and sent into this space. Then, the Saintess that had controlled the Magic Cube also had her soul twisted into the Magic Cube. Could her soul be at this center point of the space?

Lin Ming tried to communicate by sending out his sense, but whenever anything touched the sphere of light, it would sink in and disappear.

Lin Ming finally gave up. At this time, he felt his mind stir and he returned to his spiritual sea. To his amazement and dismay, he found that the hell dog that had been torn to pieces was trying to reattach itself!

’’So stubborn!’’

Lin Ming was startled. This remnant soul fragment from a Realm of the Gods Supreme Elder was just a tiny fraction that had gone through countless years of weakening, and yet it was still terrifying to this extent. If it was the complete consciousness of a Supreme Elder, then he couldn't imagine what sort of horror it would be. It probably wouldn't fade away even without hundreds of thousands of years of being sealed away!

But the Magic Cube, in just an instant, had twisted apart the souls of thousands of Realm of the Gods powerhouses... just what sort of earth-shaking existence was that...

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. The stronger he became, the more he understood just how great the gap was between him and these Realm of the Gods powerhouses.

As he looked at those wiggling pieces that were trying to crawl towards each other, Lin Ming coldly snorted. The hell dog wanted to fuse into one whole again;how could Lin Ming allow it to do that?

He waved his hands, and the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder appeared in his left and the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder appeared in his right. Thunder flashed, and the purple and red thunders turned into bolts of thick lightning that fell onto the hell dog like a shower of deadly rain!

The power of thunder was the best at suppressing the strength of spirits. The hell dog that was trying to fuse back into a whole again was blown apart by Lin Ming, its soul sizzling.

Right after, Lin Ming used the Samsara martial intent. A black vortex crashed onto the fragments of the hell dog's will, sending out 'ka ka ka' sounds like bits of metal that had been dropped into a meat grinder. However, no matter what Lin Ming did, these remnant pieces of consciousness refused to be annihilated!

’’It's really tough.’’

Lin Ming didn't think he could finish off these pieces of remnant consciousness. The difference in their levels was really just too great.

And ridding himself of this consciousness was the same as giving up on the soul fragment he had absorbed. Naturally, Lin Ming was reluctant to do this.

'I'll have to individually seal away these pieces of consciousness. As long as they don't re-fuse together, they won't be able to affect me.' After thinking it over, Lin Ming chose this risky path. When he became stronger in the future, he would be able to slowly wear away these fragments.

Lin Ming thrust out his hands, the purple-red power of thunder tightly wrapping around him like gloves. Then, Lin Ming began to carefully separate the pieces of consciousness from the black vortex. His fingers moved, surrounding the pieces of consciousness with threads formed from the power of thunder.

After these threads turned into a thick cocoon around the remnant consciousness, completely isolating it from the rest, Lin Ming tossed it into his spiritual sea.

Like this, Lin Ming slowly wrapped every other pieces with the power of thunder, and submerged them in different areas of his spiritual sea. This was so that one day, if Lin Ming's spirit was ever weakened for some reason, these pieces of will wouldn't have a chance to take advantage of him.

’’Finally done...’’

Lin Ming let out a long breath and withdrew his mind from the Magic Cube space. At this time, he was incomparably tired, and just wanted to have a good rest without caring for anything else.

But, time was urgent. Lin Ming wasn't sure how many hours had passed. He sat in meditation for a moment to catch himself, and then endured the headaches as he looked through the memories of the Demon Emperor's soul fragment...


At this time, since Lin Ming had escaped, it had already been four hours.

Lei Jingtian and the rest of them had been engaging in a full on onslaught against the illusionary killing array until their hands were tired. But the protective barrier of the array formation was like an unshakeable mountain;there was just no response!

In this situation, Lei Jingtian was already feeling a despair like the world was collapsing. A late Revolving Core master, a middle Revolving Core master, and two early Revolving Core masters had joined together to ceaselessly attack for four hours and yet there was still no effect. This little array formation from a sixth-grade sect was already comparable to a great protective land array from a fourth-grade sect.

’’This damn law suppression.’’ Even the normally calm Mu Chihuo was angry, and he suddenly stopped his attacks. Mu Chihuo wavered on his feet. His true essence was in chaos, his body was shaky, and he could barely stand.

All of this fell into Mu Qingyi's eyes. Mu Qingyi sneered and said, ’’Mu Chihuo, this suffering is what you have reaped. The bloodstain contract within you is already beginning to take effect. Within a month, 30% of your divine Phoenix bloodline will fade away. Half a year from now, it will completely vanish, and your life force will exhaust itself and you will perish!’’

’’My divine Phoenix bloodline?’’ Mu Chihuo smiled with disdain before laughing out, ’’The so-called divine Phoenix bloodline is nothing more than the thin bloodline of the Vermillion Bird, losing it is nothing pitiful. As long as I can kill Lin Ming, I will be obtain to obtain the true divine Phoenix blood in his body!’’

As Mu Chihuo spoke, Mu Qingyi was shocked, her heart immediately shaking! She finally understood just why Mu Chihuo would risk everything in order to kill Lin Ming.

Ever since Lin Ming had emerged from the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, his body had been emitting an aura that made her heart palpitate. Between Lin Ming's eyebrows, there was also a faint and peculiar flame mark. During the battle with the South Sea Demon Region, that flame mark had ignited. In that moment, Mu Qingyi was able to clearly feel a deep fear that originated from the depths of her bloodline!

If she was right, then it was highly likely that Lin Ming had obtained a very rich and pure bloodline within the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. This bloodline far surpassed what the divine Phoenix Island Founder had received when she entered the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.

And Mu Chihuo's goal was Lin Ming's bloodline.

The bloodstain contract only had the power to bind the descendants of the Mu Family Clan based on their bloodline, it wasn't able to restrict Lin Ming. As long as Mu Chihuo was able to obtain Lin Ming's bloodline, then he would naturally be able to free himself from the restrictions of the bloodstain contract. As for losing the Mu bloodline, if it was lost then it was lost - he simply didn't care about it.

Mu Qingyi realized she had been wrong from the beginning. The reason that Mu Chihuo had tried to kill Lin Ming was not for revenge, but rather to obtain a higher power. If he could steal Lin Ming's bloodline and also snatch away the first eight layers of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle', then all he had to do was wait for Mu Fengxian's life to eventually end of old age. At that time, he would be able to rule the entire divine Phoenix Island with his strength!

Perhaps Mu Chihuo might have had this all planned out before he came into this broken world!

Thinking of this, Mu Qingyi felt a sense of despair.

If she had to blame someone, she could only blame herself for thinking that the restrictions of the bloodstain contract were infallible.


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