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Martial World - Chapter 477


Chapter 477 - Lei Jingtian Approaches




Xuan Wuji said, ’’This array formation is called a universal array. The entire array formation is a self-contained system, and the only way in which it would consume energy is if it were attacked. Normally, it can sustain itself, and it consumes a very minimal amount of energy.’’

No one spoke, waiting for Xuan Wuji to continue his explanation. Obviously, he knew just what this universal array was. If he didn't have the assurance that he would be able to break through, then he wouldn't have paid such a high price to open the path to this ancient battlefield.

However, Xuan Wuji spoke to that point and then stopped. He casually glanced over everyone present and slowly said, ’’Everyone, concerning the treasures of the Demon God Imperial Palace, shall we discuss how we will be dividing them? This old man personally found the Demon Emperor's letter within an ancient ruin, and also spent a great price to open the way to this ancient battlefield. Since I have arrived here today at this step, I do not wish to give away the fruits of my labor to others!’’

Xuan Wuji's final words came out with a sharp and intimidating burst. Suddenly, the dominating aura that belonged to a third stage Life Destruction powerhouse surged out.

The reason that he had waited for such a long time and had allowed the Black Flood Dragon Clan to mess around as they pleased was all in order to tell these people this. Without Xuan Wuji, none of them would have had the chance to even think about obtaining the treasures within the Demon God Imperial palace!

’’Sir Xuan, if it wasn't for our help, do you think you would have been able to open the space channel by yourself?’’ The Great Zen Temple's white-browed monk slowly said as he clasped his hands together.

’’Baimei, I have no interest in negotiating with you. What my South Sea Demon Region wants is half of the treasures within the Demon God Imperial Palace. As for the rest, you can divide them as you wish!’’ Xuan Wuji calmly said.


As everyone heard Xuan Wuji's greedily rapacious offer, the other sects' Elders had very poor expressions. Out of so many sects, the truth was that the Great Zen Temple was even stronger than the South Sea Demon Region. In addition, there was also Nanyun Wang who was representing all those other free martial artists. With divine Phoenix Island representing the union of all the smaller sects, how could they split anything if Xuan Wuji decided to take half?

’’Hehe!’’ Nanyun Wang coldly sneered, ’’Let me see if I can wake you up from your dream!’’

’’Nanyun Wang, don't think that I fear you!’’ Xuan Wuji glowered, his killing intent spilling out.

’’What about it? You want to give it a go?’’ Nanyun Wang casually stepped forwards, his voice dark. The aura that he emitted was slightly stronger than Xuan Wuji's. In terms of strength, Nanyun Wang, who was a top talent whose name once thundered throughout the South Sea, was stronger than Xuan Wuji.

All of the surrounding Elders unconsciously took a step back from the pressure. If these two old monsters decided to fight here, then even if their true essence was suppressed to a mere 20% of what it usually was, they were still existences that could move mountains. None of the Elders wanted to get involved in this struggle and end up as collateral damage.

Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian also stepped back with the other Elders. As they saw this scene they could only force a smile. They had already expected that coming to this Demon God Imperial Palace would be filled with layers upon layers of troubles and difficulties. But they didn't think that before they had even passed the first protective measures of the Demon God Imperial Palace, that many of the greater forces here would decide to take advantage of the situation and act. If they truly saw the treasures within the Demon God Imperial Palace, then wouldn't the following frenzy be earth-shattering?

In front of one's own absolute interests, this sort of vulnerable and fragile union would immediately fall apart...


As all of the forces were fighting for their interests and opportunities, time passed slowly. In this broken world, there was no way to differentiate day and night, and it was unknown just how many days passed.

Lin Ming's strength slowly restored itself. Although he had used the top quality Yang Reversion Pill and Verdant Ice Shard, he was still in an extremely weak condition.

Ever since they had found a safe place to settle in for a bit, he simply hadn't been able to walk. It wasn't known where Zhang Zhen had went or what he searched for, but he had come back with some pieces of wood and silk and fashioned a sedan chair out of it that could be carried by others. As Lin Ming sat inside, he felt a bit delicate.

With the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal that Lin Ming had eaten and all the marrow washing he had done, his skin appeared delicate and smooth. If a person didn't know the situation, they would only see a fair and handsome youth riding a sedan chair, surrounded by a group of extremely attractive men and women. In the mortal world, it would really seem as if he was the weak and fragile scholarly son of a rich family that went out to travel.

Roughly around three days later, Lin Ming's condition had improved. In these three days, he had recovered enough of his strength. One reason for his quick recovery was that he had eaten such top quality medicines, and the other reason was that Lin Ming's vitality was so formidable to begin with. Otherwise, if someone were to eat the Scarlet Blood Pill, it would be normal for them to be bedridden for one or two months.

As several more days passed, they had left the wilderness and arrived at the shattered ruins of temples and palaces.

Even though tens of thousands of years had passed, these buildings were mostly preserved. With such a grand scale of construction, it was easy to imagine that this was once a sixth-grade sect, and what sort of unimaginably prosperous times they must have passed through.

From the start, as the disciples saw these palaces, they were filled hope and anticipation. But after they went in, they were disappointed. The insides were a mess. It seemed that they had all been ransacked, and there was nothing left.

As for some other buildings, they were actually protected by array formations. If anyone tried to enter, they would be directly bounced back by the array formation and some were even injured.

This caused the divine Phoenix Island disciples to sigh in praise. These array formations actually persisted even though tens of thousands of years had passed, and were not damaged. This was simply an inconceivable concept.

’’The array formations of ancient times are incredible.’’ Mu Qianyu said with heartfelt feeling near Lin Ming.

As Mu Qianyu didn't hear a response, she turned to glance at Lin Ming. But, she found that Lin Ming had lowered his head as if he were deep in thought.

In fact, ever since Lin Ming entered these ruins, he had increasingly felt that they were familiar.

When Lin Ming had been rummaging through the memories of the Demon Emperor, he had quickly sealed off these sorts of memories. He had originally thought that these memories were useless, but now he had actually found something similar here.

It was just that too long a time had passed and this palace had been abandoned;it didn't quite match up to his memories.

This place, if he was correct, should be the ruins of the pavilion that the inner court disciples of the Demon God Imperial Palace once lived at. One hundred miles from here should be the main temple of the Demon God Imperial Palace and also the inner chambers of the Demon Emperor!

The medicine garden that the Nirvana Dragon Root was planted in was also located within the Demon Emperor's inner chambers!

Thinking of this, Lin Ming found it hard to calm his mood. Should he leave by himself and try to find the Nirvana Dragon Root?

But as Lin Ming also remembered just how many old Life Destruction masters there were, he was well aware that his chances of obtaining a Nirvana Dragon Root were close to zero. It didn't matter if those Life Destruction masters had their true essence suppressed to a mere 20%, they would still be able to instantly kill him.

There was no way that he could confront those Life Destruction fogies. The only chance he had was if their true essence was suppressed to 1 or 2%. Only then would he have the slimmest amount of hope.

However, this was also impossible.

’’Lin Ming, just what are you thinking about?’’ Mu Qianyu asked.

Lin Ming shook his head, ’’Nothing really, just thinking about the Demon God Imperial Palace. I wonder how Honorable Master is doing inside.’’

Mu Qianyu smiled, ’’Don't worry, Master and Master Ancestor won't try to fight for the Nirvana Dragon Root within the Demon God Imperial Palace. At most just some small lucky chances would be enough for them. More than that, they also have some agreement with High Monk Baimei. So they shouldn't have any problems.’’

’’Mm.’’ Lin Ming nodded. In that group of powerhouses, Mu Fengxian and Mu Yuhuang were on the weaker end. Naturally, it was uncertain that they would be able to obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root.

As they explored the pavilion ruins, Lin Ming passed through the central court that disciples used. Sure enough, he found that there was an illusionary killing array there that the inner court disciples once used to practice with;it was almost the exact same as in the memories of the Demon Emperor.

This ancient altar had passed through the long passage of time, but still stood there complete and well. The mysterious array patterns and symbols of the altar were buried in a deep layer of dust, but were still intact.

Besides the illusionary killing array, there was also a transmission array. If he remembered correctly, this transmission array could go to the central square of this broken world. And once there, one could directly transmit themselves to the Demon God Imperial Palace.

As Lin Ming thought of this, his heart ached a bit. Could he use this transmission array to go to the Demon God Imperial Palace to take a look?

Unfortunately, he had only absorbed some of the Demon Emperor's fragmented remnant memories, and what he knew was very fuzzy on the internal layout of the Demon God Imperial palace. He also didn't know what sort of traps or secret passages might be found inside.

It could be said that if he entered into the Demon God Imperial Palace, he would have no advantage at all. He could easily be killed by any of those Supreme Elders within. Even if he stumbled onto some great luck and was able to pick the Nirvana Dragon Root, it would still be taken away by others. It was impossible to expect Mu Fengxian to be able to cover for him.

Thinking this, Lin Ming hesitated. He was not someone who was timid in the face of opportunity. Otherwise, there was no way that he would have snuck into the Flood Dragon's cave by himself. But this time, the chances of success after going into the Demon God Imperial Palace were slim to the point of being desperate. If he decided to compete for the Nirvana Dragon Root in this sort of situation, then that wouldn't be decisiveness or wiseness. That would only be a foolishly stupid act that would bring about his own death.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, are you interested in this array formation?’’ Mu Qianyu asked after she saw Lin Ming stand there for a long time.

Although Mu Qianyu didn't know anything about ancient array formations, she only had to glance at the faint runes on the illusionary killing array to feel the faintly complex and subtle principles and exquisite work within. Every symbol gave off an extremely delicate and ancient sense of art. Mu Qianyu then remembered that Lin Ming really did have some interest and knowledge about ancient array formations. She casually asked, ’’What sort of array is this?’’

’’This is an illusionary killing array used by inner court disciples to practice;it has no true killing potential.’’ Lin Ming replied.

’’Oh, haha, Junior-apprentice Brother really understands much.’’ Mu Qianyu had given up trying to understand Lin Ming's perception. He only needed a glance to understand just what sort of effect this array formation had.

The techniques of the Dao of array formations could not be understood quickly, even if one had the best of legacies. It took a great deal of time, and also an excellent perception.

As the divine Phoenix Island forces didn't find anything valuable in this pavilion, they turned to slowly leave. As for Lin Ming, he didn't step onto the transmission array. He only watched as it slowly disappeared from his range of sight.

Mu Qingyi said, ’’There are some more palace ruins in front. Let's go and have a look, we might be able to find something valuable there...’’

Mu Qingyi hadn't finished speaking when a bawdy laugh came from the sky, ’’Hehe, there is no need to go. This old man has already searched through those ruins, and there is nothing for you to find!’’

With this voice, Mu Qingyi, Mu Qianyu, and Lin Ming's expressions completely changed. For someone to arrive near them without them discovering him, that could only mean that this person's cultivation was at least at the late Revolving Core realm!

Lin Ming looked up and his pupils immediately shrank.

It was actually that old man!


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