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Martial World - Chapter 473


Chapter 473 - Slaughter




After eating the Yang Reversion Pill, Lin Ming felt a warm energy melt within his dantian, turning into pure true essence and fusing within all the meridians of his body. Even the duration of the Heretical God Force was lengthened!

In the midst of battle, if he could still his heart and meditate for half an hour, he would be able to restore his peak combat condition. This was how powerful the Yang Reversion Pill was.

The power of Lin Ming's vitality was originally vivid and exuberant. After tempering his marrow, the resilience of his body had reached a terrifyingly formidable degree. In addition to the Yang Reversion Pill's heaven defying effects, Lin Ming felt the stream of blood trickling down his chest instantly stop. The wound was repairing itself at a visible speed!

Seeing this, Lian Chengji's eyes went wide like two moons;was this really the restorative speed of a human!? Even if he himself ate up the Yang Reversion Pill, there was no way that he would recover at such an extreme pace!

How could he have encountered such a dark star? His cultivation was higher and he was obviously stronger, and he believed he had the absolute advantage in this battle, but as the fight wore on, his situation was becoming increasingly desperate.

’’Who are you... are you a human or a demon?’’ Lian Chengji whispered.

Lin Ming didn't reply. He only held the Great Desolate Blood Halberd slanted in his hands, and drew a crescent moon on the ground.

At this time, on the battlefield, a divine Phoenix Island Vermillion Bird Faction Elder gave a pitiful scream as he was sent flying backwards, his head wet with blood. With his severe wounds, he wouldn't be able to fight any further.

On the divine Phoenix Island side, besides Lin Ming and the Mu sisters, the other Elders were all surrounded by several other Elders of the South Sea Demon Region. They were stretched to their limits and were surrounded by dangers on all sides!

’’Ninth Elder!’’ Mu Qingyi cried out. This Elder that had been grievously wounded was only a side Elder of the Vermillion Bird Faction. He wasn't involved in the conflict of interests between the different factions, and was usually honest. Although he was hesitant to participate in the conflict between divine Phoenix Island and the South Sea Demon Region, he had still helped in the end. Although the situation wouldn't have been worse if he hadn't joined, at present, he had been severely wounded and he was in a life threatening situation.

When Mu Qingyi saw that the Ninth Elder had been injured to this extend, the raging anger in her heart soared to the heavens! ’’Mu Chihuo! Since you won't help, then after I return to the sect, I shall have you impeached in front of the Council of Elders and have you suffer the punishment of the sect and have your bloodline extinguished! You have brought ruin and disaster upon yourself!’’

As Mu Chihuo heard this screaming voice, his eyebrows trembled, but he didn't move in the end. However, Mu Yanzhuo wasn't able to resist these words.

The pressure was simply too great. Since the battle had already reached this point and he still had not helped, he really would be severely punished by the sect once he returned.

’’Brother Chihuo, this old man really wants to go and help. If we wait any longer, even if Lin Ming dies in battle, in the future us two old men won't have any place to stand! Mu Fengxian will absolutely not forgive us! Not just that, but there is no way that we will be able to prevent news of this matter from spreading to the sect;we have already been witnessed by many people!’’

Mu Chihuo was quiet. He sent a true essence sound transmission to Mu Yanzhuo.

Mu Yanzhuo's complexion changed, ’’What did you say? Are you speaking seriously right now?’’

’’I have an 80 to 90% assurance!’’

Mu Chihuo's words were like the whispers of a siren to Mu Yanzhuo. Mu Yanzhuo's complexion continuously changed, and finally he clenched his teeth and his words died in his throat.

’’Mu Chihuo! You!’’ Mu Qingyi's rage had risen to the extreme. However, Mu Chihuo was still unmoved. But Mu Yanzhuo, who was standing near Mu Chihuo, seemed to be suffering a great deal of agony, and his expression was pained as if he were undergoing an intense psychological struggle.

The situation was becoming increasingly bad! After the Ninth Elder had been injured, the pressure increased on divine Phoenix Island! Even Mu Qingyi was in immediate danger!

As for Lin Ming, although he had managed to gain an advantage by using the rules of this world and pills, he could only maintain the Heretical God Force for around 30 more breaths of time!

If this continued, they would all be forced into a dead end!

Lian Chengji's eyes flashed with a hideously savage color, ’’Lin Ming! No matter how strong you are, you cannot change anything! How long can you last for? Give this old man the devil arts jade slip you have like a good little boy, and this old man will let off the other people and let you die a painless death. Otherwise, this old man will torture your soul, and have you suffer endlessly for over a hundred years!’’

Lin Ming grinned, revealing a shining row of sharp teeth. He took out a crimson pill from his spatial ring and popped it into his mouth.

Before he came to the South Sea battlefield, Mu Fengxian had called Lin Ming to the back mountains to give him three pills and also a silk sack. Of these three pills, two were Yang Reversion Pills and one was a Scarlet Blood Pill.

The pill that Lin Ming had just eaten was a Scarlet Blood Pill.

This was a special pill that was used by the inner leaders of divine Phoenix Island. There were all sorts of precious materials that were used to refine one, and it even required a massive amount of Vermillion Bird blood. Although ordinary Vermillion Bird blood was much less valuable that Vermillion Bird blood essence, it couldn't be produced in massive amounts. This meant that the value of the Scarlet Blood Pill wasn't much lower than the Yang Reversion Pill.

The Scarlet Blood Pill could only be used by disciples with the Vermillion Bird bloodline. After using one, one's strength would skyrocket for a brief period of time, but they would be greatly weakened for a long period of time afterwards.

Because of this side effect, Lin Ming hadn't yet used it, nor had he been in a situation where he needed to.

As Liang Chengji saw Lin Ming take this Scarlet Blood Pill, he didn't know what it was. He only thought that it was some sort of recovery pill.

This caused him to be nervous. This boy simply had too many top quality pills on his body. He couldn't let Lin Ming continue to recover. At least, he had to delay him until the other Elders were victorious in their battles.

’’Die, boy!’’ Lian Chengji gave a loud shout and slammed a claw down on Lin Ming. The surging true essence behind him formed into a massive bloody eagle dozens of feet long. Lian Chengji's skinny face twisted into a devilish visage. This was an attack with 120% of his strength!

Lin Ming had just swallowed the Scarlet blood Pill. He felt as if a fire had ignited in his stomach, and a burst of energy erupted within him, recklessly riding through his meridians.

’’Mm? This feeling is...’’

The Scarlet Blood Pill was able to strengthen a divine Phoenix Island disciple by galvanizing their Vermillion Bird bloodline. But now, to Lin Ming's amazement, he discovered that the Scarlet Blood Pill was causing the burning Ancient Phoenix blood within his body to become increasingly vibrant!

The Scarlet Blood Pill had caused a chain reaction with the blood of the Ancient Phoenix. Lin Ming was surprised, but then understood. The Vermillion Bird shared a homologous bloodline with the Ancient Phoenix. If the Scarlet Blood Pill was able to energize the bloodline of the Vermillion Bird, then it would also be able to energize the bloodline of the Ancient Phoenix.

At that moment, Lin Ming felt the blood within his entire body burning, as if his body was about to explode with energy.


Lin Ming shouted, and his body emitted loud popping sounds. As he stretched out, his bones seemed to snap together, emitting a resonant dragon roar that pierced the heavens. Behind Lin Ming, the dual phantoms of an Azure Dragon and Ancient Phoenix appeared.

The Ancient Phoenix that could be reborn through a sea of flames. The Azure Dragon that soared in the skies. Dragon and Phoenix rejoiced together.

At that moment, Lin Ming's momentum climbed to the utter extreme!

His full energy, his full strength, all of his will was poured into the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. The wind howled and 14 Blood Drinking Seals madly spun around, lifting red sand into the air and forming a bloody tornado!


A halberd cut forth. Time seemed to come to a standstill, and the bloodstained sand filled the air through the battlefield. Throughout heaven and earth, it was as if the only image left over was the exquisite Great Desolate Blood Halberd. It split apart space. The world seemed to lose its color and all sounds faded away. As the fluctuations of energy ravaged forth, there was strangely not a single noise.

A wave of blood shot into the sky, blooming like a fiery lotus at night - beautiful and deadly!

Even the sound of Lian Chengji gasping was torn apart by that bloody storm. He helplessly looked on as the Great Desolate Blood Halberd shattered his blood claw and minced the bloody eagle to pieces. And then... it became a twisting wind that pierced his dantian!


Lian Chengji's expression was crazy with unwilling disbelief. He grabbed the Great Desolate Blood Halberd with one hand and clawed down at Lin Ming with the other!

’’This old man will have you follow me in death!’’

Lian Chengji vomited blood, and his teeth were stained red. At that moment, it was as if he had gone mad!

The burning hot fire of the Scarlet Blood Pill was still flooding Lin Ming's body like before. As Lin Ming saw the claw reaching towards him, he shouted out like a savage beast and punched with his fist!


That skinny claw was directly broken apart by Lin Ming's fist!

After Lian Chengji's dantian had been twisted apart, he had lost most of his true essence. At this time, his claw was only supported by his fragile mortal body;how could he possibly resist Lin Ming's tempering marrow and his impenetrable fist!?

After Lin Ming's fist shattered Lian Chengji's claw, it continued through and smashed into Lian Chengji. As Lian Chengji's bodily true essence protection had mostly dissipated, Lin Ming's fist penetrated right through and crashed into him!

After losing their bodily true essence protection, a martial artist's body was exceedingly frail. In that instant, blood shot everywhere as Lian Chengji's internal organs were demolished by Lin Ming's fist!

’’Come out! Blood Drinking Seal!’’ Lin Ming gave a deep roar;the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder howled!

Lian Chengji's entire body became enveloped by the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder. His body trembled, and blood gushed down his head.

’’I... I... I... I am unwilling! I refuse!’’

Lian Chengji gave one final scream. However, in the end, it was futile. There was a muffled explosion as a cloud of bloody fog broke free of Lian Chengji's body, arriving in front of Lin Ming and quickly turning into a mysterious, ancient-looking seal. Lian Chengji's bloodshot eyes rapidly lost their color.

The blood seal constantly twisted. Compared to the ones before, this one was much deeper and much more ominous! This was the first Blood Drinking Seal that Lin Ming had formed from a middle Revolving Core master!

As all of the surrounding martial artists saw this, they were stunned to the point that their courage broke down in Lin Ming's presence. They couldn't believe that someone like Lian Chengji had been killed by Lin Ming!

A middle Revolving Core master had his dantian pierced by Lin Ming's halberd, and then his organs were crushed by a punch and his blood essence was taken. This was absolute overkill!

Especially the scene where Lin Ming's fist had broken through Lian Chengji's bloody claw. This caused quakes to go through everyone's minds. Lin Ming was like an ancient vicious beast in human form!

As Mu Qingshu witnessed this battle from afar, after seeing so many unimaginable scenes he was already scared witless.

Lin Ming stood on the battlefield, grasping the 10 foot long Great Desolate Blood Halberd in one hand while carrying the dead and twisted corpse of Lian Chengji in the other. The aura that he was emitting at this moment was that of a world destroying god of war! Mu Qingshu's face whitened and his lips shivered. He couldn't believe that this was real!

That corpse in Lin Ming's hand wasn't some nobody;that was a middle Revolving Core Supreme Elder! It was a character who was equal to his own faction's Great Elder! That man had been so arrogant and dominant a moment ago, but now, he was nothing more than a piece of dead meat in Lin Ming's hands.


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