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Martial World - Chapter 476


Chapter 476 - Opening The Array




Wasn't the scene that Mu Chihuo described just what Mu Yanzhuo had yearned for? Whether the sect prospered or not, it was key that it was tied to their own fates. The poor people of a powerful nation were often much more pitiful than the wealthy of a poor nation.

’’No true man lacks venom in their hearts. If you cannot endure the pressure now and question your own decisions because of your so-called morality and ideas of honor or righteousness towards your sect, then you will never accomplish anything great. Instead, you will only be killed and become a stone for others to step on.’’ Mu Chihuo turned to look at Mu Qingshu and said, ’’What do you think? Qingshu?’’

Mu Qingshu clenched his teeth, and his eyes flashed with resentment. ’’Great Elder, as long as Lin Ming still lives within divine Phoenix Island, there will never be a place for me to go. This time, even if there is only a 10 to 20% chance of success, I will still bet everything on it!’’

’’Haha, well said, Qingshu! This is the way of looking at important matters. Brother Yanzhuo, you should try to be as decisive as Qingshu! Whether what I say is true or false, I believe that Brother Yanzhuo has the ability to distinguish between them. It's just that you haven't acknowledged your own resolute thoughts! Not just that, but we will also have a late Revolving Core master helping us. This matter can already be considered a near-certain success.

Mu Yanzhuo grit his teeth and carefully thought of his options. He also believed that most of what Mu Chihuo said was true. Ever since ancient times, in gambles of life and death, the winners had been kings and the losers were the villains;history was written by the victor. In the future, as long as he could rise and become the victor among the ashes, he would be able to create his own history and develop his own rules.

Mu Yanzhuo wasn't young but he wasn't too old either;he was just a bit over 200 years old. He still had a chance of reaching a higher realm. Also, he had to consider not just himself, but his own family clan, and especially Mu Qingshu.

Thinking this, Mu Yanzhuo closed his eyes. When his eyes opened once more, they shined with a grim color. In any case, he no longer had a route to retreat. If he had to do this, then he had to go until the end.

’’Brother Chihuo, I already know. In any case, there is no other path left for me to take!’’

’’Haha, good!’’ Mu Chihuo laughed.

’’Great Elder, I have a small request to make...’’ Mu Qingshu hesitated as he spoke to here.

Mu Chihuo faintly smiled at Mu Qingshu and said, ’’What Qingshu wants is Mu Qianyu, right? Certainly, after this matter is successfully concluded, Mu Qianyu will be yours. At that time, you may do whatever you want with her.’’

As Mu Chihuo said this, Mu Qingshu's eyes shined with joy. As he thought about the time when he would be able to savage Mu Qianyu under him, his hands began to tremble.

This was his obsession. He wanted to tear down her noble manner and violently violate her body, conquering the maddening desire that he had. This was something that he had long desired. Ever since he had been overshadowed by Lin Ming and his self-esteem was damaged by the proud Mu Qianyu, all of these resentments had accumulated within him and formed into a heart demon.

If he could not cripple Lin Ming and plunder Mu Qianyu, completely conquering her heart, then he would never be able to eliminate this demon in his heart, and his thoughts would never be smooth.

Thinking of this future scene, Mu Qingshu excitedly clenched his fists. ’’Just you wait Lin Ming. I will cripple your martial arts and have you watch with wide eyes as I take Mu Qianyu's body. I will obtain her bloodline and seal away her cultivation, training her until she becomes my slave. Lin Ming, I will take everything that was yours!’’

As Mu Yanzhuo saw Mu Qingshu's crazy appearance, he didn't know whether the feeling in his heart was joy or sorrow.

Many of those geniuses that were gifted by the heavens were shrouded with all sorts of radiant halos since birth. However, if there was a day when all aspects of their talent was suppressed by another, they had to live in the shadows of others, and their honor, status, and even the women they loved were taken, it would be easy for them to fall astray onto the path of dark compulsions and depravity.

Mu Qingshu was obviously in this current situation. The animus in his heart had finally gathered to the point that it had become a dark demon that haunted him. Naturally it would be good if he could eliminate this heart demon, but Mu Yanzhuo thought that this would only bring Mu Qingshu further down the demonic path.

Only following one's desires and wants - this was the heart of martial arts that those of the demonic path cultivated.

Whether this was good or bad, he did not know.

Mu Yanzhuo felt that he could no longer change anything. If he didn't allow Mu Qingshu to reach the end of this obsession, the situation would only become worse. Since ancient times, geniuses had been incomparably proud. There were even historical accounts of wise and intelligent men, such as military strategists, that would vomit blood and die after being outplayed and done in by others.

So Mu Yanzhuo could only allow this situation to naturally develop. As Mu Yanzhuo looked at the sky, he found that it was bright throughout, without a single black cloud or spot. He also didn't know what time it was in this broken world. ’’Brother Chihuo, has this late Revolving Core master not come yet?’’

Mu Chihuo said, ’’He'll come. The signal has already been sent out. It shouldn't take more than another hour. Be patient...’’

As Mu Chihuo said, a bit after another half hour, an old man appeared above the wilderness. He wore purple robes, and his two eyebrows were like sharp swords.

This old man was actually the Sovereign of the Thundercrest Sect - Lei Jingtian!

’’Thunder Sovereign?’’ After Mu Yanzhuo saw Lei Jingtian arrive, he was startled. He didn't think that the late Revolving Core realm master that Mu Chihuo had spoken about would be Lei Jingtian.

But as he thought about it some more, Lei Jingtian had been stranded at the peak of the middle Revolving Core realm for a long time. For his past year, he had disappeared into seclusion somewhere. One reason was to avoid the spotlight, and the second reason was likely to try and attempt to break through his bottleneck.

’’Thunder Sovereign, it's been a long time!’’ Mu Chihuo cupped his hands together.

After a year and a half passed, Lei Jingtian's aura had become increasingly aggressive. As he stood there, faint sparks of lightning formed around him. Even though he was in this broken world and his true essence had been suppressed to a mere 20%, his every action was still able to stir up the heavens, and earth origin energy around him.

Lei Jingtian's eyes swept over Mu Yanzhuo and Mu Qingshu. He frowned, ’’These two are...’’

’’Rest assured, they are Elders from divine Phoenix Island and are firmly on our side.’’

Lei Jingtian knew that the reason these two extra people were there was because Mu Chihuo had found the pressure too great to bear, and was looking for allies to share this pressure. But none of this had anything to do with him. He flung his sleeves and coldly said, ’’Humph. This old man doesn't care. We shall go with the agreement as stated before!’’

’’Of course.’’ Mu Chihuo smiled. He subconsciously scratched his palms together, as if everything was perfectly under his control...


At this time, outside of the Demon God Imperial Palace -

’’Xuan Wuji, stop keeping us guessing, you must know a way to break through this array!’’ The Black Flood Dragon Patriarch angrily said. He had brought a clansman here who was familiar with array formations, but even after he had studied the array outside of the Demon God Imperial Palace for an entire two hours, he still hadn't made any progress at all.

Throughout this entire process, Xuan Wuji had a faint taunting smile playing on his lips, as if he was laughing at everything that happened.

’’This old man doesn't have any means to break through this array.’’ Xuan Wuji held his hands behind his back, straightening his back as if he were a bystander.

’’You don't have any means to break through!? Humph, then let's just idle here together!’’ The Black Flood Dragon Patriarch didn't believe Xuan Wuji's words. He had made up his mind to follow Xuan Wuji. If he couldn't obtain anything here, he wouldn't let Xuan Wuji obtain anything either.


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