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Martial World - Chapter 474


Chapter 474 - Continuously Killing Three People




The entire crowd quieted down as a hushed silence swept across the battlefield. The battle that had been raging like a wildfire had slowed by several points. A middle Revolving Core master had actually died here!

As Mu Qianyu looked at Lin Ming, her breathing quickened. She had already been incomparably surprised that Lin Ming had been able to block the attacks of Lian Chengji, but now, he had actually been able to counterattack and kill Lian Chengji!

In this broken world, besides those old monsters at the late Revolving Core realm and above that had gone to the Demon God Imperial Palace, a middle Revolving Core martial artist was a top master. If two middle Revolving Core masters fought, then usually one party would be defeated. But, to kill them before they could run away was extremely difficult!

And now, Lin Ming had killed Lian Chengji!

This was absolutely incredible. Even if Lin Ming had eaten the Scarlet Blood Pill, he shouldn't have been so terrifying!

Even the usually calm and expressionless Mu Bingyun's eyes flashed with wonder as she looked at Lin Ming, her expression filled with shock.

As Xuan Zhan looked at Lin Ming, his gaze became grim. He wasn't any stronger than Lian Chengji. If the one that Lin Ming had attacked was him and not Lian Chengji a moment ago, there was a very high possibility that he wouldn't be anything but a cold corpse right now. Xuan Zhan began to feel deep regret. He shouldn't have joined this fight, otherwise how could he have provoked this demonic star!

As for the other four Elders from the South Sea Demon Region that hadn't joined in, they all stood up at once, and their faces became ugly with fear. Before, it had been the divine Phoenix Island Elders that didn't have the courage to join the battle. But now, facing Lin Ming who was like a world destroying war god, the South Sea Demon Region Elders were the ones that didn't dare to fight!

What a joke! A middle Revolving Core master had been killed;how could an early Revolving Core martial artist still survive?

These four Elders were all at the early Revolving Core realm. They weren't individuals from the Lian or Xuan bloodline. In a sense, this conflict could be considered a personal grudge and not part of the South Sea war;it wasn't related to them much,

But now, even Lian Chengji had been killed. As they saw that this life and death battle between the South Sea Demon Region and divine Phoenix Island was nearing its climax, they couldn't help but join the fray.

What should they do?

These four Elders were now facing the same difficult problem that the divine Phoenix Island Elders had just faced a moment ago. Should they brace themselves and join the battle? Or escape?

However, Lin Ming did not plan on giving these people the chance to regret their hesitancy. He now only had several dozen more breaths of time of the Heretical God Force left. With the Scarlet Blood Pill burning his blood, he still managed to maintain his rationality. But the murderous intent that swept off him was like an erupting volcano - it could not be suppressed!

Cultivating the devil arts that led him on the road of slaughter, along with this Scarlet Blood Pill that burned in his veins and mind, Lin Ming only wished to hold his halberd in hand and sweep away the world!


As Lin Ming's killing intent reached the peak, he gave a loud shout and joined the battle. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd was like a bloodthirsty python that brutally dashed into the fray. Although he could only persist for a few dozen more breaths of time, no one was able to resist the edge of his blade!

15 Blood Drinking Seals were like the scythe of a death god. In particular, the Blood Drinking Seal that was formed from Lian Chengji's blood essence was a much more vivid and solemn red than the others. The power of these Blood Drinking Seals that were unfettered by the suppressive laws of this world was truly terrifying when their strength was unleashed to the limit!

An Elder that bore the brunt of Lin Ming's attack was alarmed. He waved his weapon to stop Lin Ming's halberd.

’’Out of the way!’’

The Elder heard a shout in his ear just as Xuan Zhan rushed over to his side. Xuan Zhan raised the spear in his hands, thrusting out. A billowing wave of powerful bloody true essence surged out, rushing forwards!


The halberd light wantonly radiated outwards. With the 15 Blood Drinking Seals free from the laws of this broken world, they chaotically spun around. Not only were they wonderfully fast, but they approached at a cunning angle and were also incomparably sharp!


Xuan Zhan's figure flashed and he retreated dozens of steps back, the blood in his body tumbling. The clothing on his right arm had been torn, and a trail of blood leaked out!

In just this single exchange, the one that had been injured was Xuan Zhan!

All of the other surrounding sects' martial artists were petrified by this scene;they had already lost all ideas of what to say here.

Lin Ming's existence had completely surpassed their common sense.

Some of them faintly guessed that Lin Ming was using some sort of secret ability to evade the suppressive laws of this world to a certain extent. But even so, Lin Ming was only at the late Houtian realm. No matter what, he shouldn't be able to kill a middle Revolving Core master!

’’Press on together!’’ Mu Qingyi took this opportunity and issued an order to attack!

If Xuan Zhan had to face Lin Ming, Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun naturally didn't have a match. In this last year and a half, these sisters had progressed considerably in their overall strength. Their combat prowess already exceeded that of a basic early Revolving Core powerhouse!

In addition, the two of them were attacking together!

’’Vermillion Bird Sword, Heaven Burning Inferno!’’

’’Blue Luan Sword, Fragmented Ice Cloud!’’

Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun's swords slashed out like the wind, and a brilliant tapestry of fire and ice was woven together. The South Sea Demon Region Elder who was took this attack had his true essence protection instantly broken, and he spat blood as he was sent flying backwards!

’’Damn it all!’’ Xuan Zhan's expression sank.

’’Kill them!’’

’’Slaughter them all!’’

With another South Sea Demon Region Elder severely wounded, the momentum of the divine Phoenix Island forces shot up like a dazzling rainbow. Even the Ninth Elder who had been severely wounded seemed to recover some of his strength, and the flames on his sword grew ever brighter.

As for the South Sea Demon Region, because of their abject fear from watching Lin Ming's fight, their strength had sharply dropped.

In terms of a large scale fight, martial artists were much worse and less organizational than the armies of common mortal men. A common army did not fear death in their charge, but a martial artist was different. Which one of these Demon Region Elders weren't characters were overwhelming characters with a harem filled with countless beautiful women? How could these characters who held power in the palms of their hands possibly give their life like an ordinary soldier? The only possibility was if it was a huge temptation that could further their cultivation and life. Otherwise, it was fundamentally impossible!

The situation had escalated out of control!

The original one-sided balance of power had been completely reversed because of the existence of Lin Ming!


As Xuan Zhan saw another Elder injured by Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun, he couldn't help but issue this order. In truth, he was able to feel that Lin Ming had used some sort of arcane ability in order to stimulate the potential of his body, and this was the reason that his strength had risen so suddenly and so sharply. But this sort of ability should not be able to last much longer.

However, Xuan Zhan wasn't willing to gamble on how much longer it could last, and he didn't know whether or not Lin Ming would be able to use it again. Xuan Zhan was not willing to use his own life as a gambling stake!

Facing Lin Ming, he was thoroughly terrified. Lin Ming didn't even use bodily true essence to block Lian Chengji's claw and had come out almost unscathed. In his counterattack, he had even killed Lian Chengji!

Lin Ming was simply a freakish beast that he couldn't muster the courage to face.

As for the four Demon Region Elders that hadn't moved at the start, as they heard Xuan Zhan's order to retreat, they all let out sighs of relief. They had been saved!

As long as they were ordered to leave, they would not need to join the battle. As for how many people would die in such a large scale retreat, none of them cared about this. In any case, they were much faster at running away than the lower level disciples. If anyone died, it wouldn't be them.

The South Sea Demon Region martial artists began to withdraw as they fought, with several Revolving Core Elders bringing up their rear. But at this time, Lin Ming's offensive became increasingly rabid and fierce. The blood in his body boiled as it burned up, bursting with a final brilliant radiance.

’’Primeval Halberd Strike!'

’’Blood Seal Twisting Murder!’’

With the swirling attractive force of the Blood Drinking Seals in addition to the sense of spatial disorientation that it caused, Lin Ming's halberd stabbed through the South Sea Demon Region Elder that had been injured by Mu Qianyu, ending his life!

The South Sea Demon Region had lost another Elder!

’’You bastard!’’

Xuan Zhan's eyes were red with rage. In truth, this battle had lasted a mere 30 breaths of time. But the South Sea Demon Region had lost three Elders, and all three of them had died at Lin Ming's hands!


Xuan Zhan finally suppressed the anger in his heart. He swept his spear across the ground, creating a series of explosions.

As Xuan Zhan withdrew his spear, he launched his movement technique and quickly escaped.

At this time, divine Phoenix Island no longer had the ability to pursue the South Sea Demon Region Elders that escaped. Not to mention that Lin Ming had reached his limit, but the situation of the other divine Phoenix Island Elders wasn't much better.

As the surrounding martial artists saw the dozens of South Sea Demon Region Revolving Core and Xiantian martial artists fleeing, they were left stunned and speechless.

They had never imagined that the South Sea Demon Region which had supposedly been stronger would be completely clobbered by divine Phoenix Island, and had to finally flee in a frenzied panic!

Not just that, but three of their Elders had died, and one of them had even been a middle Revolving Core master!

It had to be known that since the start of the South Sea War, the South Sea Demon Region had only lost around seven or eight Revolving Core masters. But in this one battle, Lin Ming had killed three of them himself!

No one knew just how to react at this moment.

On the divine Phoenix Island side, Mu Qingshu had lapsed into a sluggish state. His lips were trembling and his face was white like paper.

In his fantasies, he had imagined that Lin Ming would turn into an idiot. But, this fantasy had become nothing but a joke. Lin Ming was like an insurmountable mountain peak in front of him;just looking at him made a deep and abiding sense of despair well up within his soul!

’’Qingshu, we're leaving.’’

At this time, Mu Qingshu heard the true essence sound transmission of Mu Yanzhuo.

’’Grandfather, I... I...’’ As Mu Qingshu heard Mu Yanzhuo's voice, he nearly burst into tears. His confidence had shattered into pieces, and he no longer had the courage to confront Lin Ming.

’’Do not speak, walk away with me. I have something to tell you.’’

As everyone's vision was focused on Lin Ming at this time, Mu Yanzhuo and Mu Chihuo slowly retreated. They decided to no longer stay there.

Mu Qingyi noticed this, but she only coldly snorted. Wherever they went or whatever they did, she had already decided that when she returned to the sect, she would impeach Mu Chihuo and Mu Yanzhuo in front of the Council of Elders and have them suffer the deepest and most grievous punishments allowed within the sect rules.

Lin Ming's Heretical God Force had ended, and the blood of the Ancient Phoenix had finally stopped burning. At this time, an endless feeling of exhaustion welled up within him, and he became unsteady on his feet. Because he took the Scarlet Blood Pill, this condition would only become more and more serious.

Lin Ming grit his teeth and placed the South Sea Demon Region's Revolving Core Elder's corpse in his spatial ring. Then, he barely propped himself up from the ground with the Great Desolate Blood Halberd.

’’We're also leaving!’’ Mu Qingyi ordered. It was no longer a good idea to stay here. They had all been left in an extremely poor state, and those from the Great Zen Temple were still here. If they had any dark or evil thoughts, the consequences would be disastrous.

After this danger had passed, divine Phoenix Island only had around 27 or 28 people left. Around 10 of them had died here.

And what pleasantly surprised Lin Ming the most was that Zhang Zhen, whose strength was a complete mess and on a much lower level than everyone present, was still alive.

’’Big Brother Lin! Oh, you are my greatest idol! I'll carry you!’’ Zhang Zhen was inexplicably excited when he saw Lin Ming. Without saying anything further, he stepped in front of Lin Ming, facing his back to him, and squatted down.

’’What rubbish.’’ Mu Qingyi snapped at Zhang Zhen. ’’You're not even fast yourself and yet think you can carry others. Qianyu, take Lin Ming with you, we're leaving this place!’’


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