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Martial World - Chapter 480


Chapter 480 - I Will Walk My Life With You




As Lin Ming burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, he also ignited his own blood essence!

If the blood of the Ancient Phoenix was burnt, it would never fade away. However, once he combusted his own blood essence, it would disappear.

Blood essence was extremely difficult to recover. But, that didn't mean there weren't ways to replenish it. For instance, divine Phoenix Island had a method of making up blood essence by transplanting the blood essence of the Vermillion Bird. Once blood essence was burnt, Lin Ming could find some way to restore it. However, if he lost his life, there was no going back!

After combusting his blood essence, the flame mark between Lin Ming's eyes began to shine with an ever-brightening incandescence.

Even though Lin Ming burnt a bit of his blood essence in exchange of power, the effect of this was much weaker than when he had swallowed the Scarlet Blood Pill. Not to mention that it was weak, but even if he had attained power equal to that of taking a Scarlet Blood Pill, at most he would be able to defeat a middle Revolving Core master;it was simply impossible for him to defeat Lei Jingtian.

And now, Lin Ming's Heretical God Force only had around 20 breaths of time before it vanished. To kill Lei Jingtian in this brief period of time was nothing but a dream.

As Lin Ming borrowed the power of his blood essence, his speed rose once again. He shot away like a flash of lightning!

’’This boy!’’ Lei Jingtian's face darkened, becoming increasingly gloomy. He didn't believe that Lin Ming would be able to run away. With Lin Ming's mere late Houtian cultivation, there were an entire two great boundaries that separated them. If he could truly escape from the reach of his hand, then that would truly surprise Lei Jingtian!

’’I wonder what sort of special ability he has to avoid the suppressive laws of this world. If I can obtain that, then I might have a chance to go to the Demon God Imperial Palace and fight for the treasures there.’’

Lei Jingtian's mind raced, but his steps never paused. He flew high into the sky, and in just a few breaths of time he closed the gap with Lin Ming. During this time, he had taken out the Thunder Light Sword!

’’I'll slice off your legs!’’ Lei Jingtian grinned like a madman, cutting his sword towards Lin Ming's legs!

Without looking, Lin Ming suddenly swept the Great Desolate Blood Halberd backwards.

Blood Seal Twisting Murder!


The Great Desolate Blood Halberd and the Thunder Light Sword collided. Blood and thunder splashed out. By relying on the power from combusting his blood essence, Lin Ming was able to withstand this attack.

’’What!?’’ Lei Jingtian stared with wide eyes. Lin Ming was just too terrifying an existence. Even though his cultivation was only at the late Houtian realm, he had managed to keep off his attack by only combusting his blood essence.

If he was allowed to step into the Revolving Core realm, what would happen then!?

However, Lei Jingtian knew that Lin Ming wouldn't be able to last much longer in this state. If he could just delay a bit longer then everything would be easy.

’’Lightning Cage!’’

The Thunder Light Sword shook, and a vast twinkling electric purple net came falling down. That net seemed to isolate space, enveloping Lin Ming.

As Lin Ming saw the electric net coming down on him, he clenched his teeth and released the complete potential of his body. All of his will was poured into the Great Desolate Blood Halberd -



With the sound of deafening thunder, Lei Jingtian's lightning net was torn apart. Lei Jingtian felt a tightness and his chest and was forced several steps back, the blood in his body tumbling.

As for Lin Ming, he borrowed the force of the explosion and rushed away. In the last moment, he was able to use this force to momentarily escape from the suppressive laws of this world, flying into the sky!

And in front of Lin Ming was the altar of the illusionary killing array that disciples of the Demon God Imperial Palace had used to practice!

’’What? He's flying!?’’ Lei Jingtian's complexion changed. This proved that at this moment, Lin Ming's strength was approaching that of a late Revolving Core powerhouse!

’’This boy, he cannot be allowed to leave!’’

Lei Jingtian grit his teeth and raised his sword high, the true essence of his body revolving to the limit. Thunder began to flash between his eyebrows, and his body emitted billowing claps of thunder. A thunderstorm sounded out like tigers and dragons roaring together. The lightning surrounding the Thunder Light Sword grew, becoming increasingly terrifying. The heaven and earth thunder origin energy was completely sucked into this thunderstorm. Even under the suppressive laws, it was still able to change the color of the world.

This was Lei Jingtian's strongest move - Heavenly Thunder Suppression. It was the move that contained the strongest energy as well as the strongest spiritual attack. Even if a late Revolving Core master were to resist it, they would still be wounded.

Before now, he had never dreamed that one day he would have to use this move on a Houtian realm martial artist.


The thunderstorm shot towards Lin Ming with a terrifying speed. But as Lin Ming stood there on the altar, all of his perception was completely focused on the altar as he distributed the 30 medium-grade true essence stones and six high-grade true essence stones onto the altar array.

’’Illusionary killing array, open!’’

Lin Ming had already seen through the principals behind this illusionary killing array. Now, this illusionary killing array was his only resort. Otherwise, even if he combusted his blood essence, he would only be able to attain strength equal to a middle Revolving Core master;how could he possibly fight the late Revolving Core Lei Jingtian?

If he fought, the one to die first would be him!

On the altar, the ancient runes began to glow with a dazzling crimson color. After Lin Ming crazily poured his true essence into them, they began to shine with a bright light all around, hitting Lei Jingtian's thunderstorm!


A terrifying explosion shook the ground and a purple beam of lightning shot into the sky. Even Lei Jingtian was forced to retreat by the shockwaves. When the storm finally subsided, Lei Jingtian was completely shocked. In his eyes, he could see a faint creamy barrier covering the altar, like an incomparably fragile soap bubble. But even that horrifying explosion from a moment ago hadn't been able to move it a single inch.

’’This... this is...’’

Lei Jingtian didn't dare to believe his own eyes;this was an ancient array formation!

Was this array formation started by Lin Ming?

Lin Ming had a way to start an ancient array formation?

Lei Jingtian was stunned. How could Lin Ming have possibly studied ancient array formations? Even if he did, he wasn't even 20 years old yet, so how could he possibly understand the complex and profound principles behind these ancient array formations?

’’This boy!’’

Lei Jingtian's grip on his sword tightened until his knuckles paled. In this situation, Lin Ming had actually been able to escape?

He could not accept this! This was unbelievable!

Lei Jingtian coldly snorted and said, ’’The ancient array formation is indeed formidable, but it also needs to consume energy. This old man won't believe that the ancient array formation can last forever. I will attack until all of its energy is exhausted!’’


Atop the endless bloody wilderness, Mu Qianyu stood there in her red dress, dazed.

All around her were endless blood red plains. As she stood there alone, the desolate feeling that surrounded her was amplified.

The hot wind blew against Mu Qianyu's clothes and face, drying her tears. But she still felt cold inside.

At this moment, the image that flashed repeatedly in Mu Qianyu's mind was that of Lin Ming's blurry face.

At this moment, she finally understood why Lin Ming had asked her about an 'Escape Symbol', and as for this Escape Symbol, there had only been one.

And Lin Ming had given it to her.

Then what about him?

Facing the late Revolving Core Lei Jingtian, Mu Qianyu couldn't think of any way that Lin Ming could win. There wasn't even a way for him to escape.

The difference between a late Revolving Core master and a middle Revolving Core master was enormous. And even if Lin Ming had swallowed a Scarlet Blood Pill in his top condition, he would only be able to fight a middle Revolving Core master.

And now, Lin Ming didn't even have a second Scarlet Blood Pill to eat.

If he did eat one, he would die!

’’Wait for me there!’’

These simple words reverberated in Mu Qianyu's ears. His words had been filled with a decisive resolution that faced death without fear. Every word had been like a thunderclap, and every word had been etched onto her heart with blood;she would never be able to forget these words in her lifetime!

'You asked me to wait for you here...

'I'm here.

'But will you come?'

Mu Qianyu felt a stabbing pain in her heart. She bit her lips until blood flowed from the corners of her mouth. As the wind blew against the creamy white skin of her face, she was like a snow plum in full bloom.

If it had been possible, she would have rather burned all of the blood in her body and died together in battle with Lin Ming!

However... that hadn't happened.

Her safely standing there might be at the cost of Lin Ming's life.

As Mu Qianyu thought of this, her chest tightened with pain, making it hard for her to breathe. It was like someone had torn the heart out of her body and left her chest empty.

Before now, when Lin Ming had gone into the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, Mu Qianyu had also thought that Lin Ming had died, and she had grieved for him. But it wasn't like today. She was sad to the point of collapse, to the point where she couldn't shed another tear, to the point where she didn't want to live any longer.

Unconsciously, in Mu Qianyu's mind, Lin Ming had already occupied an important position, one that Mu Qianyu herself hadn't noticed.

’’I'll wait for you here! If you do not come, then I will leave this place. In the future, I will kill every person that harmed you! Then... I will return here, and spend the rest of my life accompanying you!’’


Within the pavilion runes, the light of thunder and fire blazed into the sky. Mu Chihuo, Mu Yanzhuo, Lei Jingtian, and even Mu Qingshu were desperately attacking the altar formation's barrier,.

However, that barrier of light stood motionless, not even shaking, as if it were mocking their incompetence.

’’What do we do!?’’

Mu Yanzhuo's forehead was dripping sweat. In this gamble, there were two absolute conditions that he had to complete. The first one was to kill Lin Ming, and the second was to return to divine Phoenix Island before Mu Fengxian did.

But now, Lin Ming had entered into this strange array formation, out of reach. If he couldn't kill Lin Ming, then all of the plans they had made - including those of evading the bloodstain contract - became nothing but a dream!

’’Don't panic!’’ Mu Chihuo coldly snorted, ’’An array formation must consume energy. Once we consume its energy, we will find Lin Ming inside;there is nowhere else that he can go! As long as we can kill Lin Ming, it will be our victory. Stepping back, even in the worst case situation, we just have to give up our cultivation method!’’

When Mu Fengxian and Mu Yuhuang entered this broken world, they had been aware of the dangers and had left the jade slip with the first eight layers of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' at divine Phoenix Island. Mu Chihuo's original plan was to kill Lin Ming, and then after completing his plan, he would head back to divine Phoenix Island and steal away the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' jade slip. But now, it seemed like he might have to give up his plans on that. But if he could still complete the first task of killing Lin Ming, then it wouldn't be too terrible.

’’I know.’’ Mu Yanzhuo forced himself to calm down. There was no point in panicking at this time. There was no longer time to regret, there was no other path he could take out of this. All he could do was fight.

At Mu Yanzhuo's side, Mu Qingshu clenched his teeth and desperately attacked, as if he wasn't hitting the array formation's barrier but rather Lin Ming himself. He was completely venting the grievances that had accumulated for these past two years!

'This is all because of him, it's because of him again and again! After I break this barrier, I will torture you until you beg for death!'


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