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Martial World - Chapter 479


Chapter 479 - Wait For Me There




Lin Ming knew that Mu Chihuo and Lei Jingtian had come specifically for him. If he left Mu Qingyi or the other Elders here and ran away, nothing would happen to them.

But Mu Qianyu was different. Mu Qingshu desired Mu Qianyu as well as her Vermillion Bird bloodline, and had been drooling over it for a long time. With Lei Jingtian here, there was nothing that Mu Qianyu could do to resist him. As for Mu Qingshu, he was an extremely depraved individual that was capable of any despicable action imaginable. Lin Ming did not dare to imagine the consequences that would happen if he left Mu Qianyu here and escaped by himself.

If that happened, then even if he escaped and reached the Revolving Core realm in the future, it would be a tragedy that could never be recovered from even if he tore Mu Qingshu into pieces!

As Lin Ming felt the Escape Symbol in his hand, his mind rapidly raced and his forehead was already wet with sweat. He knew that this Escape Symbol was precious, but he didn't think that it was precious to the point that even Mu Qianyu wouldn't have one. Before this, Mu Fengxian must have thought that Mu Qianyu would never be any fatal danger;she never imagined that Mu Chihuo would have ignored the bloodstain contract and rebelled against the sect!

As Lei Jingtian held the Thunder Light Sword in his hand, a hazy purple electric light spun around the blade, like an ephemeral dream. This unique Disenchanting Dream Light was like thunder and also light;it was elusive and confounding. They didn't even need Mu Chihuo - just Lei Jingtian was enough to deal with everyone present.

’’Hehe, Lin Ming, I want to see just what tricks you have up your sleeve this time!’’ Mu Qingshu disdainfully said as he sneered.

However, he hadn't started speaking again before the silent Lin Ming suddenly shot out!

As the blood of the Ancient Phoenix shined with a dazzling red glow between his eyebrows, the Heretical God Force also erupted. Atop the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, the crimson blood seals rapidly spiraled around!

In that instant, Lin Ming had used every card in his hand. His strength shot to its highest point!

’’Primeval Halberd Strike!’’

15 Blood Drinking Seals twisted, forming a giant vortex. Lin Ming's sudden action caused Mu Qingshu's complexion to instantly changed. His original crazy grin had frozen in place. Mu Qingshu immediately felt a formidable pulling force working on him, and he couldn't help but be caught up in the suction force. Mu Qingshu realized that Lin Ming knew he had no hope of escaping, so he would eliminate him before he died!

’’Grandfather, save me!’’

Mu Qingshu was greatly shocked. In front of Lin Ming, he simply didn't have the ability to defend. He did not want to die. He was just about to see Lin Ming die and obtain Mu Qianyu! If he died here, he would have nothing at all!

’’Humph, how naïve!’’

Lei Jingtian waved his palm, and a normal-looking purple thunder that seemed like electricity and light instantly launched into the crimson vortex.


As soon as the attacks struck each other, the crimson vortex violently burst apart. The 15 Blood Drinking Seals were blasted in all directions. Lin Ming coughed and flew backwards, soaring dozens of feet until he smashed into the ground.

He had tried to instantly kill Mu Qingshu to save himself from future troubles, but Lin Ming's plan had failed. His strength wasn't at its peak condition. Compared to Lei Jingtian, the strength difference between the two at this moment was just too great!

’’Haha! You idiot! You want to hurt me? Dream on!’’ Mu Qingshu contemptuously laughed. Seeing Lin Ming in this state, his thoughts were smoother and his inner energy felt better;his entire body was incomparably comfortable.

’’Lin Ming!’’ Mu Qianyu's eyes blazed as she rushed towards Lin Ming's side. ’’Lin Ming, are you alright!?’’

’’I'm fine.’’ In fact, Lin Ming hadn't been wounded. He looked deeply into Mu Qianyu's eyes and said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Wait for me at the entrance to the bloody wilderness...’’

’’What?’’ Mu Qianyu paused. She didn't know why Lin Ming would suddenly say this.

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with determination. He clenched the Escape Symbol in his hand, spoke the incantation, and then pressed it into Mu Qianyu's hand...

’’Mm, this is...’’ Mu Qianyu felt something cool slip into her hand. Before she could react, a dim light emerged from her palm. Mu Qianyu's heart suddenly surged with a discomforting restlessness, ’’Lin Ming, you...’’

’’Wait for me there!’’

These simple words were firm, confident, and filled with the air of one unafraid of death! As they fell into Mu Qianyu's ears, every word sunk into her being. In that moment, the sound of countless thunderclaps exploded in Mu Qianyu's ear, and a deep, agonizing, and inexplicable pain filled her heart.

As these words echoed in her mind, they began to distort, as if sound itself was being endlessly stretched out... In that moment, Mu Qianyu felt as if she had lost something important. The faint restlessness in her heart became stronger and stronger. Mu Qianyu's eyes widened as her body was suddenly surrounded by a strange energy. Lin Ming's features blurred as they faded into an infinite expanse of space, going farther and farther away.

’’Lin Ming!’’

Mu Qianyu cried out. She reached out to grab Lin Ming, but at this time, all sounds and all sights instantly vanished into the horizon...


’’Damn! What trick is this!?’’ Mu Qingshu could only watch helplessly as Mu Qianyu was covered by a hazy white light, instantly disappearing. He could not believe this had happened, and he could also not accept that this had happened!

Mu Qianyu had been sent off by Lin Ming!

If Mu Qianyu disappeared, then how would he give vent to this rage in his heart?

’’Lin Ming, I will kill you!’’ Mu Qingshu cried out, his eyes turning mad.

Mu Chihuo's complexion was also ugly. He was able to recognize that what Lin Ming had just used was Mu Fengxian's Escape Symbol. ’’It's a bit troubling for that girl to escape. Brother Lei, let's not delay any further and kill Lin Ming. Then we can look for Mu Qianyu. It wouldn't be good if that girl managed to get a message back to divine Phoenix Island!’’

’’Hehe, alright!’’ Lei Jingtian smiled with indifference. Whether or not news of this matter returned to divine Phoenix Island, it would not impact him. In truth, all he wanted to do was kill Lin Ming and obtain the ancient devil art techniques in his spatial ring, as well as his Purple Comet Spear and two Thunder Souls!

In addition, what was most important was that Lei Jingtian wanted to know just how Lin Ming had managed to fuse two Thunder Souls into one. If he could also achieve this feat, then it would be of great advantage to him.

The reason that Lei Jingtian was willing to come and kill Lin Ming was first because of the old hatred between them, and second because Mu Chihuo had promised that as long as he killed Lin Ming, all of the secrets, cultivation method manuals, and other treasures that Lin Ming had would belong to him. Just as long as Mu Chihuo was able to keep Lin Ming's corpse.

’’This boy is too emotional, he cares about this sort of sentimental love too much. He gave a woman his only chances to escape... what an idiot!’’ Lei Jingtian laughed. In his opinion, this sort of self-sacrificing action was for the stupid.

Mu Qingyi had watched from the side and witnessed the entire process. Lin Ming had given his chance to escape to Mu Qianyu. This action caused her heart to ache with pain.

’’Lin Ming, hurry up and run! We will hold him off!’’ As Mu Qingyi spoke, a chilling sword light covered her as she slashed her sword at Lei Jingtian.

Fragmented Ice Cloud!

’’Humph! You think you are qualified?’’ Without waiting for Lei Jingtian, Mu Chihuo stepped forwards and shot out his palm. Without even needing his sword, a brilliant inferno of roaring flames suddenly shot out, cracking the ice crystals and then directly pulverizing them!

Meanwhile, Mu Yanzhuo stopped Mu Bingyun, and Lei Jingtian attacked Lin Ming!

The sound of rolling thunder filled the air. It mixed with a shining dream-like light, turning into a thick purple beam that pierced towards Lin Ming.


The beam of light penetrated through the earth, causing rocks to scatter into the air. Lin Ming jumped back, avoiding the frontal attack. However, he was still injured by the shockwaves.

As that endless purple light touched Lin Ming's body, it was like countless steel needles had pierced his spiritual sea. Lin Ming's body suddenly trembled!

Cha cha cha!

In Lin Ming's spiritual sea, that purple light fell like rain. In that critical moment, the massive black vortex of the Samsara martial intent appeared, blocking the attack of the purple rain!

That endless purple light was twisted into the swirling black vortex and disappeared without a trace!

’’Heh! Lei Jingtian sneered, but then the smile froze on his face.

’’What!? He's fine even after taking the attack of my Disenchanting Dream Light?’’

Lei Jingtian did not believe that a mere Houtian realm martial artist was able to defend against his Disenchanting Dream Light. How could this be possible?

’’You want to run away? Think again!’’

When Lei Jingtian saw that Lin Ming wanted to run away, he coldly snorted and shot forwards! With Lei Jingtian's formidable strength, he was able to overcome the suppressive laws of this world to a certain extent and fly. With a speed two or three times faster than Lin Ming's, he chased after him!

’’Damn.’’ Lin Ming grit his teeth and galvanized Golden Roc Shattering the Void to the limit, shooting forwards like a bolt of lightning. But no matter how amazing Golden Roc Shattering the Void was, Lin Ming's attainments were limited to a general understanding of the Concept of Wind. He hadn't even yet crossed into the Concept of Space, so how could his speed compare to the late Revolving Core master Lei Jingtian?

In just a few blinks of the eye, Lin Ming was overtaken by Lei Jingtian!


Lei Jingtian pressed down his palm at Lin Ming! The might of the palm strike was followed by billowing thunder. The space around Lin Ming seemed to tense up, as if completely locking him within.

This palm strike was one that Lei Jingtian had used with his full and complete strength. Even if Lei Jingtian's true essence were suppressed to 20%, it still wasn't something that Lin Ming would be able to stop.

Lei Jingtian wanted to kill Lin Ming with a single palm. He had originally thought of capturing Lin Ming, but after being surprised by Lin Ming's burst of strength again and again, he had changed his mind.

This palm strike was unavoidable. It pressed down with overwhelming strength. At that moment, the specter of death was rapidly closing in!

Lin Ming gave a loud shot, and his pupils filled with crimson light like they were ponds of blood!

’’Blood Drinking Seal, explode!’’


Atop the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, a Blood Drinking Seal formed from an early Revolving Core master exploded and a crimson light emanated outwards. The explosion from the Blood Drinking Seal formed from a Revolving Core master was able to defend against Lei Jingtian's palm strike. However, Lin Ming was still struck by the wind of the palm, and his body flew back like a leaf caught in a brutal storm.

As Lin Ming vomited out a mouthful of blood, his face had whitened to the point of being terrifying!

’’What!?’’ Lei Jingtian was shocked. He absolutely didn't think that Lin Ming would be able to defend against a strike that he had placed his full force behind. 'This boy, just how strong is his soul defense? Every time I attack, it is combined with a soul attack. Not to mention a Houtian martial artist, but even an early Revolving Core martial artist would fall unconscious if struck by my soul attack.'

The difference in their cultivation was simply too great, and the soul defense capabilities of the Samsara martial intent were not invincible. At this time, Lin Ming had a splitting headache, and his thoughts were in a disorganized mess. Even the path in front of him seemed to blur.

At that moment in his mind, a sense of primal desperation began to wash through him.

'I cannot die here!'

Lin Ming bit down on the tip of his tongue, spraying out blood essence. Since he could not take another Scarlet Blood Pill, the action that Lin Ming had taken was to combust his own blood essence!


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