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Martial World - Chapter 482


Chapter 482 - Crazy Plan




If Lin Ming hadn't run across Mu Chihuo, then he would have just stayed outside of Demon God imperial Palace's inner quarters, looking for some lucky chances on the sidelines and then safely leaving this broken world. But now, he was forced by Mu Chihuo onto this dangerous path, and a crazy thought of entering the Demon God Imperial Palace was born in his mind.

Planning on challenging a group of Life Destruction Supreme Elders that could exterminate him with a turn of their hand was undoubtedly an incomparably crazy plan. Running into the tiger's mouth wasn't even enough to describe the audacity of this idea.

In this sort of situation, Lin Ming wasn't naïve enough to expect that the Demon God Imperial Palace would suppress the cultivation of these Life Destruction Supreme Elders to less than 1% so that he could freely kill them.

If he had an advantage, then that would only be his understanding of ancient array formations from the Realm of the Gods.

But what was inside the Demon God Imperial Palace? What was the internal layout like? Were there secret passages somewhere? Where was the Nirvana Dragon Root?

Lin Ming was completely unsure of any of these things.

The fragmented memories he obtained were too incomplete, he simply couldn't remember!

At this time, this so-called advantage that Lin Ming had was marginal. Entering into the Demon God Imperial Palace in this state to compete for the Nirvana Dragon Root was no different from suicide.

However, the moment that Lin Ming entered into the illusionary killing array, he suddenly realized that he had missed a very important thing....

Lin Ming swiped his spatial ring and took out a corpse;this was the corpse of the South Sea Demon Region's early Revolving Core powerhouse.

After entering into this broken world, Lin Ming had killed a total of four Revolving Core masters. The first was when he had been walking in the bloody wilderness. Lian Jie was a Revolving Core master who was trying to use some Blood Ghost Flowers as bait and wait for others to step into his trap. Because of this plan, Lian Jie had tried to kill him and Mu Qianyu, with the end result being that this Revolving Core master was directly killed by Lin Ming, and all of his blood essence was used to refine a Blood Drinking Seal.

The second to the fourth had been during the brutal battle between him and the South Sea Demon Region. He had killed three Revolving Core Supreme Elders, and even slayed the middle Revolving Core master Lian Cheng.

The first two were used by Lin Ming to help refine his 14th and 15th Blood Drinking Seal. As for the last Revolving Core powerhouse, Lin Ming had killed him when the South Sea Demon Region had begun retreating, so Lin Ming had instead put his body away in his spatial ring.

That Revolving Core powerhouse was this corpse.

Lin Ming took a deep breath. He flicked his finger and a red arc of lightning submerged into this Revolving Core master's corpse, quickly pulling out all his blood essence. Then, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder flew back towards Lin Ming and pierced towards Lin Ming's heart like a small red serpent.

The blood essence was released, and was greedily absorbed by the Magic Cube....

Then, a familiar trembling feeling transmitted through Lin Ming's spiritual sea once again. Lin Ming was already expecting this. He closed both his eyes and fortified his mind. In the next moment, all of his perception and consciousness was sucked into the Magic Cube....

As Lin Ming opened his eyes again, his consciousness had already arrived at a vast and boundless space. He was floating in a completely jet-black space surrounded by twinkling lights.

This was the space within the Magic Cube that he was familiar with.

As thick clouds of fog fluttered around, the central spinning sphere of light became partially visible;it had not changed in the least.

After using the blood essence of a Xiantian master, Lin Ming had once again opened the Magic Cube space with the blood essence of a Revolving Core master.

This was the fourth time that Lin Ming had come into the space of the Magic Cube. Within this space, there were countless memories floating around like treasures. However, these things could not immediately translate into combat strength.

It was impossible for Lin Ming to swallow a soul fragment, increase his strength, and return to defeat Lei Jingtian.


The soul fragments shimmered in the pale mist like dazzling stars. Lin Ming released his perception, carefully feeling the faint energy of these fragments.

A wave of diamond-like soul fragments breezed by, carrying with it an incomparably gentle energy.

Lin Ming let it drift past him. Then, a few glimmering shards of soul fragments came that emitted a bloody energy. Lin Ming also let them pass by.

As Lin Ming felt the energy of these soul fragments, his mind was calm like still water. He stood there patiently, not moving.

He didn't know how much time passed, but after a while, a pigeon egg-sized soul fragment slowly began to spin towards him. This soul fragment glowed with a red light, and it left a path of twinkling crimson lights in its wake.

’’This is it!’’

Lin Ming suddenly opened his eyes!

This fragment had the same energy as the Demon Emperor.

The last time Lin Ming had entered into the space within the Magic Cube, he had found the soul fragment of the Demon Emperor and was able to discover that Lei Mubai had a bloodline relation with the Giant Demon race because his body emitted the energy of the ancient Devil Tome.

This time, he had also been able to sense the soul fragment of the Demon Emperor!

In the Realm of the Gods, when those Supreme Elders' souls had been sucked into the space of the Magic Cube, they had been broken into many pieces. Naturally, other pieces could be found in the same area.

Lin Ming clenched his teeth. He wanted to absorb this soul fragment, but he stopped himself. He marked this soul fragment and continued his search.

He didn't know how long he searched, but he continued until he found a second soul fragment.

This soul fragment was only the size of a fingernail.

He gave up this fragment too and continued searching.

Then, every time Lin Ming found a soul fragment that belonged to the Demon Emperor, he would record its position. After a long time, Lin Ming finally found over 20 soul fragments of the Demon Emperor.

If these soul fragments were put together, they would nearly be the complete soul of the Demon Emperor.

Of these 20 soul fragments, the largest one was the size of a baby's palm.

The smallest was the size of a bean.

What Lin Ming wanted from this were the memories of the Demon God Imperial Palace!

However, he didn't know what would be found within these soul fragments, or how many memories each contained.

Thus, the biggest palm-sized one would have the greatest chances of being the one with the memories he desired.

But Lin Ming had never absorbed a soul fragment as large as this baby-sized palm before. If his soul force was lacking, then he would suffer a massive backlash from the Demon Emperor's remnant consciousness and turn into an idiot.

Lin Ming grit his teeth.

At this point, he no longer had any other path to take!

Lin Ming touched his soul force to the largest soul fragment and reached out his hand.


The soul fragment submerged into Lin Ming's body, bringing with it a rich scent of blood.

In that instant, Lin Ming's spiritual sea trembled, and all sorts of visions entered into his mind.

Lakes of blood, battlefields, demons, various great wars and endless slaughtering;it seemed as if everything the Demon Emperor remembered was endless killing and endless war.

Lin Ming already had experience absorbing these soul fragments. He steadfastly defended his mind, ridding his heart of all distractions. The Samsara martial intent's swirling black vortex appeared in his spiritual sea, completely covering his mind.

In terms of soul defense, after Lin Ming had passed through the trial of 100 Samsaras, it could be considered to be heaven defying.

However... as Lin Ming was resisting these visions in his mind, a sudden change occurred!

Within the rush of scenes, a vicious-looking hell dog crawled out from a pond of blood and began to race towards the swirling black vortex!


The demonic hell dog swiped its paws, and tore apart half of the Samsara martial intent's swirling black vortex!


Outside the space of the Magic Cube, Lin Ming's true body coughed up a mouthful of blood, his face turning white.

In that moment, Lin Ming could clearly see a grim smile on that demonic hell dog's face... could it be...

Lin Ming's hands and feet instantly went cold.

He suddenly realized one possibility, and that was that this baby palm-size soul fragment was not some ownerless soul, but had its own independent consciousness.

A human soul was comprised of two parts. First, a spirit mark, and second, memories.

If the spirit mark was erased, then the soul would have no owner. If the soul only had its most basic instincts, then there was nothing to fear.

But, this soul fragment was obviously different!

Before this, Lin Ming had known that there were many dangers surrounding the absorption of these soul fragments. He had been careful before, but this time he was forced to desperation and had gambled everything on this one bet, finally bringing this calamity upon himself!

Even if these soul fragments contained just a sliver of the independent consciousness of a Realm of the Gods Supreme Elder, it wasn't something that Lin Ming could defend against!


The crimson hell dog attacked again;the Samsara martial intent's swirling black vortex directly collapsed!

In that moment, Lin Ming felt as if a giant iron ball slammed into his head. He gave a stuffy cough and blood leaked from his nostrils. He almost fell onto the ground where he was.


Lin Ming couldn't resist this pain at all. It was as if countless knives had been stabbed into his mind. This sort of pain was to the extent that a normal person would have killed themselves to relieve themselves of this suffering.

The Samsara martial intent was truly worthy of being a martial intent comprehended from the seventh floor of the Sorcerer Pagoda. In this situation, it even condensed once again into a swirling black vortex...

The crimson hell dog revealed a disdainful sneer and then threw itself at the black vortex again.


The swirling black vortex exploded into pieces once more.

Lin Ming's body shook and he nearly fainted. This dog was too strong...

This unstoppable force caused Lin Ming to feel despair.

This was the consciousness that once belonged to a Realm of the Gods powerhouse?

It was just a tiny sliver of surviving consciousness.... not just that, but it had undergone countless tens of thousands of years of slumber and weakening, and yet he wasn't able to resist it at all?

Lin Ming clenched his bloodied teeth, and his nails dug into the flesh of his palms. He had made his decision to reach the peak of martial arts so how could he die here!?

’’divine Demon Thunder Soul!’’

Bang bang!

Within the sky of Lin Ming's spiritual sea, the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder and Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder appeared together. The power of thunder was the nemesis of ghosts and demons, and was the best at countering souls! Lin Ming had resorted to using the divine Demon Steel Needle in this final life or death battle!


The divine Demon Steel Needle howled towards the crimson hell dog.

Meanwhile, the Samsara martial intent's black vortex enveloped the crimson hell dog's body. Although it couldn't tear the hell dog apart, it could reduce its power.

However, the crimson hell dog only contemptuously smiled. It howled, and with a simple great leap, jumped out of the swirling black vortex, smashing its paws on the divine Demon Thunder Soul!


The divine Demon Steel Needle that had been formed with Lin Ming's complete mind exploded into bits, dissolving into the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder and Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder before scattering to pieces. Lin Min's body shook, and he fell to the ground, his face white like paper.


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